Millionaire Heiress Crusades Against Freedom to Spend Your Own Money
By Jennifer Lade - December 26, 2017

In response to the tax bill which will lead to a lot more money in her pocket, Abigail Disney, heiress to the Walt Disney Company fortune, said she would be donating that tax break to a worthy cause of her choosing.

No, wait. That’s not it at all. She got in front of a camera and made a video complaining that other wealthy people and corporations won’t be forced to keep handing over quite as much of their money to the government now.

The video by Now This, which has 29 million views on Facebook as of today, features Disney trying to rile everyone up about how she and her private jet-owning friends will be taxed at a lower rate, how she can pass on assets tax-free to her children, and that health insurance won’t be forced on people when the individual mandate goes away in 2019.

“I know that we heard that the swamp was getting drained,” she says, “but given how this bill was written, I think it’s looking a lot like a nightmare from ‘Pirates of the Caribbean.’”

Even more telling than Disney’s cringe-worthy product placement jokes are the comments by viewers, arguing the merits or downsides of the particular tax plan, and engaging in ad hominem attacks, economic projections, and general complaints about “the wealthy.”

Sure, we could bicker about the exact way and amount we are taxed, picking apart the arguments Disney made in her video. For example, can she really say she is getting a “huge handout from Congress” if it was her money to begin with?

Can we conclude that “we know that wealth does not trickle down,” or should we ask one of the Walt Disney Company’s 195,000 employees, none of whom were earning a living off of Walt and Roy when the brothers were in “near-total poverty in the rural midwest”?

What exactly does Disney think is the right percentage to be taxed?

But these small details about who should owe what are exactly what the powers in government want us to be quibbling about. What Disney should actually be infuriated about, what she should “hope I’m making you angry” about, is that the ruling elite gets to make decisions about how her money is spent. They get to take it from the person who has it and use it in ways they see fit, to fund their pet projects, reward their donors, buy votes, and pad their wallets.

“No one who votes for this tax bill will be voting with your life in mind,” Disney said. “But you will pay for it.”

Well, that is one thing you got right, Ms. Disney.

The other thing that should just baffle and enrage us is Abigail Disney’s complete lack of confidence in her own ability to do good with her wealth. If she feels she does not deserve to hold on to her money, can’t she just donate that huge chunk of cash she “didn’t earn” instead of asking the government not to give it to her? Then the money would be going directly to the people or organization she felt deserved it the most, without going through the government bureaucracy: an incompetent middleman at best — and a bloated, corrupt, tyrant at worst.

In fact, in a great twist of irony, I have heard anecdotally of many individuals who plan to use their tax break to donate to their favorite liberal causes, a sort of middle finger to the GOP for . . . allowing individuals the financial autonomy to support organizations they deem worthy?

Wait, you mean the sky is not falling? Individuals with extra money in their pockets can voluntarily give it away to causes that are important to them without forcing their will onto the population as a whole? You sure showed those Republicans.

Even if Disney decided that straight-out charity wasn’t her thing, her investment of her “extra” money in real estate, another private jet — heck, even the world’s largest collection of Mickey Mouse bobbleheads — could only help the economy.

“More than anything, without a thriving and healthy middle class, there are no consumers for what Disney creates,” Disney laments, yet she can’t think of a single way the middle class might be helped except by rich people getting less of a tax cut.

Disney praises her grandfather and great-uncle Roy and Walt Disney for their “gumption, guts, and brilliance,” which ultimately led to a thriving company that is worth $92 billion today. People wait in line to see its movies, buy up its merchandise, and gladly pay exorbitant prices to visit the Happiest Place on Earth. But to hear her talk about “the 1 percent,” all the CEOs must just be greedy idiots when it comes to personal spending and could never use their business expertise to build up a nonprofit or finance a startup.

Meanwhile, Disney bemoans the United States’ “suffocating education system, a dying infrastructure, and a national debt that will be at least $1.5 trillion bigger.” But sure, let’s go ahead and give more money to a ruling elite that has been unable to keep the roads paved and the education system properly financed, all the while grossly overspending its budget and passing on its debt to future generations.

