Is it Wrong to Question the Official Story When Tragedy Strikes?
By Joe Jarvis - October 04, 2017

The media says, “Jump.” And the public responds in unison, “How high?”

“As high as you ever have jumped before, except maybe after 9/11, or the Kennedy assassination.”

Of course, when there is news, it should be reported. Today it is reported sensationally, as entertainment. Is it meant to inform, or induce?

Which came first, the media’s obsession with violence, or the public demand for violence? In the 1990’s as violent crime in America dropped, the media filled more and more time slots with stories about violence.

By the end of the 90’s the public was clamoring for the government to do something about what they assumed was a rising trend in violent crime.

Was that orchestrated? The government certainly benefits from a hysterical public begging them to help. It certainly gives the government an important role in the daily life of an average citizen. But this alone doesn’t mean that it was a conspiracy. Acknowledging that the government benefitted from the media’s overreporting of crime is not the same as suggesting the government actively pushed the media to do so.

But why not wonder? Exercise those thought processes.

It is a known fact that thousands of journalists were at one time on the payroll of the CIA. It was called Operation Mockingbird, and agents would place false stories in publications like the New York Times, and Time.

So when it comes to the case of the fake 90’s crime wave, it makes sense to wonder if a similar program still exists. The courts have ruled that FBI agents can legally impersonate journalists in the course of an investigation.

Do we need to discover the actual program in order to speculate? Well, I certainly wouldn’t say that it is happening without knowing for sure. But we can acknowledge a historical fact and draw a parallel between that and a similar contemporary trend. In such circumstances, it makes sense to be skeptical.

Either way, we shouldn’t fall prey to the media’s manipulations about such things, regardless of the catalyst. So why not remind people that in the past, lies from the government shaped public opinion?

But there are some cases when questioning, wondering, and speculating is considered downright wrong.

When it is most important to speak freely, you can’t.

How do I walk the line between my inherent mistrust of the government media complex and sincere compassion and empathy for victims of tragedy?

Is it wrong to question official narratives after a tragic event? Is it disrespectful to wonder if there isn’t more to the story? Should I censor myself to avoid appearing insensitive, when I want to talk about inconsistencies in the media tale, or the motives that various groups could have to lie about such events?

I think it is especially important to be able to talk freely when it comes to tragedy. The more potential an event has for exploitation, the more possibilities should be explored.

If we are conditioned to hold our tongues, to suppress our curiosity and skepticism when it comes to tragedy, then the worst actors in any given situation win. Those in power need only create a tragedy, and it becomes impossible to question the official narrative. Otherwise, you are disrespectful and uncaring.

When someone is gravely wounded, you don’t slap a band-aid over it. You’ve got to clean out the wound. And that hurts in the moment. But in the long run, it is necessary to prevent infection.

We should wonder if 9/11 was a false flag attack. I don’t think it is disrespectful to the victims to do so. I think it would be more disrespectful to unquestioningly believe the official story. The official story comes from the people who have the most to gain.

Did the terrorists who carried out the attack on the twin towers have anything to gain? Well maybe if they believed the whole 72 virgins thing. But in real life, they died. Suiciding bombing is a thing that people do, however, so it certainly can’t be ruled out.

Did Osama Bin Laden have a lot to gain? Well again, it is tough to understand the motivation of terrorists. Apparently, they think killing innocent people accomplishes something. But now he is dead.

And what about the official storytellers, the ones who investigated, and revealed the true culprits behind 9/11?

Their gains remain. They gained the power to easily declare wars and conduct military operations. Money was poured into the defense budget. Agencies like Homeland Security and the TSA sprang into existence.

Attention was diverted from missing money at the Pentagon. The PATRIOT Act was passed. Due process was no longer a concern.

“Mission Accomplished” in Iraq; the glory of killing Bin Laden. The public became desensitized to war. America helped toppled regimes in Libya and Egypt, and support a civil war in Syria.

These things alone don’t prove anything. But it looks awfully suspicious. The ones who we rely on for information about what happened had the most to gain from the attack. They are the ones who will “solve” the problems.

It is a conflict of interest even if the official story is true. It just so happens that their recommendations on the best course of action were the very things that would grow their power, expand their budget, and swell their ranks.

