Questions Link Assange and Snowden: Are They What They Seem?
By Daily Bell Staff - October 04, 2016

WikiLeaks’ Assange signals release of documents before U.S. election … WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange said on Tuesday the organization would publish around one million documents related to the U.S. election and three governments, but denied the release was aimed at damaging Hillary Clinton.  He said the documents would be released before the end of the year, starting with an initial batch in the coming week.  –Reuters

Julian Assange was supposed to announce news regarding Hillary Clinton that might even proceed to an indictment. But his recent video appearance ended up being more of a WikiLeaks’ promo and less of a news event.

He announced a publishing schedule for books and news items that would be released over the next month leading up to the American presidential election.

We didn’t watch the latest WikiLeaks announcement “live,” but others did including Infowar’s Alex Jones who proclaimed that Assange had “trolled” his audience and could now be seen, in a sense, as pro-Hillary.

David Seaman, another Hillary critic, released a video here following up on Assange’s non-announcement. The blurb for the video reads as follows:

Julian Assange and Wikileaks evidently just trolled the world- not a peep further about Hillary Clinton’s misdeeds at the much anticipated event. WTF did we all just watch at 3-4am US local time? Wikileaks infomerical? Sob story? Cult of personality? Whatever it was, Alex Jones was right to be angry – he was hosting live commentary of Julian Assange’s video call-in to the 10th anniversary of Wikileaks when, at a certain point, he realized he and the audience were having their time wasted. Julian Assange and his team revealed nothing new or important tonight, and I lost a night’s sleep over it …

More from Reuters:

Assange … signaled changes in the way WikiLeaks is organized and funded, saying the group would soon open itself to membership. He said the group was looking to expand its work beyond the 100 media outlets it works with.

Assange, 45, spoke via a video link at an event marking the 10th anniversary of the group’s founding. He remains in the Ecuador Embassy in London where he sought refuge in 2012 to avoid possible extradition to Sweden, where he is wanted for questioning over allegations that he committed rape in 2010.

Assange has reasons to promote WikiLeaks even more aggressively now, given his idea to expand via membership. But it is true as well that this switch will open Assange to further charges by critics that WikiLeaks information is subject to exaggeration. This latest video appearance has surely animated these criticisms.

Meanwhile, Edward Snowden is still in Russia and hoping to return to the US. His political enemies would be glad to have him back but intend to prosecute him for leaking information on US agents.

Snowden’s leaks have affected the world in several ways. First, his leaks ensured that people understood the illegal and extensive electronic spying that the US was embarked upon. However, since no one in the US was apparently ever disciplined or penalized for the illegal spying (at least not significantly), theresult seems to have been simply to reinforce the idea that the US is an invasive international entity that can’t be stopped.

Second, Snowden’s leaks gave rise to further agitation against the US’s domination of Internet nomenclature, the Domain Name System. Just recently, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers.(Icann) has been removed form US control.

The net effect of Snowden’s leaks (cynically described) has been to make people paranoid about their behavior and communications and to give the US less influence over the Internet, which in turn vitiates the impact of the First Amendment.

One can certainly argue with considerable merit that both men have been exceptionally courageous and resourceful – and have tried to contribute to the betterment of mankind as best they can. But doubts can be raised as well.

Snowden’s background includes a stint with the CIA. One of Assange’s prominent publishing affiliations was with the neo-conservative Economist magazine. Both men have been lionized in major Hollywood movies, which usually doesn’t happen unless those who own mainstream media want want to raise the profile of a given individual. Snowden’s biopic was just released, seemingly to positive reviews.

Conclusion: Both men, if released, would assume active roles as leading spokespeople for the alternative media. But as has been suggested in the past, here and elsewhere, it is certainly possible that neither Assange nor Snowden are exactly what they appear to be. The clear narrative surrounding them may be less certain than it appears at first glance.

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  • Nexusfast123

    Nothing out there at the moment is what it appears to be.

    • mary

      You’ve got it, Nexus. Nothing.

    • Marten

      Got it….And “Time” waits for no one

  • June

    We, the people, don’t know who or what to believe anymore!
    Personally, I admire Snowden and what he did. I think he should be granted immunity because he did this for our benefit, not his own.