Guess what roads are always perfectly paved? The private ones leading into Disney World.

I wouldn’t put so much stock into what one misguided person with a soapbox has to say, except that her view is obviously echoed by so many. And it’s worse than not being an economically sound position. It’s a violent and immoral one too.

Because Disney, and others like her, are trying to frame themselves as the good guys, the ones looking out for the poor and weak in our society. But if that were the case, they would be content with giving away their own wealth and promoting worthy causes. Think of how many people she could influence with a Now This video aimed at feeding hungry children or providing low-cost health care to the destitute.

But that’s not good enough for her. It’s not good enough unless other people are forced, under violence or the threat of violence, to pay for the things that she thinks are the most important.

And judging by the general attitude of almost everyone I encounter in person or online, this is a pervasive idea: people must team up and force other people to do the right thing — the right thing as defined by their team.

Disney says in the video, “if democracy is just a bunch of people advocating for their own self-interest, instead of the interest of the greater good, then we’re not a democracy, we’re anarchy.”

She is using the words “democracy” and “anarchy,” but I do not think she knows what they mean. Democracy IS just a bunch of people advocating for their own self-interest. It is two wolves and a sheep voting on what to have for dinner. It is might makes right.

On the other hand, anarchy must look out for the interests of other people in order to coexist in society. Yes, each person can act in a self-interested way, but never to the point of coercion of another. There is nothing anarchical about using the government to force your will on others.

We have to turn the conversation away from the specifics of the tax bill and onto the elephant in the room: that most of the population approves of taking another person’s money at gunpoint in a manner and for an amount agreed upon by a majority. Filtered through government, most people are able to stomach this egregious act of violence.

That’s the real “Pirates” nightmare, Abigail.

You don’t have to play by the rules of the corrupt politicians, manipulative media, and brainwashed peers.

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  • lulu

    Well no one is perfect nor sees the world in precisely the same way as the next person; however, without having seen or heard her, from your reporting here it appears she is able to see that the system is not working. We are all bound by our own influences and capabilities. It seems she is saying the new tax bill is not going to help the dire situation of the USA and probably it isn’t. She does not have the capacity to force anyone to anything. After all, Jeff Bezos has more $$$ than the Disney Empire if I read correctly. What is he doing except trying to force everyone to buy through Amazon the all mighty clearing house for everything.
    We are in a tough spot over all.

    • Col. Edward H. R. Green

      “What is he doing except trying to force everyone to buy through Amazon the all mighty clearing house for everything. ”

      Please proffer your evidence that Amazon is physically forcing you or anyone else to shop through it. If you don’t like Amazon, there are many competitors at which you can spend your money.

      Unless a business is receiving a forcibly-funded (tax-funded) loan, grant, or subsidy from the government in order to keep it operating, consumers, including you, decide whether a business grows to any extent, and continues to exist.

      • lulu

        Other ways to force exist besides physical. Clearly I do not buy anything from Amazon. Its coercion would be just like the ‘company store’ to which one would owe his/her soul.
        Sure on the surface there is choice but only were one paying close attention. Your logic can apply to anything because there is always a choice but often the price for stepping outside the mainstream is very high.

  • RED

    Good points Jennifer.
    It seems there are “some” who are uninformed, simplistic, and debilitated with socialist agenda driven indoctrination who may never understand your quite valid point of view!

  • Libertarian Jerry

    Once the Income Tax was enacted into law in 1913 all rights to property and the fruits of a persons labor were subjected to arbitrary government control. The state can leave you with enough money that they deem necessary for you to live on or for that matter take every dime you earn and send you a welfare check or for that matter leave you with nothing. The Income Tax is not about a tax but about control. There are other more efficient ways that the government can collect taxes other than an Income Tax. The Income Tax is used to control inflation by taxing back the over printing of fiat currency and also to gather private,personal information on their citizens. Is it any wonder that the Income Tax is the 2nd Plank to the Communist Manifesto? In essence the Income Tax is about people control.

