Rise of the Global Citizen: BBC Poll Finds New Way to Polarize Society
By Daily Bell Staff - April 29, 2016

Identity 2016: ‘Global citizenship’ rising, poll suggests  … People are increasingly identifying themselves as global rather than national citizens, according to a BBC World Service poll. The trend is particularly marked in emerging economies, where people see themselves as outward looking and internationally minded. However, in Germany fewer people say they feel like global citizens now, compared with 2001. -BBC

Why on earth is the BBC polling people as to whether they feel like “citizens of the world?” The results of this poll are particularly provocative.

More and more think of themselves as world citizens, we learn. This will no doubt open up fertile areas for additional social tension and civil unrest.

We’ll get to that shortly.

It’s no small poll. We learn from the article that an outfit called GlobeScan reached more than 20,000 people in 18 countries. And over half those people reportedly “saw themselves first and foremost as global citizens rather than national citizens.”

Predictably the developing world is more globally oriented.

In Nigeria (73%), China (71%), Peru (70%) and India (67%) the data is particularly marked. By contrast, the trend in the industrialised nations seems to be heading in the opposite direction. In these richer nations, the concept of global citizenship appears to have taken a serious hit after the financial crash of 2008.

Here’s the reason why the poll is newsworthy:

According to Lionel Bellier from GlobeScan, this is the lowest proportion [of those attracted by global citizenship] seen in Germany since the poll began … “It has to be seen in the context of a very charged environment, politically and emotionally, following Angela Merkel’s policy to open the doors to a million refugees last year.”

Thanks, BBC, for working hard to crystallize yet another confrontational trend.

The poll is showing in no uncertain terms that many Europeans emphatically disapprove of “global citizenship.” While at the same time, a majority of individuals in third-world countries enjoy the perception that they can identify with the “world.” (Who can blame them?)

Leaving no aspect of controversy un-mined, the poll also probes “intermarriage” and religious preferences.

So many areas of potential conflict! The BBC identifies them. all.

Why do so? One potential reason …

Recently, there have been reports in the alternative media regarding Her Majesty’s “National Security Strategy and Strategic Defence and Security Review 2015.”

It is a voluminous report that sets out all the ways that Britain intends to combat ISIS and terrorism in general. Prime Minister David Cameron provides the introduction and makes a moral case for enhancing and expanding every aspect of state power.

Almost immediately the BBC itself is featured:

We will further enhance our position as the world’s leading soft power promoting our values and interests globally, with our world-class Diplomatic Service, commitment to overseas development, and institutions such as the BBC World Service and the British Council.  

The BBC is obviously viewed by the British government as a resource to project British “values.” It is an instrument of propaganda.

It can be argued that the creation and coverage of this poll itself is classic propaganda. After all, London’s City is the heart of the modern, globalist enterprise and as such has inordinate clout.

It is no secret that British banking elites are involved in propagating internationalism and employ dialectal tools to do so.

And this poll surely reflects a dialectal argument.

Call it a meme – call it propaganda. The results can be utilized to continually polarize public opinion domestically and abroad. The more that public opinion is polarized by such campaigns, the more the public, ultimately, can be manipulated. Out of chaos … order.

At the end of the article, the BBC seeks to justify both the poll and its reporting. There is, for instance, an admission that “global citizenship” remains an inchoate concept that means different things to different people.

More importantly, the article offers up the idea that those interested in defining themselves as global citizens are doing so because of their concerns over “migration and mobility.”

The final lines of the article suggest that these concerns are being driven by “the biggest movements of people since the World War Two.”

Predictably this extraordinary line is delivered devoid of context. In fact, it is Middle Eastern wars (in which Britain is participating) that are driving the current Muslim migration into Europe.

Europe’s political class has abetted the migrations. It has struggled desperately against populist forces that wish to shut it down.

In other words, the current polarization afflicting European societies has been artificially created and sustained. It is intended to polarize and then to break down resistance to further globalist trends.

This article cleverly codifies the polarization without revealing the manipulation behind it. But the very last line of the article reveals the subterfuge.

This [concern over “migration and mobility”] is not just driven by war and conflict. It is also because the world as a whole is becoming more prosperous and air travel is becoming more affordable to the rising middle classes.

The BBC is thus claiming the poll and the article have been provoked by the world’s “increasing prosperity” and the air travel now “affordable to the rising middle class.”

But last time we looked, Europe’s financial elites were busy impoverishing European middle classes in order to create a “United States of Europe.”

And air travel may have grown more “affordable” but it also has grown increasingly unpleasant due to endless security arrangements.

Let us be blunt: Both the poll and the article are being promoted by the BBC on behalf of those who are always searching for new ways to “divide and conquer.” That’s the real reason to administer it and promote this year’s divisive results.

