Elites Link Anti-Government Thought to Mental Illness, Lay Groundwork for Incarceration
By Daily Bell Staff - March 11, 2016

Believe in conspiracy theories? You’re probably a narcissist: People who doubt the moon landings are more likely to be selfish and attention-seeking … Psychologists from the University of Kent carried out three online studies … -UK Daily Mail

We are seeing an increasing number of academic studies analyzing the psychology behind “conspiracy theorists” and those who question government propaganda. The idea being that people who don’t trust government may be mentally ill.

These analyses are published in prominent publications in the UK and are building a “scientific” literature revolving psychological dysfunction and “conspiracy theory.”


Do you think the moon-landings were faked, vaccines are a plot for mind control, or that shadowy government agencies are keeping alien technology locked up in hidden bunkers?

If so, chances are you’re a narcissist with low self-esteem, according to psychologists. In the internet age conspiracy theories can incubate in quiet corners of the web, but it may be psychological predispositions of believers which keep them alive, rather than cold hard facts.

The article goes on to explain that researchers at the University of Kent have used online studies  from hundreds of people to generate the study’s conclusions.

The findings appeared in the journal Social Psychological and Personality Science with the suggestion that those who adopt conspiracy theories have “outwardly inflated self-confidence” but may be “overcompensating for a lack of belief in themselves.”

The article mentions a previous study conducted by Oxford’s Dr. David Robert Grimes.

From what we’ve written on this study:

Grimes had the idea that mathematics could prove or disprove certain conspiracy theories. A physicist, he “developed a mathematical equation to derive the truth of conspiracy theories,” according to the Christian Science Monitor …

Grimes calculated that the moon landing and climate change conspiracies “would require about 400,000 secret-keepers each, the unsafe vaccination conspiracy would involve 22,000 people, and the cancer cure conspiracy would involve over 710,000 people.”  Even with the utmost secrecy, Grimes reports, his equations show within four years the conspiracies would be exposed nonetheless.

At the time, we commented on Grimes’s apparent “earnestness” in struggling to “understand how people can even engage in conspiratorial thinking to begin with.” We made this comment in relationship to yet a third article on the psychology of conspiracy.

This commentary appeared in the Guardian and, as we pointed out, “argued against conspiratorial thinking based on a new book, Suspicious Minds … written by Rob Brotherton.”

Basically, the idea is that people are naturally prone to conspiracy theories because of the way their brains have evolved. “Identifying patterns and being sensitive to possible threats,” the article explains, “is what has helped us survive in a world where nature often is out to get you.”

Brotherton explains in the article that he decided that the best way to present his thesis was to avoid confronting conspiracy theories head on. Instead, he wanted to explain how people adopted such theories for psychological reasons.

“I wanted to take a different approach, to sidestep the whole issue of whether the theories are true or false and come at it from the perspective of psychology. The intentionality bias, the proportionality bias, confirmation bias. We have these quirks built into our minds that can lead us to believe weird things without realising that’s why we believe them.”

So here we have three explanations of conspiracy theories presented by major publications in less than three month’s time. And, who knows, perhaps there were more.

In the conclusion to our Grimes’ analysis, we noted that: “It looks as if a more powerful and disciplined program may be underway. Something to ponder along with a further moderation of certain public declarations.”

By “public declarations” we meant those of individuals prone to mentioning conspiracy theories in non-appropriate contexts. As it turns out, we anticipated the current news cycle only by a couple of months.

Just this week, in fact, Attorney General Loretta Lynch attended a Senate Judiciary Hearing and acknowledged discussions at the Department of Justice of taking civil action against “climate change deniers.”

Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse (D-R.I.) questioned her on the issue and drew comparisons between such deniers and the tobacco industry that claimed for decades that the tobacco was not proven to cause ill health.

The Clinton administration eventually brought a successful civil suit against Big Tobacco. And Whitehouse suggested that civil or criminal charges might be brought against “anti-warmists.”

The forces of intolerance are gathering in the US, just as overseas.

We have urged in the past that people pay close attention to these growing trends. By turning statements of opinion into a psychological condition they are trying to discredit anyone who speaks out against the government.

In the Soviet Union, people who spoke out against government policies were often placed in mental asylums. At the time, concerned citizens in the West protested such incarcerations as barbaric abuses. Yet now, if our supposition is correct, these practices are about to expand in the West as well.

Conclusion: This attack on dissent is serious. Educate your family and friends about what’s going on. Do not be fooled by their propaganda, but beware of the risks of speaking out too freely.

You don’t have to play by the rules of the corrupt politicians, manipulative media, and brainwashed peers.

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  • egavacs

    So corporations and partisan government concealing industrial chemistry, wanting to get rid of the EPA, and pushing for deregulation isn’t anti-government? Oh. Oh. And the social and medical-head sciences. Why not have their heads examined?.

  • yep

    like one said, Stalin did this in the old days when communist was king then, this is pure nazi mentally , period

  • autonomous

    As moths are drawn to light, rulers are drawn to dissent. Though their fragile wings are sure to fry therein, they are yet drawn, for dissent means death to authority. Sheer numbers of moths in the air should come as no surprise, for authority breeds in the absence of dissent. George III was surrounded by a huge force of royalist. But the truth of the aphorism, “the foundation of government is the consent the governed,” became manifest when a sufficient number of Americans withdrew their consent to be governed by him. Any number of fragile wings cannot subdue a few ramrod backbones that refuse to bow.

    • tom

      Actually the Americans did not withdraw their consent to be governed by King George III, because they had never been governed by him. They were governed by the British Prime Minister and his cabinet, who were democratically elected – although not by Americans.

      Americans tend to misunderstand the difference between a constitutional monarch (George III, Elizabeth II) and a government (Lord North and his cabinet, David Cameron and his cabinet). But then it sounds much grander to rebel against a monarch than a democratic government which doesn’t give you the franchise for the practical reason that a month-long (each way) sea voyage makes it impractical.

      • They may have been ruled by a British government but the land was the property of the sovereign and that has not changed, it is still the property of the British Crown because that is the nature of the treaty granted and if that can be denied it was stolen from its owner by the use of violent force. Ha!

        • tom

          Quite untrue. The land of the UK does NOT belong to the sovereign, nor did the American colonies before they rebelled. Queen Elizabeth II does still own some land, but it is not very extensive. Indeed, she is not all that wealthy, once you realize that “her” palaces, art collections, etc. belong to the nation and not to her.

          • To the contrary I believe she owns every inch. Freehold may entitle one to enjoy land in perpetuity but that is not the same as being the sovereign of it.

