Modern FBI Is An Outgrowth of the Gestapo
By The Daily Bell Staff - March 09, 2017

The FBI: The Silent Terror Of The Fourth Reich … Lately, there’s been a lot of rhetoric comparing Donald Trump to Adolf Hitler. The concern is that a Nazi-type regime may be rising in America … That process, however, began a long time ago. … In fact, following the second World War, the U.S. government recruited Hitler’s employees, adopted his protocols, embraced his mindset about law and order, implemented his tactics in incremental steps, and began to lay the foundations for the rise of the Fourth Reich. -Rutherford Institute

The FBI’s Fourth Reich began as a result of German efficiency and has by now silently taken over all aspects of the FBI. So impressed was the FBI with German authoritarianism, that the FBI recruited at least 1,000 thousand Nazis over the years and especially at the end of the war.

While thousands of Nazis were allowed to immigrate and were given disguised identifies, Jews were turned away from the US at the same time. They were supposedly considered a security risk.

American taxpayers have been helping to support these ex-Nazis ever since. Those who have attempted to expose the US’s involvement in harboring Nazis have been attacked by the FBI, harassed and more recently declared a threat to national security.

As if the government’s covert, taxpayer-funded employment of Nazis after World War II wasn’t bad enough, U.S. government agencies—the FBI, CIA and the military—have fully embraced many of the Nazi’s well-honed policing tactics, and have used them repeatedly against American citizens.

Indeed, with every passing day, the United States government borrows yet another leaf from Nazi Germany’s playbook: Secret police. Secret courts. Secret government agencies. Surveillance. Censorship. Intimidation. Harassment. Torture. Brutality. Widespread corruption. Entrapment. Indoctrination. Indefinite detention.

These are not tactics used by constitutional republics, where the rule of law and the rights of the citizenry reign supreme. Rather, they are the hallmarks of authoritarian regimes, where the only law that counts comes in the form of heavy-handed, unilateral dictates from a supreme ruler who uses a secret police to control the populace.

It is the FBI more than any other agency that wields these virtually unbridled powers domestically. It tactics include, “surveillance, disinformation, blackmail, entrapment, intimidation, harassment and indoctrination, governmental overreach, abuse, misconduct, trespassing, enabling criminal activity, and damaging private property” … and more.

Post-9/11 Congress has virtually abdicated responsibility, partially because by law, the FBI is supposed to collect a dossier on them. The FBI pretty much does as it wants beyond the reach of laws that would limit its abusive power or make it subject once more to constitutional limits.

It illegally operates over 50 offices abroad, though its brief is supposedly only domestic. It has set up its own illegal repository of “profiles of tens of thousands of Americans and legal residents who are not accused of any crime.” Increasingly this database is available to private entities for routine background checks.

The agency has a budget of over $8 billion and issues tens of thousands of National Security Letters that collects financial records and other personal information on a very questionable basis.

Law enforcement agencies also using social media tracking software to monitor Facebook, Twitter and Instagram posts. Moreover, secret FBI rules also allow agents to spy on journalists without significant judicial oversight.

Much like the Gestapo’s ability to profile based on race and religion, and its assumption of guilt by association, the FBI’s approach to pre-crime allows it to profile Americans based on a broad range of characteristics including race and religion.

The FBI  these days can label almost anyone a domestic terrorist and you may be marked as one if you:

-express libertarian philosophies (statements, bumper stickers)
-exhibit Second Amendment-oriented views (NRA or gun club membership)
-read survivalist literature, including apocalyptic fictional books
-show signs of self-sufficiency (stockpiling food, ammo, hand tools, medical supplies)
-fear an economic collapse
-buy gold and barter items
-subscribe to religious views concerning the book of Revelation
-voice fears about Big Brother or big government
-expound about constitutional rights and civil liberties
-believe in a New World Order conspiracy

You don’t have to be vocal about such views. The FBI will come to you, as it routinely infiltrates groups and businesses of all kinds. If you have “anti-government” sentiments you can easily be caught up in FBI investigations and blackmail and entrapment.

In the wake of the 9/11 terrorist attacks the FBI started to create “forward  leaning—preventative—prosecutions” that ensnare and utilize informants who are given permission to break the law to bring the case to a successful conclusion. Sometimes these informants first commit crimes that get them caught by the FBI, and some speculate even “mind control” may be experimented with.

