Do You Live in One of These States That People are Fleeing?
By The Daily Bell Staff - January 20, 2018

Dropping Population Means Less Representation in Congress

The census bureau came out with estimates on which states will gain or lose congressional seats after the 2020 census. Congressional seats are apportioned by population.

Most of the states with dropping populations are high tax states. California, Rhode Island, and New York are all expected to lose Congressional seats. Illinois is hit especially hard with a fleeing populous, so much so that it may lose two seats.

Illinois suffered the largest net population loss of any state in the past year, and due to that loss, it was overtaken by Pennsylvania this year as the fifth-largest state in the country. Major tax increases passed in 2017 will certainly not help this downward economic spiral.

Illinois also lost a seat after the 2010 census, and New York lost two. But both states continue to push for higher taxes and more regulation.

Beginning this year New York mandates 8 full weeks of paid time off for private sector employees who have or adopt a child, or need to help when a family member gets sick or deployed overseas.  Last year New York passed a regulation that forced employers to schedule employees two weeks in advance or pay for an extra two hours per shift.

A New York court last year restricted a dairy farm from spreading manure on their land, despite the fact that it was allowed when the land was purchased. And New York has the highest corporate tax burden in the nation.

It shouldn’t be surprising that people are opting instead to live in states like Florida, which gained two Congressional seats after 2010 and is expected to gain another two after 2020. Florida has no state income tax.

Texas is another state with no income tax and a growing economy. They poached so many residents from other states that they gained four Congressional seats after the 2010 census, and are expected to add another two or three after 2020.

Other Factors for Migration With the USA

It should be obvious that higher taxes will make a state less attractive. At times states inadvertently admit this. For instance, the Supreme Court has agreed to decide the case of online sales tax. States argue that brick and mortar stores are at a disadvantage because it is harder to compete with online stores that are not required to collect sales tax.

But the state governments are too greedy to simply eliminate the sales tax. This would attract more business to the state. Without a sales tax, people are not discouraged from spending. Overal revenues for companies would grow, which means higher corporate and personal income.

Unfortunately, Florida and Texas have relatively high sales tax burdens. But they are still only ranked two spots behind California and New York. Most states have tradeoffs, but some are just overall stifling.

Of the ten states with the highest minimum wage, three are also states expected to lose a Congressional seat after the 2020 census: California ($10.50 minimum wage), New York ($9.70), and Rhode Island ($9.60). Massachusetts has the second highest minimum wage in the country at $11 per hour, and it lost a Congressional seat after the 2010 census.

High minimum wages add extra costs for employers. But it also robs low skilled laborers of opportunities. Some of those fleeing high minimum wage states are likely unable to find work. High minimum wage raises the threshold for hiring. Even if the job requires the skill set of an $8 per hour earner, when the minimum wage is $11 per hour, an employer can be more selective about who they hire. Low skilled laborers have no opportunity to grow their skill set because of this barrier to entry.

Already states compete for workers and residents. But federal tax rates and regulations hamper that competition.

Perhaps California’s recent opposition to the Trump administration could spur folks of all political stripes to push for limited federal government. The more local you make government the easier it is to control, or simply, move away from.

You don’t have to play by the rules of the corrupt politicians, manipulative media, and brainwashed peers.

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  • SnakePlissken

    Liberals who have their panties in a knot over Donald Trump should vote to limit the power of the federal government, then the POTUS will have less influence on your life.

    • DavidMacko

      If they were rational, especially considering their TDS hallucinations about President Trump, they would at least want to preserve the Second Amendment..

    • Don Duncan

      The progressives are authoritarians. They grumble when authority is used in ways they disapprove, not about authority in principle. They will never vote to limit authority, only to get “their guy” in power.

  • Ron

    I think it’s worth noting that many of the ‘refugees’ (my term) from high tax states are to liberty, as locusts are to a field of crops. They vote in politicians who devour freedom where they live. Then they flee to freer states and vote in the same kind of people.