  • Dimitri Ledkovsky

    Controlled opposition takes interesting routes for getting access to our consciousnesses and then becoming mainstream without appearing to be that at all. These two guys are definitely a high wire act with the globalists’ safety net spread out close to where they may accidentally fall.

  • Earn nest

    Remember the 60’s, early 70’s. The Hollywood machine was pushing civil liberties. Just let’s not be too quick to demonize these men with conspiracy ties. Wise as serpents but harmless as doves until evidence proves otherwise.

  • timothy price

    Assange… what would you do if you got notice listing members of your family that would be killed, one after the other, if you released documents?

  • Praetor

    No. Their not what they seem.

    If the Ministry of Propaganda is reporting or should I say talking about a thing, you can assure yourself it is apart of the manipulation of information. All we see is a mind manipulation or what is it are we thinking about, and how are we thinking about a thing. The delusion goes deep.

    I view it this way. They tell me the U.S. and Russia are going to war. No, the U.S. and Russia are apart of the same cabal. China is on the rise and will challenge the U.S; no they are on the same team.

    Truth is ‘We The people of Earth’ are in dire straits, because of these globalist psychopaths and their lies and manipulations will more than likely lead to the elimination of many lives!!!

  • ExpatNEcuador

    The president of Ecuador has endorsed Hillary. So it appears that if Mr Assange releases any negative information about her he will most likely find himself in Guantanamo post haste.

    • William

      This explains Assange’s failure to release his ‘October surprise’. Obviously, Killary ‘reached out’ to Ecuador to make sure of it. Be assured she will similarly ‘reach out’ for whatever the Rothschilds want, trashing Libya and killing Qaddafi being a prime example.

  • windsor1

    Assange and Snowden are tools of the elite. Information they want released gets released. First look at Snowden’s initial escape.He ended up in Hong Kong. All his defendants were filmed by media with professionally constructed placards in English. Coincidence. Anyone with two brain cells to rub together understands the US is a surveillance state. We didn’t need Snowden to confirm there is a huge NSA data warehouse in Bluffdale Utah. We didn’t need Snowden to tell us there were back doors in Windows software, or chips in our cell phones that compromise our security and privacy.
    Similarly with Asange. If he was the real deal and the authorities really wanted him he would be gone. Ecuador is hardly a major military power. The US or UK could easily strong arm the Ecuadorian authorities and apply pressure until they capitulated and turned over Assange.
    If the elites favor one political candidate over another, there is Wikileaks data dump to compromise the candidate the elite do not want. Besides where does Assange get his info from. It would be stupid for someone to send sensitive security info to Assange as he is under the microscope so where does his data come from.
    Snowden’s info is old. Those who were awake saw nothing new in his revelations. I am told that he compromised the cover of some US agents but I would still like to see the proof. Didn’t Scooter Libby do the same yet he got a pardon? What about Jonathan Pollard who gave away or sold highly classified documents to a foreign state. Now he is free. And what about the former Secretary of State who had classified info on her private server. The American public seems to have an infinite capacity for stupidity and manipulation and it has cost them their wonderful country. From here on in it can only get worse.
    Now Boobus Americanus has an election before him and he believes that Mr. Trump, a billionaire, is anti-establishment. You can imagine people being this stupid in Zimbabwe or Haiti but in America it still comes as a surprise. He almost threw the first debate. He has just offended veterans by calling those who have witnessed atrocities that even Hollywood could not imagine, weak. On top of having to believe that Snowden and Assange are the real deal, we too, have to accept that Mr. Trump is the real deal.
    Now you have the same public who believes Assange and Snowden are the real deal. Come on now.
    Look at Private Manning and how they nailed him/she for exposing atrocities by the American forces. Look at John Kiriakou who loved his country and sacrificed everything to expose criminal behavior by the CIA.
    Others like Michael Hastings have accidents or are suicided like Pat Tilman. These are American heroes who have risked it all trying to expose criminality and attrocities to try and make America great again.
    If you are a problem for the system you will be silenced. If you are useful to the system you will flourish. In Snowden’s case part of his propaganda advantage is to seek sanctuary in big bad Russia, the evil empire.
    It is my belief that Assange and Snowden have a long career ahead of them as long as they continue to have propaganda value and the American Public continues to find them credible.

