How to Build Your Own Society Starts Here
By Joe Jarvis - August 12, 2017

Dale Brown realized decades ago that if he wanted to help secure the most dangerous neighborhoods in Detroit, he had to appeal to building owners’ wallets, not their humanity. They can make more money when people don’t get murdered in their neighborhoods. Dale’s company makes money training people to de-escalate situations for non-violent outcomes.

Joe Quirk of the Seasteading Institute had a major announcement. The Seastead he is helping build in French Polynesia is on solid legal ground, according to a third party French law firm. Once the legislature approves the plan, it could include 100 acres of beachfront property administered under the same special laws as the floating island.

Michael Castle Miller is excited about progress in Jordan in helping refugees. It is not about confining them to camps or giving them handouts. The way to help is by giving them the freedom to work and organize their lives. Refugee Cities finds solutions for hundreds of thousands of people displaced by war and poverty in their home countries.

These are a few of the people who spoke yesterday at the San Francisco Startup Societies Summit. The Startup Societies partnered with D10e to deliver a conference connecting the foremost thinkers and doers creating the governing structures of the future.

Governing can be done better. We need experimentation to see what works and what doesn’t. That is what connects everyone in this room.

Click here to watch the live feed of today’s speakers!

D10e is about unity through decentralization. We don’t need to be a forced into a group in order to work together. They host conferences around the world bringing together the movers of the blockchain and cryptocurrency worlds.

My head was spinning by yesterday evening from all the high-quality information coming at me. Check out the live feed to see what speakers have to say about emerging technology that will disrupt the government.

Over the next week, The Daily Bell will be going in depth to highlight some of the most promising projects building a peaceful and prosperous future.

Note: This article has been updated to reflect that the Seastead in French Polynesia still requires legislative approval.

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  • georgesilver

    “Governing can be done better”. What you obviously want is a “One World Government” that controls and organises everything as long as it wears a kaftan and has flowers in it’s hair.
    “We don’t need to be a forced into a group in order to work together” but that is what you are implying by all of the people who are organising these projects. Obviously if you don’t fit in to the ‘group think’ you must leave.
    A nice hippy commune.
    It’s all been tried many times and eventually collapses.
    Get over it…. psychopaths run the world. They always have and always will. Every now and then they become too authoritarian and too controlling. The masses rise up and overthrow them and then it all starts again.
    If all of these wonderful ‘new’ ideas worked how comes they have never endured over thousands of years.

    • disqus_iv8ueNIwAu


    • georgesilver says:

      If all of these wonderful ‘new’ ideas worked how comes they have never endured over thousands of years.

      As you said, they are NEW ideas! They haven’t been around for “thousands of years”.

      • RED

        Not trying to defend him but….he did but ‘new’ in “quotes”.

        • Don Duncan

          He was implying the new was old and discredited. I doubt he stopped to analyze the basis for the new ideas, as he calls them “hippy communes”.

          • RED

            I see no really new ideas from anyone in this discussion. I agree that mutual respect for the “individual” has great merit if it can be sustained. Historically, it has always become corrupted. With enough “viable” like minded individuals it is possible…..we shall see how it plays out.

          • Don Duncan

            The question is: How did the political corruption occur? Not overnight. It took a century of self serving intellectuals lying to justify govt. violence/control/fraud. It took the lies to start with the youngest in forced public indoctrination camps (as if a gift from govt. needs to be universally mandatory).

            It is playing out as planned. The populace obeys, believes, and victimizes itself, blind to reality, hostile to truth. For most, superstition of force rules their thoughts. This will have deadly consequences.

            How’s this for a “new, anti-state idea”? Try looking in the mirror for a leader. Try governing yourself. Try resisting group think mentality, MSM, and the worldwide culture of violence.

          • RED

            You rhetoric is predictable and highly presumptuous. I have been practicing individual freedom for many years in order to insulate myself from government and the “herd”. Follow your own advice.