            See: Crown Estates “the Crown [is] the ultimate owner of all the land in England, Wales or NI”

          • PJ London

            Sorry EUB this was in response to Tom, pressed wrong “reply”

            “Andrew George: To ask the Secretary of State for Justice (1) who the absolute owner of land is in (a) England, (b) Scotland, (c) Northern Ireland, (d) Wales, (e) Cornwall and (f) the Isles of Scilly; [255057]

            Bridget Prentice: The Crown is the ultimate owner of all land in England and Wales (including the Isles of Scilly): all other owners hold an estate in land. Although there is some land that the Crown has never granted away, most land is held of the Crown as freehold or leasehold. If there is no other owner, land will belong to the Crown, the Duchy of Lancaster or the Duchy of Cornwall.

            “This question appears to be an attempt to get the government to acknowledge the land tenure/partial sovereignty distinction between Cornwall, where the absolute owner of all land is the Duke of Cornwall in right of his Duchy, and places other than Cornwall where the Queen in right of her Crown is absolute owner. The legal principle of having a presumptive, ultimate and absolute owner of all land has important legal and constitutional implications.”

            “when a person dies on a Duchy farm in Devon or a Duchy owned housing estate in London without making a will and without heirs [an intestate estate], their property reverts to the Queen in right of the Crown. ”

            “The basis of UK land law is the presumption that all land belongs to the Crown(1). Everybody else is a tenant of the Crown who holds their land from the Crown [i.e. government]. Hence the Minister saying that “other owners” simply hold of, or occupy, Crown land.

            This principle operates on the basis of Right of Conquest, when it was accepted that the sovereign owned all the land and individuals could hold, or rent, land from the king, but at a price – usually cash or fighting men for the king.

            This meant the tenant could hold or occupy the land free of any charge to a superior. Note that in both cases the land is merely held, not owned. In other words, purchasers did not buy the land; they bought the freehold, or the right to occupy the land without charge.”

            Try to comment about things you have some knowledge of.

          • knifemare69

            “once you realize that “her” palaces, art collections, etc. belong to the nation and not to her.”

            Just like all the money in Wall Street ‘charitable trusts’ doesn’t belong to the robber barons who put it there….riiiiight!

            Some people will take any piece of legal fiction and treat it as fact…

        • tom

          This link may be helpful in clearing up any misunderstandings. The main point to grasp is that “Crown land” does NOT belong to the sovereign as an individual. It is equivalent to “nationallly owned” land in, say, the USA.

          • The Crown is the ultimate owner of all land in the UK

          • I would just like to point out that I am not some Royalist nut I just deal with the facts – I am a rights to property nut and I am certain the Queen has a very good claim to the rights of her property (which happens to comprise a very large part of the world)

          • James

            Maybe people are thinking that when push comes to shove, possession is 9/10ths of the law? Royals can claim ownership, but they still need an expensive and possibly unreliable army to exercise ownership. Just sayin’.

          • Not really because the Crown do not need to take possession to benefit. A great part of the Crown’s owning everything is because that is a solid foundation to the whole social/political/legal system, that is: one based in natural law. The Crown wants a solid system and to continue, perpetuate – immediate prospering is less important.

            Here is a question. Who, for example, owns Russia? Is it the descendants of the overthrown and murdered royal family from who it was stolen or does someone else have better title (how could they)?

            The Crown needs to play a game of giving enough, not taking too much, of feeding vested interests enough power, prestige, wealth, opportunity, etc. And keeping the people, happy, loyal and ignorant.

            If the people want to try to take from the Crown they will find it has very little to offer and offers much more value in maintaining a social equilibrium greater than the alternative: the political and corporate leviathan.

            It is trendy to consider the Crown dated and unnecessary but it is actually a far more enduring system than ‘the state’ and is far from over yet. Indeed it is likely that there will be a resurgence of a form of aristocracy and serfdom to soon follow this falling short era of ‘the state’.

          • James

            It’s “funny” that you say all that because while I was always fashionably anti-monarchist in the past thanks to guys like Hans Herman-Hoppe I’ve been reconsidering my attitude and
            opinion about it. I say both funny strange and funny ha ha ha. I’m still inclined to desire a Constitutional Republic but I am concerned that the truth might be that such a thing is not viable over the long term due to the propensity of people to become overly corrupted by the competition for power.

          • Certainly having ‘the Crown’ keeps a check on competition for power by controlling ‘the game’. Tolkien expressed it well, the ring is the power to rule. Tolkien wanted the ring destroyed but where one ring can be formed so can another. What keeps ‘the Crown’ true is the balance of power between that and the aristocracy, and then between the aristocracy and wider society. So I don’t think Tolkien was right, I think he was peddling a socialist/communist ideal (that is false). Lord of the Flies, strangely published within a few weeks of Tolkien’s book, predicts that a total vacuum of power will not survive, the authority that belongs, in common, to all the people, working independently and in spontaneous cooperation, will be usurped if and when it can.

          • James

            I think I might interpret “destroying the ring” as analogous to not concentrating the power and authority in the first place. A monarchy does not have to be absolute. Monarchies can be limited, and I’m thinking the key to a peaceful society is limiting and separating and counterbalancing the power and authority of whoever and whatever is granted the power. A limited dictatorship is better than an absolute democracy is what I’m saying. I’d rather have a dictator with some limits on him rather than be ruled by an unlimited and unaccountable and shifting majority.

          • Well perhaps ‘the ring’ is a warning of the consequences of the concentration of power – the fallibility of any and all such systems.

            A Monarchy does not have any power outside of their property. If land is owned (rather held by deed backed by an absolute monarch or state) then the land entitles the owner to be ‘monarch’ of that land/realm/kingdom. If the land is sufficient to have other people living within it, perhaps ‘owning’ freehold deeds entitling them to land within the kingdom in perpetuity – the agreement for ‘freehold’ occupation being the property – a condition could be ‘live within my kingdom respect me as the absolute monarch’.

            The problems can be sorted-out in a court of law. If I believe I have the right to assume I own my land as property, that it is my realm, then I must contest the monarch in a court of law to decide if their title to be monarch of the land I presume to fully own as property is better than my title.

      • PJ London

        Rubbish, the King still ran the country, merely via his ministers, only some of whom were elected.
        “In the 1760s, both King and ministers confronted the ambiguity of a number of constitutional points, including the collective responsibility of the Cabinet and the degree to which the monarch could select any minister he wanted or had to choose his ministers from among those who had the confidence of Parliament. The King was relatively young when he came to the throne and he was determined both to play a leading political role himself and to distance himself from the ministers of his grandfather, George II. It was not until 1770 that George found a satisfactory minister, who could control Parliament, lead a ministry and run the government and with whom he felt comfortable. Frederick, Lord North, who, as the eldest son of a peer enjoyed a courtesy title but sat in the House of Commons as MP for Banbury, was First Lord of the Treasury from 1770 to 1782 (North never referred to himself as Prime Minister).”