Again we have a historical fact to turn to for comparison. The Joint Chiefs of Staff under Kennedy floated the idea of carrying out a false flag against American citizens to get them involved in a war with Cuba. It was called Operation Northwoods. Kennedy told them if they ever mentioned the idea of murdering innocent Americans again, he would have them tried for treason.

Well, we all know what happened to Kennedy, but that is a whole rabbit hole of its own. What we know for sure, is that as early as the 1960’s people in the U.S. government wanted to commit false flag attacks against Americans to provoke war. And the leader most vehemently opposed was assassinated.

Incidentally, the Kennedy Administration approved of Operation Mockingbird.

May I Speak Freely?

I want to wonder, and I want to speculate. I get as angry and sad as anyone else with a properly developed conscience when horrible things happen. I want those responsible held accountable. And it is against my skeptical nature to accept an official story without digging for more evidence. Horror does not paralyze my desire to question the official narrative and wonder about inconsistencies.

One thing that strikes me about all of the mass shootings of the past few years, is the great diversity in location and venue.

A college in Virginia. An elementary school in Connecticut. A mall in Washington. A nightclub in Florida. A church in North Carolina. A movie theater in Colorado. A political meet and greet in Arizona. The streets of California. A concert on the Vegas strip.

If someone wanted to strike fear into the hearts of Americans, they could not have chosen a better range of targets. The message would be whatever place you live, wherever you go in public, whatever your age, job, or social status, you are not safe.

Maybe that is the truth. And maybe it is random.

We are told these were all carried out by lone a lone gunman–or a married couple in one case.

But why are there so often witness reports of a second gunman? Could it be chalked up to confusion?

The victims tragically lost their lives. Their families lost loved ones, which will impact them for the rest of their lives. The American people lose their sense of security and their rights. Relationships deteriorate as bitter disagreements turn personal, blame abounds, fingers point, defenses go up.

And after so many tragedies, the culprit is left dead. Is that justice?

Who benefits? The dead guy on the 32nd floor?

The Democrats who want gun control? The Republicans who want militarized police? The media who get a bump in ratings? The Generals who want war? A government that “never let(s) a good crisis go to waste”?

I want this madness to stop. We know how the media wants it to play out. They will get their ratings with division and bitter disagreement. The government always gets more power, more relevance, more opportunity to insert itself into the everyday lives of Americans.

That is why it is so necessary to look deeper, to ask those tough questions that we don’t even want to consider as a possibility. We can’t sit by silently wondering if we are being told the truth or fed lies. It is not disrespectful to question the official story. It would be a miscarriage of justice to accept it without protest, as we are told is what should be done in times of crisis.

The only other option is to play into the hands of the media and government, whether they be orchestrators or opportunists. When we replay the same old arguments and put forth the same stale solutions, when we look to them for information and solutions, they win.

Question everything. Clean out the wounds. It may hurt to get in there deep. But if we don’t, the infection will grow and fester, as it always has before.

You don’t have to play by the rules of the corrupt politicians, manipulative media, and brainwashed peers.

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  • Rothbard

    After the Boston “Bombing” hoax, the lies of Sandy Hook, and the shockingly fake Pulse Nightclub shooting, our first question we should reasonably ask is whether the event was staged with actors and theatrics. That’s the most controversial question one can ask and the most necessary.

    • Dimitri Ledkovsky

      Crisis actors did show up at Sandy Hook. This has been documented but I fail to recall how and where. The pattern is also pretty consistent regarding the perps. They die or are abused into a vegetable state like the young Chechen (Tarnaev?), the Boston Marathon patsy whose older brother was killed.

      The volume and placement of these terror shootings covers the country to intentionally give you the fear that nobody is immune. Cowering and “sheltering in place” is the recommended stance. Will this fly in the long term?
      Will technocracy bring everybody into the fold, protected “safely” from violence? Remains to be seen.

  • Charlie

    I will never trust the govt. I know there is more corruption in the power of the govt than can ever be overcome but the folks who are immersed with life and the overwhelming passion for material things will never take the time to research the possibilities. They take a hour each year to decide on who they think will further advance their wealth by reading their newspaper or watching the news. watch cspan? they have no clue what cspan is.

