Fear Won’t Drive the Failure of Globalism, But Blinding Contempt Will
By - October 21, 2016

An Establishment In Panic … Pat Buchanan: Ruling class fears the people won’t accept its political legitimacy … Pressed by moderator Chris Wallace as to whether he would accept defeat should Hillary Clinton win the election, Donald Trump replied, “I will tell you at the time. I’ll keep you in suspense.” … “That’s horrifying,” said Clinton, setting off a chain reaction on the post-debate panels with talking heads falling all over one another in purple-faced anger, outrage and disbelief.   –Patrick Buchanan

This column from Patrick Buchanan suggests that the American State will founder with Hillary’s election. It will initiate the end of the credibility of modern technocratic government.

We agree with this perspective but not for the reasons Buchanan suggests.

He believes that elites have realized that they cannot control what they have released. He believes they are panicking. Inevitably this panic will initiate further oppression.

But in fact, this is probably what the topmost banking elites hope for: endless, destructive chaos and an undermining of any ability to believe in governmental institutions.

They don’t mind the panic of underlings. That’s how globalism is ushered in, in fact.

Heck, that’s probably one of the reasons for the recent WikiLeaks leaks. One, they can create a pretext for war (hot or cold) with Russia, as Hillary and her circle are already blaming the Russians for initiating the leaks. Two, they have created a further illegitimacy around the Hillary presidency that should follow her into office.

At the very top, that illegitimacy is tolerable and even sought after.


“Disqualifying!” was the cry on Clinton cable.  “Trump Won’t Say If He Will Accept Election Results,” wailed the New York Times. “Trump Won’t Vow to Honor Results,” ran the banner in the Washington Post.

But what do these chattering classes and establishment bulletin boards think the Donald is going to do if he falls short of 270 electoral votes?

Lead a Coxey’s Army on Washington and burn it down as British Gen. Robert Ross did in August 1814, while “Little Jemmy” Madison fled on horseback out the Brookville Road?

What explains the hysteria of the establishment?  In a word, fear.  The establishment is horrified at the Donald’s defiance because, deep within its soul, it fears that the people for whom Trump speaks no longer accept its political legitimacy or moral authority.

This presentation may not give the topmost elites the credit they deserve.

After all, Hillary’s ill health was known long before she began running for president.

The hackable electronic voting machines were likely installed a decade ago with Hillary’s election in mind.

As stated above, Assange’s leaked releases may well be intended to provide a pretext for a cold war with Russia. And such a war can generate a variety of authoritarian actions by Hillary’s regime.

Thus Buchanan’s perspective is simpler than ours.

He believes that those orchestrating the disintegration of American culture (and European culture as well) are panicking.

But there is no panic at the top in our view, only (mostly anyway) overweening, withering contempt.

Central banks and hundreds of trillions of dollars are controlled, apparently, by a small group of families. Armies are controlled by the same individuals.

Countries around the world including so-called enemies of the West – Russia and China – are in league at the very top with the globalist enterprise.

There will likely be no nuclear war, or not the kind envisioned, though there will be greater theater. The globalist plan being pursued aggressively is in its modern incarnation at least 300 years old. If Buchanan were willing to extend his analysis, it would prove accurate.

After the advent of the Gutenberg Press, the elites supposedly hired Martin Luther to split the church.

But the Protestantism unleashed did not prove controllable and eventually led to the populating of the New World by religious orders that rejected the control of the elite, European system.

Several wars were fought to bring the US back into the fold. But it was only with the prosecution of the Civil War that control was reestablished.

This is happening again. There is no New World to move to, but the mechanism is similar. Elite contempt for those they are manipulating is creating a backlash that will not be controllable, anymore than it was previously.

The Internet itself has publicized the corruption and lies of the current system in ways that cannot be rectified. The more people are pushed, the more they will seek out the causes of their discomfort and impending oppression.

Just as 500 years ago, contempt will generate the very dislocations that controlling elements are trying to avoid.

Conclusion: A smooth segue into globalism is not feasible. People may not fight it directly but massive civil disobedience and alienation will surely occur, similar to what came after the Protestant manipulation. It’s already happening.