        Lord North was never referred to as “Prime Minister”.

        “There is no specific date when the office of Prime Minister first appeared, as the role was not created but evolved over a period of time. The term was used in the House of Commons in 1805, it was certainly in Parliamentary use by the 1880s, and in 1905 the post of Prime Minister was officially given recognition in the order of precedence.”

      • autonomous

        A monarch and a democracy are equivalent despots. The democracy spawned by the progressives deserve no more consent than either a Prime Minister or a king. A vote for a liar is not a consent and certainly not an act of freedom. It is as absurd for forty nine to submit to fifty one as it is for ninety nine to submit to one.

        Rebellion is no grand act, it is an assent to a reality that all men are created equal. To hell with all rulers.

  • tom

    They missed out one “conspiracy theory” that is kept alive by the “psychological predispositions of believers, rather than cold hard facts”.

    Global Warming.

    • Another is the idea the WTC Towers 1,2 & & were tumbled (like a pack of cards into their own footprint at near freefall speed) dues to the conspiratorial activities of a gang of Islamic terrorists crashing aircraft into the upper floors of the buildings – that one really is nuts!

      • tom

        How do you know? Surely the intelligent approach is to reserve judgement about things we don’t know or don’t understand. There should be no shame attached to admitting that one simply doesn’t know.

        • debris54

          ‘how do you know’ … hmmm … try … common sense

        • Logic dictates – if these buildings (1,2 and 7) could collapse in the way we have been told then every tall building in the world must be at risk of rapid complete structural collapse into it’s own foot print and all should be evacuated immediately.

          I do not know how these buildings were brought down or who by – that my friend is the conclusion of an ‘intelligent approach’ – accepting the government story just because it is that given to the masses by a supposed ‘authority’ is not sufficient. It is imposable to believe under proper scrutiny.

        • PJ London

          But what if you do know?
          What if your years of training show that the given reasons are simply not possible, should you deny your training and knowledge and pretend that you too are ignorant?

        • Inretrospect

          For almost 15-years, 911 has been dissected by the best Scientific minds in the World. However, you don’t need to be a rocket scientist or even have a college physics 101 education to see through the fog of BS rendered by the Government 911 Commission’s investigation. A camel cannot pass through the eye of a needle, and a Boeing 757 cannot collapse like an umbrella and go through a small hole in the Pentagon without shearing off the wings. A 757 cannot flying at speeds of >500mph at low altitudes without being torn apart. Furthermore, aluminum wings could NOT cut through the concrete steel-reinforced columns of the Twin Towers, and kerosene does not burn hot enough to melt steel or vaporize the titanium hulls of the jet’s engines.

          I could go on forever with the proven scientific facts of 911, and show you how to think outside of the box… but you will have to pull your head out of your box to do so! Anyone who avoids the 911 facts of evidence is just complacent with believing lies because they are easier to swallow than the truth.

      • Castle_Nut

        And WTC7 collapsed ‘pancake-style’ even though no airplanes hit it and it only had small fires on a couple of floors.

        • I should have typed 7 but shifted and got an & instead. As for ‘pancake’ I am not so sure, it is more like it was hollowed out by structural rigidity eating termites till it crumpled without resistance.

  • tom

    ‘Attorney General Loretta Lynch attended a Senate Judiciary Hearing and
    acknowledged discussions at the Department of Justice of taking civil
    action against “climate change deniers.”’

    I hope records are kept, so that Ms Lynch and anyone else involved in such a witch-hunt could be made answerable for the harm they cause when it is plainly understood that global warming is not a settled scientific matter. (Actually, it is – competent and properly-informed scientists agree that it is fictitious).

    I never understand how politicians, lawyers, and others who are wholly ignorant of science manage to find scientific views to support. They usually say that they have taken “the best” scientific advice. But since they know nothing of science, how can they tell the good from the bad? (Of course they wouldn’t do anything simplistic like assuming a scientist’s income is proportional to her understanding).

  • Andrew Cullen

    How do we in Europe survive the coming Gulag as the EU implodes under the repression of Elites (Matin Schultz at the helm ?)? We can no longer take sail from Plymouth to the “Land of the Free”, which is itself in a mature phase of Republican oligarchy and lawlessness.

    • tom

      We vote “Out” at the coming referendum.

    • Off to Russia I guess is the only remain option – plenty to homestead in the Wild East of that land!

    • Trump IS Hitler

      The criminal invading migrants need to expelled or physically eliminated by any means necessary,

      • You know what they say? A man with one finger pointing has three pointing back

        • Guy Christopher

          Never heard that one, but it’s pretty good.

        • PJ London

          Incredibly profound, but I can’t find any connection between his comment and your response.

          • On one hand he states: ‘Trump IS Hitler’ and on the other suggests that people should be ‘physically eliminated by any means’.

          • PJ London

            The question was How do we in europe … He stated the migrants need to be expelled or eliminated…. you then say a finger pointing….
            I think a Brexit is called for, Eu no longer makes any sense.

          • I am as out as out can be for the UK. But I still support an ever-deepening EU for continental European nations. I do not support Turkey joining – they are only wanted because of their holding access to the Black Sea which gives the EU a bargaining chip with Russia. I do support Russia and the EU forming a Greater Europe, Eurasia. I also support a informal trade and economic union between Norway, Switzerland, Iceland, the UK nations and Greenland perhaps. That would require the UK itself to be dissolved into becoming this Union of seafaring nations. Once established other nations attracted to the union could include Denmark, Sweden and Finland – attracted by forming a Scandinavian union within the greater union and encouraged because they offer invasion access to continental Europe in the event of the Eurasian union forming. Intriguingly I see that early on Greece will join this union, perhaps as a required booby-prize in the severance package from nations breaking away. Greece offers a southern invasion point to continental Eurasia enormous Mediterranean Naval advantages countering Turkey’s access to the Black Sea amongst much more. Ireland will split into two part, Northern Ireland combining with the northerly portion.

            My ‘prediction’ is that this is the objective. My guess is also that this has been the objective for a long time – look at the flags and you will get a clue.

  • Gary1234

    Weigh the risk of speaking too freely against the risk of keeping quiet until it’s too late.

  • Pater Tenebrarum

    We have discussed this trend on Acting Man a while back in some detail. Readers may want to check this out for complementary information. Stifling dissent by declaring dissenters “mentally ill” has a long tradition. However, up to this point only obvious tyrannies have gone that far. The fact that this meme is now propagated in the so-called “free” West offers more evidence that we are in fact on the slippery slope to tyranny if the ruling elites have their way.
    Here is the article, entitled “It’s Official: If You Question Authority, You Are Mentally Ill”:

    • Thanks, Peter. DB wants to interview you again soon.

