The Fed Is an Obvious Conspiracy?
By Daily Bell Staff - September 14, 2016


Trump Says Janet Yellen Is Keeping Interest Rates Low So President Obama Can Play Golf … After months of surprising restraint, Donald Trump has finally started spewing conspiracy theories about the Federal Reserve. -Slate

Slate writers and editors seem to believe criticism of central banking is “conspiracy theory.” Specifically Donald Trump’s criticism made a few days ago that Yellen is holding down rates to benefit the Obama administration and the economy generally.

Sounds reasonable to us. And the larger point is well taken too. The US central bank was set up in 1913 and its history prior to that  was extremely controversial.

How can the quasi-mainstream media continue to make such arguments seriously? Interest rates are actually negative in many countries. And only eight years ago, Ben Bernanke printed up $16 trillion and sent it around the world to make sure the “system” wouldn’t crash.

Nobody should have the right to print $16 trillion of anything. But for some reason Slate that none of this matters. The Fed, you see, is a professional, deliberative body and nothing more.


During an interview with CNBC on Monday morning, the Republican presidential nominee suggested that Fed Chair Janet Yellen is keeping interest rates low in order to pump up a “false” stock market during President Obama’s final months in office.

“She’s obviously political,” he said. “She’s doing what Obama wants her to do. And I know that’s not supposed to be the way it is. But that’s why it’s low. Because as soon as they [interest rates] go up, the stock market is going to go way down.” For good measure, he added that Yellen “should be ashamed of herself.”

We are far more supportive of Trump’s argument than Slate’s. And we’re also aware that Slate is owned by the Washington Post. The Post is well-known as a CIA/intelligence adjunct and former Mockingbird participant. It is not apt to be a stern critic of the Fed to begin with.

What is increasingly obvious however is that this sort of approach to financial journalism is bankrupt. There are hundreds of websites pointing out the difficulties with central banking in simple terms. And the simplest is that a small group of people ought not to be in charge of mandating the value of volume of money.

Marry logical arguments against central banking to its abysmal 20th and 21st century track-record and presenting positive perspectives regarding central banking becomes an impossible task.

Those who might be apt to support this perspective are notorious “low information” types. And that brings up another point regarding this sort of journalistic exercise: It likely alienates a considerable mass of the intelligentsia, which is surely part of Slate’s target audience.

Trump is hardly scratching the surface of the real conspiracy surrounding the Fed and central banks generally. But in this Internet era, articles like this one are now counterproductive within a mainstream context. They are one reason the mainstream media currently has a single-digit approval rating in the US.

Conclusion: Trump himself is stripping away the veneer of political correctness from the public dialogue. The more he does this, the less successful publications like Slate will be. That’s probably another reason why portions of the establishment and military-industrial complex are uncomfortable with him.


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  • CAI

    Very hard to argue with Trump on this matter. When it starts it’s going to be very ugly all the way to the bottom..

    • lynncar47

      Yes, it is going to get very ugly. Everyone should be ready to tighten their belts and ride out the storm of a really Great Depression once this all catches up with us. My guess is 2017 is when it will start.

      • Marcopolo

        You’re more right on 2017 than wrong, no matter who gets the POTUS job.
        You need as much gold and or silver as you can afford, guns, a fair bit of ammo (remember if they can’t feed the zombies, they’ll come for your stuff), and food to last about a month.
        There was no welfare state in 1929; now you have nearly 1/2 the population zombified. It’s not going to be the 30’s again. Cops will only show up after first defending their own family and then drive by to take your spouse’s statement IF they left him/her alive.
        Zombies don’t tighten their belts; they take yours.

        • Rolf Loth,Canada

          What is this nonsense about money printing? One Trillion Dollars in $100 bills would translate into 1000 (one thousand) piles 40 stories high. How long would it take to print all that? The reality is that these Trillions of Dollars only exist in cyberspace and were created on computers. That is why they also could be deleted in a flash !
          Welcome to the world of banksters, crooks and legalized counterfeiters.

          • lynncar47

            That makes sense. People must understand that money is not printed on plain paper. There is a very complex process involved on the “paper” that money is printed on. Plus, the time, energy, and number of semi tractor and trailers needed to transport such amounts of money would be very obvious to the general public. Sadly, it look as if Cyber money is the currency of the future.

