US Domestic Tumult – Orchestrated or Not?
By Daily Bell Staff - November 28, 2016

No, Russian Agents Are Not Behind Every Piece of Fake News You See  … Making everyone who shares fake news part of a Russian conspiracy is not helpful. One of the themes that has emerged during the controversy over “fake news” and its role in the election of Donald Trump is the idea that Russian agents of various kinds helped hack the process by fueling this barrage of false news. But is that really true?  – Fortune

Fortune has written a somewhat skeptical article about fake news, but misses the point so far as we are concerned.

Fake news exists and has an impact: That’s the basic thrust of the Fortune article – and others like it. It constitutes a kind of propaganda. The idea here is to grant “fake news” existence while presenting a moderate perspective.

In fact, the fake news “debate” is entirely illegitimate. It is what we firmly believe is a “dominant social theme,” elite sponsored propaganda that began suddenly and for reasons that have little or nothing with alerting Americans to Russia’s supposed interference in US elections.

From what we can tell, the fake news debate is actually further debasing the credibility of mainstream media. As we’ve written before, it serves the same function in the US that Muslim immigration has in Europe.

It’s helping destroy people’s faith in their society. We could see the process taking place during the recent elections. The pro-Hillary coverage of the mainstream media was so excessive that it’s hard to reach another conclusion.

Already sinking under a tidal wave of skepticism, the mainstream media reported on the election in such a way as to further alienate tens of millions – perhaps half the adults in the country, or even more.

Was this an unintended consequence of supporting Hillary? Not in our view, especially with the destruction of society going on in Europe.

The idea on both sides of “the pond” is ultimately to destroy culture and make nation states further amenable to globalism.


…  One group [of proponents] is associated with the Foreign Policy Research Institute, a conservative think tank funded and staffed by proponents of the Cold War between the U.S. and Russia, which says it has been researching Russian propaganda since 2014. 

The second group is something called PropOrNot, about which very little is known. Its website doesn’t name anyone who is associated with it, including the researchers who worked on the report. And the Post doesn’t name the group’s executive director, whom it quotes, because it says he is afraid of “being targeted by Russia’s legions of skilled hackers.”

The article goes on to point out that PropOrNot’s Twitter account “has only existed since August of this year. And an article announcing the launch of the group on its website is dated last month.”

The program is evidently being rushed out for some reason in stages, possibly to coincide with a challenge launched by Hillary Clinton that will result in recounting votes in three states to see if the US presidential election can be overturned.

Some other points from Fortune. In evaluating these points,. we can see that the Fortune article does  not discount “fake news.”It simply wants to re-position the argument, possibly to make it more believable:

  • There were questions about the “allies” listed on the PropOrNot website. Now the “allies” have been downgraded to “related projects” – whatever that means.
  • The Fortune article calls the thesis of orchestrated Russian intelligence effort aimed at the American election “flimsy.” It is evidently NOT a “nefarious scheme.”
  • Russian content supposedly redistributed by “useful tools of Russian propaganda” was purposefully written to appeal to conspiracy theories and “buzzy content.” But “are millions of people part of the problem?” The article suggests this is a “stretch.”
  • The idea of a network of 200 sites that “routine peddlers of Russian propaganda,” is proposed by PropOrNot. The idea is thus to “portray anyone who shared a salacious but untrue news story about Hillary Clinton as an agent of an orchestrated Russian intelligence campaign.”

Connecting hundreds of Twitter accounts into a dark web of Russian-controlled agents, along with any website that sits on some poorly thought-out blacklist, seems like the beginnings of a conspiracy theory, rather than a scientific analysis of the problem.

Again, if Fortune’s editors were really interested in debunking fake news, they could certainly present stronger arguments more forcefully.

We will  do it for them, Fake news is not just the beginnings of a conspiracy theory. It is part of a clear propaganda campaign aimed at degrading the alternative media including one of the largest quasi-libertarian news websites in the world, The Drudge Report.

It’s not yet clear who is behind these efforts but that will certainly emerge over time. As Ron Paul wrote recently, these attacks will doubtless continue.

It is also true that as we’ve already seen, there will be a good deal of push-back from the alternative media itself. And it will be hard to establish that 200-plus groups were in the knowing or unknowing control of Russia and Putin.