  • Rosicrucian32

    There are a community of people (not tin foil hats but credible trained individuals) that pictured an entirely different scenario in their head within 24 hours of the first news reports than what is currently being proposed in Nevada.
    There is nothing else that can be said, the public will be told what they are told by the journalists that are covering and this article speaks well of the paths that are followed.
    Baah Baah Baah……

    • zonmoy

      problem is that most of those scenarios are ones that can be easily created to be straw man conspiracy theories to knock down and discredit questioning of the official story. it is best to gather the evidence that can be found and avoid creating explanations until the official story is completely discredited.

      • Rosicrucian32

        Good luck with that

      • Number 6

        Yes so many silly rabbit holes, the grassy knoll, shots from the 4th floor, reptilians, flat earth ect ect they are all placed by the gang to either discredit people who don’t trust the main stream media / governments narrative, or at least have those who don’t trust the government believe the events actually took place and just argue over who is responsible, as long as people believe the story in one form or another is all that matters. Perpetuating fear and confusion to manufacture division and or consent ie giving government more power is their only goal

        • JohnnyZ

          Good thoughts, but… what makes you believe the earth is a spinning ball?

    • Number 6

      You mentioned “tin foil hats” and “Nevada” heres one for you, Jews and indeed the secret and semi secret societies created by them, believe God created man when he merged the letter and the number, as such they practice something called gematria there are many forms of Gematria but the two most prevalent are English ordinal Where you take the alphabetic order and assign a value to each letter ie a,b,c = 1,2,3 up to z which = 26 using that method sum the following words

      Nine eleven (14+9+14+5) + (5+12+5+22+5+14) = 105
      Alex Jones (1+12+5+24) + (10+15+14+5+19) = 105
      Info wars (9+14+6+15) + (23+1+18+19) = 105

      The other form is called Reduction or Pythagorean Gematria where you take the alphabetic order but make each letter equal a single digit for example R is the 18th letter 1+8 = 9. S is the 19th letter 1+9 = 10 still 2 digits so 1+0 = 1 using that method sum the following words

      conspiracy (3+5+6+1+7+9+9+1+3+7) = 51
      Tin Foil Hat (2+9+5) + (6+6+9+3) + (8+1+2) = 51
      Nine eleven (5+9+5+5) + (5+3+5+4+5+5) = 51
      Reptilians (9+5+7+2+9+3+9+1+5+1) = 51

      What are the chances of so many words STRONGLY connected to conspiracy and promoted by our media summing to 105 or 51 zeros don’t count in numerology so 105 is the same as 15 ie 51 backwards. Now you know why Area 51 in Nevada is called Area 51 and why we’ve all been trained by the media they own to call people who believe in conspiracies “tin foil hat” wearers

  • WOW!! This is a very nice, IN DEPTH analysis of the fundamental issues behind the events. Highly recommended!

  • uyk7

    1. How did they determine Paddock was the shooter so quickly? Was it because he was found in the hotel room with a lot of weapons? Shouldn’t he have been called the “alleged shooter”?

    2. How do they know that Paddock killed himself without an autopsy being performed? Shouldn’t they have said that he “allegedly” committed suicide?
    3. If I heard correctly last night at a news conference, it took the police 72 minutes to enter Paddock’s hotel room, why so long? I know the police were worried about the room being booby trapped but what I heard was that they waited because the gun fire had stopped. What if the shooter(s) were just taking a smoke break?
    4. Why is everyone (media) ignoring the couple that was telling people they going to die 45 minutes before the shooting started?
    5. How did the PTB determine that there was only one shooter so quickly? Are they even looking into the possibility of multiple shooters (as some survivors have claimed)?
    6. I also find it interesting that congress was going to vote on a pro-second amendment bill before the shooting.

    • Number 6

      They always know who did it and their life stories within hours of these events, Passports 9/11 anyone, and then they investigate and report it, all without fear of libel and a massive legal bill. That alone tells you these are ALL fake events.

  • Number 6

    Anyone who thinks that ANY parent of a child brutally murdered in one of these “media events” would do interview after interview the very next day, laughing and joking, is either not thinking rationally or is simply inhuman. Its obvious these are media staged and managed events with actors, I defy anyone who can find even a single one of their friends or family, who says they would do interviews the next day and not be in pieces for years after the event let alone good to go the very next day, yet here they are event after event smiling for the cameras. Robbie parker at sandy hook is the prime example It woke me up, then you relies they always interview close family members at these events and how artificial and unnatural that is.