    • Thanks. We’ve predicted in the past that one or both will go into politics.

  • Samarami

    Conclusion: Both men, if released, would assume
    active roles as leading spokespeople for the
    alternative media. But as has been suggested in the
    past, here and elsewhere, it is certainly possible that neither
    Assange nor Snowden are exactly what they appear
    to be. The clear narrative surrounding them may be
    less certain than it appears at first glance.

    I find myself making comparisons in U.S. election underhandedness between last time I participated — 1964, well over 50 years ago — and today. It’s not that media engineering was any less extant 50 years ago than 2016. It’s just that the psychopaths who steer newspeak have coped with the web and have found it necessary to consider the capability of hoi polloi to see and even participate in the different views from the same old ship — and to decide from which spoon-fed source to guzzle.

    So, we’re dealing with sophisticated obfuscation these days — albeit the same old stupidity. Glad to have you folks at DB to lay out the various possibilities to the distortion puzzle.

    Since I have no dog in the fight, I could care less who “wins” to be U.S. grand wizard. Unlike where my brain was lodged in 1964, I believe that it won’t make a hill of beans (from which I trust you will all abstain) who “wins” or who “loses”. If Trump “wins” it might indicate we have more folks moving in our direction, which would no doubt be a good thing. Maybe.

    What a fun time to be alive! Sam

  • Brabantian

    All the major governments know the report (link below) proving that Dick Cheney’s friend Eddie Snowden & his predecessor Julian Assange, are liars, hoaxes & frauds of the CIA, there is NOTHING real about them, as Putin himself hints … & they likely have helped kill real whistleblowers, duped into contacting their pumpers, such as the ex-gay-pornographer & Rothschild employee Glenn Greenwald

    The big European gov report on the Snowden-Greenwald total hoax fraud was just highighted by Veterans Today:

    Aangirfan looks at the Netanyahu-admitted fraud of ‘not really living at London Ecuador embassy’ Julian Assange:

    One of the very big tells described in the above, aside from their manifold CIA etc connections, are the fact that neither Snowden nor Assange try to use their files on the corruption of the Virginia USA federal judges who would, in theory, be putting both of them ‘on trial’ … very funny that neither Snowden nor Assange are interested in the data that would totally block their own ‘extraditions’ to the USA

  • Hugh

    If your “fugitive whistleblower” gets a Hollywood movie made
    about him, he was always a controlled op.

    • Crimson King

      Indeed. And if either Snowden or Assange were actually who they claim to be, they would have come across a lot more heavyweight secrets regarding the really big lies we’re fed — i.e. 9/11 and the war on terror. But no. In fact, Snowden did an interview for one of the networks awhile back which had some outtakes — but even the outtakes supported the official gov’t fairy tale about 9/11.

      And when these guys are being featured and discussed by the mainstream media, that’s the other obvious clue that they’re controlled opposition.

      What’s the agenda? In the case of Snowden, my guess is that his job was to intimidate the public into curbing free speech, by warning people that they’re being watched in everything they do by big brother NSA. The Panopticon comes to mind:

      Assange is probably there to keep people feeling that the truth will always find a way out, but probably more importantly to feed disinfo into the public mind and discourse.

