Trump Speech a Hit: Emotional Honesty May Be Pivotal to His Election Success
By Daily Bell Staff - June 23, 2016

Donald Trump’s Latest Distortions on Hillary Clinton  … A look at Trump’s assertions about Clinton on Wednesday and how they stack up with the facts … Donald Trump’s fierce denunciation of Hillary Clinton on Wednesday was rife with distortion.  –AP/Fortune

This article by the AP posted at Fortune attempts to counteract distortions in yesterday’s speech about Hillary Clinton by Donald Trump.

It goes through Trump’s statements and finds statistical flaws and other sorts of factual errors.

But really, this is a flawed analysis.

Trump is not so concerned about statistical accuracy. He’s concerned about emotional honesty.

NPRs Mara Liasson called the speech one that “Republicans Have Been Waiting 20 Years To Hear.”

Donald Trump did what Republicans have begged their presidential candidate to do for months — lay out the case, from A to Z, against Hillary Clinton.

Trump didn’t hold back in a blistering speech Wednesday. He went through chapter and verse of every criticism — based in fact or conspiracy theory — against the Clintons. In sum, Trump said, Hillary Clinton may be “the most corrupt person ever to seek the presidency of the United States” and a “world-class liar.”

As he would be with a good movie, Trump isn’t interested in the plot so much as the feeling.

And his speech was effective because it portrayed Hillary’s larger political philosophy.

He made it clear she believes in US fedgov activism. And she believes in US military intervention abroad.

In other words, he suggested that a Hillary presidency would simply be an elaboration of a Bush presidency and an Obama presidency.

The twin pillars of both of these presidencies were fedgov activism and military activism.

That is why presidential policies remain the same no matter who is in office.

But Donald Trump seems to be a challenge to those who want US policies to continue as is.

At least it seems so based on the enemies he has accumulated as well as the increasingly negative media coverage.

This AP article wants to diminish the speech based on places where Trump may have exaggerated or misstated.


He accused Clinton of announcing a withdrawal from Iraq that wasn’t on her watch, pulled numbers out of nowhere on her plan for refugees and went beyond the established facts behind the killing of the U.S. ambassador to Libya in stating starkly that she “left him there to die.”

But Trump doesn’t care about rigorous factual accuracy. He wants to get across the point that Hillary is corrupt and lies habitually.

The AP article makes the point that the facts don’t entirely support Trump’s statistics.

But this election won’t be about statistics. It’s being driven by raw emotion.

Hillary is a globalist. In Europe, EU officials have organized massive immigration from the Middle East to break down European culture, especially in countries like Germany.

Hillary has in mind the same tactic. It is one that George Bush tried to use when he wanted to turn Latin American immigrants into US citizens.

The idea is to drown the culture by importing people who do not understand it.

Trump also lambastes Hillary for corruption (accepting jewelry) and for wanting higher taxes and higher spending.

The AP article sets the record straight on these issues. Again, Trump exaggerates.

But it really doesn’t matter.

Hillary is a self-identified progressive. She believes in the power of government to make changes in people’s lives for the better.

The past 100 years provide us an object lesson that such an approach doesn’t work.

The US is in a depression. The federal government has promissory debt of $200 trillion.

Most people in the US have more debt than equity. In other words their net worth is negative.

In analyzing Trump’s speech analytically, the AP is missing the point. People are treating this election as if their lives depended on it.

Of course, we disagree with this perspective. Ultimately, the past 50 years show that politics changes little or nothing. You are the person who can make changes in your life, not Trump or Hillary Clinton.

Conclusion: Nonetheless, many people seem to see this election as a potential life-changing event. And Trump understands the emotion he is inspiring. He is very good at evoking it. This is going to be hard for Hillary to combat, especially if she tries to concentrate on facts rather than feeling.

You don’t have to play by the rules of the corrupt politicians, manipulative media, and brainwashed peers.