          • Marcopolo

            Not to put too fine a point on it, but there’s MONEY and there’s CURRENCY. All the planet, and here in states, with our dead presidents and the digital representation of them on Rolf’s noted computers are CURRENCY.
            There are 7 attributes of MONEY. CURRENCY only has six of the 7. The one it’s missing: A STORE OF VALUE.
            As Scott posted, a USD in 1913 bought X amount of goods and services. Today, that same USD buys 2 cents worth of those same amount of goods and service.
            A cyber or digital CURRENCY, while changed in form, just like your debit card vs. checks is NOT a store of value. They are nothing more than digital representations of CURRENCY. As such, As Roft noted, whoever controls the “computers” controls everything.
            PM’s like gold have been around about 6,000 years used as MONEY. It likely took about as long or longer to get to humans deciding on using gold and silver as money.
            MONEY is: A medium of exchange; a unit of account; portable; durable; divisible; fungable;AND a Store of value.There in lies the rub. Dead presidents on paper of digital don’t store value and inflation keeps taking it away.

        • Wrusssr

          “. . . the trillions the Fed prints and spreads among its sister central banks in other countries are data entries that can be deleted with a key stroke.”


          But gold and silver are what these banks have/are storing in their vaults. And why China, Russia, and India aren’t selling.

          Also true: After Americans were denied ownership of gold (FDR’s EO:, the Fed took control of America’s paper money supply. But, the U.S. itself didn’t go off the gold standard and foreigners [ read: The Fed’s sister banks in other nations that also were dealing paper money and cheap coinage to their populations] were allowed to demand payment in gold for the products those nations sold to America—beginning in the middle of the Great Depression and continuing until 1972 when France caught on to their shell game and began sending planeloads of dollars out of their treasury to America to exchange for gold. At which time the Fed quickly slammed the gold window shut. Following are a couple of examples from a 1932 speech by Congressman Louis T. McFadden:

          “On April 27, 1932, the Federal Reserve outfit sent $750,000, belonging to American bank depositors, in gold to Germany. A week later, another $300,000 in gold was shipped to Germany in the same way. About the middle of May $12,000,000 in gold was shipped to [read: their sister central bank there, which paid off the borow and kept the gold] Germany by the Federal Reserve Board and the Federal Reserve banks. Almost every week there is a shipment of gold to Germany. These shipments are not made for profit on the exchange since the German marks are below parity with the dollar.

          “In 1928 the member banks of the Federal Reserve system borrowed $60,598,690,000 from the Federal Reserve banks on their fifteen-day promissory notes. Think of it! Sixty billion dollars payable upon demand in gold in the course of one single year. The actual payment of such obligations calls for six times as much monetary gold as there is in the entire world. Such transactions represent a grant in the course of one single year of about $7,000,000 to every member bank of the Federal Reserve system”

          To grasp the full magnitude of the Fed’s theft of U.S. treasure that began a century ago, see U.S. Rep. Louis T. McFadden’s Speech, U.S. House of Representatives, June 10, 1932

          Available also in a Facsimile of the Congressional Record, 1932, pages 12595 and 12596

          The bankers accumulation of gold and control of nations with fiat money was their intention from the beginning, such that when it came time to jerk tight the paper money usury nooses they’d placed around nation’s necks, they could declare whatever value they wanted on the gold, zero out the worthless paper currency they’d issued to countries, stock banks with their new world fiat currency, set the ‘old-currency-to-new-currency exchange rate (it won’t be the same rate the banks get) to squeeze a few more dollars from the hapless customer, call a bank holiday while banks and financial institutions stock the new currency and make the data conversions, announce the exchange rate to the public, and reopen for business.

          If everything goes well. Which, IMO, is about 50-50 given the predictable social upheaval if distribution of staples (food, water, power, fuel) break down. Thus Marcopolo’s Plan B is making more sense by the day. Which, given people’s tendency to vote with their pocket books and feet, is why prepper, gun, and freeze dried food stores are doing a brisk business.

  • Scott

    The USD is now worth 2 cents compared to the 1913 dollar. The Fed are working hard to debase the remaining 2 cents. Definitely not a conspiracy theory.

