Trump May Win Because His Populism Is in Line With Larger Elite Strategies
By Daily Bell Staff - June 29, 2016

Trump slams globalization, promises to upend economic status quo … Donald Trump on Tuesday trashed U.S. trade policies that he said have encouraged globalization and wiped out American manufacturing jobs in a speech in which he promised to herald a U.S. economic resurgence.  -CNN

We recently identified a growing global meme as one that is now pitting “populists” against “globalists.”

There has been, in fact, a populist consolidation with the passage of Brexit.

Trump represents populism in the US and Brexit presents a similar profile across the pond.

Trump has been identified as a “nationalist” because of his crusade to “Make America Great Again.”

But essentially, his positions are populist ones. While Hillary champions ways of making the system work more powerfully on behalf the poor and working class, Trump is apt to emphasize areas where he intends to confront the “system.”


Speaking in the Rust Belt Pennsylvania as a change agent who would bring back manufacturing jobs and end the “rigged system,” … Trump promised sweeping changes if elected — including killing the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal and renegotiating the North American Free Trade Agreement.

… “Globalization has made the financial elite who donate to politicians very, very wealthy. I used to be one of them. Hate to say it, but I used to be one of them.”

Trump’s speech casts Clinton as an insider who has “voted for virtually every trade agreement” – making the point that these trade deals have hurt average citizens.

He received almost immediate pushback for his speech from the US Chamber of Commerce, traditionally a GOP ally.

The lobbying group stated that Trump’s approach would lead to a “recession” – though why the Chamber doesn’t believe the US is in a recession now is unclear.

A helpful feedbacker recently introduced us to an alternative view of globalist strategies. This perspective is that current “freedom movements” advancing in the West and elsewhere are being supported by internationalists in order to splinter nation-states.

Trump’s populism fits right into this speculation.

The idea, enunciated in the writings of David Rockefeller back in the 1950s, is that smaller states are easier to control. Within this context, Trump  can be seen as the eventual victor in US elections because his policies are anti-globalist as well as populist.

In the past, we’ve indicated that Trump may inadvertently spark a resurgence of interest in the North American Union. Indeed that may be taking place as various Hispanic groups increasingly make common cause to confront Trump’s supposed racism.

But this fits into the larger hypothesis if the overall strategy is to build up large systems before splintering them apart.

From this standpoint the European Union was built to fail, and indeed it seems to be failing now.

Perhaps the North American Union will be erected with the same goal in mind.

Conclusion: Using this yardstick, Trump would end up the winner of the upcoming presidential election because of his populist approach and support for a federal government that has less centralized power rather than more. Certainly Trump is no globalist as compared to Hillary but perhaps his platform is in keeping with larger elite strategies. It would indeed be ironic if Trump’s message of America First facilitated a splintering of the union.

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  • Praetor

    Well, the dilemma of government goes full circle. Which is better, larger and larger or smaller and smaller. Government has found itself to big to control. So, the solution is bigger government but in smaller units.

    Regional cultures, human actions and politics is a hard thing to control. Their ministry of propaganda machine is a failure. To many other sources of information. Their divide and conquer strategy could take them down for good, if it got out of their control.

    Rockefeller is great example, his oil company had to be split-up, because it was to big. He found out smaller was easier to control and manipulate, to his advantage.

    Trump, who knows. He is not Bush nor Clinton, and the people feel the cycle has been broken. Yes, Trump just maybe the guy to break-up the monopoly into smaller units!!!

    • Scott

      Useful analogy! Now it’s all becoming clearer. Who knows what chaos may take place under a Trump administration, but I prefer it to the certain Clinton chaos…

      • Cynthia McKinney PhD

        Hillary Clinton is a known evil that is too evil, too unscrupulous, too unprincipled, too uncommitted to core values to countenance with her hand on the nuclear button. First and foremost, I am #NeverHillary.

        It seems that TDB has outlined a no-fail strategy for the globalists (if that’s what we’re calling them these days). I certainly don’t put anything past them. I also could foresee the E.U. army going to-to-toe with the U.S. army; these people are dangerous. If the strategy is no-fail for them, then we have to eke out as much of a victory as possible—and we know that doesn’t happen in tighter concentrations of power with less popular input. So, for me, in addition to #NeverHillary; [BR]EXIT is the best order of the day for sovereignty to reign on the personal and state levels.

        Finally, just as they are trying to construct alternative political systems, we can envision and work toward the same, too, that are more responsive to and respectful of the needs of the people. I have a few ideas along these lines after we’re on our way to winning this one!

        • Praetor

          To avoid violence. Human Action must be one step at a time. The results may not be positive, but that step must be in a different direction. The Bush, Clinton, Bush, Clinton monarchy most be broken. Lets hope the populace goes in a different direction. And we can at least have some other steps to take, down the road!!!

          • Marten

            Well said Praetor….’ The “State” represents violence in a concentrated & organized form “–Mohandas Gandhi–

          • lynncar47

            What is so refreshing about Trump is also so frustrating. How in the world can a total “newbie” to politics possibly cope with the entrenched political “good old boys” when neither of the Bush’s could do it? Even if Trump were to win the election and both the House and the Senate were to win, the “system” is like the Mafia. They know all the skeletons and control the purse strings of the Legislative and Judicial branches. I would be the most surprised American in the world if Trump’s election actually resulted in any major changes in the “system.” HOWEVER, I welcome Trump over the same old, same old.

          • Sam Fox

            lynncar47, perhaps the Bushies failed because they were also in the club of good ol boys. Skull and Bones anyone?


        • Thanks for the excellent feedback. We think they are losing. We also think this is at least a 5000 year old project. They have considerable resources and intelligence. It is not “easy” to crack the code.

