Epic Media Failure, but they blame Trump for calling them out
By The Daily Bell Staff - December 10, 2017

Even if the news is dripping with errors, boiling with bias, and presenting a false narrative, it is important to trust them.

That’s what media outlets are saying in response to multiple melt-downs this week. They just can’t seem to get the facts straight… or stop themselves from lying.

Obviously, Trump is going to call them out on this. Is anyone surprised?

But some people think this is a threat to free speech.

  • Adam Serwer of The Atlantic was among those who pointed out that a head of state “publicly calling for a journalist to be fired is a textbook threat to freedom of speech.”

Incorrect. If Trump called for government regulations allowing them to fire journalists for “fake news” THAT would be a textbook example of a threat to free speech.

But Trump didn’t say that. Trump’s issue was with a Washington Post journalist who tweeted a photo of a half-empty stadium before a Trump rally in Pensacola on Friday. The only problem… the photo was taken hours before the rally, and by the time the rally started, the stadium was packed.

This “journalist” was caught red-handed spinning a false narrative about how popular Trump is. That isn’t someone that should be trusted to deliver ubiased real informative news. Yet if Trump didn’t call him out, he likely would have kept the photo up. That is literally reporting fake news. The journalist says Trump is so unpopular that his speeches are empty. The truth is that his speeches are full.

The Axios article admits that many media outlets have made extreme blunders, yet seems to brush these aside because journalism is so important. But if it is so important, then brushing these things aside is the LAST thing we should do.

Three media screw-ups in eight days on one investigation. The bad week for big news has President Trump feeling that he has moved the “fake news” argument from the fringe to the conservative mainstream, according to close Trump associates.

Why it matters: The mistakes — ABC’s Brian Ross on Michael Flynn’s plea, financial outlets on a Mueller subpoena of bank records, and CNN on an email about WikiLeaks — give Trump fodder for one of his favorite, and most damaging, tropes.

Why shouldn’t this be damaging? Media screwing up or deliberately misleading viewers is cause for alarm. It is high time people realize that news agencies have an agenda.

We have a president waging a relentless war against all media, minus Fox News and pro-Trump organs…

  • Only strong, responsible, accurate, non-hyperbolic journalism can withstand the assault. Make no mistake: This was a terrible week for the cause.

Axios seems to end the article by calling on media outlets to maintain a high standard. But then they say this was a terrible week for the cause. Why? Because the media was caught in lies and blunders, touting hyperboles and inaccuracies? So then why does their article demonize Trump’s response instead of the media outlets which gave Trump the fodder?

The journalist that tweeted the misleading photo of a Trump event apologized, but Trump still called on him to be fired. Axios and other media outlets have a problem with this response.

Again, why? They just called for responsible journalism, and this was an irresponsible move. Perhaps if he is fired, others will think twice before spinning a false narrative.

They characterize the photo as a simple mistake. That is silly. He lied. He was called out. He backed down. Does Trump need to call out every reporter spinning their false narratives in order to hold them accountable?

Of course, Trump has an agenda too. That is also important to keep in mind. It’s not like everything he says is accurate. The difference is that Trump is a politician. The word politician has been synonymous with liar since the invention of the word.

That doesn’t make it okay to lie. But clearly, people’s expectations for the quality of information they get from a politician versus a media outlet should vastly differ.

Trump is going to support his agenda. He is going to give the best possible spin on everything he does. He is going to take credit for anything good, whether he made it happen or not. He is going to deflect anything bad as someone else’s fault.

We can’t help how people interpret things. There is nothing we can do if people are silly enough to take what politicians say at face value.

But for too long the myth has existed hat the media is trustworthy. Even if they spin things, the basic facts are true, people think. But that is not so.

There is nothing wrong with Trump calling out a reporter who tried to further the false “unpopular Trump” meme.

There is plenty to criticize Trump about. Yet the media focuses on superficial crap.

If anything good comes from Trump’s Presidency, it will be widespread distrust of media and government.