The connection currently is being “proven” via sleight-of-hand. There are similarities between alternative media websites when it comes to an editorial thrust because the people at the top of Western culture have a specific point of view and use specific tools, often violent, to stay in control. Thus criticisms tend to fall into specific patterns as well.

It is perfectly possible – in fact it is obvious – that some of these criticisms are similar to those launched by Russian writers and propaganda outlets. But that doesn’t mean there is any coordination.

Probably the same linkages could be observed between some other countries and the US alternative media as well. Iceland comes to mind, among others. It is easy to create a map of such linkages, but that doesn’t mean the conclusion is valid.

When it comes to the alternative media, it will be hard to establish the viability of what’s been claimed. On the other hand, such an establishment may not be necessary if authorities get involved on a formal basis.

Hillary’s current challenge of the presidential election, and its outcome, will doubtless have an impact on these accusations as well. It is hard to tell what the Trump campaign is doing to forestall the almost inevitable manipulation that will  occur in the states where she is challenging the vote count.

Conclusion: Whether Hillary is able to declare victory or not, the next four years will be tumultuous indeed. Most people will conclude that the tumult is the inevitable outcome of political and media events. They will not grant the feasibility of it being orchestrated. But that is how it seems to us.

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  • Conclusion: Whether Hillary is able to declare victory or not, the next four years will be tumultuous indeed. Most people will conclude that the tumult is the inevitable outcome of political and media events. They will not grant the feasibility of it being orchestrated. But that is how it seems to us.

    Of course it is so. Everything is orchestrated and heavily choreographed for telegraphing. But things aint what they used to be …….. and aint that the gospel truth.

    What happens next?

    Well, revolting people provide significantly better and more explosive infotainment, and the conspiracy and alliances of newly formed and farmed truths and inconvenient histories seek out and destroy old fallacies and expose the hidden secret and personal agendas of that and those who would have you hold them dear and seemingly important to you, because they lead you a merry dance and provide fake news and corrupt views for you.

    And that has those perverted systems of mass maladministration terrified and IT terrorises them, for they do not have/no longer have the necessary complete and absolute command and control of the word and messages from rightly disgruntled and furiously fast to the draw, Live Virtual Machines/Global Operating Devices.

    Would that be classified in all truthfulness as akin to AI Coming and a/the Second Coming ……… and is the spirit of Captain Sir Mansfield George Smith Cumming, KCMG, CB, alive and well and on Main Line Streaming NEUKlearer HyperRadioRroActive Secret Service with Special Forces Teams in Engaging APT ACTion in Live Operational Virtual Environment Theatres? Or do you imagine the boys and girls of Hollywood and Cheltenham are just like sheep, and easily led to the slaughter? …… When enough is too much, something totally new will do

    And here be some networking news of a media glitch which forms and farms a Persistent Advanced Cyber Threat that treats us all as popular entertainment fodder, and how foolish and crazy is that abomination? ……..

    Y’all gotta get out there more, for way out there is where all of the absolutely fabulous action and NEUKlearer HyperRadioProActive IT is, and their actions for futures and derivative market places and virtual spaces are.

    Surely you cannot be realistically thinking that more of the same old nonsense which micro and macro managed the past and the masses, is going to rule the roosts and reign over elite executive order systems of administration of the future? Such a belief would be tantamount to one admitting suffering a certifiable madness.

  • You are ably on to this in a convincing manner. That’s why we read TDB. You spotted the ‘Populism’ Meme earlier than most. Being made aware by you, it didn’t take long this year to see that Meme popping up all over the public discourse, also here in ‘independent’ Norway. Now, I think all of us see clearly where to readily find ‘fakery’. This ‘News’ Meme is so obvious already from its inception, that one may wonder what the real intention is. I am sure that you better than most will give us a good picture as to why, if you haven’t already. These Memes are recent, they are intense – and seem timed and orchestrated from somewhere. Shared!

    • Thanks much for the kind words.