        • Sam Fox

          Shucks Cynthia, I’d settle for a return to the Bill of Rights & the US Constitution. Ground work on those is already laid out.

          Never Hillary works for me!!!!


        • nameless

          Are your ideas Mises/Libertarian in nature?

          • This is Ms. McKinney, from Wikipedia:

            Cynthia Ann McKinney (born March 17, 1955) is an American politician and activist. As a member of the Democratic Party, she served six terms in the United States House of Representatives. In 2008, the Green Party of the United States nominated McKinney for President of the United States. She was the first black woman to represent Georgia in the House.

            She may hold some libertarians views but certainly during her political career, she came at things from a leftist slant. However, she is a really courageous person and we’re very happy she drops in from time to time. It’s clear she understands the problems even if her solutions might be different.

            And we agree with her when she writes that sovereignty should reign on personal levels. What is needed are systems that allow people to participate in governance without being dictated to by nameless, faceless enforcers of unreasonable and destructive legislation.

          • nameless

            Yeah, I had read the wiki entry and I followed her career loosely while a democrat. I am curious about her ideas she mentioned and was hoping she would tell me about them herself. If you think she may hold Libertarian views then my hunch is partially fulfilled.


      • 2bvictorius

        I am pleased at least one other person still understands the difference between voting for Trump vs. voting for Hillary. I wonder what decision most of those who say they can’t vote for Trump , even though Hillary is probably the worst candidate to ever seek the presidency.

        Suppose those people were trapped in a burning hotel room on the 31st floor, with just one door, and one window. If they exit through the window it is certain death. If they exit the door it may lead to safety or they may burn to death or at least suffer injuries.

        Sadly I believe many will chose the window, but for them it may be the right choice.

      • lynncar47

        Any incidental chaos that Trump may cause would be nothing compared to the planned chaos that the liberals have implemented since the Clinton and Obama administrations. Remember, the main mantra of liberalism: “Never let a good crisis go to waste;” Especially when the crisis was created by themselves.

    • Chuck

      Think about how the Mafia worked. Obviously they didn’t incorporate all their various rackets and put them under one big holding company. They had control, but not ownership. This system relies on personal relationships, rather than impersonal institutions. This avoids public scrutiny, but also makes it is necessary to maintain strong group cohesion. If the gangsters stop trusting each other, the system falls apart.

      • Dimitri Ledkovsky

        It’s sad how frequently the Mafia structure is referenced as a system that has “worked” due to its inner cohesion. Sort of reflects the tenor of the era.

        • Praetor

          Yes it is! The mobs was evil but they understood what a free market really is. The free flow of goods and services, with no government interference. They did and do profit from their free market!!!

          • lynncar47

            Very few of today’s CEO’s believe in a free market system. They believe that capitalism is an evil influence on society. They hate individualism as it represents an obstacle to collective statist Socialism.

    • lynncar47

      Let’s hope so. I feel that whatever Trump does is going to be better than whatever devious ploy the Clinton’s would make to create more personal wealth and screw the working Americans.

  • Jim Johnson

    Every person who got up to go to work on a bad day tried to imagine a way to escape having to do so. If printing money will give us all subsistence incomes, then bring it on! Just know failure will cost you your life, and your Country’s independance. Better yet, as the planet is over-run, Darwin’s others will do this for you.

  • alaska3636

    Boomer Esiason recently tweeted, Bill Clinton is still a member of Donald Trump’s golf club:

    And, from Foreign Policy:
    It’s Time for the Elites to Rise Up Against the Ignorant Masses
    “Extremism has gone mainstream. One of the most brazen features of the Brexit vote was the utter repudiation of the bankers and economists and Western heads of state who warned voters against the dangers of a split with the European Union.”

    “Mainstream parties of the left and right may increasingly combine forces to keep out the nationalists.”


    “…chunks of parties from the left and right of center could break away to form a different kind of center, defending pragmatism, meliorism, technical knowledge, and effective governance against the ideological forces gathering on both sides.”

    • This CONFIRMS our speculation, then. Thanks.

      • alaska3636


  • 2bvictorius

    I believe the author of this article could look at a pot of gold and see only yellow lead. I cannot imagine anyone believing the globalists are embracing the freedom movement because smaller nations are easier to control. There is no such thing as a “good” government or perfect anything but, smaller government is undeniably far better for those fortunate enough to have one. Also, the statement that Hillary Clinton “champions ways of making the system work more powerfully on behalf the poor and working class is, I find to be utterly preposterous .
    The suggestion that Trumps campaign is a chip off of Rocky’s campaign in the 1950’s is a mighty big stretch even for what is clearly a anti Trump sniper piece.

    Trump is campaigning against the establishment (the power elite’s) and calling it “.America First” and “Make America Great Again” and is definitely not part of a strategy to splinter(break apart) the united states. But, the authors article is a direct shot at Trumps campaign and very likely part of the #nevertrump movement initiated by the establishment of both political parties and the globalists who comprise the evil empire, and none other than Hillary Clinton sits among it’s leaders..

    I said it before and will again , I think the DB is morphing into what it once abhorred.

    • If you’d actually read any of our articles on Hillary, you’d know that was a description of how she wants to be perceived, not how she is. As for globalists actually wanting smaller units of control, that has nothing to do with real laissez-faire. There are plenty of small authoritarian countries. We’ll continue to provide alternative points of view, as we are not sure large political movements are the key to success.