    • debris54

      thanks for the link

  • Inretrospect

    Obsessive–compulsive shrinks and their psychopathic elite owners throwing stones. A Conspiracy Theory only remains a theory until it is scientifically proven true. Why is seeking the truth considered dissension?

  • Cardinal Richelieu wrote: If you give me six lines written by the hand of the most honest of men, I will find something in them which will hang him. There is nothing new under the sun.

  • Zaphod Braden

    In its analysis of the political abuse of psychiatry in both the Soviet Union and China, The Journal of the American Academy of Psychiatry and the Law, stated that “Psychiatric incarceration of mentally healthy people is uniformly understood to be a particularly pernicious form of repression, because it uses the powerful modalities of medicine as tools of punishment, and it compounds a deep affront to human rights with deception and fraud…” In psychiatric terms, we have become the old Soviet Union where we can be incarcerated and stripped of our rights for having the illness of “political schizophrenia”.

    • tom

      I bet they don’t say that now! 😎

  • Zaphod Braden

    Refreshing rationality: Why NOT believing in conspiracies is a sure sign of mental retardation

    • Guy Christopher

      Even paranoids can have real enemies.

      • debris54

        just because you are paranoid doesn’t mean someone’s not out to get you ! -_-

      • Marten

        By the way “Paranoia” is s survival skill and it is striking fact that as Central Power increases…Human initiative decreases

    • Bruce C.

      THAT is an incredible (that is, if you don’t believe in conspiracies) article. Thanks.

      Everyone should read it.

  • Zaphod Braden

    People with critical thinking skills and active minds understand that unscrupulous parties want to control a $16+TRILLION economy and all the accompanying wealth and power.

    People with lethargic, inactive minds sluggishly believe anything they are told and refuse to accept the possibility of conspiracies because their minds are weak and unexercised. THEY will tend to be in the lower half of the IQ scale. Those in the upper half of the IQ scale who refuse to acknowledge conspiracies are deliberately closing their minds to protect their economic and social standing.
    The definition of a “perfect Nazi” was: “An unquestioning, dutiful, expert TECHNICIAN. An Automaton trained to his task, who does not waver from his task.” THAT is the reason for schooling in multiple disciplines, for “WELL ROUNDED” educations. The study of history and the Humanities/literature is denigrated by those who would enslave you …. to blind you to your slavery.

    • wrusssr

      Wise rulers empty minds and stuff bellies.

      • Zaphod Braden

        Our RULERS empty minds AND bellies.

  • Fred Bastiat

    It’s nothing new for progressive governments to begin imprisoning those that reject group think. Sadly, if you’re a free thinking liberty minded individual you will likely get tossed in the same cell as the useful idiots who outlived their usefulness in getting the Government ‘right sized’ and controlling all the means of production.

    I will find God and start praying I at least don’t have to be stuck in the same cell with one of the statist *ssholes that helped put me there in the first place.

    • If you are going to “find God”, look into disappearing into an Amish community rather than a government cell….?

  • Armies of shrinks are standing by to enforce conformity, just as these medical predators did in the Soviet Union . They made extensive use of shock treatment: it’s quick, cheap and devastatingly effective. And now the fda is preparing for the coming nightmare here, by reclassifying shock as a category 2 medical device, no more dangerous than a wheelchair, despite thousands of survivors speaking out and years of research demonstrating its’ permanent harm. The hearing Is later this month. See

    • Wow. Is a petition …

    • Dimitri Ledkovsky

      Who are the shrinks? Predominantly jews (mostly not the religious type). Who organized and ran Stalin’s gulag? Predominantly jews (the vengeful revolutionary type). Who “invented” modern psychology and psychiatry? Predominantly jews. Who was their first major kill in rooting out dissent? Jesus of Nazareth. Why? He dissented against them and refused to conform to their social status quo. Who are the foremost designers of centralized “socialism”? Jews. – At the core of western history’s upheavals over the past 2000 years you can always find ethnic jews hell bent on controlling their communities by imposition of fear and of non-conformity. It’s all they know and ironically fear the most themselves.

  • David Cameron Jr.

    The elite jews are fretting that the 911 truth will eventually be exposed by the mass. They are trying everything they could to block public from disseminating the facts around their 911 attacks in New York on 9/11/2001.

    The truth always comes out sooner or later.

    • Just Jews? Are you sure? We see it as a systemic problem, not a religious one and encourage others to do the same.

      • Castle_Nut

        I blame the interdimensional shape shifting reptilian people.

      • Praetor

        Those that do these studies, do need the subsidies, and will say what ever their master demand, tell them to say!!!!

      • Maximiliano Plus Adrienne

        I believe in the father of Abraham and the Jews were the chosen people, whether they still r, with the Advent of Jesus is a good question but I would not bet against it and if u have the backing of god everything becomes a new ballgame all2gether! Jews r the best educated people on planet earth, they not only go 2 the best schools but also have a spiritual school thru their studies of the talmud and the “pilpul”, which is of massive importance! scientia potestas est! which is y it is not being given 2 the people at large! this would b like giving away your advantage! in a world of “proximus sum egomet mihi” this is not going 2 happen! but if u try anyways, u truly r the elite and God will reward u manyfold! “omnia mea mecum porto”

    • The global money/power elite care not a jot because while they move ever onwards people thinking they are in the know will be blaming Jews (or the Catholics, the Jesuits, the Masons, the Lizards, etc) as if that is the beginning and end of the matter.

      • 2prickit

        Why I Use the Term ‘AngloZionist’, and Why It’s Important

        • I think that Jews and Zionists have their interests – Jewish and Zionist interests – and do work to bring about circumstances that contribute to the advantage of such objectives. That many of the money/power elite are Jewish is not so much the relevant point but what the relevant point is is that: this elite are happy to use anything including the Jewish people to bring about their money/power objectives, including the invention of Zionism and the drive for a homeland in Israel as a geopolitical/military foothold in the middle-east and to act as a canker on the Arab world (to help prevent Arab political, military, cultural and trade/industrial economic consolidation). I say ‘the Jews have been tricked’ by the global money/power elite and the geopolitical great game for consolidating control, ownership and revenue from the entire world.

          • Maximiliano Plus Adrienne

            interesting! wake up gojim?

          • And wake-up Jews too – of which many are already well awake but stifled because of the pressure on Jews to not buck against Zionism.

