Jimmy Carter Calls U.S. an Oligarchy
By Philippe Gastonne - August 05, 2015

Former President Jimmy Carter spoke with the Thom Hartmann Program earlier this week about "political bribery" in the United States, saying it's created "a complete subversion of our political system as a payoff to major contributors."

Carter was asked about Supreme Court cases like Citizens United, which he said has turned America into an "oligarchy."

"It violates the essence of what made America a great country in its political system. Now it's just an oligarchy, with unlimited political bribery being the essence of getting the nominations for president or to elect the president," Carter said.

Carter said the power of money isn't limited to just the presidency, claiming "the same thing" applies to lawmakers on the state level and in Congress.

"The incumbents, Democrats and Republicans, look upon this unlimited money as a great benefit to themselves," Carter said. "Somebody's who's already in Congress has a lot more to sell to an avid contributor than somebody who's just a challenger." – Huffington Post, July 31, 2015

Americans were ready for a change when Jimmy Carter left office in 1981. No amount of money would have outweighed the damage a weak economy and an Iranian hostage crisis did to his presidency.

Almost 35 years later, Carter is now the longest surviving ex-president in U.S. history. That's a long time to observe and reflect. He has little to lose by being honest, so his comments last week deserve some attention.

Carter blasted both major parties and from state legislatures up to Congress. The U.S., he believes, is an oligarchy built on unlimited political bribery. Those are strong words. We see them on sites like The Daily Bell, but considerably less often from those inside the oligarchy.

We find it interesting that web sites across the political spectrum reported Carter's comments, from Newsmax to Daily Kos. Why do editors of such different views think their readers would find this quote interesting?

The definition of oligarchy is "a small group of people having control of a country." We are not aware of any survey data on this point (though last year's Princeton study comes to mind), but many Americans would agree that "oligarchy" describes the United States in 2015. They disagree on who they believe is in the controlling group.

We are approaching, and perhaps already are at, a point where oligarchy is seen as normal and natural. People don't mind living under oligarchy as long as the "right" people control it. Donald Trump's popularity is a good example. He appeals to certain voters precisely because he would replace the current political oligarchy with a business-friendly oligarchy. They want to switch one oligarchy for another one. They think it would be an improvement.

Are they right? We don't know, but we are saddened to think how few Americans find oligarchy unacceptable on principle, no matter who runs it. Raw power is all that matters. Perhaps it was always so.

We don't think Jimmy Carter was a great president and we would likely disagree with his solution to this problem. We are nevertheless glad he said this. History may show the nation should have paid more attention. Our rule by oligarchy will not end well.

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  • Bruce C.

    My impression upon reading this piece is that once oligarchical rule is established it’s game over, and that may be why all of the news outlets reported on Carter’s comments. It subverts the political process and discourages people from fighting the system. Capitulation and compliance is what an oligarchy would want.

    The basic problem is that the government has become allowed to do so much. If the Federal government had only the few limited powers originally specified in the US Constitution then there would be no use in bribery because politicians/oligarchs wouldn’t have the power to grant so many favors.

    • Rob Calvert

      Agreed. But oligarchy
      has been with us for centuries, just different ones each generation or so. Think back to the big ‘trusts’ (oil, steel,
      railroads, and banking of the late 1800’s for example). It’s the tendency of the super wealthy to
      continue to grasp for more and more money (and power). Usually it was media eventually informing the
      public of the economic issues of the day.
      The problem now is that the media themselves have become part of six
      or so big trusts owned by oligarchs who moderate what the public sees and hears
      (save for the internet, at least for awhile longer). If the public is never informed differently,
      the rich and powerful win their way.
      Then it’s ‘game, set, and match’ for fascism and tyranny.

      • WinChll

        Was it not in the 90’s when so many media mergers were taking place, all promoted as the new opportunities for ever increasing entertainment/news adventures. Did we hear much from the anti-trust side about growing monopolies?

      • Earn nest

        Think smaller. We need to put new limitations in place for campaign spending/funding. BTW I think there is adequate alternative media but getting people interested is a blockade.