      • 2bvictorius

        I have and do read almost all of your articles and I thank you for them.
        However, the author defined Trump as “populist” although others identify him a “nationalist,” Small difference , but the author did use his/her own perception to define Trump. That being the case , I think it reasonable (but perhaps in error) to believe the author used his/her own perception to describe Hillary’s belief system.
        I believe in a fair press and suffer no offense when I read something that is obviously slanted to diminish a movement with which the writer disagrees. That is what many refer to as freedom of the press.
        Alternative points of view are essential to healthy debates.
        I agree, political movements should be no larger than necessary to achieve a desired result or conclusion. I think Trump would also agree with that strategy, as he is also a small central government advocate and restoring the 10th Amendment and states rights to it’s rightful place as the preeminent power.

        • We’ve been around for a decade as a libertarian-oriented publication. And if you search for “The Daily Bell” and “Hillary” you’ll find a long string of articles defining what she is. There can be no doubt about our position for anyone remotely familiar with our editorial stance.

          • 2bvictorius

            As I stated previously, I have been reading the Daily Bell for many years, although I did recently have a hiatus of a couple of years duration. I share a few Libertarian Views and actually supported Ron Paul and worked for his campaign for Liberty organization each time he launched a bid for President, I have also assisted in his what seems like a lifelong quest of ending the fed or at least auditing the fed..
            I suppose I just have a hard time coming to grips with what seems to be your even less than moderate acceptance of Donald Trump. who in my opinion is even more of a constitutionalist than Ronald Reagan. And Reagan being the only true advocate for the Constitution since Calvin Coolidge. I know many say they won’t vote for Trump because he is not conservative enough. Factually Trump is very much more conservative than those who say that,. The reason is because he is for individual choice and not the collective voice, meaning he is for smaller government, NOT bigger government. There are many who claim to be conservative but are advocates for the ever increasing size of the military leviathan , they call national defense.

            There is no guarantee as to what anyone truly believes therefore actions may be the better way to determine what that might be. However, when a person has a long history of handling diverse situations, involving mega sized business negotiations, contracts, labor relations, human resources, real estate , financial markets , international businesses of various types, hosting a long running and very successful television show, author of books, op ed’s for major newspapers, and everyone who works for him and knows him well, loves him and will defend him against any who attacks him. Trump may be not just one of several multi billionaires, but, he may be the only one who has been financially broke 3 or 4 times , and came back bigger than before. Trump was able to do that because people trust him and know his word is as good as GOLD. So I ask again, how can anyone who really wants to remain a citizen of a constitutionally free and democratic republic not vote for him.

          • Thanks. You make good point. We’re just not sure anything good ever comes out of the political process…

          • AmericanGold

            Being not sure is cause for hesitation, which may, or may not, prove advantageous. In this case, I sense you are losing a chunk of your gold-plated credibility.

          • Sam Fox

            Wouldn’t what comes out of the political process depend on who is in it & what their goals & agendas are?
            Our Founders were involved in a political process…;-)
            The largest problem we have now is the form of government the Founders gave us, a Constitutional Republic, has been ignored, set aside & pretty much interpreted almost out of existence.

          • rapph

            I couldn’t have said it better myself. I agree with you 100 percent. Trump is NOT a globalist in disguise. He is sincere in his desire to make America great again, to kill the bad trade deals that were actually the wool being pulled over our eyes. He knows illegals have been allowed to pass thru the border, and it is encouraged as an effort to move closer to the NAU. Not even our government can be as ineffective as they make out to be. They want all the illegals in that they can get, so eventually they can say, “there are more of them than regular citizens…we may as well just join the countries.” Trump knows it, and if given the chance he will do all in his power to turn it around.

          • 2bvictorius

            rapph, Thanks, it is good to know there are other non zombies left on this planet. Sometimes it is ironic in a way, as most all of the congressional members who are spearheading the anti Trump crowd are there because we tea party activists got them elected, that includes Paul Ryan, Mike Lee, Jim Jordan, Ted Cruz, and many others including Gov, Scott Walker, twice ,counting his recall victory and many others. I think there may be 4 or 5 worth re-electing, but that is a terrible result.
            It turns out they are even worse than the ones we defeated. Fortunately , unlike most things in life, we get another chance to make up for our first mistake, throwing them out of office just like we did their predecessors. Mike Lee, and Paul Ryan are as bad as any in congress, that includes Pelosi and Reid, .,

          • MetaCynic

            I share your view that Trump is sincere in his determination to turn America around from its present course to ruin by rolling back the size and power of the state. I’ll also accept your assessment of Trump’s numerous positive business accomplishments and that his many colleagues, associates and employees generally respect and trust him.

            What worries me is, does Trump understand that ruling a huge country is not the same as running a business however large? Does he understand that it is central planning of all sorts that is ruining America and that, for reasons explained by Mises and Hayek, central planning by a successful businessman is not going to yield better results than that by career politicians and unelected bureaucrats? Does Trump understand that prosperity will return only after our eroded liberties and property rights have been restored, and for that to happen we will need a president whose administration will do as close to nothing as possible? Will this energetic man of action resist the urge to act and order the agencies under his command to stand down so that the American people can run their own lives and peacefully interact with each other as they see fit?

            In short, will a President Trump accept the principle that less is more when political power is applied to civil life?

          • 2bvictorius

            Thanks for your reply, As I stated before, there is no way of being absolutely positive how anyone will act or react to any given situation. However, the chance of being deceived into supporting and voting for a political candidate is lessened greatly if there is no, or at least verifiable evidence the candidate is untrustworthy in business, failed to meet debt obligations, proven disloyal to friends or colleagues, history of troubled relationships, proof of being a liar. proof of having core beliefs that are anti American and dangerous to the good health of the constitution and founding principles of America’s patriarchs and of the free market enterprise system. There is no evidence that Trump is anything other that what we see and hear.
            I honestly believe Trump is a man of his word and has a great natural love of country and individualism and is governed by a moral compass that will keep him on course, in spite of distractions that will most certainly happen.
            I believe Trump will listen to “we the people” and will put the best interest of the people first and foremost among his duties as president of the United States.
            Personally, I believe Donald Trump will overcome his many adversaries including the #nevertrumpers, who were forced into revealing themselves as supporters and members of the big government establishment, the democrat and republican party’s. Any man who has the courage and strategic genius to defeat the most powerful political machinery ever brought to bear in any country on the planet, obviously has enough appeal to the people to win against our common enemy, that being the power elite, and the privileged.

