Trump Irony: Candidacy May Unify U.S. with Mexico
By Daily Bell Staff - May 04, 2016

Ted Cruz drops bid for Republican nomination, clearing path for Trump … Ted Cruz suspended his US presidential campaign on Tuesday after a crushing defeat in Indiana’s primary, leaving the way clear for Donald Trump to become the Republican nominee.  – UK Guardian

It seems more likely now that Trump will be the Republican nominee for president. But there are seemingly two main questions to answer: Will Trump really go on to win the presidency and … is his candidacy what it appears to be?

We don’t know the answer to the first question. In fact, we are still not sure he will be the nominee. But we have thoughts on the second question, some of which we have mentioned previously.

In an article entitled Trump, Another Manchurian Candidate? we wrote the following:

The mainstream media is filled with howls about Donald Trump. Even the most positive articles about him tend to catalogue his political achievements within a larger context of GOP consternation and evident fury. Here is our question, as close observers of the mainstream media.

Is it propaganda of a sort? Is the evident antipathy orchestrated to serve certain purposes of a shadowy power elite? To elaborate: Are those at the top of US society who evidently structure and control US elections creating a figure that is sympathetic to the tens of millions who are deeply alienated from almost every part of establishment society? Is Trump himself part of a deeper plan?

We elaborated on this with an article entitled, Trump and ’60s Propaganda: Strategy to Launch North American Union?

Here’s what we proposed:

Is it possible some sort of dialectical strategy is taking place? [George] Soros provides the thesis, you see, and Trump the antithesis. Out of media-promoted conflict emerges a synthesis that considerably deepens the relationship between Mexico and America.

Trump’s “wall” – his signature political issue – would be at the center of this cultural and geographical realignment. Out of its construction, might emerge a greater union embracing a much larger geographical region.

We then tracked the creation of this media-promoted conflict and reported on its escalation on April 12 in an article entitled, US Elections Giving Rise to Broad, Socialist Coalition. Here’s an excerpt:

The anger manifest in the current political season is being used by elite money-men to forge a new protest coalition that is extensive and international. A quick glance at Democracy Spring’s website reveals a coalition of supporting groups drawn from the entire spectrum of leftist activism.

Ironically, they are using the current polarization of US politics to build this bigger movement. Meanwhile, US citizens swept up by the current election are once again losing sight of the reality of American politics: They don’t work properly and don’t yield beneficial results.

The growing movement, as we reported, created a significant early-April protest in Washington DC. Many hundreds participated in voluntary arrests to protest “money in politics.”

But as we’d predicted, this was but a warm-up. Only days ago the mainstream media reported on further protests in California. Here’s something from the Los Angeles Times

Trump faced large and hostile demonstrations outside a rally Thursday night in Costa Mesa and at the Burlingame hotel where he delivered a speech to the California Republican Convention … “People are angry — they are feeling personally attacked and in danger,” said Luis Serrano, 28, an organizer with California Immigrant Youth Justice Alliance.

On May Day, April 1, there were protests up and down the West Coast, as reported by the UK Guardian:

Immigration a main cause for marchers’ concern as at least nine were arrested Sunday in Seattle, while hundreds protested in downtown Los Angeles  … Demonstrators repeatedly called out Trump for his remarks about immigrants, workers and women.

There have been credible reports that Trump didn’t run to win the nomination but to advance his position as a national political pundit and to raise his profile generally.

Along with others, we’ve suggested Trump’s campaign is more complicated than simply one man’s determination to raise awareness of issues he believed needed more attention.

Our main hypothesis has been that Trump’s candidacy would create an upswell of Latino activism in the US and Mexico that would revitalize a political movement to further merge the two countries.

Trump has certainly provided a rallying point for those who want to see a reconfiguration of the relationship between the US and Mexico.

If Trump does win the nomination, much will become clearer in the general election. No matter who is the Democratic nominee, the chances are that the issue of Mexican-American relations will dominate the campaign.

And Trump will have to make a decision as to whether to reach out to blacks and Hispanics or try to make significant gains in white “rust belt” states.

Ultimately, Trump’s entrance into the campaign and his success may be comforting to those who want identifiable anti-immigration policies. But it may be that purposefully or not, a Trump candidacy galvanizes the Mexican-American relationship in ways that Trump supporters do not expect.

A final point to make is that the mainstream media has been exceptionally hostile to Trump but that few of the threats leveled at him have slowed his momentum or had a significant impact. Meanwhile, the mainstream media’s hostility to Trump has galvanized the Hispanic community.

We will know more once the Republican convention takes place. If Trump receives the nomination it may be time to reassess some of the more mysterious and controversial speculations swirling around his campaign.

What can probably be said without fear of contradiction is that Trump has aggravated simmering Mexican-American tensions. Given the economic dysfunction of both countries, this aggravation may prove continually more destabilizing and dangerous.

