Proof that ADHD is a Fake Disease
By Joe Jarvis - February 01, 2018

Some children are better at paying attention than others. Some can cope with, or even enjoy, a school classroom setting. Some kids have more energy than others. Some are good at following directions, and some are easily distracted.

But just because a classroom is not a good environment for many children does not mean they have a disorder. They may have an Attention Deficit because they are bored. They may he Hyperactive because they are cooped up and forced to sit still at a desk. But this does not constitute a Disorder.

What happened to the belief in the uniqueness of a child? Aren’t they told they don’t have to fit in? And then if the factory school system doesn’t work for them, they have a disorder.

Instead of treating children like individuals, schools and parents act like they have no other choice but to let drugs make the behavioral adjustments. How sad that there is more willingness to drug kids to make them fit in, instead of changing the system, or being attentive to individual needs.

The Tragicomedy of ADHD

An article about ADHD from Healthline would be funny if it weren’t tragic.

Who gets ADHD, a graphic asks? Children living below 2x the poverty line are at an increased risk. Boys are 3x more likely to be afflicted than girls. Children with mild ADHD are usually diagnosed at 8 years old, while children with severe ADHD are diagnosed at 5 years old.

Wow! What genius did this research? Boys run around more than girls? You can tell which kids have more energy at a younger age? Kids with a less stable upbringing are less well behaved? Somebody deserves a Nobel prize.

Girls symptoms are less obvious, the article says. To act withdrawn or have a tendency to daydream constitutes a disorder. Of course, this couldn’t have anything to do with the system! Surely being force-fed boring and irrelevant lessons couldn’t have anything to do with a tendency to daydream.

The American Psychiatric Association (APA) says 4% of children have ADHD, while the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) claims the number is closer to 11%.

Raise your hand if you’re surprised the government almost triples the estimate for ADHD affliction compared to a private organization.

But they say it’s not the government schooling system that needs to be changed, that’s out of the question! We just need to pump kids full of drugs to solve these problems. The children have the disorder, not the school system.

The two states with the highest instances of ADHD are Kentucky and Arkansas.

My first thought was that this proves that ADHD is a social construction. My biased brain immediately thinks: duh, kids in those states want to run around outside with their shoes off, catching crawfish and climbing trees. Not stuck in a classroom.

But I don’t want to just base this on stereotypes, so I did a little research.

According to census data, 86% of 6-15-year-old Kentuckians fish and 31% Hunt.

In Arkansas, 89% of 6-15-year-olds fish, and 35% hunt.

Who hunts and fishes by state was readily available information. These were the closest indicators I could think of that Kentucky and Arkansas children are more interested in being outside and active than cooped up in a classroom.

Compare that to the two states with the lowest instances of ADHD, Nevada and New Jersey. Both states did not produce enough data on 6-15-year-old hunters to give an accurate statistic. In Nevada, 44% of children 6-15 fish. 45% of New Jersey kids fish.

To me, this suggests that the states with the highest instances of ADHD diagnosis are also states where the traditional values of public education are least aligned with the population.

Children have different interests. Why do we need to fit everyone in the same “education” box, especially if it requires drugs? If kids’ brains are more attuned to fishing and hunting than chalkboards and composition, let them be!

There are all different ways to learn and make connections. But drugging kids up robs them of their creativity at an age when brains are still forming. This ensures they never reach their full potential.

Instead of letting them pursue their natural interests, they are forced into a mold. But since that mold comes unnaturally, they will never excel as much as their peers.

This sets them up for a life of “failure.” If the system just let them do their own thing, there is no telling what genius would be produced.

What An ADHD Diagnosis Does to a Kid’s Future

Some schools end up harassing parents who do not comply with their recommendations to drug their kids. Some parents are not well informed and take schools’ advice, wrongly assuming it is scientific.

experts have voiced concerns that students are being diagnosed with ADHD simply as a matter of convenience. Children who display behaviors such as inattention, impulsivity and hyperactivity are often singled out for assessments. Some would say these are pretty typical behaviors for young people depending on their personality, but many public schools are quick to tell parents to bring their child to a psychiatrist for a diagnosis in the knowledge that the child will be far less disruptive once they’re medicated. It’s easier and faster than teaching them proper behavior, right?