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  • Linda JJ

    Globalism has already lost. Jesus Christ is already victorious. Satan will end up cast into the lake of fire with all his angels and followers.

    • Steve

      Globalism is the outward reflection of the inner failures of humans who reject the metaphysical truths of nature. Modern Christianity traces it’s decent from the mass-murderer emperor Constantine who exterminated the Gnostics and Ebionites who would not go along with his man-made Jesus religion (council of Nicaea AD 325). Constantine mandated obedience to his re-branded Mithraic sun-worship religion that stole some of the outer forms of the extant movement based on the teaching of the man Yeshua, the great first century teacher of the Levant, whom the Greeks pronounced “Jesus”.

      Yeshua taught that each person be subject to the ultimate divine authority that exists within each individual that he referred to as “The Kingdom of God”. (Luke 17:21). To postulate that one person ought to have authority over another is to reject the metaphysical order that created nature, natural law, and described how people could live in peace instead of in constant war and misery. Any political order, any attempt to force one person to abide by “laws” formulated by other people is to create misery in this world. Humans are not qualified to make laws for other humans. We are each a self-government of one person. Our “laws” can only be made to apply to ourselves, and so to our neighbors we can make only treaties (agreements), but we may not impose “laws” on others. The only true laws are those created by nature that define our equal status before nature, and therefore our equal rights with regard to these natural laws. Those who would organize into gangs to force taxes and other aggression against others through “politics” seek to subjugate that which may not rightly be subjugated. It is not groups that are sovereign, it is individuals who are sovereign, since we are all children of the same creative source. If we honor our voluntary agreements and cooperate we shall have abundant enjoyable life. If we seek to subjugate, make demands, and take by force, we will have misery, suffering and war. Choose life that you may live!

      • Linda JJ

        Interesting but I think people have a right to make laws. If we have a right to defend our lives, which we do, we have a right to join together in community, make a law protecting property, then hiring somebody to help us enforce that. I don’t think your view of government is biblical. There is a proper role of government but when it goes beyond that it becomes evil.

        • Steve

          Nothing wrong with voluntary association but the laws that matter already exist in nature. Certainly you have a right to defend yourself and your property. Certainly you can join together in a community. You can make agreements. But where do you presume to get authority over another person to impose your will upon them if they are not violating your rights? You can hire someone to protect you. That is a voluntary exchange. You can agree to rules among people you associate with. If you want to choose someone to make some rules for you, and you want to live by it, that is of course your choice. Does your choice somehow become valid upon someone else who does not agree with you? Do you force others to pay for actions that they may actually find immoral, even criminal? Will you point a gun at them and demand they pay for your choices or use force against them, even kill them if they resist? Are they not fully justified in defending themselves if you try to prey upon them? You as a sentient being can choose to cooperate with others or prey upon them. Which of these two types of people is likely to need to make “laws” and enforce them? The laws of nature already sanction self defense, so tell me, what laws do you think you need to make? Voluntary exchanges tend toward mutual well being, involuntary transactions (theft, fraud, aggression, taxation, government forced paper money, etc.) tend toward predation and misery. Those who choose to cooperate need no man made laws, as they are fully empowered to defend what is theirs by natural law. Why do you want to interfere with that perfect state of freedom?

          What sort of rules do you think you need to make that are not already universally understood by most human cultures as appropriate individual behavior? Tell me do you think Russia has the right to make a law and then impose it upon people in another country? If not why not? Do you think one person has the right to make a law and enforce it upon another person? If not why not? If a majority thinks a law should be imposed on a minority, does that give them a right to impose it? Do you think there is some way to make something legitimate that would be illegitimate for one person to try to impose upon another?

          • Linda JJ

            Laws against murder, theft etc are important and are God’s laws, and as such are universal.