We have our own experiences with this sort of FBI intimidation. One of us was actually picked up by FBI wiretaps involving 9/11 information. The phone tapping led to the FBI – or some similar – agency writing us emails suggesting that we cooperate with them in investigating off shore activity that some involved in The Daily Bell were supposedly involved with.

The emails were signed by someone called Nalum and then more recently by someone who called himself “God.” These emails have kept up on and off for an incredible seven years now, which shows the extent of institutional memory. The group has even written an expose of supposed activities using a spurious author who supposedly has no affiliation with police work but obviously does.

Even more incredibly, the FBI, or whatever it is, has decided the way to expose The Daily Bell is via an accusation of Fake News. The Daily Bell has been put on a list of groups that are supposedly involved with producing Fake News, including The Drudge Report and others.

When the time comes, the Fake News accusations will be triggered and the article and other information they have gathered over seven years will be suddenly “discovered” and further publicized. The idea is to avoid exposing the initial methodology of the 9/11 wiretapping which was patently illegal and outrageous.

That is our “FBI” story which has led at least one of us to abandon the US and travel abroad, for which he later received a death threat suggesting he kill himself. This is a tactic the FBI has used since encouraging Martin Luther King Jr. to kill himself in a letter they sent him.

Conclusion: The article, finishes by explaining that “When and if a true history of the FBI is ever written, it will not only track the rise of the American police state but it will also chart the decline of freedom in America.” We can certainly vouch for that and for the FBI’s insatiable, illegal energy in pursuing people who are writing columns and articles it doesn’t like.

You don’t have to play by the rules of the corrupt politicians, manipulative media, and brainwashed peers.

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  • Finninsweden

    Live and let live.

    • Casey Phyle

      That’s precisely what the Jewish Talmud doesn’t allow. They are people, and we are cattle, at best slaves to serve them. Don’t take this outlandish thing from me, look it up yourself. And check out proclamations by top rabbis like Ovadia Yosef, Menachem Mendel Schneerson and ilk. Then sweep the pile of scales away that fell from your eyes.

  • Calcinor Jones

    WWII seems to be a demonic sort of experiment in social engineering and tools for governance under the hands of pure despots at the cost of so many lives and infrastructure. Just games to the overlords. Just games…

    • Boysie

      You have been watching too many info on things that you have no chance
      of ever understanding – that is the reason for your platitudes…

      • Calcinor Jones

        I understand things perfectly clear. Perhaps you are lost in the shuffle. Perhaps you can explain how many of the most wicked minds of Nazism managed to conveniently escape into the west to use a subtle approach of their schemes and evils. You can call it a platitude all you want but I hardly consider the murder of millions trivial. I doubt Hitler was capable of rising to power without the financial support of the global bankers who more than likely supported the Nazi efforts with their usual economic tricks, propaganda and influence. Social engineering, evil and profits to be made from the elites of the day. Platitudes. Cute…

    • FEEuser

      Try Antony Sutton’s books for a better understanding, e.g., America’s Secret Establishment: An Introduction to the Order of Skull & Bones.

  • Boysie

    Even at this extremely late hour (2 minutes to midnight) (in America) – it is so very difficult for Americans to come to terms with their ingrown demons – This is a Prima Facie case of Cognitive Dissonance – instead of really looking in depth at American history – you have jumped (or were you pushed) directly into the nazi conundrum,,,America did not start on this particular road – after 1945 – America was on this road – (from the very begining) look at your history stsrting in 1734,,try if you may to join the dots – try if you can to be as objecive and as wide reading as possible – and you will find all the evidence and trends – Why is it that Americans are not capable of facing their own reality…it was not the Nazi’s who taught Ameicans about (Concentration Camps) – it was the Americans who taught the Nazis ….take another simple example – the extermination o 60 millions Native Indians and the absolute failure (even now in 2017) to treat or regard the Native Indians as humans – is this also the fault of the Nazis? – Not the mention the endless inhuman treatment of Blacks / Negroes…!

    • KilltheBank

      “DAS RAYCISS!!!”