  • Marcopolo

    No offence to Daily Bell readers, but does anyone who visit this site not know that the Fed and Govt have been in bed together since 1913? It’s only since 71 and Nixon off the dollar-gold standard have they really gone at it under the covers.
    Of course Yellen is going to wait out the elections. If the Fed did what they should have done since Greenspan, and she did it now, the stock market would crash, housing prices would crash, banks would vaporize in an 08 like fashion, unemployment is skyrocket as the markets (all of them) try to rebalance.
    Whoever wins the POTUS race is going to face a full blown recession.
    As they say, when all else fails, they take us to war, which is #1 or 2 on Hillary’s to-do list.
    Trump, not so much.
    Either way, Obama doesn’t leave behind an “all’s well” legacy. Like the blame on Bush Jr (well deserved), if Trump makes it, Obama’s going to get splashed with the same paint. If it’s she who shall not be named, she’ll at least try to deflect some of the crappola coming Obama’s way. Then again, she’s only going to perform as she’s been scripted to do, and if that means tossing Obama’s legacy in the toilet, well, so be it.

    • max naegele

      well said!

    • esqualido

      The moment Americans were denied ownership of gold, per FDR’s Excutive Order in 1933, the Fed accomplished its main goal: control of the money supply. The U.S. itself did not go off the gold standard (only foreigners were able to exchange dollars for gold 1933-72!). There is no way, in a system where citizens are required to come up with the gold, as pre-1913, when the government needed new revenue, that a $20 trillion national debt could have happened, and the banks that OWN the Fed have made out like bandits in th process. You only have to look at its assumption of the right to fix interest rates to see what a crooked operation it is: virtually no-interest loans to the banks that own it, who get to charge 20+% APR on their credit cards. And the Fed, who maintains an enormous trading desk in NYC can front run any change in rates.

      • lynncar47

        That’s the best description I’ve seen of how the Feds ended up being the cash cow for banks. It is true, while the banks can make loans to each other at virtually zero interest, they will not lend to the middle class because they can make no profit from mortgages at such low rates. They put their money where the most return on investment is virtually guaranteed. The way that banks gouge the public with outrageous credit card interest rates kind of makes the Mafia look like a bunch of Boy Scouts.

      • Marcopolo

        Well stated. That’s why we (and every other nation-state on the planet) don’t have asset backed currency. The entire world economy is run on debt. The govt’s of the planet all saw exactly how to make the people serfs again, within the context of “democracy,” and every other political system in any nation.

        The NY Fed not only has a trading desk to SET and front run anyone who gets out line, but they also front run the stock exchange.
        They sometimes get overwhelmed by “flash crashes” but the market goes back up in few days. That’s the FRBNY hard at work, bidding up prices and their banker brethren restarting the vacuum to suck up suckers money.
        Sucker defined as anyone who buys an equity for 27+ times earnings.

    • lynncar47

      I love it! “She who must not be named.” She is, along with her husband, a puppet of the Washington elite, just as Obama is today. Nothing of import will change if she who must not be named is elected.

  • Bernz

    Perhaps Trumps criticism is legit insofar as it’s not part of the directed narrative.
    However, it is much more likely that his comments are part of the emerging global elite sanctioned narrative that central banks all over the world have made such a mess that they need to be abolished. Then of course they can offer their alternative of a global central bank with a global “master currency” which all government issued currencies “see Ellen Brown” will have to answer to and eventually through debasement will succumb to. Sorry folks looks like the latter.

    • lynncar47

      I believe that Trump will put a stop to this trend toward a one world economy and social rule. He is all about bringing businesses and jobs back to America and negotiating equitable trade deals much different than the present one-sided trade deals with Asia and Western Europe — trade deals that will benefit those who produce, i.e. Americans. He is also going to allow school choice for inner-city kids who have been denied a decent education for way too long.

      • JohnnyZ

        You put too much trust in the fake dialectic of puppets. Trump is just a poser, he will be as real “change” as Obama was. Trump is in the pocket of the Zionists. The game is rigged, the table is tilted – ask George Carlin.

        • lynncar47

          Unfortunately, George is dead. Obviously, you have no clue about who Donald Trump really is. This man is an amazing human being. He has done so much for the poor in this country before he even ran as president. The only reason you don’t know this is that he never brags about what he has done for charity. You people who think that Trump is a phony have no idea of the guts it takes to run for POTUS in this country. People like you put him through the ringer without the slightest clue of what you are talking about.
          Compare his stamina and common sense programs he is plainly putting forth that most intelligent human beings can understand with the real POSER, Hillary (how can I profit from the public stupidity?) She won’t even be able to finish this grueling pressure of running for POTUS. Everything she represents is phoney, insincere, and staged. Give me a break!

          • JohnnyZ

            As if YOU know what he really is. How? You sound more like a troll or a religious bigot – a trick already used by Hopey Changey. Charity is done by the most evil of men too – it is no proof of character.

