Trump Has Split the GOP, But What About the USA?
By Daily Bell Staff - October 20, 2016

Donald Trump hasn’t succeeded in discrediting Hillary Clinton, but he has managed to tarnish one target: Paul Ryan, the top Republican office holder in the country. – Bloomberg

This Bloomberg article explains that Trump has not succeeded in “dragging down” Hillary Clinton but has effectively reduced Paul Ryan’s favorability and credibility.

The article argues, therefore, that the GOP will not be able to work with Hillary if she becomes president.

The idea is that the next few years will be an extension of the Trump candidacy. He may not win the presidency but he can influence the GOP’s response to the presidency to such a degree that much of Hillary’s agenda will be lessened or negated.


After Trump’s comments about assaulting women were aired, Ryan said he would no longer campaign for him. Before that, the speaker criticized Trump for his slurs against a Hispanic judge. Trump’s attacks on Ryan have been more personal and, as a nominee assailing the party’s top congressional leader, unprecedented.

Some Republicans are wondering if the personal damage has been such that Ryan might step aside as speaker even if Republicans, as expected, hold the House majority next month. This illustrates the bitter intra-party schisms Trump has caused.

“As a member of the Republican conference I very much hope Paul Ryan stays — he has been a very effective speaker,” Oklahoma Representative Tom Cole, a close ally, said in an interview. Cole went on to say, “As his friend, it may be best for him to wrap up business and think about his future. Paul will have a big decision to make.”

This is certainly a significant statement to make. Ryan has been “effective” but from a pro-Trump standpoint his effectiveness does not make him any more attractive to Trump or his followers.

And this makes sense. The 21st century’s exposure to the Internet has made it clear to many GOP supporters that their idea of Republicanism diverges sharply from that of GOP leaders.

What has been increasingly revealed is that the GOP is basically the foil of the Democratic Party. Economically, militarily and politically, the GOP constantly accepts Democratic “progressive” leadership. The so-called negotiations simply involve how fast the country is to be dragged leftward until it basically doesn’t exist anymore. In fact, it is fairly clear by now that the inevitable destination is indeed total destruction.

This is because the country itself is not what it appears to be. The USA contains a culture of republicanism and freedom even today. But the power resides elsewhere, mostly in London’s City. The goal of the City’s bankers generally is to create a single government ruling over putative, but ineffective states and regions worldwide. There won’t be much difference between these regional and local entities.

This metamorphosis is ongoing. Look around the world. Almost all countries have a graduated income tax and many supposedly are “democracies” and have “elections.” Most seem to have market systems at local levels, though control of money and industrial power resides at the top.

Almost all countries have monopoly central banks, either “independent” or government run. The US is similarly organized. The world is not that far away from homogenization.

But in the meantime, in the 21st century, the candidacies of first Ron Paul and now Donald Trump have offered people a big distinction between what the US has become and the rhetorical portrait of what it is … supposedly.

The Internet has allowed these candidates and others to spread an alternative viewpoint of how the US is organized and how it ought to be run. Much of this alternative vision is oriented around more vibrant free markets, entrepreneurship and freedom itself.

The Bloomberg article seems to bemoan the idea that Trump’s vision will continue to influence the GOP long after the presidential campaign is finished. But the larger issue is what impact Trump’s vision will have on the country itself.? What is going on in the US is not necessarily a political realignment but a gradual change in the way people relate to the nation. The change is much more fundamental than is being portrayed.

Within this context one can of course offer an alternative vision. It doesn’t affect the larger changes in the visions of the electorate so much as Trump himself. As we have noted, he is either courageous beyond all measure – given the nature of his criticisms – or simply, for some reason, unworried about retaliation from the “shadow government” and its banks.

It certainly seems evident, if one views the alternative media, that overt, active critics of the system have the potential of meeting violent ends. Additionally, Trump presumably owes a lot of money to banks that are part of the system he has been criticizing. Yet Trump has been more emphatic about losing a “rigged” election than about any physical threats to himself or his family.

Additionally, certainly in the last debate, he does not seem to have utilized almost any of the information revealed in recent WikiLeaks email dumps. Granted, there is not actually a great deal of overtly damning information in  these “leaks,” but certainly there is some. One wonders why Trump did not use his last appearance on a truly international stage to verbalize some of the obvious issues.