A UCLA study found that kids with ADHD are more likely than the general population to abuse drugs in the future. But the rate of addiction was the same among children with ADHD who were prescribed medication versus those who were not. So it appears that the drugs themselves do not lead to future addiction if this study can be trusted.

But what if the ADHD diagnosis itself causes the future problems?

Kids are labeled at a young age as having a disorder. They are treated differently by teachers, peers, and even parents. They may develop social isolation from this. And as we discussed the other day, isolation is the main contributor to drug addiction.

So perfectly normal kids are having their lives ruined by a diagnosis of a fake disorder. It is only real in the sense that it is a social disorder. And I would say not fitting into the current public school system is an asset, not a disorder.

Parents Can Change the World

If you’re a parent who wants to change the world, you’re in luck! You have a bigger and more important opportunity than passing legislation or marching in the streets.

And as Voltaire (and later Spiderman’s Uncle) said, “With great power comes great responsibility.”

Give your child an authoritarian upbringing, they will bring those lessons to the world.

Tell them their normal behavior constitutes a disorder, and they will believe you.

But raise them in the philosophy of freedom, and the world will reflect these values.

You don’t have to play by the rules of the corrupt politicians, manipulative media, and brainwashed peers.

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  • That’s revolutionary talk, JJ. …… and seconded here to square its powers with disruptions.

    Cubed, with a third mind in Singular Agreement, and the Energy of IntelAIgents Careers towards AlMighty ……. and the Appearance of an Anonymised Few with Cosmic Secrets to Sell and Tell ….. or Tell to Sell whenever the Product is Simply Complex and requires Advanced Levels of Consciousness to be Attained, with One Particular and Peculiar Level Providing Full Awareness of the Heavenly/Hellish Consequences of Possible Misuse to Oneself.

    That System, as you can imagine and are hereby immediately informed, is SMARTR Self Monitoring and AIMentoring.

    And IT Provides AINovel Platform on which to Create and Realise Heavens on Earth via Remote Alien Control of Server Messages to SCADA Systems Administrations.

    Spooky DARPA/IARPA Team Virtual Training Terrain, methinks …. for if they aint there practising with leads, they’re following All who Do. 🙂

    • mjmcarthur

      Okay… what? There are words, and I am reading them… but what do they mean? lol. If you read this could you email me?
      I love learning new ideas and concepts and there are a bunch here I am trying to understand and would appreciate any clarification you could provide. Thanks!

  • Learned from Experience

    ADHD is NOT A FAKE DISEASE. Like many of the diseases of our times — fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome, for instance, they are ‘diseases’ of our energy systems. When a child suffers a trauma before the age of 2.5 it can result in ADHD. Even though I consulted with my psychiatrist, I was told my child would not suffer anything because of the drugs I was on. (I’m an old woman now and well off those drugs, thank God, and it took me years of struggle.) When my son was born, he had to go cold turkey off my drugs, and this altered his energy system in very complicated ways. My husband stood there and watched his suffering in the newborn’s area. We didn’t understand what had happened until much later, and while we doctored for it, we never gave him drugs.

    Fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome are a response of our energy systems to the crazy, dancing-as-fast-as-I-can lifestyle that has been subtly forced on so many of us. I know, because I suffered from both of them and cured them both without any drugs. They both required that I become conscious of how my energy body was responding. . . much better and far more empowering than taking more drugs . . .

    This is a very complicated subject and all I can do is allude to the fact that these problems are a result of our lifestyle today. We are all under incredible stress . . . stress that has no rightful place in our lives, but has been caused by outside forces.