    • Poppo

      As I said in my post above, just before I read yours. Just like the Muslims who flee shira law in the Mideast then want to establish it in the US.

    • toddyo1935

      And Mexicans like La Raza and MenCha who want us run just like Mexico.

    • Number 6

      I can see your point, but how exactly do you know the people fleeing are the people who voted for the high tax candidate, or if they even voted at all (and no I don’t believe that if you refuse to vote for a ruler you deserve to be ruled over)
      it strikes me that the people fleeing to escape high taxation cant logically have voted for it, lest they are the stupidest people alive, in which case how did they earn the money to be taken from them in the first place ?

    • Don Duncan

      It doesn’t make sense. It needs to be investigated. I suggest a survey of the refugees, broken down by place left.
      They probably left without knowing what was wrong or how to fix it. This is not stupidity, but political ignorance. It becomes stupidity when they refuse to educate themselves and keep making the same mistakes over & over.

  • Poppo

    Seems like these folks are fleeing the liberal bastions, like CA, moving to CO, and trying to bring their liberalism with us. We have gone from a solid Republican state to a sea of liberals and illegal immigrants in the past decade or so.

    • toddyo1935

      Just like Oregon and Washington. CA crooks are openly hostile to the middle class. It serves their purposes to structure a 2-class society – them with all the perks, and the peons getting enough to live on through welfare.

      Totalitarians never learn.

      • Poppo

        The only thing they learned was that the peons on welfare will vote to retain the jerks who promise perks.

        • Miggy

          They are in Atlas Shrugged territory and don’t even see it.

        • Don Duncan

          It’s a political marrage made in hell. And subsidized by the victims. Why? Out of guilt? Out of ignorance? Out of apathy?

      • Don Duncan

        “Totalitarians never learn” what? That they are destroying their society? They know. They don’t care. They benefit and that’s all they care about. They are NOT the main problem. It’s the victims that keep supporting them, keep buying their propaganda, that are the main problem. They suffer from willful blindess, self-enslavement and drag us down with them.

    • WinChll

      New Hampshire is experiencing this also; going more liberal as MA residents left for NH.

    • Number 6

      I wish people would stop calling these people Liberals, Marxists are not liberals, “Liberalism” is personal “Liberty”, these people are clearly not interested in liberty, they want communism and they want to ban free speech aka banning “Hate speech” as they like to call it.

  • r2bzjudge

    “Beginning this year New York mandates
    8 full weeks of paid time off for private sector employees who have or
    adopt a child, or need to help when a family member gets sick or
    deployed overseas. Last year New York passed a regulation that forced employers to schedule employees two weeks in advance or pay for an extra two hours per shift.”

    New York is mandating unintended consequences. For each action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. Businesses will respond to the mandate by compensating through other means. A new factory or business may choose not to locate in new York. Others may leave. Those that don’t have much choice to leave, may change hiring and staffing practices, such as incorporating more robotics, which don’t have human needs.

  • FreeOregon

    Appears Oregon will gain another parasitic congressperson. Governor Tom McCall told outsiders to visit but please not stay. Sadly, many have stayed and brought with them the very cultures, habits of thought and behaviors they are fleeing. We have bumper stickers: Native Oregonian Since …..

    • Don Duncan

      Isn’t that strange? Maybe we should ask the people who left CA why they left and why they try to recreate it in OR. Obviously they knew something was wrong in CA but not what it was. This would be a great subject for debate in OR press.

      • FreeOregon

        People grow up in local cultures that shape their worldview. They do not change this view when they migrate and the culture they bring with them shapes their perspectives. Ask someone why he left CA and your answer might be a high cost of living, or intrusive regulations, or high taxes, or poor schools, or difficulty finding employment, or … It’s been possible to sell a home in CA and buy the same basic home in Oregon for perhaps half the price, pocketing the difference. Our environment is less polluted primarily because we have a lower population density. Yet these people do not realize how they helped create the CA conditions they are fleeing and so vote for more regulations and more taxes. They bring change and with it the conditions from which they fled. That’s just their mental picture of how things ought to be.