It may be that Trump, if he loses the election, will actually end up leading a GOP “revolution” in unexpected directions. Perhaps he, too, over time will end up raising considerable questions about his purpose and role. If this takes place, then his political activities, over time, will become less credible. Presumably, this would be welcomed by those organizing a larger “false flag.”

Our thought, were this to take place, is that changes embodied by Paul and Trump extend far beyond the men themselves. They will persist and expand much as similar changes did after the advent of the Gutenberg Press. The kind of consolidation that elites currently seek was tried in Sumer, Babylon and Rome. It didn’t work in Venice, either, and it won’t work today.

Conclusion: The more pressure put on people, the more they will investigate history and explore alternatives. Yin inevitably is confronted by Yang and the world turns. Of course … too bad for you, if you have to live through it. Take steps to prepare. Explore the world for yourself and trust your own eyes, not the vision of anyone else, not, even Donald Trump.



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  • Hippity

    Oh, boo hoo! If Clinton wins and her agenda may be negated or lessened. That would be great. Her agenda will be more of the same policies of Obamas that have stripped the USA of international leadership, economic growth, an influx of illegal aliens, and a weakened defense…..just to mention a few.

    As for Paul Ryan, he was the one who started the war with Trump by not supporting him after he won the nomination. He had to think about it. Ryan is only interested in Ryan and the speakership. I know, because he is my congressman and he is a RINO of the worse kind. He is adept at having everyone believe he is a conservation. A true conservative wouldn’t have given Obama everything he asked for. Ryan? He has been in the congress for years and has done nothing for the district.

    I am pleased that Trump has been calling Ryan out. It’s customary for all elected partisans to support the presidential nominee. Ryan emboldened elected Republicans by withholding an endorsement of Mr. Trump. And because Trump used some military barracks talk 11 years ago, Ryan, and others, withdrew their support. What hypocrits. Like they never used similar remarks in their entire lives..
    I admit that Trump has said things that bother me too, but the alternative is frightening..

    The fact is that both parties fear Trump, because he will put an abrupt end to the cronyism and pocket stuffing practices in Washington. So if the party is split, it would be a good time to start the Condervative Party of America on
    November 9, 2017.

    • deplorableirredeemable45

      I am with you 110 percent but I am afraid that Paul Ryan, John McCain, Graham have stuck an ice pick straight into the heart of America. In all my 71 years I have never seen any one toast this country like they have. They should be proud of them selves especially John McCain aka “Song Bird”.

      • john cummins

        The coward McCainiAss is perhaps the most despicable of them ALL, and has been for at least 30 years…and that’s pretty low…

        • Sam Fox

          deplorable & john, and to top all that off, McManchurian & a Dem pal slid Indefinite Detention into a NDAA bill a couple of years ago.
          When Trump landed on McLame during an early debate, I cheered very loudly.
          Newsflash! Trump didn’t ‘split’ the GOPee. All he did was expose the fracture between the RINO-CINO status quo & the voters still in the party. The GOPee was badly broken before Trump showed up, and when he did show up, all PC incorrect, they showed what many of the voters were already thinking; that the R party was corrupt & didn’t listen to We The People.
          Giving us McLame & Two Tongue Romney was the last straw for many of us former R voters, though I was already reregistered by then. It was very easy to see that the R establishment was throwing the election.
          Yo Dep! Thank you for your service!! God be with. Same for all you vets. SALUTE!

  • apberusdisvet

    DB: call it what it really is; an AWAKENING of all those who are tired of the lies, the corruption, the two-facedness of the politicians whose only role is be kneel before the elites in supplication for the off shored bread crumbs provided. I am reminded of “I am mad as hell and I am not going to take it any more”. It should be shouted from the rooftops, car windows and in gatherings. Let the Revolution begin!!

    • Hippity

      apberusdisvet, You got it right!

    • deplorableirredeemable45

      What good is an Awakening if people still elect some one like Hillary. If she is elected we will have only two choices. One loose this country or two an all out civil war. Will we have a civil war. We could if she pushes the right buttons fast enough but she want. She will just gradually kill us off one by one. Been praying a lot that Trump will win. Out side that and donating a few bucks there is not much more I can do. Personally I have a lot of guns and I want go down easy but that’s just me. I am afraid we are on the verge of loosing this country. So when all of you Liberals see the streets run red with blood then make sure you pat your selves on the back. Serving in the Congo 1964 and Vietnam 66-67 I have seen it all. War is a nasty thing.