  • JohnHenrysHammer

    Three things glaringly excluded from the discussion:

    Nutrition, nutrition, and nutrition.

    Study that, and you will find the second cause of this “illness.”

    All things in health come down to these things: environment, nutrition, or a combination of those. While “energy” plays a part, it’s much more discernable to find a solution when less vague terms are used.

    • C67sCFdmbN

      Nutrition and hormones were the direction we went trying to understand my wife, the irrational behaviors, abrupt change in emotion over the life of our marriage. She finally was diagnosed at a high price to our relationship to the problem. Since then I have studied much about ADD/ADHD. ADD/ADHD is 80% hereditary. Not really curable. It can be helped with the right combination of medications. I use to be totally against the uptake drugs. Now I have seen how helpful for many patients. I have learned they can help a person focus, making them more capable at a job and learning. I have clearly witnessed this.
      It takes at least 30 hours of study to begin to put the puzzle pieces together about this subject. So much is involved. I consider it more a neurological development/chemical disorder. If you want to learn more about the subject, start listening to Dr. Russell Barkley on YouTube. You will begin to realize just how many people around you have so many of the symptoms. here is a list of a few of the symptoms, depression, anxiety, stress, sleep disorders, relationship problems, alcohol and drug abuse. Often associated with other psychological disorders.

    • Agree on all points, but many parents have played into the scenario by reacting to bogus claims as if they are real and therefore enhancing the crime by not having correct boundaries for their children and assuming they are VICTIMs of a created disease ? The truth is none of it actually exists ans never has, it is just another created disease like restless leg syndrome and many others. And of course there is a drug to sell you, conveniently for these created fake diseases.

      Americans have been and still are, very weak minded and buy into all manner of garbage because a supposed professional says to do so ? Well past time to question any and all authority from the supposed smart guys, Hey ? In every matter and event in spades !–.html–.html

    • StevenCee

      Sorry, we’re not quite that neat and tidy a package. Environment & nutrition are factors but hardly the only ones. Do you honestly believe there aren’t people who grew up in a perfectly fine environment, and ate quite healthfully, yet still have brain issues, or circulatory, or heart, lung, & lots of other things? If you do, you are either naive, or grossly uninformed. I’ve known people in “perfect” physical shape, healthy eaters, run miles daily, etc, then collapse and require triple-bypass surgery, or just drop dead of a heart attack.

      Some people can use alcohol or drugs recreationally, and take it or leave it, others become addicts, others literally lose their mind. There’s no certain path to a perfect, healthy life…

  • rufous

    Totally true. It’s sad how long this nonsense has persisted.

    My sister raised four sons. Two of them were birthed while pursuing her doctorate in psychiatry from UCSF. Every one of her sons was more than once “diagnosed” by school employees and administrators as having ADD or ADHD. Of course when the discussions on the matter took place the only actual doctor of psychiatry in the room was my sister. She politely told them all to go to hell. Every school pulled the same BS, public, parochial; every one. The people pushing it were all women. It has more to do with the mental health of the academic feminist than with science.

    My sister had a great obstetrician who delivered all the boys. His description of ADHD was “…the only pathology that effects boys from 8:00 am to 3:00 pm on weekdays.”

    • StevenCee

      Of course, when you have unskilled, unschooled laymen diagnosing children you’re going to find a lot of foolishness. But that certainly doesn’t come close to “proving” ADD/ADHD is “fake”. Of all systems of the body, the mind is still the “last frontier”, and is playing catch-up to knowledge & research in the other areas.

      That’s why we have a good many lame psychiatrists who make cursory evaluations, then throw all kinds of drugs at patients, hoping one may work. But that’s a different issue, doctors are not all-knowing, some are more knowledgeable than others, some are hacks, others don’t ever spend enough time with patients to properly & thoroughly diagnose what the problem may be.

      I’ve had to correct doctors, because I know my body better than someone who spends 10-15 mins “examining” me. But because we are dealing with imperfect people, that does not mean to throw the baby out with the bathwater.