      • RJ O’Guillory

        ….”fake news…is simply the next step in the evolutionary-ladder of the same technique The CIA and our corrupt government use over and over again. Recall that those who didn’t believe in The Warren Commission Report on JFK’s murder…they were named… “Conspiracy Theorists”…which developed into…”Tin-Foil-Hat-Nuts”… which changed to 911-Truther…then Birther…and now it is…”fake news”. Any title that they think they can bestow upon you to make you look foolish, demean you or to distract from the truth.
        RJ O’Guillory

  • ICFubar

    There is that old adage that nothing in politics happens by accident and that which does is well planned long in advance. I tend to agree that the disaster that was the Clinton-MSM campaign nexus and the sore losers from that cabal having generated the ‘fake news’ meme in the aftermath has all the finger prints of ulterior motives. For how long have the ruling elites being trying to get a grip over the internet as a control mechanism to stop people from talking to one another, especially on topics of importance to them and of contrary opinion to their agenda? This ‘propornot’ construction is the laying of ground work to be built on in an attempt to provide the basis from internet censorship. The elites reaction has been too slow and matters have spun out of their control. This rearguard action and the sacrifice of any credibility of their MSM repeating stations is evidence of this situation. The ‘Russian’s are coming’ meme that has worked so well in the past has also been a bust. They are scrambling to put the genie of open journalism on the internet back into the bottle to restore the monopoly over news and opinion they have held since the turn of the previous century. Sites such as the Daily Bell and numerous others across the entire spectrum are just too much for them. They cannot compete with the expression of their own ideas and agenda as anathema to general public opinion, so the free expression of public opinion must be curtailed. Look for the next administration to try to at least cork the bottle on the expression of free thought possibly through the operation of their internet search engines. Of course this ‘fight’ to keep an open internet is just being met and will intensify over the next while. The elite’s goal is an internet service much like in China and be damned any inalienable rights.

    Good article that brings proper focus on this topic.

    • Nottoobrite

      Professional Politicians have been giving the world the same old…. for decades, ignorance is the password to politics , when the founding fathers wrote the constitution they put a limit of two terms, but a wife ???? never. If people would remember ( thinking for the great unwashed is maybe to difficult ) and remember the Clinton disaster, its like the Canadian idiot saying what he said about Castro. no brains just a tongue that lies.

  • autonomous

    Excellent analysis of another false lead by the MSN. What could George III have accomplished with the internet? No doubt the royalists would have hammered Madison, Jefferson and Co. with the royal treasury behind them. Trump is no Washingtn, to be sure, but then Washington was no Washington in the beginning. And he is unlikely to find Jeffersons in the DC woodpiles.

    Keep on keeping on DB. If ever we were more in need of the Federalist Internet Papers, it is now when the Constitution faces its mightiest foe since 1776.

  • Bruce C.

    “They will not grant the feasibility of it being orchestrated. But that is how it seems to us.”

    Fortunately, most people I know agree that things are being orchestrated, it’s not “just” politics. There’s evidence of it every day. The media and establishment claiming that some “news” is untrue isn’t believable now that so many have seen how they lied, evaded, and obscured the coverage of the Presidential campaign. The protesters being paid who don’t even live in the respective cities is another example. The utter ignorance/stupidity of the known socialists and liberals about Castro another. The blatant efforts to ruin Europe through Muslim immigration by Merkel and others, another. Obama saying or doing nothing to calm the US protestors makes him look essentially LIKE an orchestrator. (He is after all a “community organizer”.)

    Only willful ignorance doesn’t see this and more. Clearly the country (and maybe the world) is divided and organizations like “the Clinton machine” have revealed themselves to be ruthless and fanatical and VERY manipulative.

    • Attempt to control the narrative may not ‘orchestrate’ events so much as perceptions and ‘received’ normalcy of reactions.
      If you look at your own consciousness it included a running commentary of ‘self-justification’ that operates a sense of continuity and control that may be more of a ‘virtual reality’ than actual events and actual control.

      Outer ‘reality’ can only reflect what our defined meanings allow.

      Opportunism can lie in wait when the often predictable reactions of those who are locked into narrative identity, result in being open to manipulation or even willing alliance.

      But the value system by which opportunity is recognised as such is dependant on its goal.

      I see and use an opportunity right here and now, to illuminate the link between the mind or consciousness of the individual, and the reality ‘subscription’ – which may also operate like the set frequency of the tuning device and the channel received.

      How much do we participate in strengthening the idea of elite power cartels by assigning then or reacting and speaking as if they ‘orchestrate’ our world?

      Admittedly the downstream effects of regulatory cartel monopolies don’t require us to first know the means by which a loveless intent manifests as destructive outcome in which we or others like us are denied their core humanity.