      • “They” are not going to elect Hillary. Software and programs will elect her.

        • john cummins

          My humor bone was struck with this, “has effectively reduced Paul Ryan’s favorability and credibility”

          as IF that were possible, LOL.

      • Gregorio Smith

        A democracy cannot exist as a permanent form of government. It can only exist until the voters discover that they can vote themselves largesse from the public treasury. From that moment on, the majority always votes for the candidates promising the most benefits from the public treasury with the result that a democracy always collapses over loose fiscal policy.
        However, this points directly to the issue of demographics. It just so happens that there are more voters who want something from government than who want to give it to government.
        I knew years ago that the Dems would vote Hillary in. She couldn’t loose. She is very good at pandering.

        I think that if you want to stay in the horrible mess that this “country” has become – you can keep your guns and cans of beans and wait for the urbanites to arrive.
        But, I can’t help thinking there is a better place.

  • Sebastian Puettmann

    Hey, DailyBell.
    How come you are very often quoting BLOOMBERG?
    Is this the most influential Publication?
    Or is the maybe most influential it within elite circles?

    • Bloomberg utilizes numerous elite memes in its editorials. They are obvious there and thus easy to analyze and illustrate.

      • Sebastian Puettmann

        Thanks for your answer.

  • timothy price

    Don’t think it is possible to elect an indicted criminal such as Hillary will be. Wikileaks has released incriminating evidence on the DNP, Hillary, and Obama; it seems that are all guilty of working deceptively to promote wars against the US through surrogates.

  • Kevin

    Trump knows the TRUTH about 9/11!

    Scott Bennett
    Talks about Trump

    • Sebastian Puettmann

      If you have stumbled over the research of Dr. Judy Wood then you know that “the truth” might me more complicated than the average sceptic might think.

      Unfortunaley I cannot watcht this link in Germany. I can only imagine but at this point it really takes a blind person not to see.

      I have two thoughts:

      1_ Obviously our whole system is incapable of dealing with this whole 9/11 situation. So we would need to radically adapt libertarian principles in order to create a free system through which we might be able to tackle this possible false flag monster.

      2_ DailyBell is of the oppinion that the War On Terror is almost certainly a fraud. I agree. But 9/11 has to be seen in the context of global military positioning. It seems so easy to demand bringing home all those troops? But it would mean quite a change in the balance of power in Asia and Africa. Would you propose that? I guess it is really the only way to focus on problems at home (like a new investigation into 9/11) and it might relax the military situation between Iran and Israel. Otherwise it might not or even China might move in. For good or for bad. What are we supposed to do?

  • Ernie Hopkins

    Good Analysis!

  • EDD

    I’m on the fence; not who I would vote for, but the realization there has never been a campaign like this one before.On the one hand, the pundits, the media, the polls and whatever other liberal influences that can be utilized, project Clinton to be the winner. On the other hand, the Clinton campaign has attracted far less public appearances support than expected.

    The Donald campaign has been just the opposite, record turnout at public events; record fund raising by individual smaller donor donations, etc. Even though both party’s leadership have done their best to derail him, somehow he keeps on attracting a strong following. Based on these observations, there could be a major, and I do mean major, re-evaluation of the American psyche when all the results are in.

    Trump’s rhetoric has been revealing in the context of not being ‘politically correct’. He has revealed to the public the msm liberal alignment as no other public figure has done. He has called out the hypocrisy of both party’s leadership. Without going into further details of other revelations, he has raised public awareness of the inconsistencies in government, finances and other topics. In other words, he has broken the veneer of ‘thought police’, Orwell’s main theme.

    The DB has often asserted the ‘net’ is an ongoing process. IMO, we are approaching the 12-13% critical mass necessary for public awareness to create major change. Without him saying so, he has extended hope and change to a far grater extent than the candidate who campaigned on ‘hope and change’ eight years ago.

    For the reasons listed above, if the critical mass has not yet reached viability, we will end up with more of the same ol same ol. If it has been reached, and is even now in the process of exponential growth, there could be a landslide of mammoth proportions in favor of greater freedoms. For America, this race is in uncharted territory. As has been stated elsewhere, in the twinkling of the eye——!!!!!