          • MetaCynic

            I don’t doubt Trump’s sincerity in wanting America to be great and prosperous again – even more so than ever before. I’m, however, uncertain that he understand the limits of political power to reach this goal. Has he ever voiced his understanding that no political leader can achieve greatness for us other than to get government out of the way of the people to let the people manage their own lives and business affairs?

            I have listened to a few of his speeches and have heard him state many times that he will make America great again, etc. I never heard him say that it is the heavy hand of government resulting in the loss of liberty and property rights that has suppressed wealth creation and that he will do everything in his power as president to lift that hand.

            My impression, and I hope I’m wrong, is that he thinks political power has been misapplied by others and that he can apply it differently in order to coax back prosperity. Such thinking exposes the fatal conceit that it is government and not the people which creates wealth.

          • 2bvictorius

            We are in agreement overall, and I understand and appreciate your very keen attention to what Trump and everyone says and just as importantly, don’t say, or only in passing.
            But, I have heard Trump say repeatedly, that it is the people’s government and he will work for the people ( he says you) and you will be so proud of me.
            As for him applying pressure to bring back businesses who basically turned their backs on America and to improve the manufacturing industry, I think he will. But, I don’t believe he intends and has not said he will use government force to rehabilitate it. He does believe and says, that government is to blame for the current state of our economy and it is way over regulated and too heavily taxed. Also, Obama care needs to be repealed and eliminated because it is a job killer and prevents new businesses from starting up.
            I grant you , it is ironic, to have to use government to downsize and control government, but, there it is.

            I don’t believe there is anyway to create a ironclad plan to fix our economy. There are many reasons why, but, the major one is, there is no way we can believe any of the stats put out by the government, including congress on any issue and least of all the state of our economy. Everything is covered up, covered over and hidden from the private citizen. So , time and great effort will be required to determine the state of the patient’s health BEFORE prescribing treatment.

          • MetaCynic

            Whether it’s good or bad, Trump could end up being America’s Gorbachev – ultimately a transitional figure – brought in to shore up the rickety socialist house of cards but whose tinkering crashed that entire brittle system. The USSR’s planners and statisticians had been running in the dark for decades, so no one in power had a clue as to how rotten and unstable the economy really was. So things spun out of control when Gorbachev attempted to relax the state’s grip on power.

            As you pointed out, the books are being cooked here as well. For example, who knows how much malinvestment caused by generations of the Fed’s credit creation activities has so deformed our economy that no one knows anymore which businesses or even entire industries are really profitable and which are zombies on disguised government life support. Certainly the massive war making and national security industry is a parasite sucking precious capital and skilled workers for dubious ends. So is the entire massaging-paper-for-fees Goliath financial sector – prospering at the expense of the real wealth producing economy. Even our hideously expensive, multi trillion dollar sick care industry is a largely artificial enterprise, propped up by government subsidies, regulations and licensing while endlessly treating symptoms and not curing much of anything. Simple changes in lifestyle and diet along with inexpensive therapies now administered only by brave maverick doctors who actually cure diseases could bring down that entire ineffective and corrupt industry.

            All of my above examples appear on the GDP stats as examples of economic growth and wealth creation, yet, in reality, much of their activities are actually wealth destroying drags on the economy.

            Even if a President Trump attempted cosmetic reforms with a pruning knife instead of cutting thru the dead wood with a chain saw, our rotten economic edifice, as forecasted by many free market thinkers, might collapse anyway so that a chain saw will be needed to clear away the debris to allow for the growth of a new economy.

        • alaska3636

          The article positions Trump in opposition to Hillary. It is an example of the dialectic at work. See my comment below.

          The conversation is steered towards an agreeable synthesis: better, more effective government.

          • 2bvictorius

            Okay, Hegelian dialectic works for me to explain Hillary, if such a task is actually possible.

        • vongoh

          “[Trump] is also a small central government advocate and restoring the 10th Amendment and states rights to it’s rightful place as the preeminent power.”

          Do you have any evidence from him that what you are saying is actually true? Past actions, concrete policy proposals, or even consistent, believable statements from him over a long period of time will do.

          I personally have not seen much. Recent public statements of opposition to global trade agreements and globalism in general are not convincing to me:

          A sudden passionate position; taking up a cause (anti-globalist trade, decentralization and restoration of States Rights under a Republic) that you have little to no history of passionately taking up historically – this would be *expected* from a fully participating polarity of the dialectic.

          • 2bvictorius

            I have done much research since Trump announced he intended to run but, only after I researched Cruz and found he was/is ineligible to be POTUS, and Rubio was just a phony and part of the problem. not the solution. Jeb Bush is a total waste and a poison pill that will kill America, As is John Kasich, Rand Paul, Christie, Jindal, Scott Walker, Fiorina, only Ben Carson and Huckabee are worthy of consideration.
            If you want a a guanrantee that Trump will do everything you think is right and never disappoint you, You should seek another candidate , who will lie to you and promise all the things you want to hear. Trump will not lie, so take him as he is or not.

  • Sam Fox

    When did the NWO, CFR & other one world govt groups quit being interested in a NAU? When did they give up on that goal & their quest for a one world government? Though they may have temporarily withdrawn from the public view their plan to consolidate Canada, USA & Mexico into a tri-country union, I hardly think they have given up on the ideas .

