Hey, Mr. Trump: Confronting Homegrown US Problems Is First Step to Making America Great Again
By Daily Bell Staff - June 16, 2016

Hillary Clinton Plays Trump Perfectly As GOP Nominee Flip Flops On Terror Watch List Gun Ban … Hillary Clinton is perfectly pulling Trump’s strings as presumptive GOP nominee announced that he is flip-flopping and now supporting a bill that would prohibit people on the terror watch list from legally buying guns.  – Politico

According to this Politico article, Donald Trump has decided to support a bill that prohibits individuals on the terror watch list from buying guns.

Politico suggests that Trump has “flip-flopped” because Hillary is already supporting the bill, which  70 percent of the public also apparently endorse.


I will be meeting with the NRA, who has endorsed me, about not allowing people on the terrorist watch list, or the no fly list, to buy guns.

Politico suggests that the NRA will not support Trump’s new position and suggests that Trump has “confirm[ed] that he was lying to the NRA. Trump is not pro-gun. Trump is pro-Donald Trump.”

Not so fast. Trump may have shifted his position, but critics believe that his new position is a “fake” one.

From the Huffington Post:

Anyone on a terror watchlist who tries to buy a gun should be thoroughly investigated by the FBI and the sale delayed while the investigation is ongoing….

That has been the position of Sen. John Cornyn (R-TX) and a majority of the U.S. Senate.

… Well, not really. The NRA-approved Cornyn amendment allows for just a 72-hour delay for investigation, and then the gun sale can go through even if the investigation isn’t done.

So Trump is shifting his position but in a strategic way.

The article tells us that Cornyn’s amendment has already failed, and that he guaranteed it would fail by demanding a restriction on federal funding to “sanctuary cities, or those who don’t comply with federal immigration law.”

The bill will include the same clause this time round. Thus, Trump is a willing supporter because it will fail again. The NRA apparently supports it as well and for the same reasons.

This all clever maneuvering, but  we’ve posted several articles now suggesting that Trump might actually be better off if he were forthright about the issues instead of positioning himself for political purposes.

Taking a position that people on an unconstitutional “terror watch” are guilty without a trial is probably unconstitutional itself.

In any event, the unconstitutional nature of the terror watch list, no fly list and other Homeland Security lists provide evidence that the fears of founders such as Thomas Jefferson have been realized.

Western governments have soured. More and more they are adversaries of their citizens rather than protectors.

Full honesty would involve explaining that the “war on terror” itself is a creation of Western intelligence agencies. Without an “enemy” to confront, the West’s military industrial complex begins to run on empty.

And there are plenty of reports in the alternative ‘Net media on how the FBI and other fedgov agencies seem in some sense to be enhancing or even arranging some of the “terror” attacks that have occurred.

Instead of exposing this government collusion, Trump uses political strategies to insulate himself from the New Fascism.

Our argument is that he would pick up even more supporters and create even more excitement if he would denounce these terror manipulations. So much political calculation makes him look more like an insider than an outsider.

From the beginning, we’ve had mixed feelings about his candidacy. We hope for the best: That he is a populist version of libertarian presidential candidate Ron Paul who actually has the skills and toughness to win.

But as he continually stakes out positions that support the very elite dominant social themes that are destroying the US and the West, we are beginning to become less confident.

Conclusion: It is not enough to avoid issues or skirt around them. Recognizing America’s real problems and their essentially homegrown nature is surely the first step to Making America Great Again.

You don’t have to play by the rules of the corrupt politicians, manipulative media, and brainwashed peers.

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  • William M Butler, MSG USA ret

    You misinformed, liars, fail to mention that Trump has been in agreement with the NRA, after meeting with them today, and most of the NRA members are not opposed to this step. You are not reporting the news, you are only trying to promote your antigun agenda. Please report what is real and newsworthy and stop being such an obvious tool of one sided journalism. Thank you, Bill Butler

    • The NRA was founded by Northern soldiers after the Civil War and at least in its later years has always been willing to cooperate in some sense with the Federal government. It’s really not a very good group when it comes to slowing the steady march toward confiscation. Here’s one of a number of articles we’ve written on the subject:

      (The Fearful Progressivism of Gun Control)

      • deplorableirredeemable45

        Face it if they ever come for our guns then it will be us who stop them. It will not be the NRA or anything else. That’s the day the rubber will hit the road. It will be the day that every one puts up or shuts up. I am getting old, 71 now, and I probably will not be around to witness this. But if I were I would put up not shut up. In other words I would be ready to die for what I believe in.

        • Bill G.

          JBlack50, I am also 71 years old, but unlike you I feel that the power’s to be (illuminati will be moving very fast if that lying WITCH Killery gets to be President. Forget e-mails, Benghazi, think about all the people that were friends of Bill and Hillary That are now dead. You can do your homework, go on U-tube and see for yourself what happened to a childhood friend of Bill’s that worked at Rose Law Firm with Hillary. Vince Foster was asked by the Clinton’s to come to Washington and work for Bill. Why did the Clinton’s kill Vince Foster? Check it out for yourself!!

    • Linda JJ

      Wow easy Mr. Butler. I don’t think it’s wise to be so enamored with a politician. Trump may be OK but he’s still a man.

      • sunshineinjuly

        And what are the other fools who are running? Robots, from Mars? Are they not mere men as well just as Jefferson and Washington were? Trump is the only one with a pair who says what honest people are thinking and feeling. With an IQ of 165 I trust his brain more than the jokers running against him on both sides of the political spectrum.