  • Castle_Nut

    The study referenced assumes that everyone in an organization is in on the conspiracy, which would be unlikely. For example, it assumes that if NASA faked the moon landing, everyone from the top scientists to the secretaries would have knowledge of it. We know that it would only take a handful of people to be part of the conspiracy. Everyone else would just believe what they were told.

  • Isefree

    Mental illness is nothing but a label designed to invalidate a person as a person. So that if you disagree with the shrink that labels you mentally ill, it proves you are mentally ill. Since the mind is not an organ of the body but rather the thoughts and speech of a person, labeling a person mentally ill has become an effective way to nullify freedom of speech.

    No objective evidence of cause for mental illness is required nor can there be, because if there is such evidence the illness would be medical, likely a brain disease; and if the person is not made obviously incompetent by said disease he is considered competent to run his life and can reject a doctor’s opinion and treatment advice without fear of losing his freedom.

    • Maximiliano Plus Adrienne

      well put, u got myvote 4 president!

  • Chemist
  • knifemare69

    This is the most Stalinist thing I have seen coming from western elites since Bush invited Stasi chief Markus Wolfe to consult for the creation of the department of Homeland Security. Nothing like a bunch of government-funded, pointy-headed pseudo academics to declare people insane merely for having politics the state doesn’t like.

    The ghost of Beria and the NKVD must be salivating in its grave…

  • FreeOregon

    Incarceration in asylums last as long as the illness lasts. Judging dissenters mentally ill was standard procedure under Stalin.

  • Praetor

    Well! I have a conspiracy theory. People are stealing my money and giving it to schizophrenic sociopaths to study conspiracy theories and there is nothing I can do about it. Gawd I should be put in a reeducation for thinking like that. Forgive me Big Brother, put you can stuff it. Fear is the mind killer!!!


    My, My, i am a prime suspect of the forthcoming “thought police”. i have lived almost 90 years, and my historical observations lead me to believe
    the government is willing to silence anyone speaking in opposition to the actions of control of the masses. Grimes is full of himself, talk of narcissism, arrogance, and elitism. Some conspiracies would be exposed within 4 years?? Come on, the plan by the elites to gain police and military control of the masses is happening before our very eyes, and began even before the League of Nations, the forerunner of the United Nations, of which is the vehicle to manage the task, at the ratification, by the global members unanimously, as per the recent ratification in December 2015, in Paris;s 2 week ratification session with regard to “Global Warming”. The United Nations framework for the initial kick off of its global demands should be forthcoming by sometime in 2017-2019. The elitist Environmentalist organizations are on record of the ideal global population is approximately “one billion” human creatures. Hmmm. All of the above is recorded history. i, for one, am probably one of the most laid back, and peaceful, non violent individual’s on Earth. i have no desire to cause dissension. i recognize there are billions more intelligent. i am an observer of history. Anyone not wishing their families to become expendable, or serfs, must watch the United Nations overreach the authority being
    proffered by all voting nations within the next 3 years.

    • wrusssr

      You are correct alpha, IMO.

      A repost updated with “mental illness” comment
      Criminal thoughts and mental illness were the main lock-up lies proffered by the psychopathic Bolshevik communists who slaughtered defenseless Russians by the tens of millions—the world’s greatest unreported and untaught holocaust to date.

      Swedish researcher Juri Lina has estimated more than a100 million weaponless Russians died following the Bolshevik communist takeover in Russia circa 1917-1944..

      Video: IN THE SHADOWN OF HERMES Jüri Lina (2009)

      Book: UNDER THE SIGN OF THE SCORPION (Updated, 3rd edition)

      Nobel winner Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, arguably Russia’s greatest writer and chronicler of the Russian tragedy, finished two volumes about these killers more than a decade ago before he died. Both are blocked from English translation.


      Read or heard about any of this horror in your history books or classes? Or about the estimated million weaponless Irish who were either starved to death or sold as indentured servants/slaves? That the king of England tried to confiscate the colonists’ gunpowder and firearms? That more colonists died aboard British starvation ships anchored just offshore than died in the Revolution?

      I didn’t.


      Did you know the same London-headquartered international banking cartel that funded the Bolsheviks is funding “climate change?”

      And now “wrong thinking” about climate change?


      Did you know Paris had nothing to do with climate change? That it was about inking an obligatory predetermined carbon tax on all nations to shovel billions into the UN with which to build the foundation for a world socialist government?


      Did you know criminals hate/fear lighted areas at night, dogs that bite, and an armed citizenry? That unaccountable criminals now control Washington, Wall Street, most of the world?

      Solzhenitsyn was reported to have said: “. . . when they came for us, if we had taken at least one [of them] out so that each time they came, they came not knowing if they would make it back or not, then this wouldn’t have happened the way it did.”

      America’s guns are the “mental illners” last stumbling block. Law and the Constitution mean nothing to them. Already, a “mentally ill” person cannot own a gun. And PTSD has been “declared” a form of “mental illness”. Interesting that thousands of our veterans with PTSD in their medical records can no longer purchase firearms. Ever ask yourself why doctors were instructed to ask patients whether or not they owned firearms? Did you know “doctors” [ read also: Soviet psychologists/psychiatrists ] determined whether or not defendants in Soviet “courts” were “mentally ill”?

      “Mental illness” is an old meme straight out of the Bolshevik’s playbook that’s being tossed at a 21st century world to see if it’ll work again, IMO.

  • Bill the eighth

    Grimes is a drooling moron and a government hack, he has ZERO credibility. This is all how totalitarian regimes behave, they declare anyone who opposes their oppression is mentally il and needs killing. What a bunch of Stalinist pap.

  • john

    these researchers are on to something do not condemn so quickly only the focus is wrong. I suggest a more thoughtful academic discussion and study “what is going on with people who refuse to entertain the idea of conspiracy when it is so obvious. At this late date after 9/11 or the assassination of Kenneys and King there must be something wrong with so called Cons Theor debunkers is is psychological are the shills for the guilty conspirator working to undermine freedom for 30 pieces of silver I am not a scientist but when I see grid patterns in the sky that form massive clouds My first thought is what is the science and not am I nuts for questioning

  • DB

    If you’re an American, living in America, you already live in the world’s largest lunatic asylum.

  • Chris

    muh six million

  • notwithabang

    Not unlike the Inquisition.

    • Maximiliano Plus Adrienne

      very true or hitler, stalin, maotestund, pol pot etc all the bad guyz!