    I saw the Brexit as a set back for them. Am I wrong & the globalists were really behind it? How will they gain control of the USA if Trump succeeds in making America great again? Wouldn’t the globalists face more set backs if Trump gets rid of some of the trade agreements & re-negotiates others, wouldn’t that further hinder the NWO agenda?

    I have understood that one thing the NWO globalists wanted to do was collapse the USA financially so the globalists like the Bushes, Clinton, 0 & so on would have a pretext for taking over the US government & change US from a Constitutional Republic into a nation under a central all powerful government. THEN they could give US up to the NWO’s one world government as a vassal state. Enemies of the US even wrote a book, Strategy, [ by Cloward and Piven], on one way to weaken the US economy.

    Doesn’t most every thing Trump wants to do threaten all that? Trump’s threat to globalism, isn’t that why Soros has paid thugs at Trump rallies?

    Even if the smaller splintered state thing does happen, how does that make it easier to control? There would have to be an even larger ‘power pyramid’ as the smaller states increased in number, more ‘managers’ would be required that would widen the base of the ‘pyramid’ & each level up to the top would require enough widening to accommodate the extra ‘overseers’. Hope that makes sense. 😉

    Though I am not sure about 2bvictorius’ last sentence, I agree with the rest of the comment. Isn’t having local populist control, freedom & liberty what we want? If the people elect honest candidates who are not bought & paid for like the Clintons, 0, Ryan, Reid, Pelosi, Cruz, Sanders, Pocahontas, [ 😉 ], Rubio, the RNC & DNC & on we could go, how could the globalists control them?

    One thing that we need to do is get rid of central banks & those who run them, & their power source, satan. Good luck! I see what’s going on with Brexit & the global populist movement as only temporary set backs for the globalists. They have been trying to take over the planet for centuries. The Book predicts that they will succeed & predicts how they will be taken down. They & their success will be temporary & will only be totally destroyed at the 2nd advent of Yeshua Messiah, the anointed Son of our Creator, Elohim. Maranatha!
    Not being religious. That’s the way I see it because the Bible has never been wrong.

    • Bruce C.

      I feel your frustration because one overall belief about the NWO types is that nothing happens that they don’t allow and/or control and so every event is part of their strategy. It’s basically impossible to argue against because it’s like a religious faith.

      • spdlf

        There’s a library of information on this topic of ‘NWO’ out there. No faith needed.

        • Bruce C.

          I didn’t say they don’t exist I said they don’t – can’t, literally – control every single thing.

          Do you really think, for example, that they control your thoughts? Or your feelings? Or your beliefs or choices or decisions?

          Maybe your advice to embrace family, friends and nature came from the NWO folks? Oh… I get it, that must be part of their plan.

          BTW, is the library on the NWO as big as, say, the one about Christianity or any of the other “great” religions? Are they true too?

          No faith needed?

          • spdlf

            No they don’t control every single little thing. Now national elections? You betcha. We have to think rationally about this.

            You don’t need any sexy esoteric hidden cabals or mind control programs or space lizards from the moon. Most of that is just that: sexed up stories and misdirection to throw off serious researchers and have the rest of the population roll their eyes at. However an international cabal of bankers, intelligence, their MIC and other institutional allies is very real. Think Mafia families but international and mostly hidden. Kinda the way its been for thousands of years. Power in the hands of oligarchic families. The NWO is really just the Old World Order.

            Some think its one particular ethnic class or religion or secrety society pulling the strings but honestly I don’t see why that matters in the end: if there’s a crypto-Jew or Jesuit’s boot on my neck all I care about is getting it off. Nor are they Satanists. They are none of these things in my opinion. If anything they are monads. Monads care only about one thing: power. The only thing opposite to power is the lack of power. Everything and everyone else is a tool to them. Machiavelli and George Orwell were very frank about this. They both knew because they were very close to the power centers and people of their day.

            Not one person or group has all the answers or is 100% certain. I’m just stating my opinion. The truth won’t be handed to us on a platter and I’m not saying I have it either. Its up to you to do the work and come to your own conclusion.

          • Sam Fox

            spdif, actually, they are satanists. They have been called luciferians for many decades. But who cares. There is so much misinformation about them that any real info has been buried & is difficult to ferret out. Coincidence?

            Can we agree that some one some where wants to control pretty much everything? Haven’t we seen that? It’s in a similar manner [illustration] to objects reacting to wind. We can’t see the wind, but we can tell when it’s blowing.

            We rarely know WHO is doing what, but we do see that something is going on.

            Maybe we do agree a bit. You mentioned a cabal of international bankers. That’s a start. We also agree that the “some one somewhere” are mad for power. For that they need money.

            Hmm. Bankers eh? I think we are on to something…:-)

            Have you seen the video, Everything Is A Rich Man’s Trick

            To me the narrator makes a lot of sense. Perhaps he may to you as well. Maybe not. Listen any way, do the work & come to your own conclusion. 😉



          • nameless

            “spdif, actually, they are satanists. They have been called luciferians for many decades.”

            Silly wabbit, tricks are for kids. Wake up. That propaganda is there for your consumption because it is you who believes in their hegelian dialectic of a god and a satan. You are more inclined to be luciferian than them, as it is only within your mind that satan exists.