  • Look up Dr Fred Baughman and you will know the truth of ADHD and all the other phony supposed diseases promoted by the fake science of psychiatry. It is all a sham to promote drug sales and to be used for politicized laws to control people. It is all quite insane and the best form of the insane running the assylum on the planet. Maybe more so than the democrats these days and their insanity ? And Fred is a democrat but a very sincere and honorable man, a sort of oxymoron today for many democrats.

    The forced drugging of millions of children in the last few decades is well past insane and all completely unnecessary, for many valid reasons. In fact his was and is a crime !

    • James Higginbotham

      right you are.
      i have a Son who was diagnosed with that and i told my then wife it was all BS, and it IS.

      • Indeed we all live under many illusions created for us my man. .Probably not fun dealing with the woman who had such a mindset ? Sounds horrid for all of you.

  • Richard Perry

    ADHD is NOT “fake”. The problem stated, incorrect diagnosis and children taking medications is not because ADHD is fake. If you took ten minutes to research excactly what is ADHD and ADHD treatments, you just might see that ADHD is real. ADHD can be treated without medication. Any doctor prescribing medication before trying non-medication treatment should lose their license to practice because they are unethical. Also, ADHD medications treat only ONE ADHD symptom, not all of them. Your statistics tell a wrong story. What about children who do have ADHD but do not get treatment? They are labeled as lazy, stupid, or underperformed. What happens when these children grow up? For many, ADHD doesn’t magically disappear in adulthood. If you are going to write about ADHD, do some real research first. I do agree that medications to treat anything should not be given to children unless there are no other alternatives. Doctors prescibe ADHD medication when they shouldn’t does NOT mean ADHD is fake. It means the doctor is lazy or unethical. Then statistics are collected that do not tell the entire story. These statistics result in news stories saying ADHD is fake. And potentially people who should get treatment don’t. Trust me, an authoritarian upbringing does not fix or “cure” ADHD. All it does is make family life a living hell. Who wants that for their family?

    • Alan777

      If ADHD itself is not fake, Joe’s point is that the ADHD epidemic is. This is not only happening for ADHD but the medical professionals in general have largely become legalized drug pushers.

    • Ochie

      Thank you Richard. As a child I was told I was lazy, procrastinator, less than. As an adult with bipolar I have learned that ADHD and the lesser known Inattentive ADHD has to do with brain chemistry. It is medically proven with brain scans that it is in fact real. Sure kids can be “forced” to conform as I was and we come up with many survival / coping mechanisms. I have to learn today how best to live with the brain I have and all it’s nuances. But please don’t ever anybody tell me what I struggle with is FAKE.

    • Look up Dr Fred Baughman and you will see you are not at all up to speed as you seem to think. He has been on this for decades now and likely the expert in the field world wide.

    • Well said Richard- but said slightly differently: brain function imbalances are real and measurable, while appearance diagnosis is imprecise. The appearances we see are, in fact, based upon underlying biology that too often remains completely overlooked – Listen to Dr. Walsh here on methylation:

  • Shirley

    My Grandson was diagnosed with ADHD and started on the drugs. He started having hallucinations so they put him on an anti psychotic. He was a mess. Thank goodness he was only on them for a short time because unknown to anyone I weaned him off all of them over summer school break. When he went back to school they were amazed as to how well he was doing. They were shocked when I told him he was drug free. He was so far behind in school that I sent him to a tutor. When they tested him he came out great on all the tests but one. She told me I should take him to a hearing center to get tested for AUDITORY processing problems. I did and he was diagnosed with auditory problems which MIMIC ADHD. The school was sent a report as to how to help him ie: make sure the good ear is facing the instructor. He was fine from then on and finished high school with great marks. Many of his friends were on multiple drugs but would not listen to me about what they were doing to their kids. Many of them have serious problems.

    • Number 6

      You should sue them for child abuse, this is nothing short of drug testing on children !

      • Not really testing any longer , just sales.