  • The following, although addressing another tale, is perfectly appropriate here too whenever the end result to look forward to in the very near future is exactly the same.

    amanfromMars 1 Wed 14 Sep 19:29 [1609141929] …. adding still more on

    Re: The middle way… @Voyna i Mor

    That is an extremely sensible, well thought out and entirely practicable approach, so we can now bookmark it and, next time round, speculate on why none of it happened. …. Voyna i Mor

    Such speculation virtually always practically concludes that such shit always happens because certain parties are enjoying the sweet fruits and succulent rewards of unfair and crooked advantage, Voyna i Mor, and the systems they inhabit and infect are loathe to be made aware of their ignorance and hindered by arrogance and a lack of suitable applied intelligence from being prepared to destroy that abomination and false fix of reality/staged media event.

    Such dodgy events though inescapably require an expanding series of similar false fixes flagging events which quickly turn highly toxic and self defeating/enlightening and deadly.

    Such is the current state of Great Game Play today, is it not, and the collapsing rigged markets and so called leaders of state systems haven’t a clue about what to do next to save themselves from a rapidly growing number of seriously pissed off and dangerous not to know entities?

    Or is the tinted and tainted picture you see everywhere all sweetness and light and beds of roses?

  • georgesilver

    Western central banks that can print money from nothing theoretically and maybe practically can eventually buy all of the productive wealth in the World. The only problem is that in order for this to work you must be able to buy everything with this printed money. If there are parts of the World that refuse to accept this money then the wealth these ‘refusnicks’ own becomes priceless and therefore total control becomes impossible. The only way for the private banks controlling the Fed have at their disposal is the US war machine. The problem is the USA would lose if they attack Russia and China in their own back yard. We now know that atomic weapons do not work so it would be a strait-forward conventional war which the USA could not sustain because the whole of their industrial heart has been hollowed out. The political battle in the USA has become the “bread and circus’ to distract the population as the ‘elite oligarchs’ grab what they can before heading for the hills. The collapse is nigh.

    • lynncar47

      You are absolutely correct! The elite inner circle of this Progressive Socialist cult in D.C. are making themselves rich by grabbing all they possibly can before getting booted in November. Those thinking of voting for Hillary are obviously the most deluded people on the planet because having her as our President would only mean more of the same hollowing out of our infrastructure, more of the same inadequate education, more brainwashing of our youth in the federal school system run by the unions, and more looting of our meager paychecks. In fact, the entire government is run by unions leaving you and I out of the picture altogether.

    • Marcopolo

      The first confrontation would be interesting. There likely wouldn’t be a second as our “war machine” is run on a lot of key parts made by the other side, and the supply chain dries up.
      Sort of like Saudi Arabia. Thier entire military is built on our stuff. All you have to do is cut off the parts supply and you have a desert full of “artifacts.” There’s a lesson in there somewhere…
      Your nuclear option is interesting. Long mentally dead Sen. McCain and quite a few neocons in and out of the military say a nuclear war is winnable. If you let she who must not be named next to the big red button, that option is on the table.
      She, (nor any sitting politician) has the intelligence, class and style of a JFK to go right to edge, but allow a way out for both sides.
      Her approach and her handlers would likely take the route of “toss them one and see we mean business.”
      Except the Lay’s Potato Chip axiom takes over…nobody can launch just one.

  • robertsgt40

    Four US presidents have challenged the moneychangers. All were assassinated in office. Lincoln, Garfield, McKinley and JFK. They tried to get Andrew Jackson. Those that understand real “branch banking” understand the Fed’s roots. Trump should know his history as to how far he can push….which is not very far.

  • lynncar47

    The neat part of Obama’s “nudging” of the Feds to keep the interest rates low is that when he leaves office and Trump replaces the present sycophant or does away with the Fed altogether . . . the stock market will crash and the Libs will be able to blame it on Trump’s policies. The stock market bigwigs and Obama and Hillary are as thick as fleas on a mangy stray dog. No amount of scratching is going to get rid of them.

    The libs complain that the rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer. They are absolutely correct. The only problem, it is Obama’s economic policies that are causing it! Elect Hillary and it’s four more years of the same old crap.

    • Yes populism versus globalism. See other article this issue.

      • Marcopolo

        Very true. But where’s the “tipping point-in time and geo space?” One degree of plumb dead center and it tips overs and nothing can reverse the law of “economic gravity.” Only in the uS, based on sheer numbers, does the population have the means to make “restoration” a possibility but it would be a bloody mess. And, if history is a teacher, some kind of despot will surface.
        Kind of think Mao was right all along about power.

