Hillary Plans Steps Toward North American Union If Elected
By Daily Bell Staff - August 15, 2016

Hillary Promises a New Government Agency to Open Up Our Borders … Hillary’s open borders policy will reach fruition if she becomes president. In fact, she said … she is going to open up a new government agency to help illegal aliens and get them on a path to citizenship. She has already said that in her first 100 days, she will go much further than Barack Obama. – Independent Sentinel

Months ago, we predicted that the North American Union would return as a political issue in this presidential race. Hillary intends to move in this direction if elected.

Once president, she will reportedly take emphatic steps to do to the US what has been done in Europe: Combine countries in a larger, streamlined “partnership.” In this case the countries are Canada, Mexico and the US.

We explained long ago, that a signal to bring back this disastrous idea was Trump’s popular and determined intention to oppose easy migration from Mexico to the US. George Soros responded with funding for an amorphous Latin-American movement aimed at greater integration.

Top Mexican officials seized the opportunity to re-position Mexico in ways to support additional coalescing. You can see our latest article on the topic HERE: “As Predicted, North American Union Returns Under Guise of ‘Greater Integration.”

This surely constitutes a victory for directed history. The “union” has re-emerged as a seemingly natural evolution of political discussion. And as we’ve explained numerous times, we’re not sure that Trump has any direct culpability. He may simply be stating and restating deeply held beliefs – as he should.

But his stance surely irritated the issue.  Once killed by popular resistance, it is now front and center though the media has not yet fully focused on it. That will come in time, certainly if Hillary is elected.

More from the Sentinel:

Clinton’s campaign website states that, as President, she will “defend President Obama’s executive actions to provide deportation relief for DREAMers and parents of Americans and lawful residents.”

Meaning, Clinton will allow millions of illegal immigrants to remain in the United States, receive work permits to legally fill American jobs, and get access to federal benefits paid for by U.S. taxpayers.

In addition, Clinton’s website says she will “extend those actions to additional persons with sympathetic cases if Congress refuses to act.”

Clinton will work on the immigration issue as a top priority and reportedly will try to create an Office of Immigrant Affairs for the White House to support her expanded initiatives.

The article quotes her as saying, “I am hoping that the outcome of the election, which I am working hard to ensure a victory, will send a clear message to our Republican friends that it’s time for them to quit standing in the way of immigration reform,”

Her campaign is also trying to register three million more voters to ensure greater support for her platform and a win in November.

At the same time as Hillary’s intentions to promote greater integration are becoming evident, News With Views posted a far more a more comprehensive report on where her regime might head.

The article HERE is entitled “Get Ready for FEMA Regions For the North American Union” and contends that the ultimate plan is to “do with away with the 50 states and create FEMA regions.”

The report quotes Parag Khanna, a contributor for the NYTimes, who believes the US would “thrive more if the government did away with the states and created regions.” You can see his article HERE.

Here, from News With Views:

… The entire plan for seven states bases itself on the fact that some states are failing while others have already bounced back after the 2008 financial crisis.  However, exposing the real motives behind the crisis shows that this agenda for seven states is all a part of a larger scheme to further dwindle the individual rights of Americans, and to do away with borders and boundaries …

The article points out that a FEMA-like organization of states into seven regions also emerges under martial law. And this in turn corresponds to certain elements of the “United Nations agenda for 2030.”

 The infrastructure for a merged state is reportedly proceeding via several cross-country highways being expanded between Canada and the US that may connect Mexico as well. An initial  highway beginning in Mexico was blocked, but other construction has continued, see HERE.

Conclusion: It is perfectly likely that under Hillary the concept of a North American Union, long denied and even mocked as “conspiracy theory,” will continue to take shape and that some aspects could even become a concrete reality.

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  • SnakePlissken

    What the frak was that advertisement to download a phone app with gibberish text?

    • Don’t know.

      • sadstateofaffairs

        Me Too. “World Travel Guide” Looks like a demonstration that whoever put up that that ad, owns DB’s server/DNS/Advertising network. DB should contact their network admin. The text shows dummy text,
        Maybe You have become a big enough irritation to the PTB to track all of us!!

    • notwithabang

      Served to me as well. (I thought perhaps because there’s no ad- or script-blocking on this particular PC).

      • It was an internal matter. Sorry it took so long to fix. It’s gone now.

  • Praetor

    The NWO collectivists are a living example of the uncertainty principle. The consequences of their actions are unmeasurable and the effects unknown.

    What makes them think the human particles won’t bounce back and bounce back hard.

    I guess they think martial law gives them the ability to quantify the outcome in their favor. They should recalculate, because the parts and particles of ‘we the people’ are feed-up with the NWO collectivists game of risk.