  • Don Duncan

    So, if the two get captured/jailed or killed, would their doubters now say, “Gee, I guess we were wrong?”
    The assumption seems to be that TPTB are all powerful. They are not. Look at their leading rep, Killary. She is a train wreck. It almost looks like they are putting forth their worst foot just to test how strong they are. But, once again, that would be over thinking, giving them too much credit. They are fallible, They have infighting. Their world view is short sighted, highly destructive on net, and they owe their continued accumulation of wealth to producers whom they slowly destroy. How is this sustainable? How is it wise?
    They have children. They must know their immediate successes endanger them. Or do they? Could they be that blind? That myopic?
    TPTB are like all dictators, big or small. They are addicted to their power, blinded by it, overwhelmed by it. And who bestows it on them? Who is their “pusher”? All who fantasize institutionalized violence is beneficial, rule is necessary, rulers will try to protect their subjects. This is “the root of the decease”. So do not focus on the symptom. Look at the people of the world. They collectively worship the state. Not so much their particular present state, but “The Concept of a State”. People love to hate their government, but still worship the concept, hoping that someday it will work. That blind faith is killing them, wasting their lives.
    Waking up would mean growing up, maturing psychologically. It would mean admitting they are their own worst enemies, sanctioning their own enslavement. It would mean admitting that taxation is theft, not a voluntary gift or investment. It would mean admitting once they vote (forfeit sovereignty) they lose their freedom. It would mean total rejection of political violence, just as they reject it in their private lives. No more double standard. No more ignoring their lack of control. It would mean self governance, local control with accountability.

  • deanharrington

    It is possible, as some have suggested, that Snowden and Assange are tools of the elite but that goes for everyone stepping up to the plate. Both have provided windows into the criminality and processes of political and corporate organizations exposing what was done and who did it and that, at this point in time, gives them a pass on the question until proven otherwise. We should keep in mind the old saying ‘by their deeds we shall know them.’ They deserve the ‘benefit of doubt’ as both men have placed themselves in harms way and really neither one had to do so.

    • Insofar as one fights them one joins ‘them’ – whoever they are. Insofar as one stands in integrity for all – including any of ‘them’ who wake to its worth, one is not playing ‘their’ game by ‘their’ rules.
      Partial sacrifices are always being made to get a bigger prize. If the released documents are cherry picked to avoid more than a token sacrifice of the power agenda – then they are suspect.
      Frankly, grandstanding the forthcoming release of Clinton information without significant delivery does not suggest a love of truth or a willingness to speak truth to power.

      • deanharrington

        Grandstanding or being tactically astute is the real question. If Assange is gauging the release of damaging information to have it’s best effect then what happened on the 10 year anniversary was most certainly not the best forum to do so. Assange suggested this when he noted that you don’t release important information that effects the U.S. in the middle of the night. That he engaged in a celebration of Wikileaks should not be confused with the best timing and method for such information to hit the net and possibly news stands in the U.S.. Assange is engaged in serious diplomacy as well as serious ‘whistle-blowing’. Wikileaks may very well be holding back until the best moment to have great effect.

    • James Clander

      Spot on.

  • Well you can be entrained to the signal as if you are in a war that can be won or you can look at it as a script that is running your own mind – and use it for freeing your mind.

    Whatever any of the personae THINK they are doing – they can only operate within a larger script. The nature of the script running power in the world is of promising self-specialness, privilege or protection in return for being used – but while the surface shows the presentation narrative, beneath it runs what is actually being chosen and given power to work through them. And whatever form it takes, it propagates and reinforces ‘power in the world’ as the primary and exclusive identity. This operates a narrative control at all levels of being just as if one were controlled by parasitic entity – because the nature of the desire to possess power – is the same nature of being possessed, used, owned and hollowed out. Attempts to fight this in its own terms not only feed the disease – but become a host to its contagion. War on symptoms always misses Cause and propagates effects in much the same way as so many cynical ‘political shenanigans’ that raise an evil to generate a gullible crusade against.

    The pattern of deceit runs in the open – within all kinds of conditioned or subverted definitions and beliefs that make it invisible to most everyone – and incommunicable to tell others – because it is structured to run as part of their sense of power and protection – and so they not only wont hear – they will wall you off or shut you down. We are all in the ruse of personal power – and so pervasively that it is invisible as an object to consider. Its ‘self’ is the accepted currency and the ‘central bank’ provides support and protection to the appropriate relinquishment of Sovereignty of Will. Not that it can or does – but in terms of belief and investment – it is ‘too big to fail’. Such ‘self’ that operates unchallenged is ‘justifying itself’ through the survival mechanism of a fight or flight response to EVERYTHING – as if it is stuck on a negative loop that operates destructively on our individual and collective experience. This could be assigned a ‘reptilian’ nature as a very primitive base instinct that has usefulness in terms of sudden physical threat – but is anything but helpful to a complex threat by deceits that target this fear and condition the target to self-doubt, self-gulit and self-hate – which automatically project to others because we always extend who we accept ourselves to be regardless the spin of presentation.