          • Steve

            Yes. Nature’s laws are the laws you are calling “God’s laws”. People can discover those laws and choose to gain the benefits of choosing one side of those laws (choosing “life”, instead of “death”). Justice does not lie in the wording of a Man made law. Such attempts are always imperfect grasping for what justice is. Justice in a particular case requires knowing the circumstances of a situation, the details, the people involved, and what their inner motivations are. When people attempt to capture justice by writing more and more laws, the less justice they actually achieve. What people call the “heart” is the proper place to look, which relates strongly with the instruction to seek the inner kingdom that Yeshua instructed others to seek, the inner truth. It is universally present inside all sentient beings. The intent of natural law is the flourishing of life, not just for mankind but for all sentient beings throughout physical reality, and indeed all other life as well. But the creative principle within each of us also gives us the freedom to choose the negative side of natural law: that which impedes life and also causes misery and suffering. Without the freedom to make those choices the most precious fruit of experience in physical realty is thwarted. A person who seeks to dominate others and impose “laws” upon them other than the natural laws already existing in nature is at war against that which is most precious within each of us. Each “self”, being a child from the same creative source must be free to exercise that inner sovereignty that is a gift inside all of us.

          • Linda JJ

            Nature’s laws.. lol.

        • Penelope Powell

          Thanks for good sense, Linda JJ. I think we need to decentralize the power and decision-making.

  • alohajim

    Great summation of what is going on imo. No political solution is possible nor is it necessary. It is impossible for the truth not to be known eventually and for such a small number of families to dominate, rule over, impoverish, and successfully enslave humanity forever.

    Boycott, opt out, embrace individualism and your community and reject being institutionalized. Once it becomes understood that our ‘leaders’, ‘authorities’ and ‘experts’ are charlatan/muppets serving the moneychangers they become powerless and redundant. Indeed, these people are truly pathetic and the system and meme’s they’ve created and push at us are comical.

    We can all be free in our minds and in the daily choices we make. The crux of their power, impoverishment through the economic strip mining of humanity’s wealth combined with enslavement through debt will be their undoing. It unravels as even the most distracted, dumbed down, divided, and dependent human asks one simple question : why do bankers have the sole ‘right’ to create currencies from nothing and charge the world ‘interest’ on it?

    From that point, the connection between the moneychangers, governments, media, academia, corporations, ‘markets’ and the alphabet soup of ‘international’ agencies and organizations becomes clear.

  • Samarami

    “…there will be greater theater…”

    And isn’t “theater” the the primary essence in the science of rulership? Keep the hoi polloi in constant hope that the “good guy” is just around the corner, about to come to the rescue.

    “Good guys (and gals)”, of course, being those selected to “win” in the bread-and-circus events called “elections”

    Giddy-up, go!

    Have fun, kiddies; but, please, abstain from beans! The real world depends upon you!


  • ICFubar

    To what extent the Apex Elites are organized remains an unknown. We have all seen the diagrams of mafia crime ‘families’, with their Dons, Captains, Consiglieres, personal enforcers and soldiers, and it would of great interest if someone could ever come up with a diagram on ‘the committee that runs the world,’ which would most likely resemble the on going and close association and planning of a number of mafia Dons. At least in the west where the top of the ruling class is inter generational. The Davos meetings and their like and the monthly meetings of the Bank of International Settlements certainly seems to point to this type of organization, but exactly who forms the inner corp of owners as major shareholders is largely unknown. The root core, of which there can be little doubt, of their operations that has given them dominance over humanity stems from their private for profit ownership over the creation of money, created as debt for all and all owed to themselves. Even the mighty corporations like Apple and Microsoft are totally reliant on a flow of credit to keep the corporate wheels running smoothly so these Apex Elites are very powerful indeed with the control mechanism over money at their fingertips. Kennith Cousens has given interesting talks on the esoterica of how these systems work in combination and have down through history which have the ring of validity to them even if not totally accurate.

    Skip the echo like intro to hear Ken’s talk beginning at the one minute thirty second mark :

    • Mstrjack

      They really aren’t unknown. They have a website.

      • ICFubar

        Yes both Pilgrim societies are another hangout, two of a myriad of groupings. What I want to know is who is first among equals and how power and control all descends from the very apex individuals of this society unto itself.