  • Libertarian Jerry

    The problem is the American voting majority who like things just the way they are. When you have a majority of the American voting population either employed by or living on the government gravy train why blame “oligarchs.” With that said, Bruce C. made the point that “the government has become allowed to do so much.” This is so true. Most government bribery exists because business people feel threatened by over zealous politicians and bureaucrats who wish is to throw roadblocks onto legitimate businesses. This fact is not true in some cases but in many instances it is. In other words the bribes are protection money paid to the political mafia that use their political power positions to extort money from business people. This is one of the reasons why Donald Trump donates money to both political parties. Its just one of the costs of doing business in today’s fascist political world.

  • Umberto Indicci

    Oligarchy with near total power is its worst form. Jimmy Carter enlisted Stansfield Turner to take down the old boy network of “cowboys” in the CIA and was almost successful – but for the “October surprise”:

    Intellectual religionist E. Michael Jones comments on this from the perspective of the current ISIS problem: (note the abridged audio file).

    “We are here, because we were there!”

  • tom nogaro

    jimmy carter’s apolitical truthfulness confirms my long-standing apolitical call for an anti-incumbency vote for the next 50 to 100 years. it’s called starve the beast: vote out every single incumbent, both parties. deprive beast incumbents (rinodem) thriving on elitist bribe-sugar food their lunch, so they may no longer perpetuate themselves, as do cancer cells. they die, or we die as a representative democracy. that simple.

    when the cancer beast and its sugar daddy pimp elitist lobbyists know there is no longer any future in the cancerous game of self-dealing, due to civic vote-imposed anti-incumbency (natural born term limits), they will abandon the sugary teat stratagem, let it die a natural death. order will be restored, the cancer cured.

    it is up to each voter to do this. talk to friends and neighbors. support only candidates who support this. to depend on the beast is silly, futile: the beast will never vote to end its meal ticket via term limits. no matter how the beast mimes notional agreement with term limits, like all beasts it fears, and will to the death resist, its own demise.

    • Doc Eckleburg

      Ever hear of staffers Tom? They stay and just shuffle from one Congressman and Senator to another. The result being you end up with the same corrupt system. So we’d have to get rid of every staffer as well, and I can’t figure out just how to do that. How about you?

      • tom nogaro

        ty, doc.

        frankly, i had not been aware that staffers are a substantive issue, if they in fact are. can you tell me more about them? how are they hired, and by whom? what are their duties? who authorizes and directs those duties, and how? how are they “shuffled”, to whom (intraparty, etc.), and on what basis? are they paid and by whom, or are they appointed party hacks, volunteer interns, etc? who gives them their marching orders? do they have exposure to the elitist/lobbyists? i think not, but if so, how so and to what extent? must they take exams to qualify, or is their job a mere political payoff?

        in short, i am curious about who they are and all they do; how they operate; how and when they get and lose their jobs; their salaries, if any, and conditions of employment, etc. my instincts tell me they do what they are told to do, no matter who they work for, and that they do not initiate any decisions or processes on their own. having once worked for the government, i feel their positions are merely ministerial in nature, but i could be wrong. thus, “just the facts, ma’am” (sergeant friday).

        once i learn all this, and more, about them, i believe they can and will be dealt with accordingly. no employee, big or small, is too important or overbearingly powerful anywhere to be dealt with by an owner, let alone in a democracy where we the people are that owner; of that i can assure you. i cannot imagine they bear any degree of primary importance or could counter any substantive resistance to the will of the people, once that will is realized and applied, but perhaps i am wrong. please fill me in. i am all ears, a fair facts-oriented, judicious problem solver, trained to never approach issues in the blind.

        ty doc, for your interesting and any further clarifying edification.

      • tom nogaro

        hi doc.

        i did a search, and i believe, based upon this quick perusal, my instincts were correct. there are 5 types of congressional staffers, but the bottom line is this (from “the role of congressional staff” which is pdf and from

        “A major responsibility of a Member’s personal staff, especially in the House, is to provide service to the people back in the state or congressional district. Staffers respond to many constituent requests: among other duties, they untangle bureaucratic snarls in collecting Social Security or veterans’ benefits; they answer questions about federal student loans and other government aid; they help home state or district organizations navigate red tape for landing federal grants; they respond to constituent mail on legislative and national issues; and they produce newsletters and other mailings to keep constituents informed of their representative’s or senator’s activities.

