Social Justice Curriculum Leaks into Math and Science
By Joe Jarvis - March 13, 2018

If a train leaves New York going west at 60 mph, and a train leaves Chicago going east at 70 mph, how many microaggressions will the conductors commit before the trains collide?

Think this question can’t be answered by physics? Think again! According to Pomona College, racial bias and microaggressions are a necessary subject for physics coursework.

“Foundations of Modern Physics” is a mandatory class for all physics and astronomy students at Pomona College. And one of their first assignments last fall was a project called “Decolonizing Physics.”

The Pomona College course catalog describes the class as an “introduction to wave mechanics, spectra and structure of atoms, molecules and solids, nuclear physics and particle physics.”

According to an email obtained by the Independent sent from a student asking for assistance on the project, students in Foundations of Modern Physics must “learn and discuss implicit bias, microaggressions and other similar topics.” The email revealed that students are expected to “bring to light some of these issues to both the physics department and Pomona in general,” and cited a student movement at Harvard University, which highlighted microaggressions against students of color, as an example of the work expected from the students enrolled in the physics class.

It is not clear what aspects of wave mechanics, atomic structures, molecules and solids, nuclear physics, or particle physics deals with interpersonal implicit bias, a topic typically reserved for the social sciences and humanities.

The email stated that the student attempted her own rendition of the “#ITooAmHarvard” project—a student-developed movement at Harvard University to highlight microaggressions against students of color—with the catchphrase “#ITooAmSTEM.” The student called for the stories of female students or students of color to discuss STEM-related social justice topics for women and persons of color.

Apparently, colleges are not content propagandizing only their liberal arts departments.

Last year, statistics students at Pomona College were subjected to similar coursework. 

“The main goal of this course [Math 058] is to enhance your analytical and statistical skills while exploring topics in social justice.”

A component of the class also includes mandatory journals submitted every week that “should contain reflections on both the statistical and social justice topics covered.”

Students at Pomona seemed to disagree with the course’s objectives. One mathematics student told the Independent, under the condition of anonymity, that “[if] you are studying math influenced by any ideology… it’s not math. The beauty of math is that it is objective – it holds true regardless of culture, politics and so on. If you’re teaching social justice in a math class, you’re not teaching math.”

My grandfather used to say (perhaps quoting Benjamin Disraeli or Mark Twain) that there are three types of untruths: lies, damn lies, and statistics.

Apparently, the intelligentsia wants to prove this true. But they want to make sure the right lies are being told.

A statistics course could hit on these topics inadvertently, by talking about choosing the right type of sample for surveys and avoiding statistical errors based on bias. But it sounds more like they will teach how to work your bias right into your statistical analysis.

Unfortunately, the professors teaching the courses never responded to multiple attempts by the Independent for an explanation of what exactly the social justice component of the classwork will entail.

So please tell us in the comments your own interpretation. Are microaggressions, racial, and gender bias appropriate topics for physics and statistics classes?

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  • snow27

    I am trying to instill in my sons the concepts of free thought and freedom, so they can spot such ridiculous crap from 50 feet away. This social justice garbage is insidious and is part of the left’s attempts to indoctrinate all young people at impressionable ages. It is offensive and needs to be fought at every turn. Fortunately, professors such as Jordan Peterson are gaining some traction with young people who also see the crap they and we are constantly being fed.

    • ThomasJK

      Math, science and engineering taught upon a foundation of social justice ignores one important, immutable fact: This IS planet Earth and this is still planet Earth regardless of what our poor, helpless, hopeless kids are being taught. .

  • Samarami

    “…So please tell us in the comments your own
    interpretation. Are microaggressions, racial, and
    gender bias appropriate topics for physics and
    statistics classes?…”
    Certainly. Once you give yourself over to “the university” you also hand over your brain — including your individualist spirit — with the unspoken but tacit agreement that you will no longer possess thoughts of your own. In so doing you will be exposed to what the socialists are now calling “micro-aggressions”.
    Men fear thought as they fear nothing else on earth (thanks, Bertrand Russell). The more “intellectual” you perceive yourself, the greater this fear will grow. Sam

    • Alan777

      Yes, you have to accept the professor’s teaching (whether covertly or not) in order to get good grades which gives you the opportunity of a good job after college. Especially, if you’re a STEM major. A big issue is that all this social justice BS severely detracts from the quality of the education. IMO, employers should avoid hiring Ivy League graduates as much as possible as these universities becoming the leading indoctrination centers of the US and producing the most poorly educated graduates.

