Hillary May Act Like a Dictator if Elected, But That Is Not the Worst Problem
By Daily Bell Staff - August 01, 2016

WND Exclusive Secret: Service Agent Warns of ‘Dictator’ Hillary: ‘There are rules for the Clintons, and there are rules for everybody else’ … Gary Byrne worked in the White House during the Clinton administration, but he wasn’t among the speakers invited to give testimony at the Democratic National Convention last week of Hillary Clinton’s character and deeds.  Had he been given the opportunity, his summary of Clinton would have been: “She’s a dictator.”  -WorldNetDaily

Hillary Clinton will likely act like a dictator if elected. But that is not the worst problem.

She has a special selection of character traits that will profoundly deepen whatever polarization accompanies her rise to power – which will surely be substantial.

Many are saying Donald Trump will win the election. But with overwhelming mainstream media support and with easily hacked Diebold machines installed in strategic regions of the US, Hillary has significant advantages The Donald does not.

Polls are being cooked too, as we have previously reported HERE. The recent narrative of Clinton’s “fall” in polling numbers may be part of a larger strategic tale that will  soon be eclipsed by her rising numbers as she somehow “regains the trust” of the general electorate.

US elections, especially on the federal level, are elaborate staged productions. The players in many cases are hand-picked by a larger, shadowy elite running things in the background.

We’ve written articles about the Clintons’ apparent sociopathy HERE and HERE. This WorldNetDaily article on a book about Hillary by Gary Byrne further confirms our perspective.

Byrne who worked in the White House apparently had many close encounter with the Clintons. He wrote the book secretly, he says, because Hillary Clinton frightens him.

She was regularly abusive to the people serving the office. She was also physically and verbally abusive to Bill Clinton.

This is not earth-shaking of course. However, the negative characteristics of Hillary Clinton could be much magnified by the power of the presidency.


“The reason I am talking out of school,” he told WND, “is because I want the people to know what the truth is about Mrs. Clinton.”

Byrne claims Hillary Clinton displayed a “Jekyll and Hyde” personality, and was verbally and physically abusive to security officers as well as to Bill Clinton, even giving the president a black eye.

“Her ‘brand’ was her only concern. She was a faux leader, all bark, no bite, but in a very real power position as first lady,” he writes in his book.

Some of Bill Clinton’s activities can be explained by his chosen career in Arkansas politics and the company he kept as a result.

The Dixie Mafia reportedly drives politics in the South generally. As governor, Clinton was of necessity connected to it. This may explain the tumult surrounding him, including murders, though not his reported compulsion for rape HERE.

Hillary seems even more ruthless and uncaring if that is possible. Her recorded statement, “We came, we saw, he died” describing Muammar Gaddafi’s tortuous death followed by a cackling laugh, has echoed across the Internet. HERE are some additional, reported quotes.

We researched a wider range of observations about sociopathy. It turns out that sociopaths may not just have a compulsion to flout laws and “normal” civil behavior. They may also be driven to do so in a way that illustrates the brazenness of their behavior.

In other words, they don’t just want to be destructive and hurtful, they want to  do so in a way that broadcasts their crimes and the lack of retribution.

This compulsion is perhaps most recently illustrated by Hillary’s use of a private server that intermingled her personal and professional correspondence.

What is noteworthy is that having committed such an obvious crime, she chose to run for the highest-profile job in the world. She must have known her use of the server would become  an issue. But either didn’t care or welcomed the opportunity to further illustrate her imperviousness to prosecution.

US rulership is basically a large club driven by suspicion, fear, evil-doing and self-interest. The Clintons are not alone in the way they conduct themselves.

However, they are unique in their political partnership.

Their success is a result of their joint ambition and cunning. Bill Clinton led the way with his personable campaign style and “good ole boy” persona.

Hillary was not nearly so comfortable being a public figure. Staying in the background and operating though secrecy, she seems in many ways the couple’s strategic architect. The combination of the two personalities have contributed to the Clintons’ initial and continued success.

Nobody who opposes the Clintons’ technocratic and deeply authoritarian vision for America should have any illusions of what is to come if Hillary is elected to office.

She will  cloak her actions in only perfunctory legal legitimacy. Really, she will not want to conceal her activities. She is not just driven to rule but to make it clear to the world that she is impervious to the ramifications of even the most exploitative and evil behavior.

It is this second compulsion that in our view makes Hillary so dangerous. She won’t merely act in a dictatorial fashion, she will do so in a way that purposefully aggravates the already deep fractures of American society and the polarizations of the electorate.

Conclusion: It is probably a preordained conclusion that her reign will considerable deepen civil chaos – maybe to the point of creating viable secession movements – even as she expands the US’s endless, bloody foreign wars. Martial law applied at least intermittently (as is now occurring in France) is possible as well. Hillary’s political propaganda emphasizes “togetherness,” but she is a profound and implacable divider.

You don’t have to play by the rules of the corrupt politicians, manipulative media, and brainwashed peers.

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  • Bruce C.

    Unfortunately I completely agree with the DB’s analysis of Hillary Clinton.