  • apberusdisvet

    The true story of the FED and its owners is never taught in Economics courses; but it should be. It would a story of the greatest criminal organization ever conceived. Al Capone used to boast about mayors and judges in his pocket. The Red Shield goes many steps further; it owns heads-of-state, intelligence agencies, and all critical law enforcement personnel. Countries have been invaded, leaders assassinated, and societies decimated in its lust for power. It’s all about the god-like power to print fiat currency with absolutely no limits or constraints.

    • Marcopolo

      True, until the fiat becomes worthless. Every paper currency in the history of humankind has reverted to its intrinsic value which is zero. China was the first around the the time of the BC AD changeover. What happened next and every other case is war. Inside and outside one’s borders. If you don’t have “stuff” and have stolen all your neighbors “stuff” too, you go across your border and take their stuff.
      It’s as much Darwin as it is Economics.
      The Fed/bankers and govt work on the economic “law” that’s: what theirs is theirs, and what’s yours is theirs too. You have to give your fair share which is 100%. Your domicile, your land, your crops, everything. Then they lend it back to you for your labor to take care of all what used to be your “stuff.” They certainly not going to build, create, farm or mine anything. Ruins the suit and manicure.

  • perger

    We surprise surprise

  • DrDean

    Central banking is the biggest theft in human history. Bar none. ‘Government treasuries are loans granted by the country’s Government.’ Umm…, Government treasuries are monies owed by the country’s Government. The Government’s treasuries are sold in the bank notes issued by the country’s central bank. Hello? Many banks use their customers term deposits to buy Government treasuries.

    • olde reb

      The “loan” from the Federal Reserve is the wizard behind the curtain. A favorite writer for a FR bank recently wrote a lengthy BS article that tried to foist the concept on the public. Even ZeroHedge and LewRockwell published it.

      Has anyone ever asked where was the “loan” before it was received by
      the government ? The Federal Reserve does not have any trillion
      dollars on hand ready for the next six months. If the value existed
      before the loan, the transfer would be the same as a payment for
      taxes; i.e., there would be no increase in money in circulation
      (inflation) nor would there be any increase in the national debt. There is no
      (legal) consideration received from the Fed when the FRBNY creates
      book-entry money after they receive a Treasury security for the same amount. Ref.

  • Christopher Snittle

    Actually, there is a fight going on right now inside the FED and with Dollar, Inc. One part realizes that the banks can’t keep playing the games they are at a risk to the whole crap game and the other half wants to just keep on as usual.

  • Praetor

    Trump is an interesting character, that’s for sure.

    The Fed is the ultimate conspiracy. Monetary conspiring by the powerbrokers is way the world is what it is, today. The masters of the world wide banking system are the ones that need to be in a prison cell.

    With them in the one prison, maybe we would have no need for prisons!!!

    • Samarami

      I’ll see you that, Praetor, and go you one better: the science of rulership is built around the technology of extracting maximum production from the ruled. Why else would lunatics grouped into what we like to call “the government”, or “the state” insist upon garnering and compelling utilization of government “money”??? Banks — all banks, not merely “central” banks — are the backbone of that swindle…er, “science”.

      I suspect that has been the case since the beginning of recorded history.

      Not much any of us can do at this point but to read — and to understand:


  • mary

    None other than Carmen Reinhart in an interview this week said that negative interest rates is an opaque tax. “And I say opaque because it’s not legislated. Most taxes that we pay,,, go through a legislative process. This is a tax that is largely the outcome of having a monetary policy delivering negative returns, negative real returns.”

    If that’s not a conspiracy, what is?

  • rahrog

    Once again Trump is close to the truth. The Federal Reserve is not holding down rates to protect Obama, they are holding down rates because the petrodollar system will collapse (which is what they intend) as soon as interest rates rise. Central banks all over the world are colluding to cover their own butts until they are ready to crash the system so they can “save” us all with a new one world currency.