    • Number 6

      Socialism is Neo Feudalism, What Religion were the tax advisors to the kings of Europe such as William the conquerer, who advised the implementation of the Feudal tax system ? What was the religion of the father of modern socialism Karl Marx’s ? What was the religion of his third cousin Nathan Rothschild, who funded Marx and Engels to write the communist manifesto ? Which religious group tried repeatedly to assassinate Tsar Alexander the second, shortly after he abolished Feudalism with the emancipation of the serfs in Russia in 1861, final succeeding in 1881 ? Who funded the communist “Invasion” of Russia ? Wall street ! What is the prominent religion of those who own the banks on Wall street. What is the prophecy of this religion ?

  • Buck Farak

    Nothing is stopping her and all her rich friends from sending a check. When they show us the courage of their convictions, I’ll listen. Right now, she wants working people’s money to fund HER list of desires. FU. She’s like Buffet, Oh, I want to pay more taxes! Then send a check, bullshitter. No one should be holding their breath.

  • Gary1234

    The increase in the standard deduction is worth about $900 a year to someone who can’t afford itemized deductions. To a working person who’s just barely scraping by that’s a lot of money.

  • Alan777

    Abigail Disney has never had to support herself and so one might argue that she has an excuse for such ignorance or lack of understanding. However, the millions of progressive liberals who agree with her are indeed the problem.

  • FreeOregon

    She can set an example for others and contribute her wealth to government, if she has no better idea of how to make a contribution to humanity. Mickey Mouse has a heir.

  • Ronnie

    What the elites are worried about is competition from the small ones who will benefit from this and threaten their hold on everything we consume.

    • What elites are terrified of and more than just worried about is the sharing of greater intelligence with despicable undeniable information the bedrock foundation upon which their competition and opposition have built their defences and attack weapons …….. hence their concerted efforts to control the narrative with pathetic media collusions/entertaining conspiracies which present a series of rigged bigger picture tales/fake news trails for arrogant and ignorant mass supply.

      But it is not nearly so easy as it used to be for there is a never-ending supply of new pop-up venues able to deliver the deepest and darkest of secrets which be the brightest and largest of crown jewels in a new blockchain of proprietary intellectual property for future virtual realisation.

      Is the following the absolute naked truth about a current fraudulent emperor under virtual attack from competition and opposition that just came out of nowhere and the ether ?…….

      After all, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies don’t have any intrinsic value. Essentially, they are nothing more than digital creations that only have value because people think they have value.

      And the value of traditional, prior established conventional fiat currencies in the banking system cartel of global operations are solely based upon the worth of how much rising and unsustainable debt they can create with an alliance in the charging of crippling and infinitely variable rates of interest to further entrap and imprison the unwary and undereducated to believe that work and industry is the paved with gold way to peace and prosperity?

      Yeah, that is for the crazies out there, that’s for sure, for that particular and peculiar emperor wears no clothes.

      Playing the old system at its own sort of games, but with smarter moves which require a greater intelligence and deeper wisdom to bear fruit in fields which are being novelly explored, is something the oldies are gonna fight like crazy amongst themselves to prevent being successful. But it is a forlorn hope, for many fundamentals have changed irrevocably and there are new Masters of the Universe doing Global Operating Devices work and they aint at all beholding to former crooks and bankers alike.

      And Radical Change Movements as opposed to Static Status Quo Agreements are Perfectly Natural for nothing dynamic ever stays the same for any length of time.

  • Praetor

    What an idiot!

    Add the tax break to what you give to charity and it will be a win win. But if your idiot idea is all you can come up with, give the tax break to the UN. It looks like they will be shorted of American tax dollars.

    What an IDIOT, but than again she did not become rich because of her own effort.!!!

  • garysco

    I am donating my junker non running car to Abagail. She will know better how to use it to benefit the commune than me.

  • SnakePlissken

    She doesn’t even see her tax returns. She doesn’t care. She just calls her accountant once a year and asks if she’s still rich.

  • Sam Oconnel

    Taxes are for suckers. Quit volunteering….