        Incidentally, CA cities also send busloads of homeless to other cities including Portland and our homeless problem seems unending.

        • Don Duncan

          I was being sarcastic. I know they are unable to imagine a society without coercive, collectivist govt. Every criticism of their political paradigm is viewed as an anarchist attack on civility itself, a defense of chaos. Their unacknowledged acceptance of the initiation of violence over reason and a voluntary society with rights first and foremost is making them blind to a political paradigm shift.

          My suggestion for a political debate based on their beliefs would hopefully begin an awakening, a questioning, an identification of their fundamental assumptions. Once the hidden assumptions are exposed and acknowledged by them, they can begin to see how they hold contradictory beliefs. Then their “mental picture” will be less dangerous to society and themselves. Saving them, saves all.

          But first we have to believe they are “saveable”. We have to work on a way to do that. I suggest a course given by Larken Rose in his “Candles in the Dark” 2 day seminar.

          • FreeOregon

            I have found asking open ended questions – why is that, what if, have you thought about – has a better chance to help people self discover truths that do not fit their belief system than expressing my own point of view.

            Maintaining one’s belief system is how we each define sanity even though objectively systems are both diverse and very limited in extent. We each believe we understand the truth, and how the world is.

            Perhaps most people are less than sane.

          • Don Duncan

            Yes, I used to say that. I quit debating religion in my teens. I could see it was hopeless and I blamed the “true believers”. Now I have realized that it was my lack of skill in dealing with the superstitious.

            Larken’s method is an improved Socratic Method. One on one, in a group setting, he asks questions about all the person’s beliefs. He never challenges the validity. He gets the person to see he has contradicting views. Then he leaves the person to decide, in their own time, which beliefs are more important, and which they wish to dump so they may be more consistant.

  • Samarami

    Instead of concerning yourselves with how the beast (that group of psychopaths ensconced under the mantle of the brainless abstraction we like to call “government”) treat their subjects, I suggest you consider the means by which you can be free. Here. Today. Where you’re “at”.

    If and when a critical mass of individuals come to see this basic truth, the psychopaths will indeed be in their twilight. Sam

  • Mark Moore

    “The more local you make government the easier it is to control, or simply, move away from.” – that is the key. All systems filled with humans will go bad, so how easy is it to hit the reset button? Every generation of Americans has grown up with a more centralized government than the one before it, regardless of how they voted. We have to understand how they do it before we can effectively stop it..

    • Don Duncan

      “They”, TPTB, do it by controlling public opinion. Indoctrination from early childhood in forced day prisons is reinforced by MSM propaganda.
      The Daily Bell is acting as a counter-friction to this machine. Support it and other voluntarist institutions to stop coercive govt.

  • toddyo1935

    California is too big, beautiful and valuable to leave in the hands of seditionists, thieves, liars, communists and crooked judges and legislators.

    • Bischoff

      The problem with California is easy to resolve. First, however let’s look at the problem in California. Real estate speculation, as part of the inflationary aspects of financing the Vietnam War, rendered land values in the San Joaquin Valley town of Modesto to rival those of real estate values in downtown Manhattan in New York City, which on the face of it is totally insane. Consequently, real estate valuations comprised by County Assessor’s
      caused real estate taxes to sky rocket.

      During the 1978 election year in California, the
      commercial real estate lobby, represented by Jarvis and Ganns, acting as media promoters, pushed the effort to change the California Constitution through the passage of Proposition 13. It was the present Governor Jerry Brown, who also served as governor of California from 1975 to 1983, who then supported Proposition 13 against the advice of the Republican led California legislature.

      Proposition 13 was passed with the help of Jerry Brown, and as a result, the California Constitution was amended to change the County Assessor land value assessment procedure to limit value assessment increases to 1% per year or to the value reflected in the last sale’s price. Residential
      property owners as well, as renters were assured that this was a very good deal for them. They ignorantly voted for Proposition 13. With this change in the California Constitution, the State of California broke a covenant established
      the 50 states of the Union based on the Anglo-Saxon taxation system enshrined within the U.S. Constitution. California is today still the only state to have done so despite its considerable effort to have other states join it in undermining the Anglo-Saxon taxation system.