        Same is true of returning vets from the fake wars. Give them psychotropcis and watch them kill themselves in hordes !

    • common sense prevails so good on Ya !

  • n_m_a

    Also seems like this sudden rise in every other kid having ADHD also coincide with getting rid of more hands on out-doors and vocational training / activities at school (shop, metalwork, woodwork, mechanics,etc etc) in an effort to push more kids into a pointless and overpriced uni system because they are “special”……

  • Ochie

    Sorry Joe and Daily Bell you’re wrong on this one.
    You also could be preventing many children from getting the help they need by perpetuating this error.
    Scientific proof exists in brain scans and brain chemistry in those diagnosed with ADHD, (both children and adults).
    Is it perhaps an overused diagnosis? Yes. Is there a failure to address the real issue and simply mask the patient with drugs? Yes.
    However this article does nothing to provide any proof that it’s fake except by trying to say kids that hunt and fish show less symptoms. That’s not a proof nor scientific.
    I showed all the symptoms of Inattentive ADHD as a child. It caused me great grief trying to fit in and learn at school. I had trouble with self esteem/ worth because of it.
    I “Forced” myself to “overcome” my condition and conform.
    I also suffered physical punishment for my unruliness.
    The stress of my upbringing, my attempt to remain calm and focused, and the need to prove to myself that I’m not defective all came to a head.
    At the age of 49 I suffered a manic episode and was diagnosed bipolar.
    All persons reading this HEAR me and HEAR ME GOOD.
    There are a number of brain chemistry, hormone conditions that will manifest with symptoms that might be diagnosed as ADHD, Autism, bipolar or some other behavioral condition.
    If your child or adult loved one shows any of those symptoms do not write it off as a FAKE disorder.
    My mother now wonders if she missed something or what could she have done then to help me. The answer is nothing. Because the information wasn’t available then. For anybody to say that all a child needs is a good spanking or that this is a fake disorder is irresponsibility of the highest magnitude. The damage is lifelong. ASK ME. I know.

    • Thoughtful and accurate!

    • Dianna Grace

      Thank you for this response! You are on point here!

    • WhiteEagle

      Exactly! I had it growing up, and when I realized my son had ADHD vowed he would not have to go though what I did growing up. For him Ritilan worked (after getting thrown out of kindergarden and then private school first grade), … and we would do a ‘reset’ every summer to clear his system of it before the next school system started. Also , if he was given anything with sugar in it by the teachers or breakfast and lunch staff, it would completely override the medication… we could always tell when that happened.

  • Number 6

    At the end of the day its just personality and too much sugar, but as with everything these days they slap a label on it and sell us “the cure” a cure which in hindsight is nothing short of child abuse of the worse kind and amounts to nothing more than drug testing on children and the parents of those children “treated’ with the following “State Approved” drugs


    Should demand that everyone at every level responsible for approving and selling those drugs should be prosecuted as such and spend the rest of their natural life behind bars.

    • max naegele

      the naked truth as long as the dollars keep coming children will b sold 2 the highest bidder-fiat iustitita pereat mundus-

      • Number 6

        I think its government approval and protection (socialism / crony capitalism) which is the problem, not necessarily the tokens of trade / dollars themselves

    • There is more to it than just the various forms of sugar. We do live in a toxic food system as our well water. So many children are seriously dosed with toxins before and after birth, so much of the damage is done prenatal and only continues once born by ignorance and garbage ides by suppose professionals.

      • Number 6

        Totally agree its the corporate or (crypto communism) food system, now we know why we keep getting all these fake food scares year after year, to stop the non chosen trading with one another and to give themselves the monopoly, in this instance food but it applies to pretty much all forms of trade. We know they are obsessed with eugenics and control so who knows what they’re doing with their little monopoly.