        Such services are important not only for the benefits they provide to constituents, but also for the relationship they help foster between a Member of Congress and a voter. Junior Members of Congress tend to focus more attention on constituent service than their more senior colleagues, and representatives often spend more time on constituent service than senators.”

        in fact, in my work as a manager working in the government i had direct and daily contact with these staffers. it was my duty to respond to constituents’ complaints and inquiries passed on by such staffers. i dealt with them in personal matters as well. they are not powerful, though sometimes annoying. bottom line: they answer to us, as they answer to the members who must answer to us. they are our low level employees with whom we may easily have our say if they fail to answer to us.

        i thought you might have been referring to important policy makers. they are not. they are, at best, managerial (as was i) or at the minimum, ministerial. to my mind and experience they are not a substantive issue over which to excessively vex. 🙂

        • Doc Eckleburg

          Hi Tom,
          Thanks for your considered reply. I too had the unfortunate responsibility to respond to Congressional Inquiries … quickly. Further, I’ve dealt with both Congressional and Senatorial staffers while on Secretary Weinberger’s personal staff, and for a variety of reasons over a four year period. From that experience I believe that those staffers do much of the real work that does get done in Washington, and insert more to the legislative process than most realize.
          Additionally, a close relative, whom I’m sorry to say is dyed in the wool Democrat, is also a senior staffer for a Republican Senator. Frankly, when she talks of things the staff does in this particular Senator’s office, I am more than surprised about the depth and breadth of the influence they exert. This also includes my discount of what may be exaggeration on her part. Thus, I believe more should be done, if we are talking about an ideal world, to get rid of the entire bunch after one term.
          All the best,

          • tom nogaro

            ty doc.

            i appreciate this comment of yours, as it illuminates with fact and experience. be well, my friend. keep in touch. 🙂

  • Bolt Upright

    American Oligarchy: 400 Families Represent 50% Of Money Raised by 2016 Presidential Candidates So Far

    • Crapkiller

      It is early in the game. This money is seed money. The donors wish to buy influence should their candidate win. Whether or not they get this influence is up to the candidate. However, there are donors who simply want good governance, and we certainly have not gotten that from the fraud Obummer.

  • disqus_eEbPU3IGDU

    Of course, the United States is an oligarchy. All nations and institutions are oligarchies. It is called the Iron Law of Oligarchy. The Iron Law of Oligarchy was discovered by a social scientist named Robert Michels. He figured it all out when he observed the various Communist parties. These vigorously opposed “elitism” and denounced oligarchical leadership. Yet Michels observed that regardless of what they recommended for other institutions and for society as a whole, these Communist parties were themselves just as oligarchical as everyone else.

    • Crapkiller

      This is the way things have been all through history, regardless of culture, religion, or political affiliation. It is the price we pay for civilization.

  • robert holbrook

    We have had periods of exchanging influence in this country forever. This is not new. What is new, is that Carter has enough nerve by the accumulation of age to finally say what he thinks. I personally found that Carter was and is an intelligent man but was surrounded by a inept administrative staff. His new found nerve is refreshing as we need more to speak up and implement action about the curtailment of bribery and influence peddling.
    However, when the bulk of the working class is simply another mouth at the public trough, it provides the powerful with an almost unfettered imagination to fuel their appetite for directed influence peddling. Will it change? Can it change? The simple answer I believe, is not without dismantling the water trough. Our first line of defense to the powerful is our government employees. If that integrity breaks down, the powerful become clones, mimicking each other by the ease of influence. It is simply not the rich and powerful that yearns for influence. It also includes our neighbor who is feeding at the public trough. Our most entrusted first line of defense.

    • Umberto Indicci

      The working class must again become the productive class, or at least its greatest part.

