“There is No Safety You Dumb Bitch” -The Hound
By Joe Jarvis - March 17, 2017

Take heed of The Hound’s warning, and let it free you. There is no guarantee of a job or safety net, there is no absolute security from evil doers, and there is only so much you can do to prevent accidents and illness. The silver lining is that recognizing this is the best way to cushion yourself from the vulnerabilities of an unpredictable world.

Brienne of Tarth, in Game of Thrones, is noble in her cause, and intends to uphold an oath she swore to Lady Stark to keep her children safe. But she is also a bit naive about the nature of the world in which she lives.

Brienne thinks she can bring Arya to a safe place, wherever that is. But as The Hound so eloquently reminds her:

“There is no safety you dumb bitch. And if you don’t know that by now, you’re the wrong one to watch over her.”

If Brienne thinks she can ever let her guard down, or relax, she will never be safe. There is no destination at which point she and Arya will be ultimately secure. It just does not exist.

And Sandor Clegane–The Hound–is right; if Brienne of Tarth cannot understand this basic fact about the world, she is not capable of keeping Arya safe.

The Hound’s negative view on the danger of the world actually leaves him less vulnerable. He never expects to be safe, and is therefore safer because he is alert to danger.

As rough and tumble as the Hound is, Arya was in fact safe the entire time she was with him. This was no guarantee, its just how it happened, mostly due to the fact that The Hound knows there is no safety to be had, except by vigilance in every moment.

There is no safe place, there is no safe time, and there are no safe people to be with. This keeps him alert and in a secure position to deal with threats.

And although Brienne’s goal is to make Arya even safer, she instead severely wounds the person protecting Arya. Brienne incorrectly judges The Hound to be a danger to Arya, and then fails to secure Arya, leaving her more defenseless than she had been previously.

And through this interaction, Brienne actually proves The Hound’s point. Brienne’s desire to bring Arya to safety created a dangerous situation that could have been avoided if she only realized that safety is a constant effort, and not a destination.

Should We Apply a Lesson From a Fake Story in a Mythical Setting?

In the modern world we are much safer than humans were in the middle ages. And in the real world there are certain things we don’t have to worry about, like white-walkers and dragons.

But unfortunately we do still have to contend with the likes of Cersi and the Lannisters, the Ramsy Boltons, and the treacherous Freys all playing their part in our own “Game of Thrones”.

In our lives, they are usually less murdery and slightly more taciturn in their elitist desire for domination.

The lesson however remains: there is no guarantee of safety (you dumb bitch).

But before you think I am being gloomy and pessimistic, consider the gift of understanding this realization.

In the pursuit of the ultimate goal of “safety” we expose ourselves and society to all sorts of dangers.

For instance, Trump just authorized the CIA to carry out drone strikes without any oversight. Obama had been carrying out drone strikes for years before that, and Bush before him had invaded countries. All of this is supposedly to make us safe. All it really did was create terrorists and pour fuel on the fire when innocent civilians get murdered by the USA’s bombs.

Would there still be terrorists and crazy people without all that provocation? Yes, I’m sure. But the numbers would most likely be lower, and we could focus on actual defense instead of offensive eradication of the source, which only grows the threat.

It is important to understand that in this world, and in this life, there is no destination. Everything is fluid, and constantly changing. We like to imagine a time in the future when we are secure, safe, comfortable, happy and just generally all set.

But the desire for a finish line is elusive; instead we must constantly extract all these things from our daily lives. Safety is no different. Happiness is a lifestyle, as if comfort, security, and yes, safety.

Safety is all relative. We can certainly do things that make us safer, and we can put ourselves at undue risk.

And this goes as much for economics as for physical safety. Don’t expect Social Security to be there for you, have a backup plan. State pensions are on just as shaky ground. Don’t assume large cash holdings are all you need. There is no guarantee that any one currency, stock, or bond remains stable. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket, including streams of income, and have a backup plan for worst case scenarios.