    So why would God allow Satan ‘attack’ Job with every kind of temptation to curse his life and the Giver of it? For is that one of the possible scripts going on here?

    It is the same story in the New Testament. Why is a love of truth being tricked, smeared, ridiculed and baited into every kind of invalidity of integrity?

    Symbolic meanings are active in triggering consciousness shifts. Like a joke, if one explains it – there is no joke.

    The attack on Sovereignty of Will is symptomatic of an Inside Job. (pun unexpected!). Merely focusing on pests brings on the likes of Monsanto. The susceptibility to pest is the issue. If our back door is open, thieves come in the night and rob us of our mind.

    Fake reality is like one of those dreams that one wakes to without waking – as if to control the outcome of a dream that isn’t fully accepted as a dream – and the attempt to force it makes huge holes in it that the continuity manager desperately works to fill, conceal or ignore. Whatever it was as a dream it became an evil dream that was then fought against as true and thus made real by fear.

    The only way our individual life in our collective reality would be recognisably a dream would be to wake as the dreamer – the scriptmaker. Who would have to be rendered ‘invisible’ while the dream ran so as not to break the entrancement that for whatever reason, one was drawn to focus within.

    Of course terror, loss, pain and rage are keepers of the unquestionable ‘reality’ of the ‘self’ – but if the dream embodies these overtly rather than as subtle undercurrents, does a fake reality not lose the basis from which to promise power against or of protection from?

    Regardless what kind of dream this is – one can learn to read the scripts to recognize within oneself. Set a thief to catch a thief – but in reverse. Look at the stealing of minds and follow the trail within.

    There is another thing here and that is we are all operating a sovereignty of will even in the forsaking or trading of it for fake reality. If the active desire is NOT for Disclosure – then it is not the timing yet. Many think they want to know – but have no idea as to the exposures of their own lack of foundation amidst a much ‘larger’ perspective than that of ‘narrative control’.

    Seth once talked of helping guide one who had ‘died’ to make the transition – who was stuck in a unipolar assertiveness. As a higher level Consciousness, Seth orchestrated an embodiment of the man’s polarised conflict and brought them together in the recognition that both were within and of a unified wholeness. Clearly to focus in the ‘evil all powerful Them’ reinforces the polarizing division, and so I question that as a true serving mind – for division is conflicted and compulsive.

    Everyone is playing roles in a script that can operate the script or serve the awakening to the script and the freedom to serve the awakening of others.

    The Creative is free to follow the lines of its own creation – and that power – which is power, does not confuse itself with illusions. Does not become ‘trapped’ in its own thought. Such is a thinking disorder and not really a loss of power so much as giving one’s power to thoughts that are feared or hated by the attempt to excommunicate them. Or hide them and use them in secret…

  • Sebastian Puettmann

    In this election cycle I have been mostly impressed with the analysis of Scott Adams, of the Dilbert Comic. He has been able to forecast everything to detail.

    He even estimated, a couple of weeks ago, about Julien Assange and Wikileaks that he didn’t think that be more explosive content coming.

    Daily Bell is not wrong to quote the alternative media’s dissapointment about Assanges recent strange behaviour. But in light of the already published content of Wikileaks about Hillary Clinton’s and the elite’s actions one can hardly consider him an shill.

    Rather I’d stick to Scott Adams and say that all these facts do not seem to matter anyway. People act (and vote) according to their emotions. That’s why Ron Paul did not have success but Donald Trump will.

  • Bruce C.

    My sense at this point in the election process is to inure people to corruption.

    The main take-aways as I see it for the the Snowden revelations, Assange’s whatever, the FBI’s non-censuring of Clinton’s private server and mishandling of classified documents, the Bill Clinton meeting with AG Loretta Lynch, the immunities granted to every major player in the Obama State Department, the non-censuring of any one involved in Snowden’s exposure of illegal US surveillance activity, and even – I’ll predict – any more “damaging” Clinton emails, etc. are that corruption is the status quo and NOBODY CARES.