  • Denise Weaver

    I am President of a growing dog rescue 30 miles outside of Tucson, American Lab Rescue AZ. We are always picking up dogs that have been dumped in the dessert. I am so tired of hearing these spoiled rich brats that have never really worked a day in their lives complaining about this country. These brats are always complaining about how they have all this money and should be paying more in taxes. We are a 501c3 and would accept any donation to help these animals. Do you think they ever give money to organizations like ours, hell no. The only give to non profits that their friends are sitting on the board of that does nothing or very little to help anyone. It is just a way for them to give their friends money and write it off their taxes.

  • Glenn Richard Williams

    Why doesn’t she donate her tax savings to the employees working for Disney, give them all a livable wage. Now that would be a win win for everyone.

  • r2bzjudge

    “… can she really say she is getting a “huge handout from Congress” if it was her money to begin with?”

    Not without lying.

  • Number 6

    What I don’t understand is why people cant see the contradiction in a bunch of Millionaire celebrities and corporate media moguls pushing the idea of socialism, Abigail Disney isn’t exactly the first millionaire to push this anti capitalist, anti Freedom AGENDA is she, its pretty much ALL of them !

    What was it that John D Rockefeller once said “Competition is a sin” their motivation for pushing socialism isn’t exactly subtle. Corporatism is Communism !

  • Number 6

    So thats why Disney purposely destroyed Star Wars, to piss off half the worlds population and give the greedy corporate antithesis to Abigail’s message of communist hope 😉 But seriously Corporatism is Communism Folks, same people, same end goal and that goal is our Enslavement !

  • Number 6

    Whilst on the subject of Disney, I think this pretty much sums up Socialism / Corporatism.

  • nonplused

    Disney doesn’t pay taxes. In fact no corporation does, because in general corporations don’t have any money! (Other than operating reserves.) What they do have is assets and obligations. So if we look at a micro-level at something like Disney what they have is a roller-coaster and a bunch of operators and mechanics to keep it running who must be paid. So what they do is they total up the amount of wages they need to pay, the electricity to power the thing, a profit on their investment to build the thing, all the other costs from grease to paint, the taxes they have to pay, and once all is added up divide by the number of riders the thing attracts and vola! There is your ticket price. Did you notice in there who paid the taxes? It was baked into the ticket price. Disney just acts as a collection point.

    You can look at pretty much any corporation and you will see the same thing. Corporate taxes affect the rate of return of capital invested so the return on capital has to be adjusted to account for the tax, and baked into the final sales price. So if we, for simplicity, assumed there were only 3 manufactures with real access to the US auto market, let’s call them something hypothetical like GM, Ford and Dodge, and they are all subject to the same corporate tax rates and the same expectation from shareholders for return on capital, an equilibrium condition will exist most of the time whereby they all bake the taxes they have to pay into the price of their cars. So who pays for that? You do. You have to work longer to afford the same car.

    It needs to be remembered that money doesn’t really exist, it’s just a way of keeping score. What really exists is physical items and labor (time). It is labor applied to the physical world that creates real wealth. So when the government taxes the system at any point, someone, somewhere, has to work longer to get what they need or want, and it always trickles down to the laborers. It has to. The rich don’t plow their own land. Other than a managerial function, which I suppose does represent labor and needs to be done, the rich aren’t building anything. The laborers are. So somehow or another all taxes get paid by the laborers either in the form of direct taxation or higher prices or lower wages. All three mean you have to work longer to get what you need and want.

    The government then takes the money and uses it to build things like aircraft carriers, putting even more demand on the physical realities of the world to build things that are far less useful than a roller coaster. Roller coasters entertain the laborers. Aircraft carriers bring airplanes to distant countries. Do we really need aircraft carriers to defend the continental US? We have lots of airports already. I mean sure they were useful when there was a war raging against Japan, but they didn’t figure heavily against Germany because England was right there with airports. And with modern missile technology one could argue they are sitting ducks, one missile could take out 70 airplanes in a single shot! But do you know how many kick-ass roller coasters could be built for the price of 1 of these floating targets? A lot. I’m going to guess 2000 or more.