Those with agendas in the media and government will clearly see this distrust as a bad thing. They have worked together for a long time to make sure people hold unrealistic expectations from the government and the media.

The more people that disengage from this fantasy the better.

You don’t have to play by the rules of the corrupt politicians, manipulative media, and brainwashed peers.

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  • je

    The idea that Trump is attacking the media is one aspect.
    Another is that he is intentionally polarizing the country so that a military coup
    is more acceptable. The idea that he and Hillary are on opposite sides seems a little far fetched when you consider Trump’s actions and not his rhetoric.
    I think he is one of them.


      I understand your reluctance to believe either media or polititics but calling Trump and Hitllary one in the same is a galaxy too far.
      Take even just this ONE of the Trump actions since the election, stopping illegal muslim immigration. There is NO WAY Hitllary mirrors that issue.
      My world view would NEVER support the Donald and Hitllary on the same side.

      • aj54

        2 parties are different wings on the same bird

        • Alan777

          The 2 parties are yes, however Trump got elected precisely because he opposes much of the Republican establishment. Trump supporters like me are not happy when he acts to keep too much of the big government status quo, supposedly in order to get some things accomplished spite of the uni-party Dems and RINOs working together.

          • Col. Edward H. R. Green

            “Trump supporters like me are not happy when he acts to keep too much of the big government status quo,…”

            He does that because, in essence, he is a statist, like Hillary.

            I saw his true, statist colors straightaway when I listened to his first campaign speech. I closed my eyes, and I could hear Benito Mussolini or Rafael Trujillo speaking.

            Trump is a statist who leans to the right (fascism), whereas Hillary is a statist who leans to the left (socialism/communism).

            Democrats and Republicans are two sides of the same statist coin.

            Trump may not align completely with Republicans, but his agenda is no less statist than theirs.

          • Alan777

            I disagree. Trump cares much more about the constitutional principles of the founders and about the well being of average hard working Americans. Did you see his tax plan outline at the before it was watered down by congress? This is nothing Hilary or Mussolini would have had any part of much less work to get it passed. Like I said he has a very difficult almost impossible job given the state of our federal government, media, and PC racist culture.


          I could agree if you used “different feathers on the same bird”.

      • FreeOregon

        I suppose every man has his price. If so we have not seen Trump’s threshold unless his family is being held hostage. Is Mueller just a visible clue to what is going on?

        Given Trump’s apparent diet we can expect him to be a one term President. So far he’s facing challenges cleaning up the swamp. Draining it’s resources might be a better strategy. Time is not his friend, or ours.

        • Heather James

          Given his age and the decades he has kept up a fast-paced, hard working, lifestyle, one suspects that reports about his diet are not so honest, as well

  • care4mn

    For many of us President Trump is finally giving voice to what we have been saying for over fifty years. We have been voices in the wilderness far too long. That said people are foolish to assume that any person who perceives he has power over others only has their good in mind. The Founders gave us nearly perfect system of government that called for an abundance of engagement by its citizens, However, a Republic requires informed and involved citizens who take responsibility for the actions of those who are elected. In America our Republic has rapidly devolved into the democracy of mob rule. No one person can change this however the President has given many citizens an opportunity to be heard.

    • aj54

      I call baloney on the mob rule. Unless it is a mob of money piled up by mobsters. The people’s votes are rigged and miscounted, the people’s reps are paid by industries and banksters. Where is this power of the people you think exists? TPTB need the appearance of support, not the real thing.

      • Jim Johnson

        Edward Bernays knew how to bullshit us using media obfuscations. Now they are so secure that the The People have been sidelined, we do not even see half-assed intelligent attempts to hide the lies. Many believe the intelligent operators made their nut and left with Obama.