    • Bruce Regael

      No it wasn’t the Americans that taught Nazi’s about Concentration Camps. The concept was actually taken from the British Empire during the Boer Wars in 1899. Their eugenics program was taken from America, which by the way was far more extreme than anything the Nazi’s ever put into practice, which by the way was extremely limited due to the war. I do agree the liberal framework of the ebil natzees needs to be dropped. Half of it is a lie or distraction and it’s only being used because that’s the demon everyone has been propagated to understand. Nobody cares if you say Stalin or Communist despite the far worse track record and the far more accurate comparison. The FBI since the very beginning started off shady, it didn’t need former Nazi’s making it worse. It would have got there all by its own.

      As far as the Native Indians go there’s really nothing concrete and I dread this being brought up just as much as the Nazi’s at this point because it’s always used to propagate an agenda. That number seems incredibly dubious for starters. Reminds me how we know 6 million jews died as a FACT, but even to this day you hear numbers of 20, 40, 60 million Russians died or higher by the Communists making the numbers absolutely silly to point out. The Indians weren’t saints and as far as the blacks go they shouldn’t have been brought here, but neither of that solves the problems. I mean what good is pointing out the bad treatment of blacks in America while ignoring that their own tribesmen rounded them up and it was the Arab slave trade, which by the way the British for the first time in history shut down globally? Lets also ignore Latin America was the biggest purchaser of slaves and also ignore the Irish and that every peoples on the planet has at one point undergone slavery.

      Everyone has their prejudices, but please don’t pretend like you don’t have an agenda when you bring these things up. It only makes the problem worse.

      • Boysie

        OK< thanks for your response – I much prefer to believe the information from the Indians that from (any) white American – and I would believe even less from Black American – The Russian figure is 27 million – mixing all these other ingredients into the pie (does not dilute the central argument) -(i.e.: blacks ares still the majority in South Africa) _ We are talking about AMERICA – ok, so any other inference is spacious to say the least.. the central thesis is that from the begining America and Americans – simply killed and killed some more – and when they ran out of the natives to kill – they moved next door and continued the killing – from the borders of Mexico 30 years ago – to the Russian border i.e.: / Ukraine / Georgi / Yugoslavia / et al…- America totally raped Iraq and what they could not steal they totally destroyed – go look it up – and remember we are discussing / commenting on America – the buck has to stop somewhere..ok

        • Wade House

          The Russian figure of 27 million is their war dead in ww2, which is not included in the figures above. YOU brought up the Brits and now South Africa and then cry about talking only about America?…Please dude.

          Black American and White American…WTH? I don’t do Racism.
          Guess I’m in the wrong place on the wrong website. I’m not trying to go back to the 50’s, 60’s or the Civil War Era.

          And the Buck does have to stop somewhere, and it will be STOPPED by American’s and America! But you won’t be one of them. You seem to be in the black and white frame of mind, and you need to be in the US vs. Them.

          You need to look at Central Banking, Fractional reserve Banking, The Money Changers and the Gold Bugs if you want to cast blame somewhere.

          Sorry to bother you. 🙂
          I don’t have time for racism. F#&% Racism!!!

          • James Clander

            Why gold bugs ? It’s their fault that Gold is manipulated daily -both up & down ? Please explain – seriously.

        • Wade House

          Sorry dude, I just noticed you weren’t replying to me.

          Very Sorry. Ignore what I wrote!!!

      • Wade House

        Arab slave trade, which by the way the British for the first time in history shut down globally? (For nearly 300 years, the Brits were the world’s top slave traders)
        – British Involvement in the Transatlantic Slave Trade. For well over 300 years, European countries forced Africans onto slave ships and transported them across the Atlantic Ocean.
        – Britain was the most dominant between 1640 and 1807 when the British slave trade was abolished. It is estimated that Britain transported 3.1 million Africans (of whom 2.7 million arrived) to the British colonies in the Caribbean, North and South America and to other countries.

        but even to this day you hear numbers of 20, 40, 60 million Russians died or higher by the Communists making the numbers absolutely silly to point out. (The reason you hear such large numbers is because those are the numbers!)
        – Dyadkin estimated that the USSR suffered 56 to 62 million “unnatural deaths” during that period, with 34 to 49 million directly linked to Stalin. In “Europe A History,” British historian Norman Davies counted 50 million killed between 1924-53, excluding wartime casualties.Mar 5, 2013
        – During the century measured, more people died as a result of communism than from homicide (58 million) and genocide (30 million) put together. The combined death tolls of WWI (37 million) and WWII (66 million) exceed communism’s total by only 9 million.Mar 13, 2013