          • Don Duncan

            Don’t take my comment personally. I was talking to all, and didn’t mean to imply that you need to start any more than I do, but it needed to be said. What is obvious to us is new, foreign to most. The “social contract” theory is rampant. I consider it a secular version of the “original sin’ theory in Christianity, and just as invalid. I was not born an indentured servant to society or a god. These two doctrines are the rationalizations for inflicting violence.

          • RED

            We are in full Agreement!
            (I misinterpreted your last response as personal).
            Take care!

        • I noticed that, also. However, there is the context of the rest of his posting and the only ideas he mentions are old ones.

    • autonomous

      Didn’t you know? Until the progressives came along to push (force) evolution, humanity wasn’t evolved enough to make socialism work. Now we are. that’s why Hillaryites were so upset with their loss–and so unable and unwilling to accept it. Surely, with Obamacare providing everyone with the latest psychoactive drugs, nowhere near a majority could be found to elect a throwback to apes like Trump! Libertarians, maybe three percent of voters, but solid progressives, maybe even the leading edge of evolved humanity, are reduced to founding artificial islands to live out libertarian dreamscapes.

      Excuse me, I have to go to the emergency room; my tongue is locked into my cheek.

    • Don Duncan

      In societies of less than 150, psychopaths were dealt with privately (a final solution) if they because too violent. Perhaps they have a small benefit, temporarily, to help defend against a Viking type raid (rape, murder, destroy property, kidnap the young), but they certainly have NOT aways been in charge. This is a recent occurrence, historically.

      New ideas on ways to avoid the worldwide systematic violence called govt. are good, but do not address the primary problem: faith in force, i.e., the myth of violent authority as protective.

      Individualism addresses the old authoritarianism substituting voluntarism. But what is the psychological foundation? It is the recognition of the survival requirements of our species, autonomy. Since individuals make up society, if each is treated with equal respect, on principle, then society is not destructive. This was the “new” idea behind the Declaration of Independence and what American society was founded on, bringing domestic tranquility and prosperity as never before in history on such a wide scale.

      So, it matters not how centralized or decentralized a society is, as long as rights are the foundation and the means to protect them is non-violent.

      • Dimitri Ledkovsky

        Amish people hold their groups to a maximum of 50-60. When the number is exceeded somebody with his immediate family or alone leaves to start up a new community (farm).

      • Your reference to a maximum 150 persons is quite correct and we were taught this in management school (span of control). It is also supported by

        Yuval Noah Harari in his book “Sapiens – A brief history of Humankind.” It is an excellent read and enjoyable too. Gives lots of answers to our present social problems.

      • E3


  • Don Duncan

    Dale Brown was successful because he focused on “building…wallets, not their humanity”?? That was one result, not the focus.

    With Dale’s approach to conflict, the mindset of the individual is the primary focus, with emphasis on a non-violent resolution by careful, respectful communication tools that do not de-humanize or alienate, but treat the person as valuable, not a means to a end, e.g., subduing/restraining/sacrificing in the name of control.

  • Dimitri Ledkovsky

    Utopian communities, usually organized top down, have a poor record. DB has examined this in the past. Interesting new developments.

  • Pisses me off that I wasn’t invited to speak.

  • Praetor

    People have been trying to find a way to live with each other, well forever. And they all end the same way, Boom. It’s about governing oneself, it’s always about the individual. Until the individual, all individuals are capable of honesty integrity generosity humble peaceful loving selfless, the good human traits needed to make a society work are endless. It’s was the bad human traits that even made government necessary. The only purpose for government is to eliminate itself. That won’t happen, till every person on earth can govern themselves. I kind of think that won’t happen soon enough to stop the Boom.!!!

    • that’s a wonderful comment thank you for your insight.

    • aj54

      many studies say the only stable communities are homogeneous, but we are constantly exhorted to the opposite; it keeps us from concentrating our efforts where they should be aimed. Find who you are not permitted to criticize, and there you will find your enemy. And most probably those who would keep you uninformed.

  • chhelo

    Human nature. We are all different for a reason. God intended it that way so we all have our own free will.

    Deal with it.

  • robert corbett

    LOL “facebook is for old people” I remember saying the same thing about Buicks 30 years ago. Just wait until funerals are the dominate theme on fakebook.