Covert US Operations Undermine Brazil Olympics
By Daily Bell Staff - March 25, 2016

The Rio Olympics Could Be the Next Victim of Brazil’s Corruption Scandal … A massive corruption investigation is reaching into construction deals done for the already troubled Rio 2016 … Two multibillion dollar projects linked to the troubled Rio 2016 Olympic Games have been drawn into Brazil’s ever-growing corruption scandal. -TIME

Brazil is under covert attack from global elites using the US as a regional proxy, and now its upcoming Rio Olympics may be injured as a result.

The results: possibly a reduced Olympics, even one where certain events are delayed or cancelled.

Increasingly, the Olympics are being used to make political points. Russia, for instance, is currently banned from competing in Rio. A November 2015 World Anti Doping Agency (WADA) report that accused Russian sports authorities of institutional cheating generated the suspension.

The region where the massive corruption scheme has been unearthed is the home of the upcoming summer Olympics and also includes a huge Trump project.

However TIME magazine claims there is no evidence so far that the Trump project is part of the corruption.

We’ve already written about the ever-growing Brazilian political and economic scandal HERE. Our conclusion is the scandal is being artificially expanded and elongated.

Without overt and covert US involvement, the scandal would long since have died away – as it seems to touch virtually every major politician on either side of the aisle.

But those investigating the scandal have ties to US intelligence. And the idea is to use the scandal to create a more docile Brazil.

A recent article in NACLA by Jan Knippers Black, Professor at the Middlebury Institute of International Studies in Monterey, California, cited a report by Elizabeth Leeds regarding current US law-enforcement influence:

As reported … 22 Brazilian military and federal police officers underwent military and paramilitary training last March, funded by the U.S. Department of Defense, at the North Carolina headquarters of Academi, infamous formerly as Blackwater. Meanwhile in Brazil, 800 police from nine states received training from the FBI.

Brazil’s political and industrial establishment has been targeted for exercising independence from the US during the country’s long economic boom, which is now over.

Under former president Lula da Silva, Brazil reduced US oil clout. Current president Dilma Rousseff, incensed by NSA spying on intimate conversations of Brazil’s top leaders, began to negotiate with Germany’s Merkel over building a communications system that would be impervious to US interference.

US intelligence interests have obviously fought back. Covert US involvement in the endless Brazilian scandal is part of a larger “cold war” that the US and the Anglosphere generally is fighting with the BRICs – especially Russia and China in addition to Brazil.

The dialectic being utilized calls for sharp confrontations between involved parties before the inevitable “synthesis.” The synthesis, whenever it occurs, will lead to a deepening of global governance – as it always does in such cases in the modern era.

Right now, the BRICS are being cast as highly corrupt and authoritarian entities by American media in contrast to the West and the US in particular. The excerpt at the beginning of this article from TIME makes this point clearly.

So does another TIME article published just recently. The article is entitled, “These 5 Facts Explain the State of Global Corruption” and, astonishingly, four of the five “examples” of global corruption are South Africa, Russia, China and Brazil.

These are four of the five BRICS. For some reason, the fifth BRIC, India, at least equally corrupt, is not mentioned.

The article admits that anti-corruption campaigns are ongoing in China and Russia. But it declares that such campaigns are really intended to consolidate state power.

More from the initial TIME article:

Police and prosecutors are investigating if the Brazilian building giant Odebrecht paid bribes to secure work on a new subway line, which will connect the city’s beach zone to a station close to the Olympic Park, and the on redevelopment of the city’s port area.  Rio’s Olympic regeneration, which has included billions in building contracts, had so far largely avoided the controversy of the Operation Car Wash investigation.

The article goes on to explain that Rio’s Marvelous Port project is the most ambitious of the city’s redevelopments since it won the Olympics in 2009.

The plan was to turn the city’s gritty port area into a business and tourist hub, with redesigned streets, [a] futuristic Museum of Tomorrow and the five-skyscraper Trump Towers, billed as the largest urban office development in the BRICS countries.

Now police have got hold of internal Odebrecht emails that seem to show that massive sums were paid to Brazilian politicians to ensure the necessary public development occurred, including a new subway system.

Some 316 politicians from 24 parties received the bribes and Odebrecht even had a special department to disburse the money.

Sylvio Costa, founder of Brazil’s “watchdog” Congress in Focus, is quoted as saying, “The level of organization revealed by these documents is shocking … The question now, for the future of Brazil, is how federal police, prosecutors and the judiciary deal with a scandal that is far bigger than any of those institutions.”

Former chief executive Marcelo Odebrecht, grandson of the company’s founder, just received a sentence of 19 years in jail and this is symptomatic of how high up in Brazilian society charges and penalties reach.

The probe has recently targeted Brazil’s two most prominent politicians, Rousseff and Lula.

Lula was just appointed Rousseff’s chief of staff to protect him from arrest by the federal judge leading corruption investigations. His appointment is under review by the country’s Supreme Court.

Along with the rest of the BRICS, (perhaps excluding India for the moment), Brazil is being painted as incorrigibly and institutionally corrupt.

Brazil’s August Olympics are destined to suffer as a result. They will be cancelled, reduced or at least smeared. Certainly, they will provide a target for further stories about Brazil’s corruption and political malfeasance.

Thus, the “new” Cold War grinds forward, polarizing the BRICS and painting them as hostile to the West and as genuinely corrupt entities. The Rio Olympics are merely the latest victim.

Conclusion: Are you thinking of attending the Olympics or doing some ancillary business with them? Please be aware that they have been caught up in new international hostilities and are compromised to an as-yet unclear degree. Beware of risks regarding business or attendance as a result.