    • ahuxley


  • JohnnyZ

    People should understand that the Fed is a conspiracy that is based on and designed to protect and facilitate another, older conspiracy: Fractional Reserve Lending, which constitutes legalized counterfeiting. This latter conspiracy prints money (as deposits) every time it grants credit. But as opposed to the Fed, it prints money at interest. It is also a pyramid scheme, because unless new credit is taken, there is no money printed yet to cover the interest due. That is why the system almost went bankrupt in 2008 – there was no deleveraging, there was only no new credit creation (plus collateral went bad, but that is a story mostly for investment banks). And around 2008, 90-95% of the money supply was created by FRL, with the Fed having printed only less than a trillion. But then when there was no further private credit demand, the Fed printed another $3-4tr to keep the Ponzi FRL going. That is the main objective of the Fed and not “fighting inflation” (a joke, they facilitate it) or fighting unemployment (they care only for nominal GDP growth, which can create enough cash flow to serve bank loans). Its another hidden objective is to directly enrich its cabal owners and manipulate asset markets in their favor and on their timing.

    • olde reb

      Actually, the printing is done by the Treasury Department (the Mint) and is sold to the FR for the printing cost (about 4 cents for a Washington and 15 cents for a Benjamin). The Fed sells them to the commercial banks at face value–not a bad mark-up. Ref. ANNUAL REPORT: BUDGET REVIEW pamphlet MS-N-127 available upon request from FR. NOTE: Recent editions do not inform of costs of specific denominations.

      • JohnnyZ

        The Fed is “printing” the digital reserves, which are convertible in paper cash on demand. The latter is printed by the Treasury. So my statement is correct.

        • olde reb

          If you wish to define “black” as “white”, you are free to do so. Book entry creation of value, as I see it, is not printing.
          Call it anything that satisfies your ego.

          “Cash” as you call it, are prominently identified as Federal Reserve Notes. They are instruments informing you they are a debt obligation of the FR system, i.e., the FR owes you value. They are not an obligation of the government. At one time, the Note informed you that you could convert it into gold or silver at the Treasury or at any FR bank. Then they told bearers they could convert them into lawful money. Now they inform you that by statute, they are legal tender for debts public or private. You cannot convert them (as you state) into anything but more debt instruments. A dollar is still legally defined by 1789 legislation as so many grains of silver. Cash is different in every society.

  • olde reb


    The Federal Reserve system is used by the Wall Street bankers to conceal
    the theft of $6 billion daily using the FRBNY’s exclusive control of the accounts of auction funds of Treasury securities. They have successfully operated
    the scheme for 100 years.

    The FRBNY has exclusive control of disbursements of the auction accounts. Ref. 31 CFR 375.3. Ref.

    The evidence that the Federal Reserve is diverting the money from the government using the above accounting scam is in plain sight for those who wish to see it:

    ONE: The FRBNY will only establish a line of credit for the government
    (book entry money) when they receive a Treasury security in the amount of the line of credit. Congress then spends the line of credit as deficit spending.

    TWO: The deficit security is sold as a small percentage on the auctioned roll-over securities (about 10%). The FRBNY handles all of the accounts and disbursements. Ref. 31 CFR 375.3. The accounts are client accounts (not operational accounts) and have never been audited. Audits of the FR are conducted according to guidelines established by the BOG.

    THREE: Funds from auctioning the deficit security issues (currently $2
    trillion annually, $6 billion daily) cannot go to the government. If
    they did, they would have to buy the securities just issued since no
    other securities have been purchased. Under those circumstances,
    there would be no increase in the money in circulation (inflation)
    nor would there be any increase in the national debt. The money from the auction must go somewhere but it cannot go to the government.

    FOUR: The only feasible destination for the funds is to members of the
    Primary Dealers who are tasked with collecting called and redeemed
    Treasury securities. As hidden owners of the corporate Board of
    Governors (privately owned corporations are not required to file
    records with the SEC), they can receive deficit spending profit along
    with funds for the roll-over security work. The owners have put up
    no consideration for receiving $6 billion daily, even thou it is
    touted as a loan. (If the non-existing loan was being paid off by
    the hidden money, it would then result is eliminating any increase in
    the National Debt.) (The operation of the BOG readily lends itself to
    a corporate structure; the FR System does not.)

    FIVE: Profit of the Federal Reserve legally belongs to the government.
    It is assumed the same profitable scam has been set up with the Euro
    with each nation pledging to guarantee payment on the securities sold by
    the ECB. The money from the sale of the securities is theorized,
    based upon the Federal Reserve documented scheme, to go to the
    controllers/owners of the ECB. Money from the above operations are
    theorized to fund the New World Order scheme. Ref.

    Is any of this information of interest ?

    Jim Carter

  • olde reb

    13 hours without approval. is there any confirming evidence you would want ??

    It does nothing more than detail how the nefarious acts alleged by your other posters is carried out. It is the result of considerable research.

  • ahuxley