      Let’s now look at the effects which followed the passage of Prop 13 by California voters.

      Residential real estate turns over on average every 5 years. In contrast, commercial properties on average turn over every 25 years. When a residential property owner sells his property, he knows that he passes on an advantage of a 1% valuation increase per year to the buyer. Naturally, he charges the buyer for the advantage, thereby increasing the overall sale’s price. Consequently, land valuations based on the “latest sale’s price” increases faster than the valuations for commercial real estate. As a result, residential real estate owners end up paying a relatively larger proportion of real estate taxes when compared to the commercial real estate owners.

      Furthermore, residential real estate owners must work to earn the money to pay the real estate taxes. In contrast, commercial real estate owners treat real estate tax payments as an expense of doing business. They collect the real estate taxes paid to government in their charge of rent to tenants. Yet, the rent they charge their tenants is based on real “market values” for the locations (true land value) of their commercial properties. The ”market value” (true land valuation) for commercial properties in California is on the whole much higher than the one based on the 1% increase per annum method. The difference between the rent collected based on “market value” (true land value) collected from tenants and the tax liability of commercial property owners based on 1% valuation per annum increase is split by them with local and state politicians to keep the racket going.

      The result is that residential property owners and
      renters are unfairly fleeced for taxes by essentially paying taxes twice, once directly in paying their real estate tax bill, and then again in higher prices
      for goods and services when they purchase them from renters of commercial property.

      People and businesses will put up with such a situation for only so long before they take action to resolve the situation. The action people are taking now is reflected in the fact that in 2017 there were
      10 moving trucks leaving California for every moving truck coming into the state. The latest federal tax legislation will increase the outflow of the California middle class by multiples times.

      How can Californians solve the problem….???
      By rejoining the other 49 States in the covenant to abide by the Anglo-Saxon taxation system.
      California voters should reestablish full land value
      taxation in the hope that it isn’t too late.

    • Don Duncan

      The world is too valuable to leave in the hands of statists.
      Strike at the root of statism by educating about a voluntary political paradigm.
      CA, the leader in bad politics, will eventually break up, wake up, or collapse into social turmoil.

  • In 2020 there will be a new census. The last census under Obama in 2010, they were not allowed to ask if people were here illegally or if they were in fact legal citizens in any way. That was done so the populace would not know how many illegal aliens actually reside in USA and the politicos could therefore continue using the phony 11 million number. Under Trump a census would eliminate millions of illegal voters as well as give a true accounting of how many are actually here. This would also catch many who are committing various types of fraud, because it is illegal to use false documents to obtain any government assistance and that practice is on steroids since the Obama regime allowed it all to happen and actually gave instructions how to do it !~

    Of course the pro immigration groups all say there are laws that will not allow illegal aliens to get any benefits or assistance, but that too is a canard as we see many laws circumvented in many ways today now don’t we? Illegals simply have several fake SS# and drivrs licenses and that gives them access to several food stamp accounts as well as welfare and voting. Then many will take down children that are not theirs and get a double whammy on their food stamps because nobody checks out anything for latinos for fear of being called a racist and all the state agencies are completely polluted with pro illegal alien workers who run the system. It is all “built in” to the system BHO and crew created and put on steroids.

    The way to solve it all is two fold. Prosecute some of the fraud in these state agencies, which is on a grand scale, and defund fed moneys that help run them with much more serious rules and guide lines ! The prosecutions will show the remaining workers they too are liable to carry out the laws and not let crap slide as they have. We need to cut the number of workers in every aspect of government both state and fed and at the same time reestablish correct boundaries and laws that will be followed without political pollution for race baiting and favoritism. The overall affect will take away the incentives for illegal aliens to even be here and the voter rolls will be greatly reduced of illegal votes. The truth is many millions vote in our elections illegally every time we have an election !–.html