  • Doc Eckleburg

    Jimmy Carter is as dishonest today as he was during his Presidency. I remember the images published of him carrying a battered suitcase as he boarded Marine One. Only years later did I find out from a retired Secret Service agent that it was filled with paper. Carter’s desire to fool the public continued to the Community Reinvestment Act that Hillary and Reno used for their own political ends and led to the collapse the housing market. We shouldn’t forget his campaign promise to give every American $50.00 to spend, that never happened, in order to improve the economy, and what about his “stagflation”? He created the Department of Energy to implement an Energy Policy that we still don’t have; and the Department of Education so the Federal Government could stick its nose into the education of our children with left wing political propaganda. His arms agreement with Leonid Brezhnev proved how naive he was, (and for that matter still is) when Brezhnev troops invaded Afghanistan. Jimmy Carter in the ensuing years has been a champion in the spread of Communism in South America validating massively fraudulent elections in Venezuela for corrupt communist politicians. Screwing up America wasn’t enough for the old commie, now he does it to other countries as well. So IMHO anything coming out of Jimmy the Peanut’s mouth is pure, unadulterated propaganda.

  • 2prickit

    ‘’There is a corruption at the heart of American politics, caused by the dependence of Congressional candidates on funding from the tiniest percentage of citizens. That’s the argument at the core of this blistering talk by legal scholar Lawrence Lessig….

  • Crapkiller

    Carter is a nutcase, always has been, always will be. If you listen to him, you might as well listen to the liar in chief, Obummer.

    • MikeM

      You seem to know him so intimately.

  • OlenaG

    Sorry but Carter has ZERO credibility. He betrayed the Shah of Iran and now look what we have in Iran. He allowed Americans to be held hostage for 444 days in Iran. Only when the Iranians knew Reagan would be President did the Iranians relent. Carter has never met a terrorist or tax he did not like. He even wrote a book “Peace not Apartheid” lambasting Israel for which Carter has a “hard on” for that was so full of fabrications many on his staff resigned. Carter also eviscerated the military to the point we became a second rate military power that took Reagan to fix and to get the military a 23% pay raise from Congress even though studies showed a 35% pay raise was needed to reach parity. And remember Carter NEVER once argued with the Gov’t Unions on their pay raises but constantly made the Armed Forces suck it up.

    And all of this from a Naval Nuke Sub Commander that graduated from Annapolis. Add in Kerry and McCain, et. al. and it seems the Navy has a severe problem with the officers it produces. After all Cater lost in a land side to Reagan, McCain is considered a joke to his own party, and Kerry lost his run for President because he became known as “Swift Boat Kerry” who averaged a Purple Heart every 14 days for his 90 DAYS in Vietnam and then purged himself before Congress lying about crimes that American committed in Vietnam that were proven false.

    Carter is a joke. The U.S. Navy needs to clean up its act. So I guess the old “joke” that the men’s department in the Navy is the Marine Corps is true 🙂

    • MikeM

      Yes, futurists, humanists and non military interventionists are horrible. Imagine the longest lasting peace treaty in the middle east was achieved during Carter’s time and it has cost Israel the opportunity to war with Egypt and Jordan for decades since.

      The Shah was a great man for our government to manipulate and keeping him and the Savak ( in power against the will of the people is a very productive foreign policy indeed. Like you suggest, attacking our embassy in Tehran or threatening Iran would certainly work, they seem so rational. It was lucky our hostages were still alive for Reagan to save.

      Carter was concerned with idiotic ideas like energy conservation and even was lame enough to put up solar panels on the White House, thankfully Reagan took those away and gave out subsidies to higher energy vehicles buyers.

      Reagan stood firm against the Iranian backed Hezbollah when they attacked our Marines in Lebanon in 1983 which killed 241 Marines, 58 French Paratroopers and 6 civilians. It was probably Carter’s fault for degrading our military so badly in the 4 years he was in office. Never mind that Nixon and Ford, wonderful leaders of their day were reducing the military numbers after our successful intervention in Vietnam.

      Good thing we had Reagan to fix all the tragic things Carter did. Now we have the highest paid military in the world, with paid contractors feeding and housing them, Now we can go anywhere in the world and assure any country we choose that we can defeat their enemies, as long as we stay there, train them and supply them forever.

      In 1978 Carter introduced the broad outlines of the Civil Service Reform Act. It was the first time a U.S. President had ever included civil service reform among his major legislative proposals.Talk about a joke huh.