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  • HarryLola

    Thehillary could concentrate on the feeling of Bush 3: More war, higher gas prices, more jobs to China. That’s what you get when you vote for a goldwater girl. I can’t see that Americans want that, but the morons that have to vote for a woman should expect Bush 3.

    • Truth Hertz

      “Goldwater girl? You’re a moron. Goldwater was anti NWO and a genuine conservative the establishment didn’t like. I lived through the 1964 presidential campaign and watched how the entire establishment was against him.

      They ran insane commercials with an atom bomb blowing up saying that Goldwater would start WWIII to terrify the sheeple. SO, we got the man who was quite possibly the most treasonous president of all time LBJ.

      He gave the go ahead for the JFK assassination, pulled the rescue wing from defending the USS Liberty from the vicious Israeli sneak attack, and started the Viet Nam war based on the Gulf of Tonkin FICTION. Don’t regurgitate stupidity you heard in MAM.

      • docdave1

        What you say about Goldwater and what they did to him is true. But it has been written about how Hillary was once a young woman who supported him. She sure has made a turn for the worse

      • HarryLola

        She was a goldwater girl when the “progressive” were not. That’s the point — moron. She’s still not a “progressive,” and all the Bush people are running towards her — because she is Bush 3. It’s okay to be old, but read for comprehension, moron.

        • No name-calling please.

          • jackw97224

            Good gentle reminder! Usually name calling and epithets discredit the maker and lose him the debate.

          • HarryLola

            Good gentle reminder. Never bring a knife to a gun fight.

          • HarryLola

            Where were you when he was calling me a moron? What’s sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander. He got what he gave.

          • He shouldn’t have. Thanks for stopping.

      • Bruce C.

        Here’s a quote from a note in Bill Oreilly’s book “Killing Reagan”:

        “One young supporter of Goldwater, and an active member of the Young Republican movement, was a seventeen-year-old Chicago-area young lady named Hillary Rodham. She was fond of wearing a cowgirl outfit and a straw hat emblazoned with the Goldwater campaign’s AuH2O slogan (Au the periodic symbol for gold and H2O for water) Shortly afterward she would switch her party allegiance to the Democrats, perhaps under pressure from her liberal friends at Wellesley College.”

    • cat writer

      She was a Goldwater Girl, but only as an introduction on getting political power. Clearly, she saw more potential support for her ambitions by being a liberal Democrat. It is easier to commandeer votes from the purchased.

  • Guy Christopher

    As I’ve written here before (thanks for the space, DB), Trump’s campaign, and his vast, widespread support, began with the Tea Party in 2009. Trump didn’t know it, I didn’t know it and you didn’t know it, but that’s where it started. The entire power structure of the entire planet is scared to death of this guy, as it should be. And that’s all I need to know about his candidacy.

    • Praetor

      Yes, that’s it. The power structure definitely, do not like this guy! He didn’t join their club, he just started his own club:)!!!!

  • Praetor

    Raw emotions. As if their lives depended on it. And feelings. Yep! How do you, feel about Hillary, and how do you, feel about Trump. That is this election.

    Its fueled by 95 million plus not working, as you say 200 trillion owed on a promise, almost half the population on food stamps (EBT), a divide of the peoples on racial, religion, sex, age or all the differences that make-up humanity, U.S. cities seem more inline as experiments in population control than places to live, and the rich get richer the citizens get poorer.

    Trump, may or may not be able to change a thing. One thing he is doing is telling the truth about Hillary’s and DC’s corruption, and there needs to be a change or else!!!