      But learning the devices of manipulators and deceivers incites hatred (of them) and a pervasive distrust of humanity – whose redeeming features then seem to be in vengeance for wrongdoing and elevation of the capacity to be denied, wounded and rendered unfree – as the basis for a struggle of powers.

      I write this to invite reflection. Do we or can we ‘orchestrate’ our own lives? Even amidst all the issues, conflicts and limitations that arise in our day, our society, our world – but also our current moment of freedom to at least choose how we will see or interpret whatever is ‘going on’.

      • UppitySlave

        I have not posted for years, but have been lurking at the DB. Additionally, comments from the subscribers here are the only ones I review on the Internet as they are (usually) thoughtful, insightful and have provided as much awakening as the articles themselves.
        So, I wanted to express the gratitude I felt as I read your comment. Specifically, for the reminder of the power of collective consciousness – and posing the question that are we, by our very focus, adding to the power of that which we do not want? This is not to say that ignorance is bliss – or none of us would be here – But a reminder to be cognizant of the power of our thoughts and belief systems.
        Very interesting to contemplate…

        • Thankyou for joining with me in an appreciation..
          It isn’t just what we give focus TO, that belies our actual ‘choice’ as to where we give value, but ‘why?’ – or ‘for what purpose?’.
          This can be said as ‘where am I coming from?’ For everything stems in any given moment of my experience and action from who I accept myself to be.

          The image comes to mind of truly conscious being ‘upstream’ to any manipulated or processed reality – with step-downs of ‘humanly agreed definitions’ or ‘reality agreements’.

          The ‘system’ of reality agreements may be very noisy – but isn’t that simply an agreement not to listen to anything but what we think we want – or what we have been conditioned to identify in and defend.

          Almost all perspectives derive from the manipulative model of manipulating an outcome and generate a managed society. This replicates and reflects the core patterning of individual consciousness (or I might say lack of consciousness) – that operates as a strategy of defence amidst an immense complexity of which it is a participant.

          What I cannot describe is the scope for shift of perspective that is inherent to being conscious, and the synchronicities of relation, communication and integration that align from being truly present with what is – without becoming defined in its terms.

          So although there is a quantitative effect of effecting a shift in mass consciousness agreements , there is also a qualitative effect that is like changing the frequency and tuning into a ‘parallel reality’ – or rather the probability path of the consciousness.

          But regardless of any mechanism or function within consciousness – the basis for being the true of yourself is exactly that; being the true of yourself. If we have to ‘get something’ or effect someone – then such a framing operates distortion.

          I may have lost you there but thanks.

          • UppitySlave

            Not lost, smiling!

  • Bernz

    The meme’s, the propaganda, the counter ops fake news will continue. But the Internet is here to stay. How else can they see so clearly what we think or what we’re up to? Besides, shut down sites like TBD and we can meet up at the comments section of our favorite libertarian release on amazon or some such corporate outlet that could I’ll afford to let censorship affect quarterly results.

  • apberusdisvet

    It appears that many of the protests(riots) have been orchestrated, whether by Soros, his puppets, or other such global criminals. The proof is in the pre-made professional signs, all the same black and gold with the same lettering type. The fake news theme, while patently absurd, will serve its purpose if it gains traction; the agenda being incremental censorship of all but the approved State propaganda. But as I have before, there is an awakening, even among the previously cognitive dissonant among us. WAPO may have just committed unassisted suicide.

    • Yes, those pre-fabricated placards, coupled with extensive (media) coverage. There is little critical focus on that abounding, with the time and resources it must have entailed. We regularly see such displayed, everywhere, appearing as through magic. In Hong Kong and London a while back as well…

  • r2bzjudge

    ‘The idea of a network of 200 sites that “routine peddlers of Russian propaganda,” is proposed by PropOrNot.’

    Obama has been a routine peddler of propaganda.

    Our U.S. media conspired with the Hillary campaign, to peddle propaganda. Our U.S. media conspired to promote Donald Trump as a Pied Piper candidate, to help get him nominated, then conspired to knock him down during the election. Over 90% of media worker donations go to the democratic party.

    In the second debate, that woman moderator from CBS, couldn’t rush fast enough to Hillary’s defense, after Trump reamed her about the private server. She was clearly a Hillary advocate, not a neutral moderator.