        6 million jews died as a FACT***(Not a FACT at all!)
        – The World Almanac of 1938 gives the number of Jews in the world as 16,588,259. But after the war, the New York Times, February 22nd, 1948 placed the number of Jews in the world at a minimum of 15,600,000 and a maximum of 18,700,000. Quite obviously, these figures make it impossible for the number of Jewish war-time casualties to be measured in anything but thousands.
        – 1933-1939: Some 80 percent (about 400,000) of the Jews in Germany held German citizenship.

        This place is turning into the Fox News of the Net! Do people still believe this propaganda??? OMG! No research, just talk.

    • davidnrobyn

      FYI, there were about 4 million Native Americans in what later became the lower 48 at the time of European discovery.
      Most of the problems they face today are the result of government paternalism.

      • Boysie

        I much prefer to reference Russel Means – among other knowledgable Indian historians to someone who uses large words – but have no idea what the mean – The Europeans cannot have discovered something that was already in existence – OK,,,moreover it is the pathetic GREED as demonstrated by the decendants of these same Europeans – that is still evident today 2017 – someone commented “Live and Let Live” – These words should have been ingsrained in the American constitution – were that to be the case 500 000 Iraqi children may still be alive today – Go look at Madelyn Allbright – when asked if the death of half a million Iraqi children was worth it – Subsequently America and Americans killed more that 2 million Iraqi in (2) wars – against the Iraqi people – What did these people (the Iraqi ever did to any American) ?

  • Kernel01

    The Daily Bell is far from any Fake News allegations foisted upon it, especially by the Federal Bureau of Imbeciles (FBI). The Daily Bell is more like the proverbial phrase “canary in the coal mine” warning of dangers surmounting on the horizon to rightly keep us informed for our own good. Always delivering thought provoking and cogently written articles. Almost akin to the Bill O’ words of “we’re looking out for you.”

  • I have contacted FBI at several times about serious crimes and … never even got a polite reply. In most cases they simply do not reply and in one rare case the SAC informed she was not really interested … without giving any reason. Her office looked like a fort in the middle of nowhere.

    • FEEuser

      The FBI does not exist to fight crime. It exists to harass political dissidents.


    I have a true story about the FBI that YOU will not believe. I went to the FBI two years ago to tell them of the corruption and killings that were occurring all over the world by the Russian mafia that I had been made privy to. The agent listened and at the end of the meeting he promised that he would look into the matter. I directly asked him if he believed me and he absolutely said he did.He said he would be in contact with me within a week. I then called him back two weeks later and I could not reach him, they kept telling me was out and would return my call, I’M STILL WAITING!

    • James Clander

      I can understand why you had no further response – – get real!

  • Rosicrucian32

    Ahhhh, coming from experience as a LEO, I can say that the FBI is the most capable “after the fact” investigators on the planet. As far as proactive policing, the way they operate couldn’t prevent a bicycle from being stolen if they were given the rack, the lock, and the bicycle along with an armed guard. Unless that armed guard was a local, county or state LEO…..

    • Doc

      Agreed, they couldn’t prevent the simplest thing. But they also make sure they have something to use against all of us, everyone. That is typical of Gestapo and the likes.

    • davidnrobyn

      Great comment. I’m not sure though, that “proactive policing” is either necessary or strictly Constitutional. The same with “hate crime”, AKA thought crime.

  • autonomous

    It is not surprising that the U.S. government attracted the people who were attracted to Hitler & Co. All government everywhere attract such animals. Government is the natural habitat and breeding grounds of all manner of ghouls. When (Lord) Acton noted that power corrupts he barely scratched the surface. Perhaps he was blind to his own corruption. America’s founders (at least some of them) had an inkling that power had a tendency toward corruption, but they, as most Americans today, had the naive notion that paper bonds would hold in check those who would abuse their fellow man.

    • notwithabang

      Yes, but who or what created the compost out of which Hitlerism grew (rhetorical).

      • Boysie

        What is Hitlerism?

        • notwithabang

          Nascent Nazism.