  • jackw97224

    Well, did he identify hillary as a commie/socialist and that such political systems have been ruinous? Remember it was National Socialism and Communism that got 10s of millions slaughtered and remember that it was nations like France, Britain and the US that provoked aggression by first imposing aggression? It is a tragedy and a shame that so called educated college students have fallen for the trap of commie/socialism spewed by Bernie Sanders and by hillary clinton; government schools are propagandizing, indoctrinating and brainwashing and corrupting the minds of the youth (Socrates was forced to drink the Hemlock for the same alleged crime). And the MSM does the same to the masses.
    I just wish some really sensible economics experts on Austrian Economic Theory and Facts could sit down with “The Donald” and explain the errors in his apparent beliefs. I just wish “The Donald” could read Lysander Spooner’s No Treason No. 6, The Constitution of No Authority, Away From Freedom by Vervon Orval Watts and For A New Liberty by Murray Rothbard. Then I would like “The Donald” to head over to the Zero Aggression Project by Perry Willis and Jim Babka and then view The No State Project videos by Marc Stevens on YouTube. Finally, I wish “The Donald’s” advisors could read Henry Hazlitt’s Economics in One Lesson and The Inflation Crisis and How to Resolve it. Oh and one more thing, I would like to see “The Donald” read Rothbard’s missive: The Political Thought of Étienne de la Boétie (Why do people vote to enslave themselves to tyrants?).
    clinton, a commie/socialist, “Statist” Democrat would be an economic disaster for the US but then “The Donald” will be only little better if he does not recognize the error of his “Statist” beliefs and then alter his positions accordingly. In the end, politics is violence as Tolstoy wrote in The Law of Love and The Law of Violence, so a lot less violence (politics0 is better. “The Donald” could also spend some time with the Hal Mason video on YouTube explaining why the politicians can’t balance the budget; this is discomforting as it suggests we are headed for economic oblivion.

    • David

      …..Since we are talking about books,,,, try ” America alone” by Mark Stein.if everyone would read this book they would see the real threat that Islam brings, it’s not the radicals that are the real threat, it’s the “peaceful ” ones that will bring this nation to its knees thru Sharia Law.

  • Bruce C.

    Although I agree that “you” are the person who really makes the changes in your life “your” thoughts and feelings and desires and beliefs, etc. are affected by those around you and the prevailing culture. Just as fear, whether rational or not, can be debilitating, feelings of optimism and great expectations can work miracles. So many people wouldn’t support Trump and what he represents if they didn’t still have that kernel within them that naturally wants expression. It remains to be seen if Trump wins (I think he will) and how long these good feelings last but if they do last then it will be like a wind in one’s back.

    That said, I’m a little surprised that the msm is countering Trump with technicalities. Even the most un-thoughtful can sense that they are essentially admitting the bulk of what he is saying, and that is her achilles. Furthermore, they better be careful what they wish for, because if the exact facts are what people start searching for they may find a lot more of them than anyone knows about – yet.

  • cat writer

    Thanks for this analysis.

    It is one thing to disseminate academic facts. Libertarians have been doing this for over 40 years. Indeed, I know of no facts that refute libertarianism at all. However, one has to WANT to live freely, and motivate others towards the same desires.

    This is why in the Land of Liberty Libertarian party candidates receive a handful of votes. How successful has either Paul been on the national stage? Trump, on the other hand, as a successful salesman, gets emotions engaged and that gets people to work on his side.

    I do not classify the United States of America as a society but as a wilderness. Americans regard others as either food, or as an enemy or both, seldom neither. I analyze all political action here on this principle and suggest that readers consider doing likewise. I do not limit my analysis only to the material realm.

    Politics is just another form of interpersonal relationships. The choice we, jointly and severally, must make concerning the basis of these relationships: are we food or foe to each other, or fellows.

    It is the choice between civilization and wilderness. If The Donald presents that choice and successfully sells civilization, not only in the external world but also internally, then we can have that life-changing election.this year.

  • windsor1

    Look slice and dice it anyway you want- Hillary is a liar and a crook. The Clinton Foundation, Whitewater, Benghazi, harassment and intimidation of Bill’s sexual conquests including one who was shot near the end of her pregnancy, Laureat University, outrageous fees for speaking engagements. Now you have the testimony of the Secret service agents. By anyone’s definition she is unfit to be the president of the USA.
    Americans rejected Ron Paul in favor of Obama. Now they have a similar opportunity with Trump. They will screw it up again. The public needs to wake up and realize the globalists are a large well organized crime syndicate that will use Mafia style tactics to get what they want.
    Hillary is the anointed one this time round. The polls are rigged to show the two neck in neck. The diebold voting machines that leave no paper trail will do most of the vote counting and the Soros owned company that is overseas will do the rest. So when the results show Hillary won by a narrow margin nobody will question the results.
    Americans will get what they deserve for their apathy. Little wars plus a big wars a supersized trade agreement that will put the US into the third world poverty plus larger and larger deficits. Bend over and kiss yourself America because you’re headed for disaster.