    All our major U.S. networks and newspapers are routine peddlers of propaganda. That is what should really concern PropOrNot.

    As PropOrNot won’t reveal who they are, i have to assume they themselves are peddling propaganda.

  • Praetor

    They are going to have to try really hard to push the Fake News meme. They have pushed Fake News since the Gutenberg Press. They had the Fake News by the horns until the creation of of the internet.

    Then Human Action took over. Now they have billions of minds with billions of individual opinions attitudes and beliefs. Now we all know what Human Action of a Free and Liberated individual with like minded friends can accomplish.

    They made a mistake.!!!

  • Brabantian

    Tho many people are angry at ‘old’ media, the oligarchs are doing a quite good psy-op re ‘limited hang-out’ & fake dissidents, e.g., the Assange-Snowden-Greenwald frauds; Drudge is a tool, he was set up to do the Lewinsky ‘impeachment’ scam to force Clinton to bomb Serbia; over 40 years later most people don’t know Watergate was a CIA – Joint Chiefs coup; Alex Jones Infowars is CIA-Mossad-Stratfor, etc etc … & people still trust CIA-Google & the CIA-Mossad Wikipedia for info, so even with the ‘fake news’ meme half-collapsing they’re still doing OK manipulating the public mind

    Funny that there is a good deal of data & opinion that Russian media itself is rather a tool of (Western included) oligarchs … despite massive funding, RT Russia Today, Sputnik etc are all quite tame about true deep Western corruption … & Russians themselves often privately say Putin is rather a sell-out only pretending to fight the West (e.g., he let thousands of Russians get killed in Donbass) – Putin ‘popularity’ stats partly reflect fear & are partly Russian instinctive nose-thumbing at the West

    DB I think has suberb brave perspectives but I maintain the end game is not ‘global gov’t’ but chaos & induced conflict, with co-ordinating fascistic nationalisms as the ‘form’ of globalism better suided to human tribal psychology

    • An incandescent post. We have no quarrel with your conclusion.

    • I’d only add that the “papers of record” are quite adept at publishing fake news, and have done so often, on matters of supreme importance.

      So fake news in the abstract is (ironically) absolutely a real thing. Fake news as these same fake news media use the term is a mirage, a game of smoke and mirrors designed to distract from the withered hand behind the curtain …

    • That particular and most peculiar end game, Brabantian …..

      the end game is not ‘global gov’t’ but chaos & induced conflict, with co-ordinating fascistic nationalisms as the ‘form’ of globalism better suided to human tribal psychology

      …. is not a smart option whenever IT can lead all of markets to ruinous collapse and revolutionary evolution of established SCADA Systems.

      The real virtualised end game and Greater IntelAIgent Game for Working and Resting Players IS Global Governance with AI and ITs Remote Controlling Command of CHAOS and all of that of which you speak. And that is a Virtual Machine Led/Seeded/Fed World Order over which there is zero effective pedestrian human input/output energy.

      Deny it if you will, but the will of Clouds Hosting Advanced Operating Systems is immune and immensely strengthened in such sub-prime action.

      The simple mistake that practically everything and everyone makes, is to not imagine and realise the future is naturally quite different from the present and bears no vital relationship to nor dependence upon the past … however, it is amusing to consider …….For every complex problem there is an answer that is clear, simple, and wrong. – HR Mencken

      And the Daily Bell tells y’all constantly that the times have a’changed fundamentally in these new Surreal Cyber Spaces with Space Internetworking Systems. Have you been paying really close attention?

  • Jim Johnson

    I first noticed (1980?) a herd mentality setting in when the Beatles or the Rolling Stones would allow one of their songs used to sell something, accusing them of some kind of “sellout” to the hated capitalists, or God forbid, a political campaign. Just the rumor of this happening would make news. I called it a “New Cool” of Rock and Roll, and recall wondering if it would age well. It hasn’t. Nor have the old idiots pushing this crap. Just sayin’…

  • rahrog

    The “fake news” meme is the opening hand of a strategy to censor the internet.