      • Number 6

        Knowing as we do how they control the media, chiefly Hollywood, and how they like to flash the truth in front of everyone, I always remember this scene from batman, as I recall it was a specific combination of products which killed people, FOOD for thought 😉

    • Treatments do work if they are correctly managed with more clear targets and more precise dosing strategies. Treatment failure arise remarkably frequently when comorbid diagnostic issues are overlooked… like these videos on basic bowel function:

  • Brenda Palmer

    While there are points in your article that certainly have merit, to make a blanket statement that ADHD is a “fake” disorder is irresponsible, and detrimental to the movement towards accepting mental illness without stigma and labels. ADHD is a neurological condition, it’s not a made-up affliction by doctors and lazy parents. There are studies, a lot of them, that actually show how the ADHD brain functions differently from a non ADHD brain. I encourage you to explore research from a non-biased perspective and accept not only reports that support your position, but also those that contradict it.

    I am in agreement that the diagnosis is overdone. We have seen diagnoses from school staff, counselors (not psychologists), teachers, pediatricians, and countless others without degrees in behavioral psychology or a background in neurological disorders. I am also in agreement that medication is overprescribed, and not always necessary for treatment. That is not to imply that it is not EVER appropriate. Diagnosis needs to be done only by qualified providers and medication should not be the first course of treatment. And medication should also be treated as a temporary therapy, not lifelong–as I believe that in most cases coping strategies and therapies can be instituted that are more helpful and certainly healthier.

    I am also in agreement that the cookie cutter education system we have for ALL children to be educated in the same way is inappropriate and obsolete. In today’s economy, with our technology there is no reason we cannot find a way to ensure our children’s education while also accommodating individual learning styles.

    All of that being said–ADHD is a real condition, with a need for real treatment and therapy. And those that are affected by it, either themselves, or a loved one, need the support without judgement. Parents don’t need to hear that they are “lazy” because they have a child with a unique learning style or challenging behaviors. Adults, or children with the diagnosis don’t need to hear that THEY are lazy because they have been unable to fit themselves into the same box as their peers. I also don’t believe that ADHD is a disability of any kind. I think it’s actually a gift and if it could be seen as such, those who have it would be free to use their “quirks” to their advantage instead of trying to hide them in shame.

    • Please explain tome exactly what is mental illness ?

      And who gets to decide such things ? Supposed psyches and other practioners of voodoo supposed science that hands out psychotropic drugs to heal people and usually makes them far worse or kills them ?

      It is all a very serious bad joke and nothing less. And there is a far better way to think and live.

    • Yes, fake is an overstatement, completely agreed – but accurately represents from an affective point of view the feelings of many about criteria and treatments.

      • Dianna Grace

        However, keep in mind that not all doctors (md’s and specialists) effectively treat their patients and some over prescribe antibiotics and pain medicine. So with that in mind, some psychiatrists over medicate and some take a more conservative approach. Yet others are holistic and treat the entire person. I’ve come across all of them in my experience with a child that has ADHD. The thing is, parents need to contribute to the home routine and life of the child in order for other treatments to be effective. Medication alone is not enough. But to say adhd is a fake disease does an incredible disservice to society as well as parents like myself who have 1st hand dealt with the struggles of this diagnosis and it’s effects on home, social and school life. We are not pill pushers at all, but at some point you understand your limitations, and that is when you are willing to acquiesce to a treatment that could improve your child’s chances of future success in life and in school.

  • Varangian Guard

    All about BIG PHARMA.

    Kids have been hyperactive since time began. Resources in schools are stretched too thin and children have to be complacent for the lack of supervision to be effective.
    Parents (when both are involved) often need two incomes making an active role difficult for so many families. Add into that a single parent family in which that one parent or guardian is forced to work two jobs to make ends meet or worse.

    Schools are approached by district physicians to assist, and these physicians are courted by BIG PHARMA to prescribe more drugs. What better target rich environment is there for them than a public school they are assigned to treat. The school board says to the parents “you must medicate, your child has been diagnosed….” > The doctor prescribes > BIG PHARMA pays off doctor > doctor gets used to $$ > viscious cycle repeats…..