    Natural Law and Human Action is their nemesis!!!!

    • former expat

      Kenneth, what is the frequency?

      • Nalejbank

        I didn’t read where he mentioned vibratory cycles.

    • Nalejbank

      Blowback can be very corrective!

  • SnakePlissken

    Hillary is going to invade Mexico and Canada and then anoint herself Empress of North America.

    • former expat

      Didn’t she already do that last week? I was sure the coronation was tomorrow.

  • TheloniusM

    So the Bilderbergers will win.
    Just as prophessied

  • Rastindian/FatShiva

    The integration of these three countries(NAFTA that is,) might just decide the fate of the world for the next 50 years, personally speaking.

  • Johnny Canuck

    If Hitlery gets in, Canada may end up with a greater influx of intelligent Americans fleeing the Madness. If Mr. Trump gets in, Canada will see a rise in critters from the airhead set moving here. Talk about a dilemna!!!

  • Sven

    Some time ago I wrote about this exactly. How did I know? Canada sold the last of their gold.

  • Glenn Richard Williams

    Maybe we should start forming the militia now. Might consider a second home maybe in Belize.

  • Marshabar

    There is only one issue at stake in this election. The rest of the issues, including the Supreme Court, all fold underneath the continuation or end of the national sovereignty of the United States of America.

    The only candidate who came right out of the box talking about preserving national sovereignty is Donald J. Trump.

    National sovereignty is the existence of a nation standing alone controlled by its own governing bodies and not by laws outside itself. In the European Union, nations are governed by unelected technocrats. The elected governments have become puppets to the new world order. This nation, even without joining the North American Union, is largely given over to outside control already thanks to RINOs and Democrats.

    Go Trump! Vote Trump if you want the USA to be great again, sovereign, strong, prosperous, a place where happiness can be pursued in peace.

    • former expat

      Actually, last I looked, America was great, sovereign, reasonably prosperous by comparison with other industrial democracies, and a place where you can pursue happiness if you have it in you.

      So, no thanks, we need no Trumps. We’ll go with the candidate who isn’t a mad dog.

      • Nalejbank

        And just whom might you be suggesting?

        • former expat

          Well, to be fair, Johnson and Stein aren’t mad dogs either. But I was talking about Clinton, our next president.

          • Marshabar

            How’s your Clinton doing? Is the vast right wing conspiracy getting her down?

          • former expat

            Looks like she’ll beat ’em back, at least for awhile.

  • Sam Fox

    The highway that was most in the news a while back is the Texas Super Highway/ Trans Texas Corridor. Lotta videos were on YouTube back then that are probably still viewable. Citizens in Texas were not very happy.
    Note that Heidi Cruz was in the CFR. She quit there just before Lyin Ted started his prez run. During her 5 years at CFR, Heidi helped draft a blueprint for the NAU. The stuff Lyin Ted says he wants to see in the Constitution all call for a CON CON. Anyone know that Condi Rice was one of Mrs. Cruz’s sponsors to the CFR?
    That’s where the Dem plan to get as many illegals into the USA comes into play. The D’s want to build an insurmountable voting block & add thousands of illegals to the voting rolls. If we let them do that, they can elect any one they want to Congress & state govts. THEN they will be able to have Congress call for a Constitutional Convention & LEGALLY change the US Constitution & sell us out to the NWO’s NAU.
    A Trump win is a LOT more critical than most people realize. DJT is a threat not only to the NWO establishment that has snuck into the US via the CFR, ‘Federal’ Reserve, Bilderbergers, Trilateral Commission & the ‘progressive’ party to name a few of the NWO attack the USA to take US down groups. He is a threat to the NWO who got these groups into this country.
    By the way, HATS OFF to Lou Dobbs. Some years back when LD was at CNN he & another reporter advised the US that a NAU was in the works. Once that news got out, people rallied & the NAU plans were put on hold.
    Lou Dobbs & maybe Judge Jeanine are about all that is left at Fox ‘News’ that are worth a dang. I say ‘maybe’ for Judge Jeanine because she acts like the polls are accurate & that Trump is struggling. She should know better than that. Lou on the other hand takes the poll BS in stride & smiles.

    • Thanks. We’ve been bringing up the NAU for just the reasons you mentioned. We were a lonely voice a few months back, but people are starting to realize it is THE issue of this election. In other words, the dissolution of the US is feasible depending on the next president.

  • former expat

    This article is apparently sponsored by Reynolds Aluminum for the sole purpose of increasing sales.

    • Tim Acosta

      You are a fucking moron…