          *A term for the embryonic NSDAP post-Drexler
          that might make a comeback should recent incorrect social/media usage
          further distort the definition of “Nazi”.

          • Boysie


      • autonomous

        Very interesting, “created the compost…” For it is the seething resentment of powerlessness that breeds hatred and violence against those whom demagogues point to as being responsible for oppression and to themselves as deliverers therefrom. As compost rots vegetation, oppression rots the souls of the powerless and produces heat and gases easily ignitable into the flames that destroy everything in its path. Workers of the world, unite; you have nothing to lose but your chains!

  • Alan

    While I agree with the sentiment of this article, the comparisons of Trump to Hitler are just the frantic left’s attempts to throw mud and hope some of it sticks.

    • Boysie

      Sorry, but if you ever get the chance to read “MEIN KAMPF (aka) My Struggle” the life of Hr Hitler – you may well come to a different conclusion about Hitler,,,I dont think you will get sent to SING SING for this .. so please give it a try…

      • Doc

        I agree, everything is in place for a US Fuhrer to appear. People will be screaming for him to take command and sort out all the problems. Scapegoats will be found, out of necessity. Damn those people, damn that party and that faction. Beef up the authorities to protect the people, spy more to find the bad guys. Etc.

        Oh, is this already happening?

      • Alan

        Trump believes in the constitution. Hitler was a socialist dictator who blamed the Jews for the economic and other problems of the day.

        • Boysie

          You have made your money – you are comfortable – so, If you are not a jew – or jewish – maybe it is time to read some history –

        • Boysie

          Hitler was NOT wrong – look at America – It has been turned into SWISS CHEESE – who by?????

        • Boysie

          It’s about time – you spent your time getting a “REAL EDUCATION” – WHY, you know NOTHING ABOUT Hr HITLER, YOU KNOW NOTHING ABOUT SOCIALISM, YOU KNOW NOTHING ABOUT HISTORY,,,sorry t be soo rude – but (for once in my life – I will use the phrase “TRUST ME” – IT IS AMAZING TO DISCOVER THAT THE STUFF THAT YOU THOUGHT THAT YOU KNEW IS NOTHING BUT A PACK OF LIES…When you can accept that simple fact – you are on your way to an EDUCATION,,THAT IS UNMATCHED by anything previous – You can get MEIN KAMPF IN ENGLISH,,try it first – before you make anymore comments about Germany and Hr Hitler,,ok…

          • Alan777

            Nice to know that you have all the answers. Maybe you should write a book.

          • Boysie

            You do not have to be moronic to have alternative – especially when dealing with (obvious) lies…

    • FEEuser

      “Left” vs. “Right”?

      False distinction. What we are up against is a collections of mafias, power elites who defy easy categorization.

      • Alan

        Not completely, the democrats have a racist ultra-left wing agenda and, of course, the rinos have their reasons but both want power.

  • SnakePlissken

    When the Dept. of Homeland Security was started, they hired the former head of East German Secret Police and a former KGB head to help put it together. Don’t take my word for it, Google it.

    • FEEuser


  • Doc

    The head of states in the west was impressed by Hitler and open about it. They all loved Keynes and the economic policies he prescribed. So why not hire the Germans that excelled at all that popular ideas.

    The big cover up came when they told people that it was Hitler that was the evil one, not the system that made him.

    • davidnrobyn

      They also loved social-Darwinian eugenics. They just didn’t like to have its logical outcome demonstrated so clearly and graphically to the world. I think a lot of the demonization of Hitler was a distancing of themselves from the outcome of their own bad ideas. Not that Hitler and the Nazis weren’t demons, you understand, but since when does this sorry world really get behind the repudiation of evil? Only when it serves some pragmatic purpose, in my experience.

      • Doc

        Well said.

  • yep

    ha…they are worst than the Gestapo…they remind me of china….where they don’t care but destroys people lives……the CIA should not exist….there will be a time where people will be pissed off and they will start to kill the CIA…..on site…maybe even bomb thier building…who knows

    • Boysie

      Have you ever lived in China – Do you speak Chinese?

  • notwithabang

    Fake News = not propaganda, a badge of honour in the main. Wear with pride.

    However, a sure sign that the DB and thousands of other journalists are over the target of the liars lair. Yes, expect flak and more, but we know that to think, speak & live any other way would be not to live at all.