      • Sam Fox

        Hiya Bruce! I don’t believe the NWO controls everything. I do believe they want to get power over as much of the earth as they can.
        I’m pretty sure that’s why we have the surveillance state growing like a mold all over the [place. Their excuse is ‘to keep us safe’. They needed something to keep us safe from, walla! Terrorism!
        They want to keep us safe, sure they do! Like my dog would keep a pack of hamburger safe. Maybe from his dog friends, but you can bet he’d gobble that meat down as fast as he could once he thought it was clear to do so. 😉
        Naw, it’s all about control.
        You are correct that it is very difficult to argue against the NWO. That’s partly because media has zombied most people into Pavlov dog type behavior via their propaganda machine we call news media. Other ways as well. If you say something, especially if it’s true, about something they don’t want known, media says ‘conspiracy theory’ & all the good dogs go back to sleep. After trying to bite off your hinder parts.
        Mention ‘Illuminati’, ‘plans by the NWO for a one word government’
        or even consider & pose that maybe JFK was shot at by more than one shooter & see what ya get. You get a Pavlovian style conditioned response most every time.
        I wasn’t frustrated in that one post. I was curious. The headline of the article caught me off guard. Seemed like an oxymoron. I was also a wee bit puzzled as the 2 contentions did not compute.

        • Bruce C.

          Well, the title of the piece angered me because it implies that the only thing that matters is what the NWO crowd wants. That’s very self-deprecating. I also don’t like how the target keeps getting moved around. First “they” don’t want Trump but then as soon as he shows staying power and popularity and the potential to win “they” must have changed their minds or that couldn’t have happened.

          I’m just afraid for the guy at this point. If the “NWOs” are as serious and sick as they may be they may just murder him. End of story. I just hope it’s not that easy, because he has a lot of “energy” protecting him too.

          • Why are you getting angry over a free newsletter?

          • Bruce C.

            I’m not angry at the messenger, just the message.

            It may seem wise and circumspect to follow developments objectively and prepare accordingly, but that doesn’t mean one can’t feel sad for humanity if much of the progress that’s been made might be lost.

        • thetruthmaster1

          Wanna know why JFK was killed? His executive order EO-11110. To basically end the Feds control over the Money supply and loan shark business to the US Government. And why JFK had silver certificates printed and distributed as well as silver coins. Once JFK was killed, the silver backed currency was eliminated. Then the Fed Got their Monetary scam going by printing Fiat Currency backed by thin air and In God We Trust. The religious folks jumped all over that Bogus philosophy. Currency backed by GOD. Heck of a marketing plan to dupe the sheep. Brilliant..
          I just heard God endorsed Donald Trump. He also said Hillary is going south.

    • We’ll write an article on this issue shortly. Thanks for the feedbacks.

    • dmartin11

      Man proposes, God disposes! Right on bro.

    • nameless

      Your bible was given to you (and revised several times) by the powers that be. A little research is all it takes to learn that.

      • Sam Fox

        Anything you say nameless one. Anything you say.

        Funny how it’s prophecies have been so accurate. I take it you don’t like the Book, that’s your choice. I would suggest a little bit better research though.


        • nameless

          My research has been very thorough and convincing. I have read your bible. I found it to be disgusting. Rape, genocide, war, human slavery, its all in there with more disgusting filth than I care to list. Those “prophecies” are admissions of what they intend to do to you. Thats right, you’re doomed because you fail to take responsibility for yourself.

          Wake up please. You owe it to yourself to look within for the truth.

          If you insist on fantasy, take up spiderman or something else less harmful to others.

          • Nameless, please be civil. Make a logical argument not an emotional one.

          • nameless

            You are right, I apologize. I’ll let them be.

          • cat writer

            Actually, both parties have a piece of the truth.

            Whenever I read about the Elite and their NWO, I think of the Tower of Babel story.

            The Bible was canonized 2500-1750 years ago and by that time there had been at least 4000 years of civilization and other human interactions. That is a lot of data and the prophesies mentioned therein is just another form of technical analysis. Mechanical people sleepwalking perform mechanically.

            However, the Book has been slanted to favor a certain lifestyle to benefit a certain class of “people”. It has been used and abused to justify pathological behavior at all levels.

            Trump’s success is due to his emotionalism. As a successful salesman, he knows how to engage his customer’s (or mark’s) emotions, He is leveraging decades of American anger which becomes plain to me every time I return to the USA from abroad.

            The American Revolution would not have succeeded had Thomas Paine not been around to address and focus those emotions on the independence side. Many people do not have the patience or ability to learn or do logic but in a ‘democracy’ or republic, we have to get them on our side.

          • nameless

            The American Revolution was done by the time they trotted out Paine. The people were absolutely free of all government and intended to remain free forever.

            Paine published for TPTB to convince the free peoples to accept a government. The people never did agree, so the “elites” signed a contract that was valid only amongst themselves and declared that a federation of states government (…of these united States of America) was now born. That long ago expired private contract was labelled a constitution, an official sounding document, however none are bound by/through it. Its bullshit.

            In 1872 that original private contract was rewritten to provide a legal definition of a corporation. “…for the United States of America”. Its still bullshit.

          • cat writer

            Paine published Common Sense in January 1776.

            General Knox was still somewhere in the Berkshires hauling Fort Ticonderoga’s cannons to Boston. The Declaration of Independence was six months in the future. Please keep the timeline straight.

            Please quote where Paine said that he would support a government like what we have now.

            Please show me the 1872 document.

            Furthermore: The Revolution was a conflict between the new money (e.g. Washington and Hancock) and the old money (the nobility). The new money won in America and eventually transformed Britain to an extent. However, the solution of using an external violent force, the government, to achieve and maintain these new goals and positions is incorrect.

            The solution comes from within.

          • nameless

            Sorry, I meant to say the act of 1871. Search for “the united states is a corporation”. The UCC is worth reading too because in it you’ll find that the United States defines itself as a corporation, not a republic, and offers the legal structures as to how it functions.

            All members of Congress (past and present) know this. All members of the Executive, Judicial and Legislative branches know and understand this completely.

            The rule of law crap you hear everyone arguing about is playing on the peoples ignorance.