At the end of the day, safety comes down to vigilance. Unless you are constantly on alert to those things which threaten your safety, you will be taken by surprise.

How Safety Relates to Liberty

It doesn’t really matter if the person making you less safe is Brienne of Tarth or Cersi Lannister. Cersi, in a sense, is safer to be around, because you understand that she is dangerous, and can protect yourself.

But how can you protect yourself from someone who thinks they have your best interests at heart, whether you like it or not?

Some people will have noble goals and try to force you into their “safe” world that they have flawlessly designed for security. Their ignorance makes you just as vulnerable as Cersi’s malevolence.

We must each be at liberty to look after our own safety. Others will offer us ultimate safety, utopia, and uninterrupted security that we can just accept and then forget about. This will lead us down a path of naivety, ignorance, and vulnerability.

Whether those who lure you into the false sense of security are doing so because their goals are noble, or because their motives are nefarious hardly matters.

To riff off Benjamin Franklin, if you give up liberty in the pursuit of safety, you will get neither.

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  • georgesilver

    Don’t watch Game of Thrones… looks to gloomy. Always try to be positive. Always believe in individualism. Never look to a ‘leader’ for anything. Never think a politician is thinking of you. Never think someone else will solve your problems. Never be a patriot. Always pretend you are part of the group and system without being part of it. Only trust the ones very close to you. Look after your own health. Stay away from the medical profession as much as possible. Be your own financial advisor and central bank. Buy Gold and Silver. Eat real food. Drink good wine. Be happy (it’s a frame of mind). Laugh at yourself. …… I think that covers it.

    • Praetor

      A large arsenal and some money leftover to have yourself buried in the ground. That’s a good start.

      Game of Thrones, gives you the feeling that some outside earthly force should intervene in earth’s affairs, and put an end to it.!!!

    • paul crosley

      The “grey man” philosophy!

      • georgesilver

        Fascinating. I’ve just looked up “grey man”. I didn’t realise I had been following this philosophy for most of my life. It works.

        • paul crosley

          You must be a smart person because it takes some intellectual effort to live this way without letting others know.

    • Basically, that advice (excellent!) is EXACTLY what your great-grandparents did. (1900’s).
      The only reason you personally, are socially in front right now. You may not recognise it – we all want more – but how would you like to be a 41 y.o. father of 2, who has just been downsized at Xmas…….

  • jackw97224

    The whole “safe zone or safe place” rubbish is just plain disgusting and shows how totally dishonest and illogical and in part, stupid, so many people are. Commie/socialism finds wedge issues and uses them to divide and conquer. In Kalifornicate-Kalificate we he moonbeam gov and a host of college presidents and teachers who have gone all in on the “safe place” crap. In Fresno we have a dishonest fella who heads up Fresno State U. He has stated hoe please he is that he has presided over the enrollment of about 1000 illegal aliens who take the place of kids with legal status, in short he is proud of breaking the laws and encourages others to do the same by his example. Same goes with so called “judges” who defy “the law.” Hi, I’m a judge but if I don’t like the law then I’ll just not follow it. Hey, how about getting the law changed. Oh, I see, you don’t want to be accused of using the Nuremberg Defense. well, OK, then, when your jurisdiction is challenged, don’t tell me you’re just following “the law” and just doing your job, which BTW I have a judge and a police officer actually admit in open court that they were just doing their jobs.

    Any society [or any person] that would give up a
    little liberty to gain a little security will deserve neither and lose both.

    • Jack, it is all simply a very well orchestrated plan by The Owners (of us) to create chaos and then like Mussolini, “make the trains run on time, again”.

  • ICFubar

    While ‘safety in all its forms is certainly an individuals responsibility there is safety in numbers and mutual defense (offense where warranted, like against banking cabals).People have often banded together in co operative endeavors for mutual benefit. To reference another film, Monty Python’s “Holy Grail” and the anarchist syndicalist commune scene….https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R7qT-C-0ajI

    • Great point, we agree that there are different methods of staying safer, like using a group for safety. Strange creatures, lying in ponds, distributing swords is no basis for a system of government.