  • The way out of a mind trap is to recognize you are not in it. Any other direction is reinforcement. A false thinking will trigger or bait you into reaction by which you will have made belief by acting from it.
    War-mindedness is hate and blame. But beneath this is fear and pain and getting in touch with the underlying feeling as an emotional honesty – before acting or broadcasting attack – allows a process of integration from which to become more aware of deceits so as not to be baited as well as more able to discern how and when and with who to address the issues that are beneath the appearances.
    Lack of fear is not a lack of discernment in reckless disregard for consequence. Every act has consequence so the key thing is to be on purpose – that is truly aware and aligned with who you are – so that whatever then occurs is part of your purpose and to be understood within it – not as a loss or violation of it.
    If you don’t know who you are then you are running on ‘thinking’ that is not worthy of you. A false currency. A directed narrative that operates with built in defences against being questioned or exposed. If you are part of such a ‘conspiracy’ then you see the world as being ‘done to you’ and cry ‘foul!’ as a basis from which to withhold and withdraw behind a mask. If you play the ‘innocent’ over an against another’s guilt or the righteous against another’s sin or lack, then you are strengthening that ‘mind’ in human consciousness by living from it.

    In framing ‘them’ as almost all powerful, your own power is negated. So look to how you define and talk about others. Its telling stories that are not true – or are not the whole truth. If others are identified in control and feel they are losing control or being threatened, then they will soon shift from suspicious to vicious.

    Communication must begin within our own consciousness -or else one is simply running as conditioned reaction – of thinking – regardless the role played.
    Communication as I say it is not thinking – but a real relationship; an intimacy within – though the word ‘within’ is redundant here. But focusing exclusively ‘without’ is the conspiracy of consensual blindness to truth. How else could deceits gain power?

    • HENK-2

      Quote”every act has consequence”Unquote

      Dare I say that every act has a cause?

      • I’m glad you did, because it opens the possibility of addressing cause instead of being exclusively set in a focus of division in the idea and attempt of manipulating effect.

        There are thoughts and actions that proceed as conditioned reactions of a misidentification and there are thoughts and acts that embody a quality of wholeness of purpose.

        All acts are embodying thought for ‘as a man thinks in his heart – so he is’. When we accept thought as our own by acting as if it is true, it becomes belief, and interprets perception, and that determines what you see and sets the range of available responses. Accepted beliefs also operate automatically to find reinforcement and support – not because they are ‘acting independently’ but because the subconscious aspect of our personality has such reinforcement as part of our capacity to remain focused in physical experience. Actions imprint consciousness at the body level to make habit-routines of reaction.

        Many are divorced from the heart’s knowing in a mind of reaction they then take as their self and that ‘mind’ frames everything in terms of separation – including a sense of causing and defining itself and having to function, cope, manage, prevail and survive, according to its own self-defined limits. These thoughts and actions persist in asserting and defending a separate self sense that may operate like a guardian of the heart – but in its own image and definition of heart – and upon its own terms – and so operates more as a guard over a denied and imprisoned heart – for redefining the feeling quality of relational awareness and expression in mental terms – and giving it priority and power – is to accept a loveless power as one’s cause – regardless that it has its own version of ‘love’ – which is both conditional and contractual to the effect that it allows presence of feeling only when certain conditions are met – and withdraws and withholds presence with anger or hate if those conditions are not met.

        So far I have only looked at where one is focused in or ‘where one is coming from’ and not at all on what any act is or does.

        The focus on the form of an action without its relational context is seeing or accepting a meaning that isn’t necessarily there. It is a private bias that makes association. But meanings of association then become a false currency of short-cuts that cut out actually checking in with what is actually presenting or presencing itself.

        A phishing attack is a current example of masking a hidden intent in a familiar form, but the ruse of a mask or disguise is pervasive within our own consciousness and therefore in our social and political interactions.

        The nature of the masking has a protective element – but it is also a denial of Life – and with consequences that are dissonant and destructive to a true appreciation of Life.

        It may be seen as putting something on hold because it could not be faced, resolved or integrated at the time, But this is a temporary holding aside or keeping away that cannot be made a foundation from which to live without manifesting in all that then transpires. So the dissonance is the call for healing – but the persistence in ‘power’ interprets dissonance as a call for attack – and this is a false identity that runs with all the power the belief in attack gives it.

        But of course it is experienced real, and defends and reinforces itself as a chosen idea or belief through which to focus and have your experience. But it is blind to its own predicament while it attacks effects without pause to reveal cause.

        The redefinition of cause into assigned forms of association assigns it to the past and in the Other and projects it to a future anticipated to repeat the past – and so a residual sense of control is asserted in protecting from fearful unwanted and hated outcomes that denies any sense of presence – for the attempt to escape a feared past – or repeat and maintain a ‘loved’ past is the re-enactment of the same core pattern that imprinted such a past.

        But is it the past or is it a way of defining a present trace of a focus that has value and meaning? Is it the past as a fixed and irrevocable act by which all was set awry – or is it experienced entirely through the lens of a presently held sense of self-belief?

        Do we in fact have more power than our thinking allows – but of a different order than power to deny, mask, assert and present a mask to be validated?

        Stupid is persisting in what does not and can not work while not ‘getting’ the feedback and making wiser connections. However, the mindtrap that I sketch out here is ingeniously devised – because the power that called it forth is Power of Life – yet it now seems to work against us rather than for us, and to deny the even the life we thought to have in the way we thought to have it.

        That we can use power to deny and limit power is a contradiction – but we are operating a mind in contradiction with itself and with its Cause. A mind is not meant to function as power or as mask of power – but as a channel of communication that connects and reflects relationally.

        The conditions in which to re-cognize or know again a true relation or alignment at heart or as a balanced wholeness of being are here to read and to use. Or you can persist in attacking, denying and seeking to manipulate and coerce outcomes from an incomplete and distorted sense of yourself.

        You know truth because it does not need any such assertion of ‘power’ to be itself. You can in that sense rest in it – not static – but as one with a flow of unfolding. Losing balance is part of learning to walk. Without willingness, curiosity and imagination of an open Mind – the halt lead the blind.

  • Brosky

    Everybody knows it’s the maniacs in government that have mental illness and psychopathy. This will backfire on them, big time.

    • Mike in Virginia

      I know that your first sentence is totally correct, and wish I could believe the second is also. I fear that government control is so pervasive, and indoctrination of the sheeple so widespread, that they will get away with it for a long, long time.

      • Arationofreason

        The farther you get from the liberal intelligentsia the more you will find the ‘American spirit’ alive and well.

  • Gerold

    I’ve always looked askance at people who say, “I stopped reading at [insert word] … but now I’m going to do it. I stopped reading at the word ‘psychologist’ because I’ve never known one that wasn’t a flake beginning with my intro psych prof.

  • Bruce C.

    As Michael Savage says, “liberalism is a mental disorder.” So, how ironic that the inmates are now running the asylum. It would be funny if they didn’t provide the cover for “state” interests.

  • Haywood Jablome

    Follow the money.