      Carter proposed to Congress in 1979 a pay increase of 7 percent affecting 3.5 million military and civilian employees. The President’s proposal would raise the pay of 1.4 million Federal civilian workers and 2.1 million members of the armed services. What a jerk.

      It was also a shame that Carter started reducing the yearly debt in his presidency, but thankfully Reagan was able to reverse that trend and was successful at spending way more than the government could collect, all the while cutting many government programs.

    • James Clander

      it is you who is the joke -but not at all funny. Outside the bible quoting ,war mongering USA the rest of the World though that Carter was one of the BEST US Presidents ever – and I agree 100%! He was his own man & realised the problems faced with the hostage situation in Iran. — – and “he betrayed the Shah of Iran” provides some clue as to your warped spin on reality. The CIA admits that it hired Iranians in the 1950′s to pose as Communists and stage bombings in Iran in order to turn the country against its democratically-elected prime minister! They’ve had plenty of practice off course.

      The Shah of Iran was installed by America ! after overthrowing the legitimate ruler. He was a cruel A/hole who terrorized his people but did Americas bidding. Gee where have I seen that happen before? All of S. America etc and the latest being the US throwing 5B $$ into overturning the legitimate Govt in Ukraine just to stir it up with Russia. Read below if you have the stomach.

      The Secret Back Story to Russia and Ukraine that Americans Never Learned In School

  • Pilgrim

    Carter is trying to pigeon-hole our gov’t using existing terms. What America has become is far worse than a simple oligarchy, it might better be labeled a corruptocracy. Politicians take bribes called “campaign contributions” from ‘lobbyists’ which don’t just influence their opinion, but outright buys their votes on legislation designed to cause hardship to their “constitutents'” competition, often resulting in them going out of business.

    This government/bankster/corporate axis of corruption is not limited to a specific group of people, but anyone with the entry fee.

    The real enabling factor is the federal reserve and the fact that the US dollar is the world reserve currency. Having limitless access to fiat currency to award to the causes of their “contributors”, means they’re not tied to a budget and the spending can go on without being limited by how much can be brought in through taxation.

    It has worked so far because Americans are trusting people of good faith, but more and more are waking up to find their votes really don’t matter because election fraud is so prevalent, we have become serfs being bought and sold with the power-centers governed by corruptocrats.

    If Americans understood that fiat money production is actually a tax on everybody (inflation tax), there would be a revolution!

  • gerry d welder

    And yet still another other side of amnesty they’re not telling you about:

    Not one campaigner has yet to speak the word ‘Hijra’ (Muslim Immigration Jihad).

    The vast majority of Americans have no idea how the USA is being over run and who soon will have majority vote and MSM is keeping it all quiet:

    Check out new ‘refugees’ in Detroit, Washington DC, Cedar Rapids, Paterson, Dearborn, Philadelphia, New York, Boston, etc., etc. and you’re subsidizing them.Google:

    Hey, America, guess who else Obama is dumping onto your state … 2014/ 12/ 02/ hey-america-

    The United Nations high commissioner for refugees has already dumped 200,000 to 250,000 Muslim refugees from Islamic countries to be resettled in the United States. Most of them have come from Somalia and Iraq. But Caliph Obama has been greasing the skids for the Syrian (Muslim only, no Christian) refugees for months and they will soon be dumped on American cities throughout the U.S.Read it again:”… Obama has been greasing the skids for the Syrian (Muslim only, no Christian) refugees.”

    Now consider middle east Christian mass persecutions, atrocities and killings?? … they aren’t eligible to get refugee status and Obama stash? … get it, yet?

    Obama and the UN have been greasing the skids for HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS (Muslim only, no Christian) of ‘refugees’ “fleeing persecution’… evidently Christian refugees don’t qualify for “Muslim Immigration Jihad” and Obama stash.

    Did you know Lewiston, Maine is known as the Somali capital of New England! Followed by Ethiopians.


    Ever wonder why so many unscreened Muslim refugees are … 2015/ 05/ 20/ ever-wonder-why-so-many-unscreened-muslim-refugees-are-suddenly-flood ing-into-america/

    May 20, 2015 … Muslim Refugee Resettlement and the ‘Hijra’ (Muslim Immigration Jihad)

    Somali Muslim Migrants Protest Welfare Reform in Maine 2014/ dgreenfield/ somali-muslim-migrants-protest-welfare-reform-in-maine/

    Obama Appointed, Sharia law compliant, Fatima Noor to Asst Director for U.S. Citizenship and Immigration in the Department
    of Homeland Security.