  • Don Duncan

    Is it appropriate to mix math, physics, philosophy? Or keep them separate? Is the bible all anyone “needs” or is any source of knowledge valid? I say let all concepts compete freely, openly, without fear of violence. Let all ideas be discussed, however frightening, obnoxious, or counter-culture.

    But since time and freedom are precious, no one should be forced, to be preached to under threats fo any kind. College is optional. All education should be.

    Irrationality to the point of murderous insanity reigns. It is worldwide. As long as the culture of initiation of violence is the foundation of most societies, mental illness, e.g., superstition, will be the product.

    Let reason and voluntarism reign. Truth and creativity will be the product.

    • Alan777

      Only problem they’re not allowing “philosophy” to mix, they’re injecting their racial and social justice biases as would a preacher in the religion of your choice.

      • Col. E. H. R. Green

        Racial and social biases are fundamentally expressive of a philosophy: subjectivism.

    • Norman’s Stormin

      The Bible would truly be enough. It incorporates science, of which God is the creator, it incorporates math, as the Hebrew alphabet is a mathematical language. it incorporates philosophy and it incorporates evil and the result thereof. God is the ultimate instructor and I would counsel not to thumb one’s nose at Him. The result would be eternal.

  • Another way to further the enslavement agenda and make these brainwashed young people accept what was once the unacceptable


    How about let’s “decolonize” our math and science courses of anything not relevant to math or science.

    • That would deprive the public fool system students of the twisted mindset they are there to accept.

  • gomurr

    If the trains collide, does it really matter? I’d say the collision is one big macroaggression, unless all the passengers are white heterosexual men, in which case it will be ruled as a case of social justice.

  • robert

    Sissies used to be ignored or ridiculed until they grew out of it, and neurotics used to be patronized or institutionalised depending on the severity of their affliction.
    Now they run just about everything while the majority of the population acquiesces in their obsessions, madness, inverted logic, corrupted language, and ceaseless demands. The method of these fanatics is to infest committees which propose laws, regulations, and institutional rules, and their influence outweighs their numbers by orders of magnitude.

  • r2bzjudge

    Looks like Pomona Indoctrination is one huge microagression against it’s students.

    Mis-education has become their purpose of existence. Pomona Indoctrination would be a huge waste of money to attend.

    • Norman’s Stormin

      This is not micro-aggression, it is rank macro aggression. There is no excuse for distorting class subjects with biases that have nothing to do with science or math education. It is the professors that need to be taught the truths.

      • There may not be an excuse from your perspective but there is a completely pragmatic reason for distorting everything in the public fool system.

  • CBear

    The STEM curricula of good colleges and universities are/were the last set of subjects that relied on logic, critical thinking skills and were objective. Somewhere along the line , possibly with the introduction of “psychology” classes, students (future professors’) minds began to twist and warp. Logic and critical thinking were thrown out, to be replaced by “feelings.” I notice that the teaching of math has changed over the year – at a rough guess every 5 or 6 years “new teaching methods” are introduced to further complicate – and ultimately destroy – the logic potential of students. Look at the “Common Core” math studies – OMG! Total illogic! Who dreamed THAT noise up? Get rid of logic, critical thinking, religion, and there goes the old ball game. Soon they’ll all be Democrats! Welcome to Earth!

  • old timer

    The term “social justice” is nothing less than mob rule. WTF is the world coming to?

    • James Higginbotham

      it’s also called a damn DEMOCRACY ALSO Old Timer.
      which also IS MOB RULE.
      have a great night.

      • old timer

        In a democracy, we have something called “rule of Law”, not mob rule based on slogans like “social justice” and “social license”, neither of which are mentioned or have any standing in any Provincial or Federal statute. The terms “social justice” and “social license” are simple bs.

        • James Higginbotham

          in a Democracy it’s like two Wolves and a lamb sitting down discussing what to have for DINNER?
          in a CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC which our founders gave us, that LAMB IS ARMED.

          • paul crosley

            Shouldn’t the lamb then take out the wolves in self defense?

      • Wade House

        A democracy is nothing more than 51% controlling the 49% – Thomas Jefferson

        51% controlling the 49% is better than 1% controlling the 99% – Wade House

        A True Democracy is a Representative Democracy where Law Makers/The Citizens represent themselves, their families, their State and their Country.