  • SnakePlissken

    Once AI and automation has eliminated 80% of jobs in the next 20 years, people will be divided into 2 groups; 1) Military/law enforcement/prisons, and 2) terrorists and criminals. They will be making money off you as a member of the system, or they will be making money off you by charging the state for your incarceration.


      When globalism arrives you have nothing to worry about. If you are in the top ten percent you will be the Elite. There will be no middle class, only the surviving peasants serving their masters. The Elite are on record of stating the world population should be approx. 2 billion. The change will be a matter of a few years as the winnowing of the expendables will be dispatched quickly, by biologicals in the water and food chains. It will be beyond your ability to sidestep the inevitable, so until the Elite gains control enjoy the years left to you.

  • Doc

    This kind of article isn’t why I subscribe to the DB. I think the subscribers already have realised the point about safety.

    Apart from the fact that the places in The Game of Thrones sounds like the places where I was born, I found that series rather dull. Just my personal opinion, and I might have poor taste.

    • We are sorry, we try to post a variety of articles to keep it interesting. What kind of articles do you look forward to?

      • Doc

        I wrote this 15 days ago in this forum:
        “I find the greatest value of DB in exposing and looking at the fake dualities presented to us every day and the deep lies we have been told for centuries. […]
        I think of this as exposing the man behind the curtain: https://youtu.be/YWyCCJ6B2WE
        Blowing away the smoke screens, demolishing the Potemkin village, call it what you want.”
        One reason people is asking for safety is that they have been scared into it by “the man behind the curtain” to begin with. And what then is provided is hardly true safety, merely apparent safety. In no way do they provide real safety, unless by accident.
        That is the kind of things I love when DB covers.

        • AmethystNancy

          I agree, Doc that many, many fears are generated & manipulated by whoever the controllers are in any given society & point in history. I was raised in a fundamentalist family of “god fearing Christians”. Even as a child, I wondered what kind of puny god gets off on human fear or needs humans to “worship” him every Sunday. And yet, I think Bruce C’s list of affirmations such as “I live in a safe and sane world” are very helpful. It isn’t enough to just cognitively “know” we are and have been lied to throughout our lives by parents and others who were also lied to. We didn’t just hear cliches like “god fearing Christians”, “nice guys finish last” once or twice. We heard them over and over again. In my opinion repetitive reinforcement of a counter narrative is very helpful,

          • Doc

            A lot of attempted brainwashing going on for sure. Affirmations are good for that as well, good point.

  • BTW: FWIW:
    With the next now overdue Depression (great name, very accurate) I can not find a single person who has a real escape scenario for a REAL wipeout.
    Consider this my friends:
    The much talked of “Great Depression” of the 30’s, was basically a “cleanup” of the too-arrogant plans of the peasants who did so well out of the “Really Good War”.
    25% of the population did very well out of the organised Depression.
    The peasants were taught a lesson and shorn like sheep.
    THIS TIME it won’t be for a couple of tough years, the jobs are permanently gone.
    Peasant health continues to deteriorate, thanks to the modern PharmaChems who cannot be reversed. WE can no longer work physically like our grandparents did.
    Savings? There is no such thing. Only gold and silver and who can afford to buy say, 50 years worth of Bed&Board?
    PLEASE don’t get mad at ME, just go look hard at the Chicago/Baltimore documentaries on Youtube and PBS. You are them, just still employed … for now.