    These are protean terms. The actors at CNN are already rebranding Fake News: “viral deception” (VD) they call it this week…it’s a projection of what they do.

    VD is now a textually transmitted disease.

    • davidnrobyn

      One of the left’s favorite tactics is to smear with labels. When one label is exposed as a sham, they slap another one on. Read Tom Woods’ commentary today, “Guess who else is a ‘white supremacist'”.

      • notwithabang

        On point read. Pejorative term for the perceived “oppressor” devalues through overuse. Rinse, rebrand and repeat. The Cultural Marxist Advertising Agency – never creative, always destructive; transparent to some. It’s threatening to assassinate more characters today than Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot, et al did human bodies.

      • Boysie

        JES(A)S man – where do you get all these labels from – can you direct me to a library?

  • davidnrobyn

    The FBI, CIA, and NSA–three entities that an honest, honorable society doesn’t need.

    • Boysie

      Correct – !

    • FEEuser

      All of them should be abolished. All security organizations should be PRIVATIZED, just like any other industry.

      The FBI doesn’t do anything that state policing agencies can’t do for themselves (not that they are necessarily any more trustworthy).

      Regarding the CIA,

      Merle Miller: Mr. President, I know that you were responsible as President for setting up the CIA. How do you feel about it now?

      Truman: I think it was a mistake. And if I’d known what was going to happen, I never would have done it.

      All state-sponsored, tax-supported bureaucracies get out of control and then begin to threaten freedom by engaging in the long list of crimes listed in the article. Crime is what they exist for.

      Government is the most perfect vehicle for crime ever invented. Within government, those so-called “intelligence agencies” are the most perfect expression of crime among the many perpetrators.

    • Marten

      You forgot FDA….

  • Bruce C.

    Here’s my one and only experience with the FBI. I bought some numismatic gold coins from a dealer with a website. But I actually talked to the “owner” and ultimately sent him some money and DID get my coins exactly as agreed. However, I also sensed he was a con man, but I took my chances with a small initial purchase. In light of what followed, he may have been trying to set me up for a big heist.

    Years later I received two separate phone calls from an FBI agent who left messages on my voice recorder (remember those days?). I called him back out of curiosity and a sense of patriotism – him requesting info, and all. He asked if I in fact purchased said coins from a such-and-such and I said “yes.” He asked if I still had contact with him, but I didn’t (years had passed). He said he was trying to find him. I asked “why?” He said it was because he was being accused of absconding with peoples’ money and not delivering the agreed upon goods – gold coins. I wasn’t surprised by any of this, but I honestly had nothing to add. After all, he dealt with me straight up (even the prices I paid were pretty “fair”.)

    Since then, which was about 10 years ago, I never heard from “the FBI agent” again.

  • Hi. I have my own story of criminal FBI harassment. It’s a lot worse than what you describe, but it also sounds too far fetched to share, in brief, with strangers. Essentially I was a would be whistleblower, witness/informant to what turned out to be a domestic CIA black op (that which theoretically doesn’t even exist….). Went to the FBI, like a dumb sheeple, expecting them to either not believe me or investigate…became a Targeted Individual instead. I now have a few thousand witness experiences to things I can’t “prove” to a 3rd party, an inside view of US govt. crime, and hellish struggle.

    As part of that, I’m making a list of Indy News sites that talk about related issues or just provide news that isn’t filtered by CIA/FBI/Operation Mockinbird loyalty ties. I’ve put together a page with URL, RSS, and Twitter contacts. Which can be downloaded here:
    Many of these sites commonly run related work from 3rd party writers, and would be of practical interest to your writers if they would like to achieve a wider circulation. For the moment, I tweet @misc_CIA_victim and have a slightly larger list here:

    I will add a comment on the parent article below in a separate post.