Conclusion: If you are in a position where you might be personally or professionally affected by such tensions, please try to anticipate them and take appropriate action. Alternatively, you may see business opportunities in a fraught Mexican-American relationship that might not have been possible previously.

You don’t have to play by the rules of the corrupt politicians, manipulative media, and brainwashed peers.

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  • Praetor

    Look at this way the boarder between Mexico, Belize and Guatemala is only around 700 miles. The wall built down there would be a lot cheaper.

    You have to ask what makes a person apart of the ‘elites’, money, power, powermoney. Does a billion or a trillion make an elite.

    My idea of an elite, those that control the bureaucracies, and the money to pay the bureaucracies to do there dirty work. The ability to control the worlds bureaucratic institutions gives them power to control and manipulate the masses, for what ever they desire!!!

  • Bruce C.

    As far as I’m concerned the worst that Trump could do is about them same as what Clinton would do, and which is seemingly what about half the population seems to want. All of these nightmare scenarios that people bring up about what might happen with Trump are already on deck with every other candidate. Merging with Mexico, a police state, conflicts with immigrants and refugees, globalist trade deals, more war and welfare, economic recession/depression, selective enforcement of the law, corruption throughout society, etc.

    Therefore, a vote for Trump will be a final opportunity to see if this American Republic can be salvaged. Can America be great again? A Clinton Presidency is pretty much a vote for the continuation of the Obama legacy and the trajectory we’re on. The only changes Hillary talks about are more steps in that direction.

    If Trump turns out to be different than he appears or is unable to do much of what he promises then we can all conclude that this government and country can not be changed by the normal political process of elections. If Trump can’t do it, or won’t do it, or does different things then we can all conclude that politicians are untrustworthy and therefore cannot be counted on to protect our civil liberties. That is an important thing to determine once and for all. If Trump fails – for whatever reason – the citizens of this country will be faced with the task of physically removing government officials from office, and replacing this government with a new one.

    That’s why I don’t think the answers to hypothetical questions about Trump actually matters, as odd as that sounds. Clinton is a known quantity. Trump is not, but can’t be any worse. Therefore, Trump should be given a shot and we all may be pleasantly surprised. He’s surprised just about everyone for the better so far, maybe he really is the real deal.

    • In the past 100 years, politics has yielded increasing authoritarianism and constant war. As impressive as Trump seems to be, there is little from a historical standpoint that commands optimism.

      • sunshineinjuly

        That’s because the last fifty years or so all we have seen in American politics is PBSA…Professional BS Artists. Right now our congressmen are the world’s largest professional welfare system, whereby they tax us to death for their wars and then they, the welfare recipients, take a hugh cut off the top from the get go. That train called patriotism left the station a long time ago.

      • Bruce C.

        That may be, but the existential choices are what they are. The questions about Trump are interesting but no matter the answers the alternative is “Clinton.”

        I actually think the greater the expectations for Trump the better, because how things go if elected will be more noticed and analyzed than ever before. Even his naysayers will have to explain why he succeeds or fails, and that too would be illuminating.

        The bottom line is that no matter your political stance, a Trump Presidency will be a watershed event for better or worse. From those who claim that the democratic political process is inherently doomed (the DB’s take, I assume?) to those who think we-just-haven’t-picked-the-right-people-yet, this will be conclusive. If Trump changes – fools us – then “we” are “foolable” and thus we must change the system accordingly. If Trump meets “an immovable object” then “we” must REmove the object. If Trump capitulates then the system is inhuman and must be changed accordingly. Et cetera. Whatever happens will be informative, but it will also demand a real existential alternative and the will and action to implement it. Speaking for myself, I hope it doesn’t come to that, but it may.

        • sunshineinjuly

          “Even his naysayers will have to explain why he succeeds or fails, and that too would be illuminating.” And I would add, HUMILIATING, especially for liberals/socialists. They can never admit they were wrong and refuse facts all the time.

          Great [post above Bruce. You said it all right here, “I actually think the greater the expectations for Trump the better, because how things go if elected will be more noticed and analyzed than ever before.”

      • Doski

        Your Perception is not Unlike that of a Parent who Always Threatens an unruly child but never follows through. I’m not talking about Violent abuse of a child but the REASONABLE Restrictions and Increased Chores to punish his/her ‘Bad Behavior’.

        Of course with Adults the threats must be scaled and proportional to be sure the lesson(s) actually get learned.

        There is No Such Thing as ‘Civilized Warfare’ and those who incite / invoke the need for such actions deserve what they get. If there is any doubt as to when War is actually justified one needs look no further than the ‘Zeal With Which It Is / Was Waged’. There were and will always be Collateral damage and death. If War is TRULY worth waging ANY and ALL collateral damages become acceptable.