    This short video is 5 years old, the percentages have since increased everywhere, can you recognize the trend happening in the USA?


    US citizens are forced to pay for this coup de ‘etat against the US Constitution, Bill of Rights and our total submission to Islam Sharia. yep … along with subsidizing them as they replace US citizen’s jobs, housing, health benefits, food stamps and each will get an Obama phone after they’re here?

    Obama stash (our taxes).

  • wraft

    I applaud Carter’s outspoken words. However, ‘oligarchy’ is not a strong enough term. I prefer ‘Jewish conspiracy’ . http:///

    • But the population of a Jewish identity is no less hoodwinked by their own ‘intelligentsia’. The devices by which power deceives to foster allegiance or undermine opposition are too subtle or to fearful to be seen by those who seem divided, slowwitted and easily manipulated. So while there may be a truth within any perspective, the underlying truth I see is our lack of vigilance on behalf of Life as a result of being fooled into protecting an illusion (of self-specialness) instead.
      If hatred HAD NO OBJECT, where would it go? And what would its core statement be?

  • gerry d welder

    What is happening is an infiltration and seizure with authority at all federal departments and agencies and now at municipal levels. Most Americans are totally oblivious to our new unfolding reality that is quietly, steadily, purposely and with increased momentum, taking control over all aspects of our country.

    When Obama said we are no longer a Christian nation, his intention is to insure it and enforce Sharia compliance and it is happening in a gradual but sustained manner (purposely without fanfare).

    “Heard an ex CIA agent, Jim Garrow say he overheard him tell some ambassador years ago that they planned to have America Islamized by 2016.”

    Sound far fetched?

    Connect the dots and remember Obama has been lying about everything, I urge you to Google any of the items below.

    What do we know at this point:

    -The Islamization of American schools, Google it (too much to list here)

    -Google: ‘The FBI’s Islamic Terrorism Denial’ … while they are expanding ‘domestic’ definitions. Your probably on the list if your a veteran.

    -NASA tax funded Muslim outreach mandate.

    -US taxes rebuilding and renovating mosques AROUND THE WORLD (much of that money has been re-routed back to America? (mosque building in the USA has gone up surpassing 70% since Obama took office, wow – coincidence?

    – Eric Holder’s DOJ has also been instrumental in forcing local communities to accept mosque construction. According to the Muslim Brotherhood’s Explanatory Memorandum, mosque construction is the first step in Muslim colonization.

    – Eric Holder’s Justice Department has suspiciously scrubbed any mention of “Islam” or “Muslims” from counterterrorism training.

    -International effort to make criticism of Islam illegal in the USA, supported by Obama and, yep – Hillary Clinton. Google it.

    -CIA Director John Brennan alleged to have converted to Islam

    -Ex Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel alleged to have converted to Islam. What’s his replacements belief? And not a WORD about those 11 (that’s ELEVEN!) ‘missing’ jumbo jets stolen from Tripoli Airport?

    -7 BILLION US tax dollar project to build a NEW power grid for (Muslim) Africa while the US power grid deteriorates and is increasingly vulnerable to EMP attacks.

    -6 Muslim Brotherhood ‘advisers’ in Obama Administration.

    -Muslim Brotherhood infiltrates top Gov. positions, yep, Google it

    -Municipalities ramp up recruitment of Muslims.

    -Muslim Brotherhood MPAC Trains TSA to give Muslims VIP pass, Google it.

    -Release from Gitmo of 5 of the most dangerous Taliban commanders, not a word about any of them since.

    -Botched US attempt to trade kidnapped Benghazi ambassador Stevens for the Blind Sheikh. The same operation was also used to ship US “heavy” weapons to al Qaeda (ISIS). Google it.

    -Illegal invaders flooding across our open borders are not just from Central America. >ISIS now camped 8 miles from Texas border and radioactive material is reported stolen in Mexico. Who has been enabling ISIS all along and will be using ISIS here on our streets to impose panic, possibly dirty bomb attacks and in conjunction with the coming banking collapse to facilitate an excuse for implementation of martial law, mass arrests and confiscations?