  • RichK54vet

    More like the Mossad

  • The FBI is a kind of Gestapo, and obviously supported the OSS/CIA Operation Paperclip that brought many actual German Nazis to the USA after WWII, as well as installing them to positions of power in the new West Germany – c.f. Reinhard Gehlen as well as discussion of early German versions of Gladio in Weiner’s “Legacy of Ashes”. The really key difference however is that Hitler/Nazis were a public govt. of Germany, making the visible law, policies, and activities of the state during their reign. In contrast, the CIA/Deep State in the US makes cover Shadow Policy that hides behind the Democratic public govt. and public law of the United States. This situation splits the FBI into several different parts – the marketing part that the public sees through television shows, and movies, that is a kind of super do-good Federal police force everyone admires, the CounterIntel unit which people expect to protect them from foreign spies, terrorists, and traitors according to recognized public policy, the security force that caters to the special security needs of the Federal govt., and Black bag/black ops/secret part which views the public law and public policy as something to get around and takes its core missin to be supplying security/cover ups for CIA/Deep State crime. So, for example, the FBI plays a key role in providing denial/cover up/false story for JFK murder, Vietnam War lies/crimes, MLK murder, Malcom X murder, RFK murder, Operation Condor (including Letelier assassination in D.C. ), Reagan’s October Surprise, Iran/Contra, Lockerbie, 9/11, “War on Terror”, etc. Although the FBI is a small organization compared to the DOD and CIA by budget and numbers, the synergy of operating within the DOJ, FISA, local police, CIA, DHS, DOD, etc. is incredibly powerful in practice – sort of like the head butler that knows everythng which is going on, directs all the servants, has a finger in ever scam/crime, and can’t be easily challenged or replaced.


      Excellent post. The evil of America is so vast and conclusive that it is incredible that the population is so unaware of it. Truly a tribute to their control of the media for the last 54 years. Americans are like some backward tribe that has just been discovered and is totally unaware of the modern world. Only students of history get this and no one studies history any more. No money in that. History students are then called “conspiracy theorists” when they try to tell the truth.

      • For sure. I’m researching “untold” and forgotten history at the same time as current events and disclosures of Spook events – relevations following with some 20-50 year lag to the original events. It is harder to see the reality of things being “messed up” – i.e. to see that media functions as captured propaganda – when one has grown up with that over one’s entire life. It was already true, before we were born.

        I’m struck by the contemporary relevance of Smedley Butler’s “War Is A Racket” and by his life story. He is still the most decorated USMC in history, but became disillusioned by the the campaigns he saw, the episode of the “Bonus Army”, and then being asked to be part fo a treasonous plot to get rid of FDR. That plot is known to us today as “The Business Plot”. BBC did a radio show on about it – and there are a few books, including “The Plot to Seize the White House” Archer and Venzon. The Wall Street plotters ability to control the media outlets was one of the things they counted on in making that plot. This also contributed to hushing it up afterwards, even though there were Congressional hearings that found truth in the allegations and other witnesses.

  • Tom

    “The NSDAP, Germany waged a defensive war against Marxists intent on destroying Germany and Europe, as we see today with third world weaponized immigration. Hitler’s war was on bankers, the NWO and the Zionist parasites trying to destroy non white nations. His sin was resisting Judaism.”and…

    “The unforgivable sin of Hitler’s Germany was to develop a new economic system by which money was created by the Reichsbank by which the International Bankers were deprived of their usury profits.” Winston Churchill

    Are their comparisons?

    Hitler loved his country and tried to save it.
    Trump loves his country and is trying to save it.
    Hitler fought against pedophilia which was destroying Germany.
    Trump has arrested over 1,500 pedophiles since Jan, more to come.
    Trump is fighting against marxist Obama, who wants to destroy America behind the NWO—Germany also was fighting against the NWO and communism. Trump is fighting against the swamp—Germany actually drained the swamp.

    We are enslaved by our fake history.

    Who did want to conquer the world?

    “Judaism is communism, internationalism, the universal brotherhood of man, the emancipation of the working class and the human society. It is with these spiritual weapons that the Jews will conquer the world and the human race. The races and the nations will cheerfully submit to the spiritual power of Judaism, and all will become Jews”… Rabbi Harry Waton

    “Germany was diametrically opposed to the Jewish supremacist goal of a “New World Order”, which is essentially Jewish domination and subjugation of the entire globe – politically, economically, and culturally – a Jewish Utopia so to speak. Hitler and the National Socialist political movement not only spoke openly and honestly about important subjects, clearly identifying the enemy of all humanity – international Jewry – they made serious moves against this destructive, parasitic network of criminals that had wrecked their country and sought to destroy their people. Hitler and National Socialism were the anti-thesis to Jewish Communism and Jewish plutocratic capitalism, two destructive ideologies Adolf Hitler and the NSDAP clearly recognized as Jewish-inspired philosophies which result in the total destruction of every nation they are practiced in.”