      • care4mn

        I don’t disagree with you.The power of the people is in the folks that are aware enough and realistic enough in their thinking that they are organizing and refusing to buy into the lies of people who will take every opportunity to stay in power no matter who their decisions and actions hurt. There is an ever growing force of fed up citizens who refuse to accept the lies. I find it quite interesting to see how many members of Congress are quitting in the face of potential exposure. They have lost their protection, main street news. Voting in America has become the Great American Swindle. The more the people are exposed to truth, the worse it gets for incumbents. The rise of the Tea Party was the start of a wave of resistance to the status quo that continues to roll forward. Ron Paul was able to inspire a generation of younger people to the machinations of political parties. We are engaged in a marathon towards regaining control of our government to restore its constitutionality.

  • Lying Sweetly

    Mommy, mommy! The bad people (fill in your favorite villain here) are lying to me! Wah, wah, wah.
    Seriously? If you want to be taken seriously don’t you have to stop lying first? I mean, really!

  • aj54

    too bad only people who read alternative sources will see this article

  • FreeOregon

    Mainstream media are failing financially.

    They believe “responsible, accurate, non-hyperbolic journalism” a non-starter if they want income. Remember Yellow Journalism?

    The NYT continues laying off staff. Today’s Review Section seems a contest to determine which contributor can be the most nasty or the most hilarious writing about Trump. Maybe there are yearend bonuses at stake. Fox is for sale.

    No one seems aware that confidence in government and in the media is failing too.

    At a critical point agencies, in particular the rogue elements, will respond with force and more threats of violence. How far will the NYT, or the CIA go to assure survival? For the CIA apparently we already know.

    Turmoil and nastiness will persist.

  • Praetor

    Lying is not free speech. Some people are getting indited for lying. The stupid MSNEWS attacks Trump like you would attack an enemy on a grade school playground. They lose. Attack Trump for his policies. Attack him with things that can be proven wrong. They lose. Purely opinion is not news.!!!

  • teabagger_1

    Journalism is dead in the mainstream.

    • Joe_Wazzzz

      I agree. The only way they stand any chance of recovering is to do what Trump says and fire everybody!

  • Joe_Wazzzz

    For a democratic republic or democracy to survive it requires four things; an involved electorate, access to facts, a common moral code and a national identity. Broadcasting more than anything else has undermined all of these. Broadcasting in general and the MSM specifically are platforms for propaganda and have given the voters politically indoctrinated entertainment, moral relativism, multiculturalism, increasing horrific violence and pure propaganda as news, all of which undermine the pillars of a democracy.

  • Nobody

    Every media outlet in the US is an epic failure including DB and the rest of the ‘liberty’ sites. We need to change the conversation completely. All sites that were effective have been removed and the owners attacked. Any site that is not being attacked is because the site is not effective, and I don’t mean attacked by msm, I mean the owners physically attacked by the FBI, ‘law’ enforcement, irs etc.

    We truly live in a nazi style police state with true book burning happening (web sites attacked and owners thrown in jail or killed). The only difference now is that most people are so ignorant of law and history that almost no one is effective in their writing (or the useless sites are run by the pentagon) so they don’t need to burn the books.

    We need to change the conversation completely. We need to openly strategize asymmetric tactics for bringing down the tyrants either by grand jury indictments and court convictions we initiate and carry through to the end or via extreme prejudice at the tyrants’ homes.

    We are under attack and have been for a long time. We need to change the conversations to tactical strategy; everything else is an epic fail and you know that because you aren’t being attacked. Being attacked can be an part of excellent tactical strategy but this is the conversations we need to be having not all this responses and comments to the tyrants actions. We need to starting driving the conversation and the only conversations should how the tyrants overthrew the government, how we find each and every one of them and permanently neutralize them.

    None of what we are facing is a political problem, it is a crime/warfare problem and politics is not the forum for dealing with a crime/warfare problem.

    We need to change the conversation. All this news is passive responsiveness instead of the much needed tactical strategy conversations.

    • Marilyn J. Montgomery

      Good job! Thanks.

    • Myron Goodrum

      I believe fighting (the media, government, politicians) only increases the oppositions ability to defend themselves against attack (using your money)…I also believe that seeking grievances in so called “courts”, only subjugates us further and supports the notion that they are needed and are somewhat useful.