    The MSM certainly doesn’t, Hillary supporters actually think that’s a benefit because she has shown to be ruthless and effective at successfully implementing the most un Constituitional things that they think will benefit them, and a lot of others like the idea of law enforcement breaking down so they can have more “freedom.”

    Snowden’s revelations are not clear and damning. Instead they’re muddled and nuanced and questionable. Assange has always suggested he holds great knowledge but in the end reveals little. Both yield very anti-climactic feelings of disappointment to those who want clarity and justice, yet provide evidence to gloat for those who want to advance the status quo.

    I’ve never liked nor trusted either Snowden or Assange and I suspect they’re both scumbags. For every bit of help they’ve provided they have also harmed.

    Frankly I hope Snowden has to live in Russia, especially since he would like to come back to the “awful, corrupt” USA, and I hope Assange stays trapped in whatever bizzarre place he is (the Ecuadorian Embassy – are you kidding me? – you can’t make this stuff up.)

    • Wade House

      Agree with you100%!

  • Wade House

    Snowden and Assange have been known to be part of some sort of CIA/Gov’t. Psyop operation for years in the independent alt media. And for the reasons stated by the DB. As well as their media outlets being known for and admitted to; planting stories for the CIA like; The New York Times and Post, Washington Post, LA Times, etc. etc.

    They are right up there with Bradley Manning, Fakebook and DARPA/Google.
    Like the DB says: You can’t trust anything coming from the Mainstream Media!

    PS. I’m old enough to remember the beginning of the internet. It was a military app, given to the people, and touted as the new information highway that would make all our lives better. And of course, the military gave it to us out of the goodness of their hearts.

    I even remember Al Gore running around the country promoting it. LOL 🙂
    Who’s Al Gore?…Vice Pres. to B. Clinton


    Would we be so quick today to accept a gift like this from the Military? 🙂

    • James Clander

      “Snowden and Assange have been known to be part of some sort of
      CIA/Gov’t. Psyop operation for years in the independent alt media.”

      – — and your evidence for this ??? You haven’t any !
      Who do you work for ? I know who’d be very happy with your false unsubstantiated ramblings – – the USA Govt !

      • Wade House

        Shill. Don’t feed the trolls!

      • Wade House

        I’m sorry. Did you just throw the USA Gov’t at me? Desperate are we? is that your ace in the hole? Is that all you got?

        Dude…that is just too funny! 🙂 🙂 I’m still laughing!

        BTW…all you guys sound the same. Where’s the evidence? Who do you work for? You are a Shill. The official story is right. Blah Blah Blah. You guys need some new place cards!

        And if I do accuse agencies of the U.S. Gov’t of wrongdoing, and I have, I’m more than willing to meet them in Court with PROOF of their wrongdoing.

        What? You don’t think there is proof of gov’t wrongdoing? That’s only in the media James.

  • georgesilver

    Litmus test:- If someone appears in the mainstream media on a regular bases (good or bad) they are part of the system.
    Reason:- The mainstream media is controlled by a few people who are part of the agenda setting process. They control what is in the ‘news’ and more importantly what is NOT in the news.
    Assange and Snowden are part of an operation to control the alternative narrative.
    As for Alex Jones (Bill Hicks) he is also part of the control. Ever asked yourself how he remains successful and in financial operation.

    • James Clander

      Total bullshit. Assange & Snowden are the genuine articles.
      Both have gone out on limbs & put themselves in extreme danger -No Doubt!

      No one is questioning Manning ( now Chelsea) and he’s locked up for the long haul by the criminal USA so called Justice system. Would Assange & Snowden only be recognised if they were locked up & keys thrown away ?
      %F&# the naysayers !!

      • georgesilver

        @James Clander = GCHQ? Time for your tea-break.

        • James Clander

          Get a life .

      • oooorgle

        The fact they are not locked up is quote amazing, if they are genuine.

      • Wade House

        You are right to put Assange & Snowden right next to your total B.S. remark, because that’s exactly what they are…Total B.S. Good one!