  • Warren Celli

    Orchestrated — without a doubt! I have been harping on this for years now…


    “The Xtrevilist solution — Inter-societal violence now becomes intra-societal violence…

    Pernicious Greed for Destruction Xtrevilism, which has gradually over the past fifty plus years taken policy control from the old Vanilla Greed for Profit Evilism, has a more direct, more evil and well telegraphed solution. They seek to create a two tier global system of ruler and ruled through a Full Spectrum Dominance global herd thinning policy implemented by a program of creating divisive Perpetual Conflict in the masses.

    This heinous program of extremely cruel genocidal murder, which was
    once sold to the American public as policy only for those “brown folks over there” in foreign nations — it is going on all over the Middle East right now — is now being implemented domestically to herd thin and control the American (and other Western) populations. [Note that in its essence this is the same methodology that was used to decimate the Native American Indians.]”

    More here…

  • Konrad S

    Out of curiosity I visited propornot and linked to some of their ‘related projects’, one of which is This has evidently has been compiled by a seriously uninformed idiot. I was amused to find the UK’s popular satirical and current affairs journal ‘Private Eye’(which has been running since the early 60’s) listed as a fake/hoax news website. Fakenewswatch looks more like the product of a disappointed Clinton supporter than one of more dubious origin… or maybe that’s the point!

    Paradoxically I see ’Fake News’ lists as useful directories of sites worth visiting, as they sometimes contain links I was not previously aware of, though I did notice that ‘The Daily Bell’ hasn’t managed to register on any of the ones I checked – I guess they can’t be used as any kind of inverted guarantee of credibility!

  • NCK

    Those who are responsible for *real* “fake news” are raising a hue and cry, and their argument is that any news site or organisation that says things contrary to their “fake news” is in fact a liar. So what we have is the liars who are labelling the whistle blowers and exposers of their lies as liars. I wonder how many will fall for this. The MSM is increasingly distrusted. This cry of theirs sounds like their death rattle.

  • Mstrjack

    PropOrNot “Contact Us” page:


    October 22, 2016 0 Comments
    Follow us on Twitter, at @PropOrNot, or Facebook. Send an email to (our domain), or reach out to us on Twitter, especially if you want to help. If you use Reddit, stop by and join in.

    If you’re a Russian troll, though, don’t bother. We’ll just ban you.

    If you’re a reporter, or if you just want to get ahold of us, email and Twitter are probably the way to go.”

  • The real virtualised end game and Greater IntelAIgent Game for Working and Resting Players IS Global Governance with AI and ITs Remote Controlling Command of CHAOS and all of that of which you speak. And that is a Virtual Machine Led/Seeded/Fed World Order over which there is zero effective pedestrian human input/output energy.

    Clouds Hosting Advanced Operating Systems in AI Live Operational Virtual Environments as a novel means and prime meme for command and control of future eventful outcomes/realities, is already upon y’all, and you never saw ITs Coming, even though you were made fully aware of its stealthy alien progress ……….

    Did you mistake it for fake news to be ignored and discounted, in a world awash and drowning in such dire mire?

    However, quite whether Uncle Sam and a DARPA development are a leading virtual terrain team, is altogether another question posed, for IT and Media and MMORPG Manipulation of the Masses is not in its Infancy and a Crazy Childish Pursuit. It is considerably more sophisticated and advanced than most everyone on the planet will ever know and realise is possible, but there will always be info and intel made freely available on it in order to allow you access to knowledge of progress in the field, with a view to your views on that which is delivering your future destinations ……… Greater IntelAIgent Games

  • TimeToWakeUPAmerica


    It’s NOT “Russian” propaganda: It’s the TRUTH, being put in front of you, by the so-called “alt” (alternative, free speech) media. The REAL PROPAGANDA, from ABCBSNBCNNFOXNEWS is “JEW”-ISH PROPAGANDA. The Western “elite” “Jews” who OWN THE MSM, are calling the (“alt” media) TRUTH ~ “Russian” “propaganda” ~ because it debunks their ENDLESS LIES. I’LL SHOUT IT (AGAIN) FROM THE ROOFTOP: THE ENTIRETY OF WESTERN CIVILIZATION, HAS BEEN COMPLETELY HIJACKED BY SELF-PROCLAIMED (“elite”) “JEWS”! WAKE UP!

    Obummer, SHill-ary, the Pope, Vatican ‘City’, the Rothschilds, the ‘City’ of London & the NWO/JWO (“Jew” World Order)

    Read ALL the comments. Click on the links. Read/view/listen to ALL content.