    • Col. Edward H. R. Green

      I found Paddock’s brother’s deportment during his interview with a TV reporter to be suspicious. The guy showed no emotion, just mild surprise, bewilderment, and he looked calm while he was speaking. He sounded like a bad actor badly delivering his lines and expressing their emotional content.

      In 1968 my maternal uncle shot and killed his wife in a jealous rage. There was much loud cursing, outrage, bewilderment, shock, and wailing and gnashing of teeth from my mother and his other siblings, my maternal grandmother, and other members of the family. Had a TV reporter interviewed any of them, their comments would have been thick with curses, and cries of outrage uttered between tearful heaves.

      I suspect that this crime was staged, and I have no doubt that government was behind it in order to advance its operators’ and their civilian supporters’ statist agenda.

      • Number 6

        Agreed Ive since seen footage of alleged victims being bought into a hospital, not a drop of blood on the victims, the white sheeted stretchers they’re on, the friends in some cases carrying them in, or on the white marble floors, getting hit with a 5.56 nato assault rifle round leaves horrific injuries and massive exit wounds, the whole place aand everyone in it would be plastered in blood, but NOT SO MUCH AS A DROP on anyone or anything ! And then theres the videos taken by people who were there (not the crisis actors) but actual real people at the event and they are saying things like,”dont fall for it its coming over the sound system, no hits” Strangely enough youtube keeps taking down channels which post these bloodless violence free videos. Its a complete hoax just like Sandy hook, Boston ect ect ect ect

  • SupernaturalCat

    Thanks for posting.

    ​”The power of accurate observation is commonly called cynicism by those who have not got it.” – George Bernard Shaw

    ‘Continuity of Government’ (C.O.G.) Planning: War, Terror and the Supplanting of the U.S. Constitution, by Peter Dale Scott

  • davidnrobyn

    Excellent discussion, Joe.

  • Deplorable Donna

    This just stinks of conspiracy by the left. They desperately need gun control to complete their tyranny and they need to attack Trump and try to counter the increasing support and populist movement that that Strange/Moore election has shown them as well as everyone dumping the NFL.
    Killing and wounding 500+ conservative Christian Trump supporters is just icing on the cake
    This guy was an accountant and not military, not even a veteran and his brother says he wasn’t into guns.
    Yet they find fully auto (illegal and retro fit wouldn’t even be easy for someone familiar with guns) guns, 2 of them on stands and somewhere near 20 of them in his hotel room (little overkill there) Why would anyone need 20 guns plus the associated ammo for at most 20 minutes worth of killing. Then there are 2 broken windows (supposedly in the same suite and not separate rooms) that are at least 100 feet apart. If you were a lone gunman that wanted 2 different shooting perspectives, why would you put them 100ft apart so you have to run from one to the other? Why not put the broken windows next to each other at the corner?
    On top of that, there is video from a taxi driver showing muzzle flashes from the center of the building about 4 floors up. Someone now has pictures that show that it appears there are broken windows there also. Video sound of the shooting indicates at least 2 guns firing at the same time due to different cycling rates, which rules out echoes. Witnesses claim seeing shots hit their car while at the same time other people in other areas falling from hits. One gun sounds like a belt fed SAW. These guns overheat, jam and kick and climb and I don’t see an inexperienced single 64 year old guy that gambles handling all that.

    But how conveniently he committed suicide also (although their are comments
    that FBI shot him and found antifa pamphlet in the room)
    On top of that, ISIS claims responsibility and his “girlfriend” is from Indonesia (85% Muslim) and she conveniently left the country a day or two ago.

    Reeks of a CIA black ops set-up to change the populist movement, degrade Trump and promote gun control and hell, kill a few white Christian conservatives while
    you’re at it

    • zonmoy

      or a conspiracy by the arms industry to boost the sales of more guns.

      • Deplorable Donna

        They have had record sales for the past 4 years making money hand over fist due to Obama and Hilliary. They don’t need anything to boost their market.