      If we want to send a message or change the conversation as you say, we want to make sure that it does not increase the chance for a violent reprisal.

      We could begin by stop supporting the mainstream media, politicians and government all together. We can do that by simply boycotting them and its support systems.

      By changing our inner conversations to non-violent passive actions, we begin to take away the need for government to gear-up for action against us (using the industrial military complex for instance).

      Through boycotting, we take away the our personal energy (our money, time, attention our life) from them, making them less powerful. The more people who takes back their energy, the less of our energy they will have to deploy against us.

      Yes, I said against us. Its them vs. Us. Its their survival our ours. And their advantage is…they have access to our energy to keep them moving their agenda forward. Until we take our energy back, our survival, our very freedom from unjust rule, will always be in constant jeopardy.

      • Nobody

        I diagree on some points and agree on others but my thinking is much more tactical than just disagree/agree. To address point by point:

        Disagreement and why:
        “seeking grievances in so called “courts”, only subjugates us further and it supports the notion that they are respected and/or somewhat useful to our liberty.”

        The only purpose of governments is to secure unalienable rights. Anytime govs don’t secure our rights it is not the government. They MUST commit all elements of crimes to do anything that does not secure these rights. We can live free and then they will commit all elements of several crimes in the name of ‘law’ enforcement. If we are smart we will kniw what the elements are of those crimes and anytime they cone into our life we will be ready and be systematically building a criminal case file, obtaining evidenxe directly from their own mouths and actions on each criminal individual, knowing that we will be taking the case file to OUR grand juries to get indictments. As soon as we do that we already know another crime will be committed by the DA/State/Commonwealth/US attorney – obstruction of justice because they will attempt to block our direct unobstructed access to OUR grand jury. We can be ready for thar open a criminal case on that individual too – now we have two reasons to access Grand Jury for two different crimes by two different individuals. If we can’t access justice to bring known criminals to justice then now we absolute proof the government has been overthrown by criminals. Also we already know that every government employee in every state including all ‘judges’ and all ‘prosecutors’ is a known law violator for their breach of duty in violating Article 1 Section 10 tender laws because they are being paid in a private bank’s mathematically guaranteed to fail, forever devaluing, counterfeit currency that could also be interpreted as a capital crime under the coinage act of 1792 for debasing US tender -a death penalty offense with common law and civil law precedent as a death penalty offense across thousands of years – every judge in US is claiming to be ‘honorable’ judging guilt or innocence while at the same exact time committing a death penalty prescribed capital crime – the ultimate fail ever and an existing reason to seek grand jury indictments RIGHT NOW for everyone working in government with actual on-going injury and known breach.

        The purpose is to expect remedy but knowing that the real fact is that the ‘government’ has already been overthrown and will NOT administer justice. Also, another crime will occur in that process, misprision of a felony, the obstruction of justice will also contain all elements of misprision of a felony for the prosecutor and anyone else who assists in their obstruction – ‘court’ personnel, deputies, clerks whoever assists in the obstruction to protect the original criminal from being brought to justice. Also, bad training can not be an excuse for their crimes because it long established precedent that “ignorance of the law is not a defense”. All if this can designed to build recorded PROOF that the government has been officially overthrown by criminals who are protecting themselves. Also, their breach of tender laws means their is valid reason for keeping the ‘court’ personnel OUT of the Grand Jury deliberations meaning there is already good lawful reason that our presentment to grand jury MUST be unattended by them. None of this is about seeking subjugating ourselves or supporting the notion that they are respected and/or somewhat useful to our liberty. It is EXACTLY the OPPOSITE. It IS self-governance and a proper exercise of our sovereignty and demonstration if equal justice under the law.