        • Mstrjack

          “Long Live The Queen”

          • ICFubar

            Yes, I have heard she is the titular head of the ‘Crown Corporation” based in the ‘City of London’ stand alone entity (one of three, the Vatican and Washington D.C.being the other two) and that all other corporations are registered through it. How much of this is true I don’t really know. I do know that the Queen as this head ‘owns’ all the crown lands in the former British Empire which includes all the lands issued an ‘in fee simple’ registered land title, like your’s and my house and the lot it sits upon, or why expropriation has any effect under law.The truly ‘owned’ land under law is issued an ‘in fee simple absolute’ title which I believe is unobtainable today but was issued in the USA up until the 1840s or so but not reissued on the sale of property to new ‘owners’ after that era.

            I have also read that the United States of America mentioned in the American Constitution is a constituter, legal term meaning one who takes on the debt obligations of another, of the original The United States of America, in Congress Assembled, the original confederation, that was a bankrupt entity in need of a constituter to assume the massive debts from the War of Independence. That debt to be considered inviolate under the 14th amendment if I’m not mistaken. A long winded way of saying who owns the second USA as the receiver of the original confederation’s debts? If any of this holds water?

        • Mstrjack

          The “Power” comes from counterfeiting money. Stealing … and being respected for it. Fancy clothes, a crown, a mansion, and a Rolls Royce. Airforce One.

          Once someone gains the “power” to “legally” steal money from everyone else then they hold the power to control society. Millitary, media, schooling, and all corporations are bought and paid for. Trillion dollar budgets buy a lot more than honest minions can afford.

          The Queen Is At The Top.

          • She is an employee.

          • No More Neos

            She’s their glamorized clerk.

        • Penelope Powell

          Control is by common goal & financial interlock. Control over the money supply, advance knowledge that permits speculation, ability to get favorable laws passed– all lead to the wealth that permits corruption of others.

          If a member of a secret society betrays secrets or turns against the plan, he’s killed. You may remember even a Rothschild who was “suicided”– Amschel Rothschild , I think his name was.

    • Penelope Powell

      Council on Foreign Relations, Bilderberg Group, Trilateral Commission, Club of Rome, G7, Bankers group that meets at Davos, BIS. The 8 immortals families in China.
      Yale’s Skull & Bones.

      If you insist on a written confession, David Rockefeller’s memoirs state clearly that he is proud of his part in the program to destroy all nationstates.

      • ICFubar

        I understand these are the elites meet, greet and dispensation sites for implementing their plans. What I would like to know is who makes the core decisions or scraps a proposal? Who is first among equals and who are the major shareholders of the corporation(s?) that exercises control over the world? Then we could draw the diagram of this centralized power and control structure with names attached to the positions they hold. D.Rockefeller and family may be one of the top figures. Another name bandied about is the Rothschild family, we could name others and old blood lines but without proof of their holdings and the positions they hold we are left with our educated guess. Do we know if there are/is someone or a group beyond who we may think is the top echelon? We have all seen the graph of the inter connectivity of the world’s top corporations but which individuals sitting on these boards of directors or calling the shots with these directors are the Apex Elites?

        • Penelope Powell

          The following about Swiss Study is from memory & may not be accurate:

          There is a Swiss Study of the large transnational corporations (TNCs). It found a core group within the large listing of only 147 TNCs which control 40% of global wealth. They have interlocking directorships/ownership.

          I would recommend that before tackling this study that you get an overview of it by searching for Swiss Study Corporations. You’ll find many articles that summarize it. Better yet, go to & use same search term there. They are an excellent research tool on almost any topic.

          The top echelon within US, UK, EU, G7 is the Bankers and other financial entities like insurance. In China it’s the 8 Immortals (See Corbett Report “China and the NWO”, “China Key to the NWO”, other videos & transcripts on Corbett Report). Bank of International Settlements (BIS) is probably most powerful group in the world. Names are not public. Bankers meet at Davos, too; also important.

          China & Russia are presented as Resistors to the NWO. This is untrue, theatre to fool you. Briefest proof of collusion between Russia and the West: They cooperated on two hoaxes. Russian plane crash in Sinai, and the MH17 crash in Donbass which was pretext for sanctions to halt Russian development thru blockading investment/trade. It is impossible for heavy airplane parts to fall from the sky w/o denting sand of the Sinai or soft farmland of the Donbass.