    US citizens are now the enemy of their own federal government.

    Imagine the US military and US intelligence controlled by the Muslim brotherhood .

    • Bruce C.

      Yes, but the terrible irony is that many intelligent/”educated” people consider religion primitive and irrelevant. They conflate the concept that “knowledge is power” with “beliefs are power.” A person or group or whole societies can have the most “god-awful”/un-true beliefs and yet they can wield great destructive power. Besides that, millions of people seek a Biblical Armageddon end game so all of the nihilism and insanities provide proof and assurance that prophecy will play out.

      Now for the good news: That is only one probable world development. Not everyone has to experience it. There are other “independent” probable world developments for those who think differently.

  • SDD

    Old Jimmy does know the score finally, even though he acted like a deer in the headlights through most of his presidency. We can all disagree and even disagreeably so, about who is the oligarchy; oligarchy does exist and most of us are like pawns in its hands. When I came to this country in 1968, I was wooly eyed and yet could see many problems with this democracy. Now I have learned after all this years that in a democracy what people get is what they deserve. If we have an oligarchy running the country, we deserve it. Most of the population is too busy having a good time to safeguard their rights. Democracy without participation by the people is crying out for an autocrat in the end.

  • Sometimes we choose to step back and let another lead – for our own reasons of which are so many facets of withdrawal or withholding of our presence. Sometimes we step forward and take a lead – in assertion or as the role demanded or offered us by the seeming inadequacies of others or even our selves to bear with and face life.

    So the dance of power given away, and power taken, arise from the refusal to walk together – though at any given moment – one may seem to lead and another seem to follow.

    The truth of what is chosen is not in the form it takes, but in the purpose shared.

    When a man is split off from his own true presence, he no longer extends it to his fellow man or his world, and seeks it where it cannot be found, in dissociated fantasy of power regained, of vengeance claimed, but such as who know not they have and believe themselves deprived, shall find even that which they have is taken away from them and so come to the point of truly recognizing what they are not.

    No one else makes your choice unless you choose to insist that they do – and WANT the guilt of such self-betrayal to rest upon THEM.

    To SEE such a choice and KNOW it is NOT your truth is to LET another choice THROUGH you. Do not seek to take back your power – as if it has ever LEFT you – rather be shown where you give it away and forgive yourself as you took yourself to be. The power of our consciousness is what we ourselves accept true and live from. The attempt to wield power OVER truth is the choice to deny it – and in that choice is every denial of every one given support. We are in this together – because the device by which we agree to join in hate is a deceit. While deceit beckons a charm of self-specialness or protection and personal power, is it given worship and true joy forbidden and denied by blinding of the hollow pain that invokes death as protection from a True Life. So that unworthiness proves itself ‘true’ by taking for itself from the life and love and truth of others.

    Our template ideas automatically outpicture as our world – in which the redistribution of toxic debt results in the seeming power struggle which seeks to put OUT and AWAY from being paid personally – for as long as can be avoided – as if that is prevailing over in victory and a survival that proves its existence by defying what it interprets as death.

    The notion of debt is meaningful only in gratitude and honour – not in deceit and indenture. Who would hold another as the cause of their own choices is slave unto their own thinking – that frames the power of choice only in terms of powerlessness.

    The reflection of the kind of patterning and politic of our OWN consciousness is or has been one of command and control. No one can change what they refuse or have yet to own within themselves. And so they suffer their own measure as if it were the will of another – or a loveless unfeeling universe or hateful god. But what we choose to extend will be the measure of what we receive because we are created in the likeness of our Creator – Whose freedom to imagine and experience is not ours to edit or change – although one can imagine a hateful or loveless self and world and invest in it with great intensity – that then has effects in the minds of whoever joins in its fascinations or compulsions. For once baited to react, the trap is sprung, and a sense of loss becomes the basis of a fragmented, conflicted, limiting and deprived sense of life. The desire to mask this with illusion is the demand for unconsciousness.

    It isn’t that the underlying conflict within our mind is the Truth of us – but that its denial also denies any true healing or integration to wholeness.