        1 Citizen 1 Vote, Paper Ballots Only!!!

  • 45clive

    Given the current fashion (or is that fascism?) for PC Speak, I’m surprised physicists aren’t discussing “holes of Color” and “white/imperialist noise”. The only safe haven for geeks is becoming chemistry, as long as you don’t leave the Periodic Table (Oh-oh, could that be construed as “sexist”?)

    • Col. E. H. R. Green

      The Periodic Table is to be abolished because it promotes elementism, which is a macro-aggression against those who identify as otherkin, including beings that are comprised of material completely outside of that oppressive cis-table.

    • Alan777

      LGBQT feminists have/are attacking medical doctors/researchers who claim that obesity can cause cancer. They regard that as “fat shaming”.

  • william readling

    Easy peasy.

    If the conductors are black or hispanic microagressions = 0
    If conductors are white or east asian microagressions approach infinity

    • Col. E. H. R. Green

      And the binary code used in computers and other electronic devices is to be abolished in favor of an LGBTQ code.

      • Alan777

        Actually, there’s been a lot of work and hype on “q-bits” which basically can take on multiple values and you don’t know what they are until you sample it. Modern day technology is based on binary logic and it’s not clear to me that ‘q-bit’ based systems will ever have more than special case applications like code breaking.

  • Government schools are where young souls and imagination are sent to die by slow strangulation.

    Today, a better education can be had from a laptop computer and a connection, but even those are in the process of being co-opted.

    • I am self educated and work in corporate America and I can barely communicate with my college “educated” peers outside of specific work topics because they’re so deluded and indoctrinated.

      They simply do not have any independent thought, well, two of them kinda do at least, lol

      • Alan777

        I too work in corporate America and have to be somewhat cautious about expressing honest opinions, especially around Democrats and some of the younger colleagues.

  • John C Carleton

    The “Public School System”, is not there to educate, far from it!
    It is there to dumb down and indoctrinate.
    They catch a teacher actually educating kids, they will fire them.

  • Rebel w/out a Cause

    I used to teach math in JH and HS. Algebra, Trig, Calculus, etc. What I loved about math was that there was always a correct and provable answer. It’s not SJ. It’s simple fact.

    • magatastic

      liberals and facts, the two shall never meet!

      • The same exact problem exists from the perspective of liberals when looking at conservatives. Since the left-right spectrum is socialistic from the communists on the left end to the fascists on the right end, there is not an objective point of view available to those stuck on the spectrum. The Diamond Chart provides a solution to those who have taken the World’s Smallest Political Quiz at

        • magatastic

          facts are not objective. they are absolute, correct. at least in theory.

          • Either they are objective or theoretical. They can’t be both.

          • tonye

            Well, in reality, “facts” are subject to a worldview. Wiggenstein argued that perception and analysis were separate while Kuhn argued that they were inseparable because of the gestalt associated with our expectations and experience.

            However, within a given worldview, facts are immutable and absolute.

            You are quite correct about the theory… The theory drives the gestalt.

            The difference between Western Empirical Science and Political “Science” is that the former believes that given a specific theory, facts are immutable. To the later, everything is relative and “facts don’t matter”.

            I figure the value of a Physics degree at Pomona College just dropped a whole bunch. No one wants scientists that think protons follow social justice.

          • Col. E. H. R. Green

            No one wants scientists who “think” that facts are subjective, either, i.e determined by one’s personally subjective, or collectively subjective (a la Kant) “wordview”, a euphemism for a whim, a non-objective interpretation of experience according to one’s objectively unchecked premises, emotions, and expectations.

            Undertaken objectively, one’s percepts, informed by logic (non-contradictory identification) guide one’s formulation of concepts (analysis), from their initial ostensive definition to higher level abstractions.

          • tonye

            Go read Thomas Kuhn’s Philosophy of Science.

            Physics is all about models. Sure, if you play within a standard model, then you will yield the same “results” as others because the process of Science is identical.

          • Ditto

            Facts ,what facts? Peter Lorre as Joel Cairo in the Maltese Falcon.

          • Col. E. H. R. Green

            Objective means corresponding to reality; therefore, facts are objective *and* contextually absolute.