        • Linda JJ

          I agree with you. I just think we need to keep some perspective here and not allow ourselves to get polarized and hateful.

          “It is better to trust in the Lord than to put confidence in man.”

          Psalm 118:8

          • sunshineinjuly

            Agree with you on your point as well. However, having said that, fact remains that countries need leaders who can lead and protect their own people. Trump is the ONLY one qualified at this point. Cruz was all for the TPP and recently came out saying homeschooling should NOT be allowed.

            Those two items put him in a treacherous traitor category.
            The TPP would have meant the loss of our sovereignty, so thank God Cruz is out of the picture. Oh, did I mention Ted married his own cousin which is just a step away from moes intermarrying or doing incest for the last 1,400 years? And we wonder why they are nuts!!

            I will take a man whose wife posed for cheesecake photos any day over a guy’s wife who had a major role in the 2008 financial fiasco….Goldman Sux saw Cruz’s wife role in it.

    • deplorableirredeemable45

      I am going to vote Trump no matter what because I truly believe he is the only chance we have. I have no problem when it comes to keeping some one on the terrorist list or the no fly list from buying a gun and I am a gun nut. Problem is there are a lot of names on those list which are not terrorist. In other words the list are flawed. The list need to be corrected. Our government is awful when it comes to getting something right. What a mess we do have.

  • Linda JJ

    Very good analysis thank DB. I don’t trust Trump either. The good thing about all the lies in the media is that everywhere you turn people are waking up. Even super “mainstream” people at my church have finally realized that everything on the TV is BS propaganda.

    • Yes, we hope for the best with Mr. Trump. We agree about the media.

    • deplorableirredeemable45

      Tell me this. Do you trust Hillary? The last time I checked we only have two choices. Sure we can talk third party or what ever but we all know that dog will not hunt at least not now. So we can play the third party card or we can sit at home both of which will play right into Hillary” hands. If elected she will have a stab at appointing 3-4 Supreme court justices. When that happens we can for ever more kiss this country good by. I will vote Trump and pray.

      • Linda JJ

        I agree with you. If I vote it will be for Trump.

  • Bruce C.

    Trump is in a challenging position. He needs to gain voters, not just retain the ones he has. What do all those other potential voters want to see or hear? Fortunately, relatively few pay attention to most issues. Most decide based only only a few or even just one. So what are they?

    Some want to see him be more “Presidential” – but what does that mean? He has to grope around to find out.

    Some want to see that he understands how to work with Congress and “be effective”, so he demonstrates his knowledge of how real-world politics and legislation works. Would you prefer that he not play that “game” and thus risk some concluding that he’ll be an ignorant, bombastic “lame duck” from day one?

    Some want him to build up the reputation of the US publicly, not tear it down by exposing every hypocrisy and corruption.

    Some want him to protect them, and some want him to allow them to protect themselves.

    I could go on….

    But focusing on the DB’s desire that he denounce “terror manipulations” by the enemies within (FBI, et al) I personally think THAT would be his undoing at this point. We’ve already seen that people are barely able to grasp or care about the selective enforcement of the law regarding Hillary. We already know that most don’t think Obama is a subversive. (We shall soon see how the public reacts to the recently exposed “CVE” FBI directive to NOT monitor Muslims.) So how in the world is accusing the FBI and other agencies of purposely enabling, “enhancing, or even arranging some of the ‘terror’ attacks that have occurred’, especially that even the DB can’t prove, going to push him over the finish line?

    Given how distorted everything is – AND HOW MANY VOTERS ARE COMPLETELY DELUDED AND NARCISSISTIC – do you really think that threatening to change or take away even more comfort blankets is going to get him elected?

    Look at it this way, pretty intelligent and stable DB readers are struggling with the “truths” about big science, big pharma, NASA, nuclear weapons, central banking, etc. I say that most POTENTIAL Trump voters will react just as sheepishly to claims of governmental corruptions and manipulations as some of us have to those bigger cultural issues. The election is only 5 months away and that’s not much time to adjust. The ones who already get it or could handle it are already on board.

    That said, I hope he does get more specific and explicit and comprehensive, and I hope you’re right that (enough) people respond positively. Most important of all, of course, is that he’s actually able to improve things once he’s President.

  • Rock

    Thank you for all your points of view which I generally enjoy. Just the same, I’ve come to believe that “elections” are decided well in advance, our “voting” is a complete exercise in futility, and the interim is just a circus to keep all slaves in line as easy for “them” as possible. What happened to John & Robert Kennedy, Ross Perot, Ron Paul? Bradley Manning (think that is “miss” Manning these days)? Seems the “real deal” is always shut down one way or another.
    Trump is more likely than not an insider, playing along with the circus. John Cornyn from my state damn sure is!
    Wish it wasn’t so but I haven’t seen politics & legislation by all parties get anything but uglier over the past 40 years. Moving ever closer to 1984.
    Then, from my days in showbiz, there is a common saying in the underground: Any publicity is good publicity. Hope you consider that DB with all the Hillary, et al, coverage.
    I appreciate that you do look elsewhere. How about exploring no government at all – since it has been a historic failure anyway.

  • Jim Johnson

    My bet is he is signalling his flexibility to those in DC he will have to work with. We vastly underestimate the Job to be done with very intelligent bstrds intent on their own agenda prevailing. I think he is telling them something.