  • Praetor

    Well, we may be ruled by the Oligarchs. But, they are ruled by the Kleptocracy the worlds few (Trillionaires). The ruling Kleptos own and control global multinational corps which own MSM and it’s influence, global banking which coerce the oligarchs to behave, military industrial complex with its ability to sacrifice the worlds population at the feet of the Kleptos and then their bribes and bankrolling of the politicians, bureaucrats whom control government and the courts that meet punishment and suffering all in the name of order. What is it all built to do, control you, me all of us, human civilization. They aim to be omnipotent and is proven by their use of technology and their creation of world governance. Yes, the Oligarchs rule the country states, but, the Kleptocracy rule the world and everything on it, held there by gravity. Vote for anyone you like, as long as the Kleptos have them in their pocket, we loss!!!

    • No where is this more evident then congressmen being paid $100,000+ each to vote for the DARK ACT that prohibits labeling of poisoned food and drink and is part of United Nations Agenda 21 eugenics program of 90% depopulation of the United States. I believe that the combination of glyphosate added to our food and fluorosalicic acid added to our water is responsible for a large part of the sickness and disease in the United States including Alzheimer’s, heart disease and cancer. See Dr. Stephanie Seneff interviewed by Jeffrey Smith on how glyphosate destroys many body functions and causes many diseases. and .

      • notwithabang

        I’ve heard such tales and yet the average life expectancy and world population figures rise year after year (?)

        • Danny B

          I’ve done a lot of reading on the question. The quality of our food, water and air is gradually getting worse. BUT, we don’t have the parasite loads of previous generations. Hookworms, roundworms, giardia, shistosomiasis and on and on. When Social Security was started, it kicked in at age 65. The average life expectancy was 57. We’ve reduced smoking, tetra-ethyl lead, ozone, parasites, DDT and several other dangers.

  • Bill Ross

    “reported Carter’s comments, from Newsmax to Daily Kos. Why do editors of such different views think their readers would find this quote interesting?”

    Because the mighty Wurlitzer has ruled (defined truth): Carter is a “loser”. He expresses a viewpoint THEY fear being accepted. Carter helps the mighty Wurlitzer taint / demonize the truth “by association”.

    Surely, this is not rocket science?

  • MetaCynic

    I think that automatically granting the franchise in a democracy to everyone upon reaching the age of 18 is at the core of the problem identified by Carter. Universal voting rights are based on the preposterous assumption that everyone 18 and older has magically acquired the motive and ability to sift thru and understand all kinds of weighty issues as they pertain to their communities and nation and can use their judgement to dispassionately evaluate the promises and characters of candidates running for political office in order to elect someone who will work for the common good.

    I doubt that few if any visitors to this site who are inclined to vote would vote for a candidate just because they are exposed to his message more frequently than to the other guy’s. Once they make up their minds thru a process of critical thought, they will stick with their candidate no matter how much money the opposition spent on seductive jingles and soundbites.

    Yet, we all know that candidates, usually incumbents, with the biggest money bags almost always win elections. Why is that? Why is it that the average voter votes not for someone whose program resonates with carefully thought out and deeply help principles but for someone whose name and whose jingles and slogans are repeated most often in the mass media? Is it because most voters are incapable of critical thinking and are swayed by clever and seductively persistent advertising into spending their votes the same way that they spend their money on fashionable consumer goods? Fashion is sold to whomever words, sounds and images are repeated enough to trigger feel-good emotions of belonging.

    So the problem as I see it, is not unlimited campaign donations by rich individuals and corporations seeking to becoming richer via political influence. The problem is voters, incapable of understanding issues, who will then spend their votes on anyone whose message they are exposed to most often, and that takes lots of money. Politicians want to be elected, and because voters are fickle and ignorant, they usually need only spend more money than the other guy. Of course, it doesn’t hurt to promise ignorant voters all kinds of free stuff. The rich need political favors and will toss around money to candidates who hope to be elected by spending it to manipulate the emotions of fickle voters.

    Even though history teaches us that democracy is self destructive and will in time doom a nation to economic collapse and slavery, perhaps the end could be postponed by strictly limiting the franchise only to those who are net tax payers.