  • A different but related issue that people are safer today, than in previous generations, according to many objective ways of measuring safety/threats. But they do not know that is true, they often feel less safe, and they are poor at gauging the relative risks of different outcomes. One possibility is that education would help. Yet one does not find testimonials of people reporting to have educated themselves, feeling glad for the new outlook, and encouraging their friends to all try that. Maybe the reality of that would need to be repeated on TV as often as the news stories about terrible events in order for it to sink in? An alternative story is that perhaps some claim to feel “unsafe” and enjoy discussing “threats” as a form of social signaling rather than an actual fear response? You and I, standing hear nobly, warding off the unprecedented terrors of today’s world (exaggerated and often fictional, though they may be…)

    • Great point, another example is that during the 90’s gun related homicides were declining, while news reports of homicides increased. By the end of the 90’s, when polled the public was much more concerned about the murder rate than in the early 90’s when the rates were in fact higher.

      • There are other cases where it’s hard to get objective statistics, but one sees that “vigilance” has gone way up while threat probably hasn’t and may well have gone down. For example, I started going places, in suburbia, miles away, on my bike when I was in 5th grade. It seems that is not regarded as safe today (helmet or no helmet). My Dad recalled being on a trip to Mexico City as a 4 yr. old youth with his parents and being sent around the corner with money to pick up some groceries at a local bodega. Now the idea sounds shocking.

  • notwithabang

    No one else can protect me from myself.

    Timely article, DB. These safe space Utopias always drown in the blood of millions a la 20th century communism. There’s a maternalistic tone to the stridency of its advocates, as if today’s adults are infants in need of protection and succour by immature, nihilistic & guilt-ridden 0.1 percenters (plus useful idiots) & nanny state enforcers.

    Humanity is afraid of its own psychological shadow. “Ban all the things and words, and agree with me or else you are a/an *insert newly-weaponised pejorative*”. It’s a perverted, Procrustean mindset. Post-modernist art does not lie. That is exactly how these “artists” perceive themselves to be on the inside: ugly, confused, terrified of truth, and self-loathing. Blue hair good, brown hair bad.

    Become what you are and – as someone else here suggested – in the absence of real pain and suffering: have a laugh, enjoy if only because 1. It’s healthy & 2. Authoritarians detest the sound of laughter.

    • Amen! Thanks, we are glad you enjoyed the article, we are certainly all responsible for ourselves, there’s just no other way.

  • Bruce C.

    What’s lost too often in these discussions is the fact that each and every individual forms his/her own reality through their own personal beliefs, desires, intents and expectations about the nature of the self and the world they live in.

    I’ve said this sort of thing before and it usually falls on deaf ears but it bears repeating and it’s true whether you believe it or not. (If you don’t believe/understand that then you ego-consciousness simply interprets your experiences through the lens of official dogma.)

    So here are some examples of the kinds of beliefs that can make “all the difference” in one’s personal reality:

    “I live in a safe and sane world.”

    “Men are motivated by good intent.”

    “Health is the natural state of being.”

    “There are no ‘accidents’ or ‘coincidences’.”

    “The self is not limited.”

    “There are no boundaries or separations of the self.”

    “You form your own reality.”

    “All data, information, and aid is immediately forthcoming psychically and physically unless blocked by opposing beliefs or feelings of unworthiness.”

    “The five physical senses ARE NOT the only pathways for information.”

    There are many others.

    These may sound like pollyannaish statements but they are not. They are highly practical in every sense of the word. Believe otherwise at your peril.

    • UppitySlave

      Indeed, many deep truths here, thank you for sharing them. But your closing statement, a threat, startled me.

      • Bruce C.

        I’m simply saying that holding “negative” beliefs will manifest “negative” experiences in one’s life. Maybe “peril” is too dramatic a word, but that’s “all” I meant. Thanks.


    Man knows there are potential risks to everyday life, but should he dwell on this knowledge, he will never be a happy camper. Fear is a killer, and breeds distrust in you of everything and everyone. It breeds paranoia so as to make one miserable and unsociable. What a terrible existence. Recognizing that all are subjected to the vagaries of life, and that most live to their eighties in the USA, live and enjoy your life to the fullest, being friendly and a friend to all who reciprocate. Don’t permit yourself to worry or concern yourself about tomorrows. Live and be joyful. i am in my nineties.