        • zonmoy

          but now that the fear of Obama is gone their sales have plummeted. you don’t realize how greedy they are and how much they want to sell as many guns as they can.

      • SnakePlissken

        You forgot to blame the NRA and Trump.

        • zonmoy

          the NRA is part of the arms industry, and trump is just the idiot that the democrats worse idiot pied pipered into the republican nomination and then was not competent or likable enough to defeat.

    • Number 6

      Be very wary of the old grassy knoll distraction technique,
      option a) one shooter
      option b) two shooters

      Its simply to distract you from option c) No shooters.

    • Number 6

      Im surprised they didn’t find his body in a “Theatre” 😉

    • Henry Balfour

      ‘girlfriend’ is a philipina ….. this was clear in the news cycle. How do you not know this, but state she is Indonesian ? Are all foreign island nations the same to you ? I live in New Zealand … is this also Indonesia ?

      • Roy bean

        From the clutter, I also picked up that the girlfriend was from Indonesia.

    • SnakePlissken

      It’s the liberal globalist trifecta!

  • zonmoy

    you mean its not our duty as sane people to question the official story when it is given. the line gets crossed when disinformation agents try to push off other crazy explanations for the events when they do not have to do so.

  • Deplorable Donna

    Then they expect we will believe the lying propaganda fake media, the FBI with liar Comey as it’s head and the CIA, with liar Brennan at its head.
    They won’t give us facts unless in bits and pieces to prop up their agenda. They’ll direct the story how they want it to go, dismiss any “rumors” that don’t fit and ignore things that expose it.

    Hasn’t anyone else wondered why we haven’t heard even one thing about what they found out in Charolottesville? Court proceedings? Videos?
    It all disappeared after they hammered Trump 24/7 for 2 weeks, called any conservative protester a supremacist, and said it was the worst thing to ever happen, yet there has been ZERO FOLLOW-UP

  • Blaze

    Anyone who has seen Tom Silver’s Clips or Darren Brown, immediately thinks another “lone, unstable” probably mind controlled to kill. So incredibly easy to do! Wish someone in the news would show this Tom Silver clip, or bloggers, hint, hint.

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_gO72dK4HjA Tom Silver

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oC9J6O6soHA&t=321s Derren Brown

  • Shredmaster8

    ANYONE that has EVER been in a major hotel/casino…. KNOWS THERE ARE CAMERA’S and SECURITY UP THE ASS!!!!
    And this “Lone Wolf” brings in all these weapons without security discovering it??!!! THIS IS TOTAL BULLSHIT!!!!!!!!

    • r2bzjudge

      What do weapons hidden inside suitcases, golf bags, shipping trunks- whatever he might have put them in, look like? They look like suitcases, golf bags, etc. Security cameras don’t X-ray baggage.

      • Shredmaster8

        No fair using logic and common sense!!! Can’t you see I’m using lots of CAPS?!!? How dare you….you need to get more emotional about this…like everyone else. (sarcasm). We need to ban Las Vegas Casinos and all outdoor concerts!

        • r2bzjudge

          I can see the all caps, but not everyone using them is being sarcastic.

        • SnakePlissken

          Do it for the children!

    • Renov8

      a thousand rounds weighs roughly 32 lbs. two thousand 64. That fits in one small, 20″ spinner suitcase…with wheels. No need to lift.
      The rifles can be broken down into the lower and upper…they fit in a 26″ spinner…with wheels. How many do you think will fit in one suitcase? At least a dozen.
      You are all wondering how I know about the suitcases? I am in the handbag business and we manufacture these as part of our assortment. I carry one for wear testing and happen to know how much weight I can put in one before it gets to heavy.
      Its very dissapointing to see these events happen, when we as a group are extremely responsible and don’t take our rights for granted.

  • Praetor

    My view is, if anyone does not question what they see on TV, they are mind controlled. Anyone who does not think the government is our enemy they are mind controlled. These mind controlled individuals are a danger to this Constitutional Republic.

    It’s well known, Middle Easterners are heavily invested in Vegas. Dubai World owns 50% of the MGM resorts.

    I’m still looking for, what kinds of psychotropic drugs this guy was being feed. He was mind controlled, as are millions of others in this country.!!!