  • Jim Johnson

    I have watched 60+ years of experimentation not for a newer and more exciting Republic reaching into the stars, but rather a tired old crony Empire written by idiots or psychopaths- I can’t decide which. Rather than look for champions to push into the line of fire, I have decided to talk with my neighbors, who like the idea of tending to our respective streets and acreage. And guess what? I like these folks, and see a whole new America rising with kids deciding to stick around and grow among their families. Let’s go find a planet to experiment on, and keep this little garden healthy while we do so. Hell, I am seeing interesting evidence we are already there, not to mention the free energy in an electric universe. We didn’t come from the Stone Age, we descended into it. Give me back the Sciences of the Pyramids and let’s see what we can do this time around.

  • deplorableirredeemable45

    If Trump looses this election then I am done. I will have to be done because the Republicans will never win another election. People like Paul Ryan, John McCain and Graham have seen to that. There will be no coming back because Hillary with her Supreme court appointments will kill the Constitution along with this country. I served in Vietnam and for what? So if Hillary wins this old 71 year old man will sit on his front porch and will not obey the Hillary government. Some words of advice would be, leave this old man be.

    • Choose2Live

      Don’t worry deplorable, Hitlery will soon be President all right, but only of her cell-block sorority prison-bitches! Trump will trounce, then prosecute with vigor! Landslide victory coming in on approach, permanent accommodations being booked for Hitlery right now – she knows she’s doomed! Thanks for your service irredeemable, sit on your porch with pride and patriotism, flipping the bird to them all!

  • SkyWatch

    “If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency, first by inflation, then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around them will deprive the people of all property until their children wake up homeless on the continent their Fathers conquered…. I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies…. The issuing power should be taken from the banks and restored to the people, to whom it properly belongs.” Thomas Jefferson

    “Some people think that the Federal Reserve Banks United States are Government institutions. They are private monopolies which prey upon the people of these United States for the benefit of themselves and their foreign customers; foreign and domestic speculators and swindlers; and rich and predatory money lender. In that dark crew of financial pirates there are those who would cut a man’s throat to get a dollar out of his pocket; there are those who send money into states to buy votes to control our legislatures; there are those who maintain International propaganda for the purpose of deceiving us into granting of new concessions which will permit them to cover up their past misdeeds and set again in motion their gigantic train of crime.”

    Congressman Louis T. McFadden – served as Chairman of the United States House Committee on Banking and Currency during the Sixty-sixth through Seventy-first Congresses, or 1920-1931
    Read his entire speech given on the house floor >

    The question is NOT how we have come to the place we find ourselves, but HOW we are going to reclaim our liberty. The Founding Fathers determined that the odds favored them to win an armed rebellion, and so they prosecuted and apparently won a series of battles we know as the American Revolution. BUT the WAR has raged on before and since then and has NEVER stopped, because FEUDALISM in all its forms is the natural condition of mankind. And if you want your freedom, it must be paid for with more then money.

  • autonomous

    A metaphor for American politics: pristine commodes in brand new Wall-Mart public bathrooms, before the public has been allowed in. Shiny white porcelain thrones connected to a giant municipal sewer. Then the voters go to the voting booth. The cleanliness lasts through perhaps the first few voters, but very quickly, public filthiness mars the outward appearance, till it mirrors the innards of the sewer.

    The depravity of society can only maintain a momentary vision of itself as a clean, respectable institution. History attempts an ex post facto cleanup, and ‘news reporting’ adds their inept and ultimately futile “cleanup to the rest rooms” call. Everyone thinks My shit don’t stink, and that someone should clean this mess up, while trailing urine soaked toilet paper from their heels as they go back to their shopping.

    Cynical? Jaundiced? Antisocial? Misanthropic? or Realistic? You decide. Oh, and check your heels.

    • Phil Lesh Fan

      The filth of our political parties is, really, an accurate representation of the moral state of Americans, by and large. Not all, but a huge percentage, of Americans have completely lost their moral footing.

      This crash is going to be ugly.