If this particular meme is further implemented and exploited, “migration and mobility” themselves will become increasingly controversial topics.

Often regulation and government interference evolve out of such media memes. Now migration and mobility are to be exploited in order to expand world government.

Conclusion: Even worse, we can see from the groundwork being laid (and the polarization to come) that the future will likely be less amenable to individual travel than the present. One can also surmise that wealth will enhance one’s mobility in ways that it currently does not. Plan accordingly.

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  • Blank Reg

    It also looks as though if you consider yourself a “global citizen”, you may also be willing to be a “global subject”, ruled, taxed, and controlled by a Global Government. This poll could be seen as a backdoor attempt to assess the chances of success of imposing such. I think the appellation I’d prefer is globally “ungoverned”.

  • Barney Biggs

    The EU itself is a first attempt to globalize and it will be interesting to watch all the world elite, Cameron, Obama, Merkel push hard to have the Brits stay in the EU and even increase membership. The push for a NA union is another move to globalize.
    I also watch with interest the BRICS to see if this is just an economic move or another push for globalization.

    • I think the British and other empires were first attempts to globalise (the Romans would not have objected). I think the USSR was another attempt, or trial system more like. Fascism another too. These various systems have been ‘tested on the market’ to see if they would be useful to takeover control of the world’s diverse nations and, more importantly, to test a variety of management systems that can be understood and utilised when the task of regional unions can be melded into the one global union.

      Clearly Cameron, Obama and Merkel are pushing push hard for the UK to ‘Remain’ in the EU. But this does not mean that it will remain or that the ‘great game’s plan’ is for the UK to be dissolved into the total political union the the EU is set to become. This does not mean that these parties are working towards anything but an early objective, an interim position.

      The EU is only a step on the path to full global union and between the times of the EU being fully empowered and subsequent full global union there will be testing times as to how and where the core of the ultimate global union will be formed.

      The global power scale of balance would tilt in the favour of the ‘World Island’ if it was allowed to consolidate to deeply – if too larger a union was formed, yet it is highly probable that within the coming decades Russia and the EU will combine to form a full union of the European nations (with Russia offering by far the largest European national area – aside from Russia’s non European region). With Russia’s Asian lands the combination may be refereed to as Eurasia.

      This Eurasia Union alone will a great threat to the world power balance and so to mitigate that risk parts of the whole must be kept out of this union to allow for military invasion points, hence Norway and perhaps the whole of the Scandinavian nations, Great Britain, Iceland, Switzerland and perhaps Greece may be formed as a secondary union, aside politically and militarily from the Eurasia Union and instead aligned initially with the military of the North American Union.

  • Dimitri Ledkovsky

    Contemporary polls like election outcomes and many scientific inquiries are twisted by their administrators to arrive at predetermined results and are driven by preset needs. In this Our Great Era of Lies and Falsity why bother burdening yourself with yet another factoid that is most likely entirely concocted?

  • If the aim of globalists (financial, corporate, political, institutional and NGO) is to foster equality between all peoples of world’s population, financial, social, opportunity and such – that is a grand ambition, a worthy dream, to support and celebrate is it not? Well perhaps it is not! Before leaping on side it is better to first understand the methods and motivations.

    The simple means by which such a levelling is to be brought about is to reduce the wealth (and liberty) of the peoples of the wealthy (and liberal) nations to spread it about to those less fortunate (after deducting costs and mitigations little doubt). And this process has been under-way for decades already.

    The technocratic masters of this decisive socialist dream of cause see themselves as being part of a class apart and instead in the exulted company of the few ultra-money-power elites who have driven this agenda from the outset with their objective being the corporatisation of the world’s populations and economies under the guise of a ‘scientific management’ for the betterment of all humanity and a sustainable global environment.

    It is a lie. This is not to say its supporters and instigators knowingly all set-out to mislead the world, they may be simplistically altruistic, they may just be happy to ‘swim with the current’ toward political success and personal betterment.

    When I was young and impressionable I would smugly describe myself as being a ‘citizen of the world’, I did not really understand the meaning of the word ‘citizen’. A ‘citizen’ is not a description of a free-human it is the description of a slave. A ‘citizen’ belongs to a particular ‘state’ which is the name for a group of people who control or support the use of violent force to achieve their aims within a certain geographical region. To willingly be a ‘citizen’ of such a ‘state’ is to subjugate yourself to those people who benefit from, want and support or believe they control ‘the state’.

    I am a ‘human of the world’ but it is reasonable to presently presume the only humans all are humans of the world so it is only necessary to describe myself as being a human. And as the natural state for a human is one of self-ownership, a right to property in oneself and the product of ones work, I do not need to add to that by stating that I am a free-human (as opposed to being a citizen human, a slave-human, held in bondage to a ‘state’ – either a nation ‘state’ of indeed a ‘world state’ worst still).