    • Renov8

      SSRI’s….look them up and the side effects.

      • Praetor

        Did that years ago.!!!

    • SnakePlissken

      Most mass shooters over the last 20 years have been on, or recently come off of psychotropic drugs prescribed by doctors.

  • Nala Richardson

    These horrible events are pounced on by government all around the world as reason to take even more personal rights and freedom. In Australia yesterday the prime minister announced the government would be collecting the ID photographs of every Australian with a drivers license for the new Facial Recognition bank. “To keep Australians safe” What a load of absolute balderdash. We never hear of terrorist attacks in Australia and if there were these measures would make no difference.
    Look at England. Cameras on every corner and other “Security ” measures have changed nothing.
    France in a permanent state of emergency. Has anything changed?
    I think not.

    • Number 6

      Pounced on or manufactured my moneys on the latter.

    • Bombaste Von Hohenheim

      One think has changed, the terrorist are now considered “poor martyr” in france (no caps) merah has been compared to a hero of WW1 and the killer of marseille has literally been called martyr on french national tv (check obono martyr)

    • SnakePlissken

      They’re already collecting your photo and fingerprint in the US. If you have a driver’s license, your photo and fingerprint is in the DHS database. That shouldn’t surprise you, but you should know they can use your DL photo for facial recognition from 30 ft, and they are experimenting with this technology in streetlights.

  • uyk7

    Something else I found interesting is that people who don’t have a “social media” account are now suspicious people (from the police conferences on TV). Guess I’m in trouble: veteran, pro-life, pro-constitution, christian, etc… and NO Facebook account.

    • Renov8

      I only comment and have no social media accounts. That doesn’t make me suspicious…it makes me sane.

    • SnakePlissken

      Watch “The Circle”. Keeping your life to yourself is wrong and selfish. Not sharing is stealing.

  • georgesilver

    Las Vegas. If you look at some of the video captured on cell phones you will see they are filming the stage then gun shots are heard and instinctively the camera points towards where they hear the gunshots coming from which is up in the air in the opposite direction to the hotel.
    I suspect that the weapon used was the new Israeli drone called TIKAD. These drones can carry and fire any automatic weapon. In that same direction was a military airfield. The advertising blurb for TIKAD says that it can identify individual targets. What better way to demonstrate than to try them out on a crowd.
    The hotel was just a diversion. The ‘shooter’ guy was a patsy and presumably dead before the action took place. A marine neighbour who knew him said he had no idea about guns. Nobody would take so many different guns with different ammo to carry out this operation. They would take one weapon with the same ammunition. I suggest that several TIKADs were used to test different weapons.
    Governments have a history of attacking their own people.

    • r2bzjudge

      The shooting came from the 32nd floor of the hotel. Two windows had been broken out.

      Paddock’s purchase of guns went back across 20 years and across multiple states. He obviously knew about guns.

      Nobody would presume what guns or ammo a mass murder would use.

      Paddock was the shooter. He was not a patsy.

      • James Clander

        Please explain your obvious expert knowledge of this affair. (Sarc)

      • JohnnyZ

        How do you know? Big Brother told you so?

      • Alan

        Sure he was the shooter. They didnt even need to have an investigation to work it out.

    • georgesilver
  • r2bzjudge

    “Well, we all know what happened to Kennedy, but that is a whole rabbit hole of its own.”

    It is no rabbit hole at all. The evidence pointed squarely at Oswald.

    The Discovery Channel produced several scientifically based programs related to the evidence, including the single bullet theory. None of the test results conflicted with Oswald being the shooter.

    • Casey Phyle

      Don’t mind this troll here. He is obviously a disinfo agent trying to spread doubt.

      • georgesilver

        Probably Mossad trying to protect TIKAD drone sales.

      • Number 6

        Are you sure he’s a troll I thought his comment about the Discovery channel producing several “scientifically” based programs thus proving it was Oswald, was pretty funny ;D

        • r2bzjudge

          I said the discovery test results were consistent with Oswald having been the shooter.

      • Dee Robin


      • r2bzjudge

        Casey, how long have you been a troll? I am speaking proven facts.