        Unless or until the Bad Actors of the world Learn there is ZERO TOLERANCE Permitted they will simply Gnaw around the edges of tolerance while the Hide behind their own Women and Children.

        A Proper ‘SOLUTION’ to a diseased Limb may be Amputation, Selective Surgery, or just Medication in various dosages but ultimately the goal shouldn’t change. The Long term health and survival of the surrounding tissue as well as the Patient (World). This applies to Evil Tyrants as well.

    • sunshineinjuly

      The Trump family is a class act which makes them vastly different than the last 20 years plus we Americans have watched our presidents. Need proof?

      • Bruce C.

        Thank you for that.

  • NwoDispatcher .

    closing the borders isn’t anti-immigration. Staff…

    • This is our main point:

      “Our main hypothesis has been that Trump’s candidacy would create an upswell of Latino activism in the US and Mexico that would revitalize a political movement to further merge the two countries.”.

      • NwoDispatcher .

        Well… how else was the merging of the two nations going to be reversed? It seems like there is a lot of appeasement and capitulation going on.

        What has also occurred is a new found sense of nationalism. They certainly need to voice that this is a national Identity agenda. Hopefully American latinos reject the race-baiting crafted to galvanize them into collectivized hate-mongers.

      • sunshineinjuly

        Fat chance that when we have so many LEGAL Mexican immigrants here who detest those Mexicans who are not doing it the legal way. This is why Trump has a hugh following among HONEST Mexicans. I have heard these legal Mexicans speak of how much they hate those who are not willing to do what the legal ones did…and how much they hate the fact the illegals come in and take their jobs from them at lower wages…if anything, we might yet see mex fighting Mexicans!

      • rahrog

        I still think you are flailing about a bit on this one DB. It could be the old order through chaos stew, but it looks to me like The Ruling Class has lost control of too many minds to pull it off. The genie is out of the bottle. With or without Trump (I believe the office of the prez is meaningless) the middle class of America is screaming out for relief from these asinine immigration and trade deals. The Ruling Class can start a “civil” war, but they cannot control the outcome.

        • The Ruling Class can start a “civil” war, but they cannot control the outcome.
          Agreed, thanks.

  • Hidden Realities

    Currently even displaying an American Flag at a high school football game creates protests and hate speech. Who needs Trump? As long as there are policies coming out of D.C. that weaken or destroy American resources or capabilities there is “peace”. Law makers are consequently either hostage to pro-Globalist policies or they are enamored with the wealth and power it promises to a few. I don’t see room for a lot of sympathy here. Installing a Global Order requires engineered chaos, yes, but Trump has a distinct air of authenticity. about him. He’s just too raw and rough around the edges to be running a ruse for the Elites. If you watch him, he is unrehearsed enough to actually react to what is being said unlike his over scripted peers. Would they trust someone as off-the-cuff as he tends to be? Honestly—you must remember–they don’t get us, no matter how much data collected or memes produced. Which is why they fear and loathe us. The Internet Reformation continues to evolve past them and surprisingly, this Election cycle as well.

  • apberusdisvet

    All of the question marks about Trump will be answered by his choice of cabinet appointments, VP, advisors, etc. Treasury Secretary would be a key “tell”. We all know that the banks run the country domestically and the dual citizen neocons dictate foreign policy. If it is the same-o, same-o then Trump is just another elitist stooge.

  • Jim Johnson

    I have been watching brazen forces of Empire unwinding our Republic in the form of voter fraud not questioned, weaponized IRS tactics, BLM asserting ownership of huge tracts of land and teleprompters literally scripting the vote in our conventions. I could go on. Trump asks WTF?, and I agree. This has been building since Reagan passed on the Presidency, or at least accelerated. America has always found the right leadership in times of crisis, I must believe this is still so. What the hell, King George III didn’t give us 50 years.

  • Steven Hotho

    If, as you say, ethnic tensions are now being heightened, for whatever reasons, I doubt that the proper response is how to make money off the situation. The remaining shreds of civilization are worth more than that.

    • We pointed it out. We didn’t recommend it.

      • Samarami

        I’d agree that it might not be exactly kosher to recommend an investment based strictly upon “ethnic tensions”. On the other hand, weepy-eyed investors are seldom top-earners.

        How I invest today will not negatively effect “…the remaining shreds of civilization…” far as I can see. But if we — each and every one of us — were to abstain from beans, that could have a very positive effect at this point in time.

        Just sayin’. Sam

  • Vorant

    Based on what I’m seeing out of California I’m convinced latino leftist will become as dangerous as ISIS, best deal with them now or risk losing our nation.

  • Doc

    This whole Trump thing seems to be there in order for people to vote for Hillary instead. People know she’s a maniac, but will vote for the less evil of the two (in their opinion).

    I find it interesting that people believe there will be “change” this time, after having been fooled by Obama for so long.

    Fool me once…