  • Tanya Bower

    The Globalists want Hillary the Psychopath and the fix is in as far as propaganda goes. It’s even very obvious with the Canadian media.

  • gordon

    Clearly the establishment is strongly behind hitlery and they will stop at nothing to get her into the white house. I hope for the sake of american voters that they do not succeed and Trump had better watch his back over the next few months.!

    • boogoo

      England just showed that people can have voice ..If they use it

      • Jim Johnson

        Don’t go to sleep just yet. Our USA is the Big Prize, and Britain not important enough to show just how manipulated vote-counting can be made. If I sound paranoid, you would be correct. Facts are, it is more likely than not. To show their Hand now would give us time to correct it. Obama’s DOJ certainly has done nothing. Even my little County has had irregularities. Look to your own houses.

  • MetaCynic

    Trump’s speech was very strong in eviscerating Hillary for her pathological lying, corruption and ineptitude. It wasn’t as strong in giving Sanders’s supporters a reason to join the Trump camp. Instead of wasting air time chanting “jobs,” Trump should have emphasized that so much of what is wrong with our economy is caused by resources being redirected from private hands into military and national security projects dedicated to dominating foreign countries and subduing our liberties.

    One way to create productive private sector jobs, Trump should have said, would be to end Washington’s pointless wars and dismantle the wealth destroying empire and its domestic police state. There would also be less reason to fret about immigration if Neocons like Hillary didn’t go around wrecking other people’s countries. He should also have made it clear that a vote for bloodthirsty warmonger Hillary is a vote for WW3 with Russia and China. Trade and friendship and not war would be his foreign policy goal.

    My understanding is that Trump has doubts about the war on drugs. If so, then he should have announced his support to put an end to what is in reality a cruel and insane war on freedom. Promising to end overseas shooting wars and the domestic war on what we may put in our bodies would go a long way toward attracting Sanders’s voters.

  • Jim Johnson

    I will go with a guy who knows every time he pokes his head up in public, someone out there wants to take it off. That we nod knowingly about our own gov’t possibly doing this, screams just how far down the rabbit hole we’ve descended. Nobody can be protected all the time. Maybe the hit men have grown a conscience? Dropping dimes on plans? Irregardless, Trump has guts, folks. Just, for a second, imagine his waking reality every day. (Soldiers know this) My bet is the good folks working FedGov, Inc are behind him.

  • Pilgrim

    The elites want someone they can blackmail while in office to assure their agenda will become the order of the day. The more dirt they have on someone, the better they like them. Bill Clinton was their wet dream. They could have toppled him easily by making hay of his numerous sexual indiscretions. They hated Bush because he was man of high moral character. Obama, born in Kenya, registered as a muslim in an Indonesian muslim school, mentored by Bill Ayers and black liberation theologist Wright . . . Obama was easy to mold and shape through blackmail to advance the elite’s agenda. They absolutely love Hiliary! She was the troll beneath Bill’s bridge neutralizing any and all threats. She was the wicked witch of the west-wing dispatching her flying monkeys to destroy the lives of Bill’s many victims. If Hiliary’s actual role became known, she would be despised. The fact she is evil is the reason the elites want her in office.

    Trump isn’t a knight in shining armor, but all his dirt is public knowledge already and people still like him! There are no big donors that have leverage over him. Trump is their worst nightmare, particularly given his altruistic intentions for attaining office.

    As the campaign season rolls out you can count on Trump’s character to be maligned daily. The AP article cited here is just the beginning.