        “boycotting” YES. I agree but when we have absolute proof that that the ‘government’ has already been overthrown then we have lawful reason to never pay them ans it even becomes our LAWFUL DUTY to abolish the system completely. This is when boycotting across the board is lawful, justified, and proper, throw away your ID, identify every tyrant obstructing our pursuit of happiness by blocking our access to travel freely, begin massive crowdsourced asymmetric intelligence gathering of every tyrant, where they live, where they visit, where the shop, gather train etc. – build intelligence dosiers on every aspect of their private lives and out of a decent respect for the opinions notify them of their criminal outlaw status – which in historical common law precedent means they voluntarily gave up the protections of law by not facing their accuser(s) in a court of law to defend themselves peaceably. At the point of outlaw status the honorable thing to do for a LAW ABIDING MAN is to challenge them (offer to contract man to man) to duel to the death so that divine law sorts it all out (flip of a coin on who gets to shoot first) WITHOUT open overt of concealed covert warfare.

        If they don’t accept the duel then it becomes time for an openly published declaration of war on THAT CRIMINAL OUTLAW (not government).

        “non-violent passive actions” a court of law with honorable judges and juries IS the lawful forum for peaceful, non-violent dispute resolution. If the criminal outlaws removed that from us then that is ON THEM not us.

        Can everyone see how our system of law and proper justice along with tge precedents of common law already have the answer for lawful remedy all tge way to uts end? The fact that nine if you are talking about this actual path to lawful remedy PROVES that your ignorance of law is what is broken, not politicians, criminals claiming to be ‘government’. It is YOUR LAWLESSNESS. All answers have been present within common law the whole time. Most of you still believe the Constitution and Statutes apply to the men and women that make up the people which makes absolutely NO SENSE -the position that government law applies to the people is the same as trying to say Walmart’s operating agreement authorizes Walmart to subjegate you and for its board if directors to make law that applies to people whi don’t work at Walmart, it makes no sense whatever. The specific point of your confusion is EASY to identify, you do not actually know and understand what a PERSON actually is. When you the MAN or WOMAN are on the clock of a contractually bound work capacity THEN you are a PERSON. When you leave that capacity, off the clock, you are a MAN or WOMAN. When you fully understand this then you can properly read the the Declaration of Independence, Constitutions, Statutes, Corpirate Operating Agreements, etc.

        The bar intentionally confused you by intentionally altering definitions of many many words but their biggest achievement to date by far is getting you to believe you are a PERSON at all times when that is simply not true and resultd in achieving the requirement in law to have your CONSENT when you improperly claim to be a person.

        One last point here about seeking proper lawful justice via our grand juries with detailed evidence and criminal case files is that it is not even ultimately about the jury, it is ultimately about being a witness before GOD, the “supreme judge of the world” for the explicit purpose of proving that you (we) are the rightful claimants to DIVINE PROVIDENCE.

        None of what I speak of is unlawful. This is simply the lawful path to upholding the law to its end. The tyrants’ are the ones with a bound duty to the people but unlawfully wish to hide behind fortresses and unlawful violence instead of allowing their accusers lawful access to the Grand Jury to seek remedy to their on-going injury upon us. If they have done nothing wrong then won’t have a problem with allowing us access to our Grand Juries, allowing those Grand Juries to appoint honorable special prosecutors and judges who have never broken the law to hear the facts and weigh the evidence. The fact that they block access to the grand juries is just more evidence that they are trying to get away with their crimes.

      • Nobody

        They did it again. The post was censored or moderated. They will not allow winning tactics to be discussed. Someone is making the decision for others by taking down the info.



        • Myron Goodrum

          Dear Nobody, I do not know what happened to your post but I did see it, read it and wish to propose a response.

          After much thought on what you wrote, I put forth these resources to help in your understanding of how I (and others who think similar to me) see the situation. I hope all I believe and wish to say to your lengthy reply, will be conveyed in the materials I’ve selected below:

          Book: The Most Dangerous Superstition, by Larken Rose (and his other Youtube videos)

          Videos: Who Owns You & The end of Oppression, (Part 1 – 6) by Josie Wales a.k.a. Josie Outlaw

          Book: Atlas Shrugged, by Ayn Rand (second most read book after the Bible)

          This should give you the basics on my thoughts and feelings in regards to governments/states/rulers and the people who support them. Thanks M

          • jefflorida

            i’d add “solving 9-11 the deception that changed the world” and “the war on terror the plot to rule the middle east” both by chris bollyn. this is the central crime from which the others flow, imo.