            The rabbit hole runs deep and effects everything people believe.

            While in high school 42 years ago, I was kicked out of Government class and not allowed to return because I kept distributing printed copies to my classmates of the acts surrounding the organization of the USA corporation (and corporation enabling laws and corporate definitions modified and passed during that era, including for religions) and the UCC and basis and system of law. Every chapter of our government text book was shown to be lies.

            The Revolution and birth of the united states is not the fairy tale you are asked to swallow.

          • nameless

            “Many people do not have the patience or ability to learn or do logic but
            in a ‘democracy’ or republic, we have to get them on our side.”

            No. I am an adult. No government whatsoever. If you require control, go move in with your neighbors.

        • bouf

          Prophecies are easy to write after the event has occurred. The most famous prophecy, Revelation, is just such an example. Everything stated in Revelation has already occurred. Just most people can’t see how the forest is made out of several trees, like Josephus and Suentonis. Both Daniel and Isaiah were also (re-)written after the fact. The most consequential event of late antiquity was the sacking of Jerusalem. The Dead Sea Scrolls and its militant version of a messiah are most telling in this respect.

          • nameless

            Absolutely right! The mind controlled sheep use prophecies as props for “proof” every time things happen to them/us within their world view, both good and bad things.

            The fact is, that nonsense HAS ALREADY been done. The fact is, those so called prophecies are still being recycled every day to maintain control of their minds and prevent them from taking responsibility for themselves.

            The current mind control prophecy operations being promoted in all the controlled alt-medias and religious medias are quite well documented here:


            The fact is, they are manipulated and controlled on many levels, both emotional and logical thought levels. The fact is, they choose to practice their illness and think they have a right to impose their mind control problems on the rest of us. That sort of behavior is not acceptable in any culture. Neither theirs, nor ours.

            They are every bit a large part of the threats posed to us (that we are forced to deal with), as carriers and spreaders of mental illness given to them by the powers that be. To argue that you or I have no grounds to refute their belief systems on both emotional levels AND logical levels, is wrong.

            While I have backed down out of respect for TDB and their right to impose order (as the staff sees as fit) on their property, I have every right to defend myself using the same tools and tactics they use to attack me with. And then some!

          • thetruthmaster1

            I have a prophecy, Its gonna rain in the summer and snow in the winter. I’m so smart. I wanna know how Noah got all those animals from all around the world on the ark, to set sail in the first place? How did he feed every species, and keep the tigers from eating the Bunny rabbits. And the snakes from eating the mice? You see there’s a problem with that story. Its a total fraud if you try to connect facts as I mentioned above. The ark must have been bigger than the Bronx Zoo, and all Built by one guy just before it rained. Yeah right.

      • thetruthmaster1

        Nameless, The Bible is like Flouride. It dumb downs the brain enough not to accept any reasonable thoughts or rationalization of true facts. The definition of Faith is a set of beliefs, without any facts or proof.

        • nameless

          Yeah, plus Flouride works slower in destroying the victims brain than religion does and doesn’t cause the victim to attempt to inflict mental illness on as many others as possible. For that, we can feel grateful.

        • Bill G.

          Look at what’s going on in the world today, now read the book of Revelation’s. See the likeness? No you probably don’t since you are deamon possessed

          • OK, Bill, please don’t indicate other feedbackers are demonic. Just make your points.

    • Bob

      Agreed Sam. The world of full of evil and controlled by “the prince of this world”, principalities, and powers, yet Jesus Christ, Yeshua, offers up hope in glorious and victorious return- only then will we have peace, as the bible says things will continue to get worse as people become more and more cold with hardened hearts.

      2 Timothy 3New International Version (NIV)

      3 But mark this: There will be terrible times in the last days. 2 People will be lovers of themselves, lovers of money, boastful, proud, abusive, disobedient to their parents, ungrateful, unholy, 3 without love, unforgiving, slanderous, without self-control, brutal, not lovers of the good, 4 treacherous, rash, conceited, lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God— 5 having a form of godliness but denying its power. Have nothing to do with such people. 6 They are the kind who worm their way into homes and gain control over gullible women, who are loaded down with sins and are swayed by all kinds of evil desires, 7 always learning but never able to come to a knowledge of the truth.

      If you have seen Yeshua who preaches Gd’s love for people to become Christians, vs. killing or enslaving to get converts, you have seen the Father God.

  • Dennis Larkin

    Beware the temptation to think that every event supports the meme: like global warming, which is supported by news of warming and news of cooling.

  • spdlf

    Thanks DB.

    Sorry men we had the vote for over 200 years and still can’t realize things get worse and worse every year.

    The Constitutional Republic is dead and it and it died a long time ago. I know real Trump supporters mostly consist of those who still believe there is honest and just government (if there is or ever was such a thing) to resurrect here I would really love to have what you’re smoking. There is no going back to American dream-time anymore than the Romans could go back to their ‘republic’ after Sulla’s proscriptions. America is an Empire and they do Empire things.

    Trump is a REALITY TV STAR and if folks can’t see through his thin paper mache machoman git-er-done showmanship I don’t know what else to say. This election is a poorly scripted stage play. If Obummer has told the truth about anything is that he has indeed made it the ‘most transparent administration in history’. He sure did. The most transparently corrupt. And Trump I’m sure will make America Great Again. It’s just a matter of ‘how’ great..

    Trust in Trump if you need to but if there is one thing I like about the DB is that they are pretty consistent on this one piece of advice: LOOK TO YOUR OWN. Forget the rest. Politics is really bad for your health all around. They know people are smelling the smoke and getting pissed so they are fronting someone who looks anti-establishment (but who has also embraced it his whole life and career), telling the people what they want to hear while offering no concrete solutions or plans. Of course I hope I’m wrong about Trump but all I see is one tentacle of the Octopus wrangling with the other. Intelligence runs everything now.