    I am certain that some children may benefit, but it is FAR less than what is currently seen in treatment now.

  • This article accurately represents the challenges with the globally operational fact that behavioral assessments are often somewhat helpful, but more often inadequate for both patients and practitioners. Superficial assessments based on behavior appearances provide the underlying source of futility with the entire ‘science’ of “ADHD” diagnosis based upon superficial speculations. Furthermore, superficial assessments also miss the diagnostic, more relevant, useful and measurable targets of underly brain function/executive function. Without an appreciation of underlying brain function the treatment process becomes characterized by guesswork and hearsay. Proper medications do work if administered correctly based on the science, they work less predictably if targeting appearances. For more information on these essential points see these two resources: Video playlist on “ADHD” diagnosis: and my book on ADHD Medication Rules:

  • Mihaela Radu

    ADHD = bad education and/or wrong alimentation. Processed sugar, artificial sweeteners and caffeine produce agitation and nervousness among many other things. But u can keep breeding and pretend u are caring, good and “normal” parents while u knowingly poison ur kids.

    • Dianna Grace

      Or you can be less ignorant and read true proven research on the brain differences in children diagnosed with ADHD. I have three children. One has ADHD, the other two do not. Explain that one.

  • Dianna Grace

    This is the most misleading and horrible article I’ve ever read. ADHD is not fake news. For the last 8 years my son has struggled not with behavior but innattention and inability to sit still. We helped him become involved in physical activities, music and other healthy extracurricular activities, which helped him tremendously, but this did not halt his struggles in school. His diagnosis from his assessment helped him receive an IEP in highschool. He is now a junior who because of these support systems is achieving A’s and B’s. He has struggled, but he has overcome many obstacles because of self awareness and advocating with which he has had to learn throughout years of school failures and successes. He still has typical teenage behAviors and struggles, but i am well aware of the differences. I don’t think you are qualified to make these assumptions and mislead an audience of folks who truly need a support system to help their child. Not all kids with ADHD come from broke homes with bad eating habits. What a crock! Mine is loved and cherished, fed healthy foods and yet still struggles. My son took medications during 3 consecutive school years. He was able to manage the caseload of work and effectively learn and become receptive to methods of organization. He is a successful human because of proper interventions. So yes, maybe some kids are being unfairly diagnosed, but do not undermine the ones that truly have ADHD that is treatable!

    • Jesse Melat

      I’ve read a _lot_ worse, honestly. And good on ya for recognizing ADHD as real, and helping your son.

  • Morganawolf

    A huge subject to the source of all children is not being addressed here, and it’s been mentioned constantly in the field of spiritual Science. Remember, Since the
    80’s God has been infusing souls, recent generations with higher vibrational energy to help guide us into the this Golden Age of Ascension, and mostly all of them are brand new souls. You heard it, crystal children, indigo children. They are incredible souls higher evolved than us now

    • Jesse Melat

      What was God doing before the 80s?

  • Pey

    I am a 15 year old girl and I have been diagnosed and struggling with ADHD since I was 3 years old. My mother had it as well. I excel as a student athlete with a 4.0 GPA playing field hockey and lacrosse. I am in fact, harder workers than most of my peers and I love school. Not once have I ever been isolated for having ADHD and not once have I ever wanted to do drugs. I enjoy school and it bothers me to my core to hear such a bull article calling my issues unreal. This article is a perfect example of why kids with depression kill themselves. Because their parents dismiss it as “fake” because they’re young. Think before you write stupid things dismissing real issues. My medicine does help me in school and I know for a fact that I would not be as good a student if I didn’t take it. My ADHD was even preventing me from sleeping. This article has no proof. It’s just an opinion disguised as proof. Just because you use fancy words and numbers that very vaguely connect to what you’re saying doesn’t mean it’s hard evidence. Maybe you should go back to school and learn how to properly debate because this high honours English student knows what’s up.