    And of those who presently say: “if you don’t like ‘the state’, its government, the system, the rules, its use of force; you can always leave” what will they say to the people shrugging off the bondage of being tarred a ‘citizen’ of a ‘world-state’. Where would free humans be expected to sulk off to then I wonder, the moon perhaps!

  • Brosky

    The BBC is a joke. Good article DB.

  • Jill Rowan

    This is the plan to integrate all races to dissolve borders and identity. It started further back than we imagine with the ’70’s hit by Blue Mink, ‘What we need is a great big melting pot’. The powers that be are getting us ready for the next stage of their luciferian plan.

  • gordon

    Anything instituted by the biased broadcasting corporation should be treated as an IED. That is , it will have an ulterior motive pushing a theme that some pc left wing looney from a third rate university believes is gospel and should be imposed on the great unwashed. The bbc is well past its use by date and is a hive of swivel eyed left wing university losers who are nothing more than parasites on the UK taxpayer.

  • Actually, this writer’s response to a poll sounds hysterical and paranoid. Polls are always questionable as their pools are selective, their terms ill defined, and rendered further subjective as they are based on respondents’ personal situation and perspective, and their interpretation of terms. For example, what IS a “global [or “world”] citizen?” When broaching serious issues, especially those affecting the lives of large numbers of people, near and far, we should take some time to reflect; not just go on a tear—effectively adding to or creating a problem about which we claim to be concerned. We should take care of our claims and counterclaims and predictions.

    • They didn’t define it in the poll.

      • Rich Faussette

        This caught my eye:
        “The BBC is thus claiming the poll and the article have been provoked by the world’s “increasing prosperity” and the air travel now “affordable to the rising middle class.”
        But last time we looked, Europe’s financial elites were busy
        impoverishing European middle classes in order to create a “United
        States of Europe.” ”

        Their identitarian “poll” separates the rising middle classes of the developing countries and distinguishes them from the falling middle classes of western civilization who are the target of the globalist takeover and the ones most likely to resist global citizenship out of affinity for their local culture and ethnie. It’s obvious the globalists are planning more laxening of immigration laws so they can replace the middle classes they are destroying with up and comers from emerging middle classes of the developing countries who will be more compliant and less cohesive in their increasing diversity. I suspect we are going to see more of their middle class types legalized and flown directly in by jet to take the reins from our diminished and vanishing middle classes. The ones walking into Europe are coming to destroy the European middle classes.The ones coming by air as their immigration is legalized are coming to replace the European middle classes who are being destroyed. The result will be a continent completely devoid of ethnic nationalism which we know they want. We’re all nascent Nazis anyway, right?
        They can’t define a global citizen. That would reveal their cards. The global citizen is the one who is entitled to the rights of citizenship wherever in your world he is told to fly and administer. They will constitute the new denationalized middle classes. The globalists hate our cultures and nations. They plan to destroy the social cohesion of every nation that resists them – aka multiculturalism. By drawing that dichotomy in the poll they define the boundaries of the old ethnic cohesive middle classes and the new global middle class and cause class envy. The foreigners are packed and waiting for their plane tickets. The globalists are now down to destroying the last vestiges of the monarchy, feudalism, religious cohesion and nationalism, eliminating the middle class blood ties that are left. After all human families organized in nation states are just fascists? Right? Great article. Not paranoid, but TRULY scary.

  • James Clander

    ‘The BBC is obviously viewed by the British government as a resource to project British “values.” It is an instrument of propaganda’
    How true -especially as an instrument of Propaganda. Also the comment factually pointing out Britain’s involvement in destroying the Middle East.
    You may be interested to know that the 2 big Public Free to Air Radio & TV channels here in Australia (ABC & SBS ) have been for some time pure Propaganda outlets for Australia’s involvement. Especially Russia bad – Ukraine good as an example. A/holes!

  • Ernie Hopkins

    Worst of it is that the British citizens are forces to pay for BBC in a direct tax on television and radio service. Nothing like paying the massa to beat you!

  • Q46

    So… in Countries which are largely dvided along tribal, ethnic,
    sectarian lines, with recent disruptive and violent history, Countries whose status as a distinct nation-state is barely a few decades old do not feel the same sense of nationhood and common social cohesion as peaceful, prosperous States with roots going back at least a thousand years.


    But in keeping with the intellectual vacuum at the BBC, the broadcast wing of the Grauniad.

  • Agent Revolver

    “Often regulation and government interference evolve out of such media memes. Now migration and mobility are to be exploited in order to expand world government” – DB Staff:

    I have an idea. Rise of the Migrantism should be met with a correction in the EU, US, UK etc passports’ holders. They must obtain a second citizenship of all of the countries from which their host countries receive migrants.