          Real plane crashes leave deep gouges/gullies and impact craters. what the impact craters of real plane crashes look like.

          • ICFubar

            I read that study soon after it first appeared. It does reveal the inter connections, control and power exercised by a small core group of corporations,largely bank holding companies, being about 40% of all trade and gathering 60% of all revenues. However, corporations exist on paper. What I would like to know is who are the majority preferred share stock owners and how much do they own or control of these apex corporations? Who are those persons and what is the extent of their connections and of their power? Are they the reported 62 unnamed people who own as much wealth as the bottom half of all of humanity? If this information could be complied then a diagram could be made of who exactly runs this world and the structure of their power and control would be visible for all to see at a glance. Another large sector for exercising control outside the corporate lies within Trusts and Endowment Foundations as a means of the silent exercise of power and control by the beneficiaries (owners) of these entities. What I want to know and be able to see in black and white is of course one of the most closely guarded secrets on this planet today, tomorrow and in the past.

  • Sebastian Puettmann

    Dear DailyBell.
    Do you have sources for your statement, that “the elites supposedly hired Martin Luther to split the church”?
    And how would that narrativ fit into the elite’s drive for political centralization? Wouldn’t they rather have dealt with one christian church instead of two or more?

  • Doski

    Remember this . . . “the tighter you Squeeze your fist the more slips between your fingers”?
    The Elites Don’t.

  • James Clander

    “As stated above, Assange’s leaked releases may well be intended to provide a pretext for a cold war with Russia. And such a war can generate a variety of authoritarian actions by Hillary’s regime.”

    Interesting how Assange’s leaks seem to fit in with recent articles from DB.
    Personally I think it’s totally UNINTENDED & total BS to pretend otherwise. Anyone with eyes can see that the Guy is obviously unwell – 4 long years ! No sunlight , cramped living quarters & limited everything. It is twisted logic indeed to suggest that the type of information he released was in anyway helpful to the PTB. The events themselves – The killings & the Videos were never headlines by MSM NOR were they ever explored to prove true or false.

    Your Country & mine & most of Europe have been taken over by a powerful elite who decide what gets published. The current so called election in the US of A says it all.
    To be continually insinuating that Assange is in some way a double agent is more than annoying – it raises questions as to DBs intent ?

    • We’ve questioned the narratives of Assange and Snowden from the very beginning. It’s nothing new. Maybe we’re wrong. Time will tell.

  • TimeToWakeUPAmerica


    For anyone who cares to dig a little deeper to find out what a “vote” for SHillary is really a “vote” for, go here:

    THE FINAL DESTRUCTION OF AMERICA: JFK’S 1961 Prophecy EXPOSES Obama, SHillary, the Pope & the NWO/JWO

    (IF you haven’t already done so: Read all the comments. Click on all the links. Read/view/listen to ALL content).

    Check out this SGT Report headline: “Wikileaks: Soros-Linked Voting
    Machines Now Used in 16 [U.S.] States Rigged 2004 Venezuela Elections”:

    What more do you need to know? SHillary and her “team” will do ANYTHING
    they can to get her (their YES-PERSON) into the White House. Question
    is: What are AMERICANS prepared to do, to insure that doesn’t happen?

  • Cynthia McKinney PhD

    I agree with Daily Bell. Until we the people stop them, they will continue to treat us with contempt because we allow them to continue to get away with the unthinkable! Kinda like the spouse who is a serial cheater because the other spouse is either too oblivious or too scared to call the cheater on the cheating! People should take names of all those who endorse Hillary and dare anyone in their circle to support them in the future: companies, politicians, professional sports owners, the whole kit and kaboodle now openly arrayed against the interests of the people.

    • NJguy – Proudly Deplorable

      Cynthia, You are correct. And the ultimate power that we gave these globalists is the power to create “money” out of thin air.

      How foolish we are. If you give private parties this power what did we think would happen? They’ll end up buying everything and everyone with their fake money.

      The globalists must be laughing their heads of at us. We work and struggle to save and all they need to do is push the “print” button for themselves. No wonder the head bankers/globalists are billionaires.