    • John Doe

      No they” Proved ” what they were paid to prove. Same as the climate scientist. I have hunted since I was a child and not even once have I seen anything hit with a bullet go in the opposite direction of travel as did Kennedy. I would also hear your thoughts on how exactly Oswald got back into America after defecting to Soviet Union. Along with his lack of shooting skills besting most of the Worlds best shooters in that re construction of the event and using the same Rifle.

      • r2bzjudge

        Discovery performed valid scientific tests.

        JFK’s head moved forward and down at the moment of impact, as seen in the movement between frames Z212 and Z213. It did not move in the opposite direction.

        Oswald’s shooting skills were adequate. He was trained in the Marine Corps. No one can duplicate Oswald’s shooting, as no one knows exactly the manner in which Oswald shot.

        • SnakePlissken

          Carlos Hathcock, a USMC sniper with 93 confirmed kills, chief instructor at the USMC sniper school, and trainer of SWAT snipers all over the country said he couldn’t make that shot. “Let me tell you what we did at Quantico. We reconstructed the whole thing: the angle, the range, the moving target, the time limit, the obstacles, everything. I don’t know how many times we tried it, but we couldn’t duplicate what the Warren Commission said Oswald did”

        • John Doe

          I Never claimed it didnt go forward., but after that it went in reverse and a piece of it was flapping in the wind. So how did Oswald get back into the Country after defecting to Russia and renouncing his American CItizenship. We were also in a cold war with Russia at the Time so he was also a Traitor by definition. Later he got shot and killed before he said one word by a filthy jew Jack Rubenstien aka Jack Ruby. All coincidence. Just because the Marine Corps taught him very basic and rudimentary

          shooting skills. Not even close to what that shot required. Critical thinking is a lost art.

  • Praetor

    He was on Diazepam. Mind control. Look at the shell casings around his head, they are not blood covered, the shells are laying on top of the blood. There is also blood around the middle lower part of his shirt, not consistent with a head shot from the front the head would go backward and the body would hit the ground as shown lying on his back.!!!

    • r2bzjudge

      The shells were not laying on the blood. The shells were on the floor when he shot himself and the blood oozed out of his head, reaching the side the shell above his head and continuing to spread out and around the shell.

      Unless you have performed a toxicology test you have no idea what drugs or substances were in his system.

      From the look of it, seems as if he placed the muzzle in his mouth, which could account for blood being on his shirt.

      • Praetor

        They have the name of his doctor and the pharmacy he bought the pills at, look at the pictures. Believe what you wish.!!!

        • r2bzjudge

          Again, do you have the toxicology report? That he had a prescription doesn’t prove he took the pills. Nor does taking his taking the pills prove mind control.

      • Dee Robin

        Those rounds were not spent. Looked completely staged.

    • SnakePlissken

      They were magic bullets. Haven’t seen those since Kennedy.

  • Renov8

    When the dust settles, they are going to find this guy was a Liberal, genocidal maniac, who obviously went off the deep end with methodical precision and no regard for his fellow Americans. This is the vile vytriol being spewed by the Left and their Antifa representatives. You want a culture war? Keep it up.

  • Praetor

    Someone shooting themselves in the mouth through the brain while standing, the body would crumble to the ground, not end up lying flat on their back. Who would lie down and then shoot themselves as the cops are busting down the door.!!!

    • pookieamos

      Don’t forget his arms conveniently fell to his sides!

    • r2bzjudge

      Who? maybe Paddock would. You obviously don’t know him, any more than i do.

      • Bombaste Von Hohenheim

        If I was your fingers I would go on strike for working for someone who can’t think for himself

        • r2bzjudge

          I certainly am thinking for myself.

      • JohnnyZ

        A rational thought and natural scepticism denier.

  • Praetor

    There is now speculation he was an arms dealer. You decide. The truth is be prepared the future is in doubt.!!!