    It’s beyond frustrating to me that some don’t see what seems so obvious about her. I felt and thought the same thing about Obama but I also recognized that one had to have some wisdom and insight to understand what he was about. The msm didn’t vet him at all. Not so with Clinton. She has so much known and obvious baggage and a track record of lies, deceit, hypocrisy, “incompetence”, corruption, “the Clinton Foundation”, etc. that it should be more obvious to most. Maybe it is. I think it is. I know of plenty of people who have switched from Hillary or Bernie to Trump, but none who have switched to Clinton.

    The worst thing is if she is able to fool enough people and get elected I think she will be like “the Alien”after popping out of a human chest cavity. She’ll grow bigger and nastier and practically as powerful as one can be in no time, and there will be no stopping her or repairing her damage. I know every election is considered “important” but I think this one really is critical. It may already be too late, but if Hillary gets power it definitely will be impossible to change things civilly.

    Fortunately, I think enough people realize that Clinton is so unacceptable and suicidal that they will vote for Trump no matter how bad he might seem. People “know” what Hillary is about, but Trump is a wild card. When it comes to November I expect many people to vote for Trump out of desperation and the fear of Hillary.

    Remember how this campaign started and what it’s about. Most people don’t want another Washington “insider” and that’s something Hillary just can’t hide. Viewed from that perspective Trump should get the most support, and if that support is palpable it will be very hard to steal the election electronically. Paper ballots may be demanded (again).

    • Andrew

      Why Is Every one putting so much fear and hate out? This is not God’s way! You didn’t say one word when the election was rigged and Bush beat Al Gore! Stop believing lies that people make up and pray and think for yourselves. God will choose and he will be in control of whoever is president.

  • Webforager

    I guess it depends on what the dominant interests want. Do they want to break up the US? Or do they want to keep it whole and limit the destruction to the global architecture? Trumps RNC rhetoric suggests he’s willing to go along with the game which makes any suggestion regarding a Hillary presidency somewhat dubious, no offense meant. But I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

  • Darkwing

    Remember when Bush said that this country could use a dictator, as long as I am that dictator.

  • anonymous4u4me

    So true most believe elections are rigged and most politicians are crooks, but yet they fight to stop anything that would help stop voter fraud, and they line up to vote for one of the two they are given by the masters.

  • Rothbard

    Trump v. Hillary – a WWE battle for the easily entertained masses.

    • Praetor

      With Trump, you will have a little more time to prepare. With Hillary times up!!!

  • Praetor

    Time to demand paper ballots. Bring back paper ballots and the little old ladies that counted them, meticulously. Corruption reigns supreme in U.S. elections.

    I vote in local elections, with issue that effect my standing, but have not voted for prez since 1980.

    Of course, a person like Hillary would hate a SS guard, they see all and hear all. Her evil personality is the very thing she wants no one to see. Stopping the sicko Clintons makes voting and voting loudly an imperative and should be made the battle of all time!!!

  • Dalton

    Shared. Thanks for the insight.

  • DebL.

    If the criminal psychopathic elites had any brains (we know they have no soul and no conscience), they wouldn’t choose Hilary. And not only does the Secret Service hate her. So does the military (unless, of course, she is paying them off–but does she have enough money to pay all the mercs she’s gonna need?). Now we know she hangs out with fellow psycho Lynn Forrester de Rothschild. But does Hilary have the clout to actually piss off the supposed wife of Evelyn, who controls how many banks? Thus, if she does become prez (and she will unless something like 90 percent of Americans vote Trump–you can only rig the Deibold Machines so much you know), my guess is she will be assassinated fairly quickly. Folks, the secret service and the military simply will not put with her! (BTW, I am not suggesting everyone votes for Trump, but unless you are an illegal alien or BLM/Muslim Brotherhood/Nation of Islam/LaRaza/Aztlan leftist thug, or just flat out hate men, there is no reason to vote for Hilary.

  • The story behind the rise of the Clintons to power is best described in a book by Victor Thorn titled HILLARY (AND BILL) THE DRUGS VOLUME with over 1000 references. You will be surprised to learn the connection between Clinton and H. W. Bush and the CIA.

  • NoMeansNo

    Gary better watch his back. They got long time Clinton critic and author Victor Thorn today. And on his birthday, too, they whacked him. Gunshot. And of course, these murderers made the family say (under threat of death themselves) ‘we don’t suspect foul play.’ It is labelled ‘suicide’, of course. It always is, isn’t it. So, Gary better have eyes in the back of his head, even though, that isn’t even enough to keep them from getting to him.

  • Sam Fox

    Ahh shucks. You guys said it all already. Yeah, I agree! BACK TO PAPER BALLOTS that can be verifiably hand counted!
    Don’t bother me one whit if it takes a week longer. It wouldn’t, but you know what I mean.
    Devvy Kidd at been on getting PBs for years.

  • John Paterson

    It’s far worse than anybody can imagine

  • No one special

    Neither she nor Trump could have gotten this far without the “shadow elite’s” approval; their choice will be who sits in the Oval ultimately, and I’m guessing Hillary is more suitable to them; also, the personalities portrayed on “Scandal” are surely based on people like Hillary.

  • SnakePlissken

    Once Hillary is anointed, she will make herself the Chancellor of North America and invade Canada and Mexico to expand her domain. That’ll show Bill who’s really boss.