            A theory is based upon observed and measured facts, which is what makes it much stronger than a hypothesis, which is based mainly on speculation.

        • snow27

          This quiz is good and makes sense, but I like to explain to my socialist friends that politics should be looked at in terms of less freedom versus more freedom. They and their communist brethren choose less freedom, as do those hated fascists (two peas in a pod), whereas libertarians choose far more freedom (freedom with responsibility), which is short of anarchy, which is basically freedom without responsibility. I try to explain that the left-right dichotomy is false, but I find few seem to listen or understand.

          • Where has this coexistence of freedom without responsibility occurred?
            The political world is mired in a manic level of NIH.

          • Col. E. H. R. Green

            “… which is short of anarchy, which is basically freedom without responsibility.”


            Anarchy, rightly understood, means “without a ruler”, NOT “without rules” and “without responsibility”. It is based upon the one’s rights to self-ownership, self-governance, and personal liberty, peacefully-acquired property,
            and one’s other legitimate individual rights, the rational exercise of which requires being responsible for the consequences of one’s choices.

          • snow27

            Thanks for the comment, Col. Green. But in practice, isn’t true anarchy chaotic? Journalist Robert Kaplan said the scariest places he’s ever been were war zones with no control where there were snipers that would shoot at anyone they could and they would leave the bodies in the streets for days and weeks.
            What if others don’t want to play by the ‘rights’ you outlined? What if they don’t want to recognize other’s individual rights? How does one deal with that besides shooting back?

        • Alan777

          The left-right spectrum is really about absolute government control on the left and absolute individual liberty or freedom on the right. Communists and fascists are birds of a feather, they both want state control of individuals but communists are less honest(intentionally or not) about their motives.

          • The creation of a concept of an ideal can confuse some that what already exists is less than ideal. Since libertarians support both personal and economic freedoms, while liberals only support the former and conservatives only support the latter, and the Diamond Chart was designed to uniquely display the differences between liberals and conservatives, the only way it will work is in conjunction with the World’s Smallest Political Quiz, as it was designed.

          • Alan777

            Thanks, I missed that quiz in your earlier post.

          • What were your scores?

          • Alan777

            I’m 100% on both. Some questions made me hesitate though because when idealistic questions are posed in reference to an already screwed up system of government laws/policies/regulations the answers aren’t so straightforward.

          • That situation made my answers to Political Compass questions very difficult, because most of them are far more philosophical than political. Several are downright Marxist in orientation.

          • Alan777

            I agree.

          • Kapricorn4

            I took the test, the result of which tells me that I am a left leaning libertarian. More or less the same as from Political Compass.

          • Does that mean that you are more interested in personal liberty or less so in economic?

          • Kapricorn4

            I am interested in everything. My posts are open for inspection if you really wish to know my views on just about anything.

          • You are interested in everything but making a public declaration of your score on the World’s Smallest Political Quiz? I guess it is irrelevant since you said it was more or less the same as a test with a several pages of questions that the majority of weren’t of a political nature. Did you take either of them?

          • Kapricorn4

            I took the Political Compass test some time ago and the other one just the other day, and they gave much the same result i.e. that I am a left leaning libertarian, which was somewhat of a surprise to me, since I consider myself a progressive socialist (not communist) who accepts the fact that non monopolistic capitalism provides incentive and stimulates creativity, provided that there is a strong social safety net for the unemployed, disabled, and the elderly.

          • Socialism requires arbitrary authority and that destroys capitalism, which never supports monopoly, which also requires arbitrary authority.

          • EmilyEnso

            Sounds like me as well.
            Social security was a great thing – but it has been corrupted into a handout system for will nots – not can nots.
            For chosen groups to plunder the imput of others – often low paid others.
            I am really a social democrat with conservative values.
            And a nationalist.

    • Were there correct and unprovable answers, or did you take SJ English?

  • idontknow

    Treyvon has a kilo of pure coke. How much manitol does he need to cut the coke to 60% pure?

    • You can call me Al

      It doesn’t matter as the “Black hole” will have them both.

    • TheShaft

      Waco Bill Clinton knows..

  • News stories are dissolving into sales pitches on The Daily Bell now?

    Education is NOT the Learning of Facts. It is the Training of The Mind to Think.
    The Mathematics, especially Geometry and Algebra, are wonderful tools to teach how to think. Corruption of those tools is essential to achieve Marxist/Collectivist goals.