        To me, the very first sign of a Shill is when out of the blue, they start cussing or using curse words. They stink-up the ‘Net’ even more than it is already.

        BTW…They don’t have to be locked up or free in order for them to be totally censored. One has nothing to do with the other.

        The only question is are they allowed or do they receive media coverage.

        To re-quote “The mainstream media is controlled by a few people who are part of the agenda setting process. They control what is in the ‘news’ and more importantly what is NOT in the news.”

        I couldn’t of said it any better myself…

        And if you think no one questions Manning, you have very limited sources. There are/were questions about him from the beginning, but they were covered up by the Mainstream and alternative media.

        Which of course is why many left not only the MSM, but also many alternative media sites also.

        So go back to your curse words and trying to put others down who don’t think like you. And BTW, IMO, that’s a darn good thing. 🙂

        • James Clander

          Well I’m certainly glad I don’t think like you as in follow the group thought without having any of your own. I’m so sorry (not) that I used symbols for a ‘curse word’ how horrible for your sensitivities.
          It makes NO sense whatsoever that Assange & Snowden are guilty of anything other than outing the PTB. They are hero’s and articles like this by DB must be very enjoyable for the Dark Side who would love it that these two are being pilloried and not only by the Mainstream Press!

          What they published was what the Military Industrial Complex was trying to hide. They exposed events together with Film of the atrocities – which MSM tried to cover up & deny. Both men have been branded traitors.

          If you want to believe total BS with no evidence that’s your business BUT don’t try to castigate me with weasel words when I express my thoughts.

          • Wade House

            I’d only believe total BS if I believed anything you had to say. You already proved how smart you are…NOT.

    • Wade House

      You are 100% correct! Everything you said is right on the money!

  • Konrad S

    I think what we have been seeing over the last couple of years, is a somewhat late-in-the-day response by the powers-that-be, to the realisation that the internet has enabled truth (and much more) to bypass the controlled media. I believe what DB refers to as the ‘Internet Reformation’ is now snowballing and in order to counter its influence the elites have embarked on a campaign of obfuscation – some new obscure and unaccountable sources of disinformation seem to be infiltrating the alternative media base, with the ultimate purpose of undermining and discrediting genuine sources, Assange and Snowden could easily be part of this. Divining the truth is becoming a bit of a skill, but it’s one we all need to practise.

  • alohajim

    Great article. As usual DB encourages people to think rather than forcefully
    laying out a theme and offering proof and/or defending it. The extent of the control apparatus, generations old, in every corner of the planet, is such that virtually no one can imagine it’s true scope, reach, and power. Assange and Snowden couldn’t possibly be what we are told they are.

    The proof of this is evident : zero academic, political, religious, or corporate opposition to the ongoing rape and plunder of humanity and the earth’s resources by the very few people that have the sole ‘right’ to create currencies from nothing worldwide. How have so few conned billions of human beings so successfully for so long?

    Without a clear opposing force that stands for truth, freedom, and sound money we are toast. Burnt toast. Brought to you by the psychopathic minions that we call ‘leaders’, ‘authorities’ and ‘experts’, i.e. those that knowingly or unknowingly serve the money changers.

  • rahrog

    Rarely is anything as it seems. Do we need Assange to know that Hillary Clinton is a war criminal? Do we need Snowden to know that fedgov is mass collecting data? What are you prepared to do when faced with a tyrannical government? It is healthy to question the messenger, but if that is all we do, we will surely lose our liberty.

  • sleat

    What if Hollywood is cannier than people think, and realises that lionising a given entity, thus “mainstreaming” them, is tantamount to discrediting them in the eyes of the alternative press? In other words, could it be that Hollywood made hi-budget movies about Assange and Snowden so that sceptical people would stop trusting them? And as rahrog says, have either of them told us anything we didn’t already suspect?

    Or maybe he really is controlled opposition. I remember getting into a heated argument with a friend when I noticed around 2008 that the photos of Assange were just a wee bit too professional looking and staged, and that various entities were promoting him who didn’t seem to have a sound motive for doing so. Sometimes stuff just seems too slick to be legit.