    • aj54

      Judicial Watch has brought cases, and got more info released under FOIA; consider following and/or supporting them. It’s a start.

      • Nobody

        See my other comment below. There is so much more we can do. Way more than is in my comment below but it shows why and how we are failing so badly and what we can each do to bring the situation back into a lawful state of operation. We need to tap the 300 million strong to work assymetrically within the proper application of law. We can bring remedy to the criminal tyranny by the end of the week working within the proper application of self governance and the proper applucation of law and justice. It’s not some vague concept, it is explicit steps that should be eternally, all the time, forever -its called upholding the law.

  • Number 6

    The mainstream media and much of the alternative media is nothing but lies from beginning to end, the people who control the banking system perhaps unsurprisingly also own the media and when you control those two things you control government. Practically everything you see on “The News” is completely fabricated and I don’t just mean slanted un-impartial opinion I mean completely fabricated to manufacture consent and steer society in the direction the religious group who own these two levers of power want it to go, with both sides left and right scripted to create the maximum amount of division. My wake up call albeit slightly behind my friends, who woke up on 911, was Sandy hooks Robbie parker laughing and joking with CNN ABC and the rest of them a day after he supposedly lost his daughter in the shooting.

    There are too many examples to list, so I will just give one recent example which demonstrates the levels of deception going on here. The manchester Arena, Ariana Grande concert bombing.

    Firstly people have been interviewed that have said they left the arena 10 minutes before the bomb supposedly exploded and report that there was a line of security guards blocking access to the area where the bomb supposedly exploded redirecting them to take another route 10 MINUTES BEFORE ! How did these security guards know 10 minutes before ffs ?

    Secondly If you listen to footage of when the bomb goes off, Michael Jackson – You are not alone is playing, the music cuts out a split second before the sound of the bomb and fades back in 3 seconds latter, How did the speaker know to cut out the music a split second before the bomb went off and neatly fade back in, is the speaker sentient and able to predict the future ?

    Thirdly I was watching the news live that night, and a BBC reporter said early reports said a speaker had exploded, yes because genuine people at the concert correctly deduced the sound came from the speaker. He then proceeded to take live phone calls from people supposedly at the concert. One said there had been many killed and injured then another said there were people injured in the panic, to which the BBC news reader looked surprised and replied and I quote “What ACTUAL victims” what do you suppose he meant by that ?

    This is far more serious than just omitting details and slanting opinion, these major events are fake by our government aided and abetted by private production companies and the people reading the news are clearly in on it, They might not be killing people for real, but the wars and civilian violence that follow real people do die and our media has blood on their hands, regardless of they try and justify it in their own heads !

    • jefflorida

      bust 9-11; change the world.

  • Adrian Bones

    Its all just fun and games to keep us preoccupied with trivia. The Trump Glendronach 26 yr whisky is a different matter. Definitely worth a dram !

  • r2bzjudge

    “Epic Media Failure, but they blame Trump for calling them out”

    Epic Media Fraud. The American MSM colluded with the Hillary campaign, against Trump. They are still out to get him. However, what the MSM has done, has destroyed their credibility. I don’t even watch them any more, as they are nothing more than propaganda operations. As Goebbels or Baghdad Bob wannabees, they anchor the network news shows, report their fake stories.

  • r2bzjudge

    “Why it matters”

    Because “Walter Cronkite” isn’t supposed to be lying to us. I shouldn’t have to go to other sources in order to find out the truth.

    • Col. Edward H. R. Green

      “I shouldn’t have to go to other sources in order to find out the truth.”

      What intellectual laziness ! You ought to be ashamed of yourself.

      It is your own intellectual responsibility to do your own due diligence by checking numerous sources in order to ensure yourself that you are hearing or reading the truth.

      • Jan Christian

        Just the same, Col, he shouldn’t have to go to other news sources in order to find out the truth!