  • Henry Balfour

    There appears to be a high level of certainty that between the years of 1986-1988, Stephen Paddock was employed as a arms smuggling pilot in the CIA’s “Operation Cyclone” programme to arm and finance the Jihadi warriors, mujahedeen, in Afghanistan, with flights based from Pakistan—with Paddock being paid through an American defence company named AlliedSignal—a company that is now owned by Honeywell, but who, in 1982, became embroiled in the Martin Marietta “war”—with Martin Marietta eventually merging, in 1995, with Lockheed to become the United State’s largest defence company named Lockheed-Martin—and whose only statement on these facts states: “Stephen Paddock worked for a predecessor company of Lockheed Martin from 1985 until 1988. We’re cooperating with authorities to answer questions they may have about Mr. Paddock and his time with the company.”
    As with other known CIA covert operatives, Stephen Paddock was continuously paid through US government entities such as the Internal Revenue Service and US Postal Service in order to maintain his “deep cover” status—and that generously allowed him to purchase properties in Texas worth over $6 million, and to maintain his private plane there too.

    • r2bzjudge

      More good fiction.

      • Henry Balfour

        that old C&W classic …. “I still miss you Honey, but my aim’s getting better.”

    • SnakePlissken

      There are also reports that Paddock was working as an arms dealer, and he regularly did his transactions when there was a big concert in town in order to provide cover. His main customers were islamic militants. That explains why he had so many guns and why he traveled so much to places and times of music festivals alone when he didn’t know anyone there and didn’t attend the festivals.

  • pookieamos

    Whether or not people died , Las Vegas was a FALSE FLAG event! On September 10 , warnings went out that a mass casualty event was going to take place in Vegas. This was a massive conspiracy by the owners of security services, including metal detectors and gun towers. These warnings issued included the names of Sheldon Adelson and Michael Chertoff of the DHS. Already we hear the mantra of added security including bag checks and metal detectors being installed in all casinos and high rise hotels.i believe this is also about passing more gun laws, including banning muzzles and the devices that are said to make a semi-automatic gun into an automatic. None of the official story makes any sense whatsoever. I believe Stephen Paddock was a patsy who was murdered long before the bullets flied. I don’t care if you are a Democrat or Republican, every American should be deeply concerned and questioning the official story.

    • r2bzjudge

      Paddock was not a patsy. Interesting fiction, though.

      • Dee Robin

        Who told you that, mainstream media?

        • r2bzjudge

          Common sense.

      • JohnnyZ

        Story makes no sense. Patsy or a faked death.

    • SnakePlissken

      I hate to say it, but Alex Jones of InfoWars said some kind of left wing militant attack was coming about a week before this shooting happened. Then they found all sorts of antifa documents in the shooters hotel room and pictures of him at anti-Trump rallys. He comes off a little wacky, but he was right. None of the mainstream news sources saw this coming, but he did.

  • suckcnn

    One thing is certain….there are no journalists at NBC

    • John Doe

      Or CBS ABC NYT WAPO VOX TYT HUFFPO or the Flag Ship of FAKE NEWS CNN. If these folks say it believe the opposite. Remember little Mika on the Morning talking hoe show she stated it was their job to tell people how to think.

    • Sheila

      True. All activists and advocates, pretending to be neutral. Amazing that they still fool so many people.

  • Dee Robin

    The new series with Kyra Sedgwick, “Ten Days in the Valley”, mentioned something about a massacre in Vegas, one day before the event actually happened. Predictive programming at its best. There is no way that was a coincidence.

    • John Doe

      These underwear skidmarks who pull this stuff have to announce it first. Think Dana Carvey Church lady. All for their pal Satan and his Synagogue. It gives them ‘power’.

  • John Doe

    The LAME stream Media and their owners and their Official Stories should and deserve to be questioned because they are 95% garbage and Propaganda. The 5% is usually the Time Date Location and the Name of the Publication. As with all Official Stories especially the one with laws against questioning it Truth and Facts are seldom found. Instead we see witnesses who offer nothing but diversionary accounts and sympathy garnering statements. Now in more and more cases resemble folks from other incidents who seem to offer the same kind of statements. These Robbie Parkers Who are joking around one minute then “Get into Character” and then pour on the crocodile tears for the Cameras. is not news, Its propaganda FAKE NEWS. Take note of the video of Mr Parker and ask why the law preventing propaganda use was repealed recently.

  • sebastian puettmann

    Facts, fakes and rumors about the Vegas shooting:


  • Common Sense

    Why would you presume to accept any rate of violent crime? Even 300 per 100k is 300 too many.

  • SnakePlissken

    Every mass shooting over last 20 years has one thing in common… and it’s not guns