    • Maximiliano Plus Adrienne

      donald sutherland “JFK”!

  • desertspeaks

    hmmm anti-government?? you mean not wanting to be tased, maced, beaten or murdered by a government official is wrong?? or not wanting to have your hard earned money stolen, to then be given to someone who has neither earned it nor deserve it, is wrong??
    Ask the government if a group of private people ran around doing what the the government does, would the government consider it a crime??
    Of course they would! Well, if it’s a crime for private people, how can it not be a crime for some psychopath draped in a flag to do it??

  • Thomas Jefferson and George Washington must have been some real sickos.

  • UnwillingContributor

    Ah yeah, Soviet compassion: lock up those who disagree because … ‘psychology.’ We knew it was appalling when the Soviet Union did it. We condemned it.

    Guardian (Rothschild) and ilk are tuning up the propaganda wagons (MSM) to bring it to the West, with all the experiential learning that the Soviet Union provided.

    Narcissism isn’t just egoism or egotism. It isn’t just seeing wrong where it isn’t, misconstruing or misattributing it. It isn’t even being sure while still being wrong. Any of these can be a very healthy mind, an independent mind capable of independent thought, and courageous enough to disagree with the crowd–which crowd often is as manageable (through propaganda) as sheep. Hitler and Goebbels said it: the Big Lie.

    No, narcissism is associated with delusions of grandeur, a god complex and a willingness to control others, whatever it takes. It’s when one believes that s/he is so superior to others that they have something of a divine right to rule. It’s the sickness that leads to demagoguery and coercion, because “I know what’s best and it’s my right (or duty) to control you if you don’t comply willingly with my proclamations.” It leads to the thinking (if you can call it thought) that you are even above the law. The narcissist “knows what’s best,” but it’s VERY rarely what’s best for society overall, but what’s best for them and theirs–at the expense of everyone else. Such a person can even come to the point where others, or those not of their mindset or class or religion or profession (etc.), are “bugs,” irritating, maybe even dangerous, and worthy of death.

    Who does that seem to imply? Conspiracy theorists, or the kings, queens, lords, barons, presidents, legislators, judges, and transnational corporate and banking chieftains who CLEARLY lie to us, thus demonstrating their disrespect for our time and mind, demonstrating that we are “nothing”? Conspiracy theorists, or those who spread false science (medical, social, psychological, chemical, nutritional, agricultural, climactic, etc.) and who foment wars to make (or acquire) more wealth than their already filthy rich fingers can ever touch? Conspiracy theorists, or those known to take out assassination of “dangerous dissidents”?

    I submit to you, the “scientists” behind these “findings” are the real narcissists’ stooges. If narcissists, especially deadly, false, lying, defrauding, and rapacious sorts are to be locked up, then let’s start with those who really do it: the ruling elite.

  • tom nogaro

    it all depends on the meaning of is, as a great liar once said. in short, we have a linguistic ruse, typical of totalitarians and the mentally ill. professor grime’s theory may well be correct, even assuming one were armed with a higher degree in mathematics to prove or refute it. however, his thesis, even if accurate, is at best inaptly applied, unless of course a linguistic sleight of hand were accomplished.

    a mentally ill person is one who rejects or refuses refutation of his belief system at all costs, notwithstanding great proof to the contrary, which is precisely how an insane government, ie, totalitarian, will behave to maintain its illusory status (power yes, governance no).

    take, for instance, the american government’s 911 conspiracy theory of 19 amateur pilot hijackers defying the planet’s best defense system, highly reproachable, if armed with scientific physical, chemical, electrical, electronic, architectural, seismographic and other evidence and a fair rationality. yet such evidence since 911 has been wholly blocked, refused the light of day, and so it goes unheeded by that mentally ill government, wedded to itself only, not to truth, and by a planet subject to such a wholly untested theory. thus, the flippant term “conspiracy theorist” is cleverly abused to “define” as ill those who seek such science in court but not to define a government refusing same, to insulate its “private” reality from scrutiny. in short: he of power defines “reality” in the human kingdom, one linguistically arranged, at least until removed, by vote in democracy.

    equally weak totalitarian governments (recall stalinist and later soviet russia, on solzhenityn, etal), and religions too, (recall fathers grassi and lorini, and pope paul v and his catholic church, on galileo), follow this stratagem, blocking those they dislike who may level fair criticism or disbelief, by conclusorily mislabeling them “conspiracy theorists”, “the mentally ill”, “heretics”, “witches” etc, by this simple linguistic sleight of hand, well known through all the ages.

    in this way those truly mentally ill, yet powerful enough to possess the keys to the mental institution, dominate and silence others not so fortunate on the power grid but who dare to see things differently, even provably so. this is why we in civilized democracies have courts of law, not of men.

  • Tim Hadfield

    Stalin did this – should we do the same?
    Given the astounding number of false flag events that have been proven to be real, it is more true to say that those who believe government propaganda are mentally ill.

    • kenvandoren

      Moreover, consider that FDR himself said “In politics, there are no coincidences” or words to that effect. Also, a conspiracy is 2 or more people acting together for a purpose. That said, most of us are conspirators of one sort or another. To deny the existence of conspiracies, that is, people acting together for a purpose is to adhere to the belief that everything that takes place is mere coincidence.

      That said, not all conspiracy theories are created equal.

    • Ernie Hopkins

      I am with you lol!!!!

  • Jonathan Halsey

    Ironically, this article may qualify as a conspiracy theory.

  • Paul Prichard

    Whenever we see the corporate news media trotting out the phrase ‘conspiracy theory’ like they are doing here we should remember that it is a
    phrase created by the CIA in 1967 – see

  • “DIVERSITY” is a code word for WHITE GENOCIDE


  • No need for anti-government – but rather express idea of true or just governance. Hate-led politics may be popularist – but it appeals through joining in hate as a kind of ritual release that does not actually release but persists he problem – albeit sometimes in different clothes.
    This ‘hate’ founded reaction is part of a fear of being hurt and threatened in coercive terms – and is never straight communication. Governance – whatever that is – needs straight communication and fear of hurt and hate of feeling powerless, distort straight communication.
    When politicians seek to use tactics like the above, they are admitting they have no credible communication to offer and are either bluffing because it works with so many that it doesn’t need the iron fist to follow up, or it is in a corner and has no other recourse in the perspective it has painted itself into.
    Most do not like to be seen as hate made manifest and so they seek justification so that it is no longer hate but dealing with dangerous or corrupting nutters or indeed vermin.
    I feel that this is a time when real communication is needed to witness to true currency of thought – and one doesn’t have to be hateful in intent even if expressing about issues in which there are hateful consequences that can be and should be addressed.
    The way tyranny is give power is to deny any true voice expression – as a result of activating a pattern of self-censorship. Fear, hate and rage find entrollment via unconscious denial and projection. We are meeting ‘unconscious’ self in our surface reality.