    Embrace your family. Embrace your friends. Embrace nature. Everything else is a false narrative.

    • Hey we can shut down now. You probably said it all.

    • 2bvictorius

      Using your logic, you will withdraw from society and the world, huddle with your family, your friends and animals, I suppose in a basement or Under a large canopy and die of starvation, thirst, and lack of interest and the will to live.
      Why would anyone want to live when there is no hope , no desire to strive for a better life or correct mistakes or god forbid , serve your fellow man.

      Trump is a man , a very brave man and a very rich man, and I believe a sincere and honest man who intends to do what he can to make America a better place in which we can all live, and progeny can also have a n opportunity for a happy and prosperous future. But, Trump is not GOD Almighty, he is mortal, a man of flesh and blood and therefore fallible. How can Trump or anyone learn to know to dislike or love something unless they experience it and even live it. Trump knows he does not like the establishment because he was part of it . The fact is, the establishment can be defined as those who favor big government and an ever bigger government. To be part of the establishment does not mean you have to be a politician or a member of the government or business sector. The establishment is a mindset, not a thing, but an idea or opinion. Anti establishment means to believe and strive for individual responsibility and freedom of choices. Trump is anti establishment, and I believe he has always been , because he is and has always been his own master, and slave to no one. That is why the politicians and the power elites fear and hate him so very much.
      Trump is not delusional, he knows and I believe has said, America cannot be the same as it was when founded, because people and the world have changed. But he wants America to be the land of freedom, individual liberty and opportunity again, for everyone, not just some, but, everyone.
      There is one great truth, You can never go back home again, but, you can remember enough to build a better one than the one you left.

  • Sven

    I believe this article is accurate.

    I also believe that the North American currency block is on the table and it’s one of the reasons Canada sold their gold; the US got them to do it. They won’t need it in the future as they can piggyback the US gold position.

    edit: I’ll also add that it looks like Trump is in the lead in the polls. Now they can crash the markets and blame it on him and his policies.

  • Albert Shane

    The New Testament is THE MOST RELIABLE piece of literature from antiquity. Beyond a reasonable doubt.

    As for the Old Testament. Every great story has atrocities during war and against evil. What about the 28000 abortions every year or the millions of Iraqi’s killed with sanctions and war?

    Try not to criticize God. He has a plan and you are invited.

    Either Jesus Christ is the ultimate answer to the problem of evil or there is no answer.

    Christianity while imperfect has been a great blessing to this world. My community is swamped by Christians feeding the poor, housing the homeless and providing foster families for children. Every day.

    What has your foul mouthed speech against us gotten you?

    We all die. Learn The Truth because sometimes Truth is stranger than fiction

    • thetruthmaster1

      Albert, how many of those crack babies have you adopted? Raised, fed and paid for? If none, then go mind your own business. Read Genesis 2:7. A fetus is not considered a Life until God fills the nostrils with air. An aborted fetus is not breathing through its nostrils, therefore it is not a living being. You should know this if you read the BuyBull.. Abortion is not Killing.

      • Bill G.

        You had your chance, so when you die it will be too late for you.

  • Albert Shane

    God allows evil so we can learn to HATE sin. There is NO HOPE for this world. The only hope is for a Superman savior. Luckily God provided one for us.

    Your best bet is to understand the circumstances and try and store up treasure in Heaven by loving God, loving your neighbor and helping your fellow man.

    All else is a waste of God’s time.

    • thetruthmaster1

      Albert, Are you aware Religion is the Biggest Fraud on the planet? Show me one person who got everlasting life? John 3:16 You been sold a boat load of bananas. They promise you ever lasting life if you believe, then turn the page and ask that you donate all of your estate to the church upon your death. Connect the dots dimwit.

      • Albert Shane

        I’ve actually looked into Jesus and His claims. I believe Him. Everyone makes a choice. I choose Christ based on the evidence of the resurrection and the reliability of The New Testament. . Christ has the answer for evil, ignore it if you choose.

        What makes more sense, that the NWO ELITE who literally worship Satan/Lucifer will succeed and we will all be in global bondage and torture or that the people of the world will awaken and make enough individual decisions to turn the tide and win freedom for all or The promises of Christ turn out to be true and he invades the earth and wipes out all evil and wipes away every tear forever and brings his kingdom to earth.

        I believe the third option is the most likely considering where the human race is at currently.

        Love wins. That’s what I believe. Love is Christ.

        Tons of evidence to support my view.

      • Albert Shane

        1So if there is any encouragement in Christ, any comfort from love, any participation in the Spirit, any affection and sympathy, 2complete my joy by being of the same mind, having the same love, being in full accord and of one mind. 3Do nothing from selfish ambition or conceit, but in humility count others more significant than yourselves. 4Let each of you look not only to his own interests, but also to the interests of others. 5Have this mind among yourselves, which is yours in Christ Jesus,a 6who, though he was in the form of God, did not count equality with God a thing to be grasped, 7but emptied himself, by taking the form of a servant,b being born in the likeness of men. 8And being found in human form, he humbled himself by becoming obedient to the point of death, even death on a cross. 9Therefore God has highly exalted him and bestowed on him the name that is above every name, 10so that at the name of Jesus every knee should bow, in heaven and on earth and under the earth, 11and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the glory of God the Father.

        Cannot wait!

  • rahrog

    election porn

  • James

    I think our old friend Nancy Pelosi framed our options here best: “We have to vote for Trump to find out what is in him.”

  • Sen. Burticus

    FedGov cannot be reformed. SECESSION is the only political solution available in the time remaining. Let us leave in peace (this time), without your central bank, perpetual foreign wars and debt.