    So I guess there is a lot of comparisons…

  • Casey Phyle

    Another smear job on Germany. Long before the Gestapo, there were the Bolshevik secret police, spying and slaughter agencies. According to Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn their crimes were much worse, and the number of casualties much greater, than anything the Gestapo ever did, although that doesn’t absolve the Gestapo from their own crimes.
    Strange that your story starts with the Gestapo, and not the communists that were the originators of modern, systematic police abuse. That jibes exactly with the fact that most people know NOTHING about the monstrous crimes and genocide the Bolsheviks committed on behalf of their bosses, the money printers in London and New York – but are pumped full with atrocity propaganda against Germany.
    The rise of the American police state and decline of freedom in America has less do with Nazi police thugs the FBI hired than with the true originators of suppression of freedom… who also perpetrated 9-11.

    • notwithabang

      Leading with the Cheka would have been more appropriate to be sure; perhaps DB is directly addressing the Rutherford Institute article.

      The 3 volume Gulag Archipelago is out of print…wonder why!

      • Casey Phyle

        “200 Years Together” has never been printed yet and is only partially translated from Russian. But those parts that are available make your hair stand up.

    • FEEuser

      BOTH the the Nazis and the Soviets were bank rolled by the Illuminati. They were long-term, grand experiments in which form of collectivism would win out in WWII.

      Obviously, and on the surface, the Soviets triumphed over the Nazis, but not as completely as has been advertised. The books of Antony Sutton and Joseph Farrell make this pretty clear.

      Evidently, the Illuminati have adopted elements of both, though the DB concentrates on the Nazi side because of Operation Paperclip, etc.

  • georgesilver

    ” Lately, there’s been a lot of rhetoric comparing Donald Trump to Adolf Hitler”

    If you want to scare the children and feeble minded al you need to do is bring out the arch bogey-man Adolph Hitler.

    People forget Adolph Hitler was loved by his people.

    • Tsigantes

      Yes because “as the whole world knows” all Germans have “anti-semitic” DNA….LOL

      • georgesilver

        You mean they don’t like Arabs?

        • notwithabang

          Well, the Arabs are Semitic people; it’s a sore point in the world of pejorative semantics.

        • Tsigantes

          Bravo George – exactly ;))

        • FEEuser

          The Nazis had significant alliances with Arab countries.

  • chris

    the gestapo were jews. and the jewish mafia in america was the worst.

  • georgesilver

    Hi Daily Bell, With reference to my previous post below perhaps you should do a piece on “anti-Semetism”. It’s really a misunderstood term that has been co-opted much like the word “gay” has been ‘owned’ by homosexuals.
    I think the people Jew/Arab that the term refers to are partly to blame (maybe totally) for the problems they experience. If you adopt a new country but insist on keeping many things at arms length like only marrying one of your own then you create the impression right or wrong that you are somehow superior. If I had moved to India and married an Indian girl then in a couple of generations my resulting family would be totally integrated and completely Indian. I wouldn’t disown my daughter if she married a local Indian instead of an Englishman. You get the picture.

  • FEEuser

    Trust me, as an avid FBI “watcher,” for the FBI, “crime fighting” is merely window dressing, just for show.

    The mission of that agency is mostly political harassment and the repression of dissent. This is a matter of public record, and the dark shadows of that record are long..

    The FBI also covers up for (and itself commits) all manner of what Peter Dale Scott has called, “tolerated crime.” This is also a matter of public record.

    As Scott has written, “What is really operating here is a widely disseminated willingness, not to be blamed on any single individual or agency, private or public, to resort to fraud, violence, and even murder.”

    Source: “Deep Politics and the Death of JFK” (1993), p. 311.

    All US intelligence agencies are guilty of these crimes.

    Suggestions for further reading:

    Curt Gentry, “J. Edgar Hoover: The Man and the Secrets” (1991).

    Betty Medsger, “The Burglary: The Discovery of J. Edgar Hoover’s FBI” (2014).

  • aPEON

    sounds like your commentors are actually Writing the Stories.