  • rahrog

    Hemp makes good rope. You can use it over, and over.

    • kenvandoren

      I like the implications, if the rope is held in the correct hands.

      • . . and all else fails . . smoke the rope,

  • wivica

    Please tell me where to turn myself in for incarceration. I turn 80 this month, and openly admit that I have failed totally. After following all the known rules, I am unable to move government in a direction that I am proud to see my children inherit. Since I have zero belief in it, I am no longer willing to work for improvement. You people between the age of 35 and 65 seem to know so much and have all the answers. So, I’ll save you the cost of finding me, indicting and convicting me. I am one of those you are looking for. You can burn me now, or, waste your resources on housing, clothing, feeding, entertaining, doctoring and counseling me. Perhaps you will change my mindset, though I doubt it.
    Wishing you success,

    • Martin the American redux

      0 belief in government is a good thing,no? You sir/madam, hit the nail right on the head, don’t you think? Why save anyone the cost of finding you?

  • JSebastian

    Anyone attempt to initiate aggression against Americans for “dissent” or to compel them to repeat, endorse, or not reject or deny government speech is going to be placed on a list and targeted for termination…the list is updated periodically and provided to citizen protection forces in all fifty states.

    So good luck with that one, chumps.

    • Martin the American redux

      My guess is that your hoping for a Trump win in the USA, eh?

    • Long John silver

      Simple. Arrest the person who is being aggressive (like a citizen arrest of an entire city council) for trying to enforce illegal laws and cart his azz off to jail

  • Chootee

    Fear and hatred are legitimate emotions. Characterizing a person as “phobic” is an attempt to smear them as mentally ill, irrationally fearful. Sometimes fear is justifiable, as is hatred of injustice and tyranny.

  • Alohajim88

    This is good news actually. As in the more pathetic and ridiculous the stance the less credible they are. Besides copious amounts of banker credit (currencies) the only other thing holding the system together is credibility or confidence in ‘authorities’, ‘leaders’ and ‘experts’. Anger and opposition have their role to play but our laughter destroys their power. It’s sad to see people brainwashed and taught lies but it’s hilarious to observe the stupidity (mostly real, sometimes faked) of the minions trotted out to push all these memes at us.

  • Martin the American redux

    “beware of the risks of speaking out too freely’ Unfortunately, I think the DB is right on the money with that. Even with an old geezer like myself.

    • kenvandoren

      I have been speaking out for so long, and so loudly that I feel my best defense is to stay on offense. Not done yet. Ryan is in my sights for sure, and possibly another incumbent congress critter.

  • sharon419

    High time the left leaves Washington. New President is so needed.

  • Jo-Jo

    So, maybe I’m NOT paranoid after all; and, “they” really ARE out to get me?

  • cheongyei

    Whitehouse should be terminated. His seat comes up for re-election in 2018

  • Are you kidding me?!

    The FBI recently distributed a document to schools, instructing teachers to monitor closely students that are critical to the government, as they could become extremists in the future.

  • NewHampshire

    This is straight out of the communist manifesto which said there would be an ‘increased use of psychology’ in order to determine who is a dissident. It’s already happening in government jobs like teaching etc.

  • AverGo

    Journalist, Ask yourself, AM I a Mason?
    If so, your part of the cover-up.
    If not, you have a chance to uncover the Truth.
    John 14:6

  • Greg Patnude

    Using psychology, mathematics, research might actually be another conspiracy to formalize the attack against dissenting opinion. If you think back to the post-9/11 days, if you were opposed to US attacking Iraq, you were labelled as being “unpatriotic”. Bush actually said this in a State of the Union address.

    Quoting the article directly, “…we have three explanations of conspiracy theories presented by major publications in less than three month’s time…”, it becomes obvious that there is an organized, consolidated, and comprehensive initiative to produce scientific “evidence” that people who dissent or question the story are somehow mentally deficient, defective, or possibly mentally ill and to orchestrate a way to revoke, rescind, or restrict their rights and their credibility.

    I think I see a conspiracy here [sic]. The conspiracy being that those in power are looking to use bad science as the foundation for labeling or classifying those who would dissent as being somehow psychologically, medically, or socially deficient.

    Being afraid to speak out for fear of being labelled is a form of thought control typically attributed to communism, fascism, and dictatorships. This is not good science, this is not good psychology, and this is not good policy.

  • any-mouse

    The euphemism “The Elites” or “the Cabal” or others are a way to avoid saying The ultra- rich wealthy elite Union of the richest most powerful people stealing the future of the western citizenry –The Council on Foreign Relations and its sister organizations in other western countries. Its members, Clintons, Bushes, Greenspan, Geithner, Summers, and Rubin have brought about the rape of the Constitution, the theft of the middle class wealth thru the removal of the Glass-Steagall act protections of the Bank depositors and the subsequent draconian use of derivatives – Which even Bill Clinton admitted that He saw no practical use for…These are not conspiracy theories–a term they put forth as a cover for their black ops against the American people–The people though not schooled to look for such nefarious activity sense something, and are looking to support Trump…who can blame them? The Federal Reserve is a treason against America–look up its history and who owns and controls it…

    • Aubrey Garrett

      I nominate any-mouse for Post-of-the-Day.

  • ambrose bierce

    i want to know simply what part government funding paid for these studies? my own OP on this is that (for instance) global warming studies are collateral damage, it became a subject for research after a generation of scientists was funded to discredit some other corporate inconvenient truth. pick one. these (hired gun) scientists gain tenure and they branch out and find truths which in turn are inconvenient to government, in a different way, hence government funds new studies to disavow their findings and the cycle begins again.
    the government funding of studies which disprove vaccine caused autism were effective because there were very few scientists working in the field at the onset. therefore it was easier to provide new funding to provide studies which provide less damaging results to the companies who make these vaccines. negating Global Warming is much harder but once these professors are retired (golden handshake?) then the official scientific position will shift to new position friendlier to corporate government studies.
    its also likely that the researchers who found the correlation between smoking and lung cancer which became very inconvenient to corporate and government agencies were hired to disprove something else government found objectionable to their goal of promoting the greater good.

  • majorx

    Like Global warming deniers, the elitists are building the basis for propaganda ideology to put their enemies in extermination camps. Just as all the communist countries do/did as Adolph Hitler did to exterminate the Jews. The alleged research is never allowed to be fully evaluated by reputable scientists and when it is its found to be flawed. We can detect these efforts but when are they planning to pull the takeover trigger.

  • Trevor Streeton

    A narcissist with low self esteem???