  • Stephen Persaud

    (The USA contains a culture of republicanism and freedom even today. But the power resides elsewhere, mostly in London’s City. The goal of the City’s bankers generally is to create a single government ruling over putative, but ineffective states and regions worldwide. There won’t be much difference between these regional and local entities.)

    Digital Power !

    In an anonymous block on a London street, the US presidential election is quietly being shaped.

    The second-floor office is Donald Trump’s digital war room. Cambridge Analytica is a political tech company that is delivering hypertargeted – and hyperpersuasive – messages to people on social media.

    Working for the Trump campaign, Cambridge Analytica crunches billions of data points – from social media, credit card histories, supermarket loyalty schemes, TV watching habits – to tailor political adverts.

    It previously worked for the Ted Cruz campaign, as well as Nato and the Ministry of Defence.

    As I once wrote to the “UK LEAVE” Brexiteers…..

    Even if Donald Trump loses and does not become President …he will become even more powerful (like OBi Wan)…..

    Because he can spend all his time saying ….look how much worse things are getting …and I told you so….

    “What do you do when the media is, in your view, rigging an election against you? Set up your own media organisation, of course. Donald Trump’s son-in-law has been having talks about helping his dad set up a new TV network, just days after the Republican candidate claimed that the media was rigging the US election. Jared Kushner has informally approached one of the industry’s top deal-makers, Aryeh Bourkoff, the founder and chief executive of LionTree investment bank, about setting up a network, the Financial Times reported.”

    Also as I have said on many occasions…’s not Donald that’s the problem…it’s the fact that such a large percentage of the American public have become so insular.. disenfranchised….and downright angry…… that anger will not disappear…if anything….if Donald loses… his followers (constituency) will become even more extreme and vocal….

    America is already divided…….and this division will run its natural anthropological course……the USA is falling apart…

    {Back in 2008, the Middlebury Institute conducted a poll, asking Americans how they felt about secession. It’s a tough question for Americans to answer, because “secession” has become such a politically charged term since the Civil War. Despite this, 22 percent of Americans agreed to the statement “any state or region has the right to peaceably secede from the United States and become an independent republic}

    America’s commitment to NATO (or at least Europe) will be severely tested in the not too distant future….

    Imagine if you will ….”Baked Alaska” ……

    We have already seen Canada on fire and these Earth changes will get worse ..and so instead of building walls to keep out Mexicans…..Donald might have to build camps to house Canadians…

    The Obama administration has warned the US will need to deal with a wave of “climate refugees” as the Arctic continues to warm, joining with the Canadian government to express alarm over how climate change is affecting indigenous communities.

    Some pundits say there having been simmering tensions within Syria for decades(centuries/millennia)

    However…the proverbial straw that broke the camel’s back was CLIMATE CHANGE…..

    “Drought, which is being exacerbated by climate change and bad government policies, has forced more than a million Syrian farmers to move to overcrowded cities. Water shortages, ruined land and corruption, they say, fomented revolution. Lack of work, along with ensuing violence, has prompted many Syrians to flee to Turkey and then cross the ocean to Greece. Hundreds of adults and children have drowned along the way. Climate scientists say Syrian droughts will become more frequent and severe, a trend that could expand across the Middle East and the Mediterranean region.”

    NB : Then of course there is the possibility that we are headed for a mini ice age !!

  • Phil Lesh Fan

    Donald Trump has done nothing to Paul Ryan — Ryan has done his own damage to himself by not backing the Republican candidate, no matter who won the primary. Ryan and the other GOP elite are no different than the Democratic Party elite, fearing that an outsider might upset the feeding trough at which they gorge themselves and wipe each others chins.

    We, the Republican voters, cast our votes for a Republican presidential candidate, and Donald Trump won the vote – fair and square. The GOP leadership should have rallied behind our choice. If they had expended their energies on delineating the ideological differences of the two parties, as well as the evil and outrageous behaviors of Hillary Clinton, we would have a totally different scenario at hand. But, they chose to put their energies into bashing our Republican candidate, mush like they have put their energies into helping the president drag us Left for almost 8 years now.

    We need a complete housecleaning of, or an eliminations of, the Republican Party elite.

  • bailintheboat

    Though the third debate may have reached more people it would only be for just that moment. Just one portion of a long string of events. Follow through is important. The rallies and what he has to say.

  • bailintheboat

    I’ removing my own post here. Just not working for me.