You don’t have to play by the rules of the corrupt politicians, manipulative media, and brainwashed peers.

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  • Bruce C.

    Other than the “conclusion,” I’m not sure what the point is of this piece.

    Basically, my take away is that at least every BRICs country – in addition to the US – are corrupt (and possibly every country in the world is too.) Are we learning here that maybe the BRICs are more corrupt than the US, or less?

    If one does business in Brazil one should expect to pay? Wouldn’t that be true anywhere and under any system? Wouldn’t it just be a matter of who gets paid and the form of payment?

    I’m not saying “corruption” is inevitable or benign, but what then?

    • The US is behind current corruption gambits in Brazil aimed at the entire hierarchy of Brazilian society including the president and former president. It is now taking down the Olympics as as result. The result will be a new regime directly beholden to the US and CIA. That’s the point.

      • dave3200

        We should refer to it as “The Brazilian Spring”. Just one more effort by the U.S. to oust the leadership of a sovereign nation, as they’ve done in other parts of the world.

        • ThomasJK

          Geezums…..Can you feature such? Corruption in a sovereign nation’s governmental operations and malfeasance in politics? For shame, for shame! Who could imagine such. You’d think that maybe the disease that has virtually destroyed Goofyville on the Potomac and the strange little foreign country that’s called The District of Columbia and has “zombiefied” Uncle Sam into a walking dead man has metastasized and gone international? Maybe?

          What a freaking hoot. Official corruption in institutions who are able to exercise absolute power. The absolute wonder of it!

      • Bruce C.

        Okay, but the corruption in Brazil is still real – correct – is not fabricated by the US, right? “Your” point is that the US is getting involved in routing it out and in doing so “the US” hopes to make Brazil “heel”?

        • “Frankly, I don’t know why “the US” needs to bother.”

          But there is no US. You have to ask the individuals in DC and London why they bother.

          • Bruce C.

            Well, I don’t know enough about it. I suppose trying to enforce the use of the US dollar is part of it…

          • Hi, Daily Bell/Bruce C.,

            One does have to question why individuals in DC and London, and also in so many other places and spaces elsewhere, do so bother to do the things that they do so badly, whenever the following is an inevitable result and obvious conclusion and remedy in mad and bad and crazy situations ……

            amanfromMars Sat, 03/26/2016 – 16:35 [1603262035] …… exploring eminently imminent practical options on

            I say we send everyone who either calls for war, or supports a (new, hot) war, be sent to the frontline with the first dispatched regiment. … Herd Redirection Committee

            Hi, Herd Redirection Committee,

            Their summary execution via politically correct assassination would discourage copy cats and not encourage others to follow madness. Short and sweet and most effective it would be too in these new days where nothing is able to be kept secretly hidden from view and greater knowledge.

            It is naive and pig-headed and not at all smart, to not imagine individuals terrorised and portrayed as barbaric savages learning quickly of that which is really responsible for their predicament, and their taking all possible smarter action to exact an appropriate response and more highly targeted retribution against the quartermasters of their woes.

            The destruction of innocents always creates guilty parties to be ruthlessly dealt with in all ways possible to imagine by systems under attack.

      • James Clander

        And in your opinion is that a ‘good’ thing ?
        –because in mine it’s not.

    • apberusdisvet

      I would guess that “the point of this piece” is that no country or countries will be allowed to escape US hegemony; even trying engenders significant risk. Brazil and South Africa are low hanging fruit; Russia China and India present totally different, and significant problems

      • Bingo. Though those at the very top secretly running the BRICS behind the scenes in Russia and China are probably “on the same team” as we attempted to show in a previous article on the subject. India is run out of Britain. Thanks.

        • And that would be Team what, DB? Who/What imagines itself Master Puppeteer and Mistress to None?

          And surely the always current problem is there are always new pretenders and contenders for the right to bear and wear the trappings of thrones, testing their wares within secret and covert and even corrupt and clandestine undergrounds and inept politically incorrect movements and now also, in these more rapidly internetworking of times and virtually real spaces and intelligence led places, dark web enterprises with global operating devices which both display and deploy immaculately resourced assets of universal vital force.

          Words Command and Control Worlds. Deny it is so and render yourself a baying Crowd and Bit Player and Grand Spectator to CHAOS* and Greater IntelAIgent Games Play in SCADA Systems of Exclusive Elite Executive Ordered Administration.

          Whenever nothing is at it seems because mass mainstream media is deaf, dumb and blind and brain dead to the true reality of staging events and future programs, is everything really different and not as portrayed.

          Some would consider that Alien Team Terrain and a huge field of endeavour and/or new bored board room game to invest in for astronomical returns and heavenly pleasures with every manner of obscene treasure.

          * Clouds Hosting Advanced Operating Systems

          • And if one prefers to believe and pimp the corollary, Worlds Command and Control Words, is that an equally odd and alien territory in/from which mass perception and future events are formed and supplied for puppet delivery and media manipulation in programs and projects realising virtual realities.

            And, I Kid U Not, Daily Bell Ringers, such is the Stealthy Available Strength and Almighty Power that IT and AI Energises and Self Actualises in …… well, let it just be said, a Worthy Noble Few with more than enough Novel Proprietary Intellectual Property to Exploit Zeroday Vulnerability Vectors able and enabled to catastrophically flash crash any system.

            To imagine the Future is little different from the Past is a Present Folly which any and all fools follow to extraordinarily render themselves obsolete and bankrupt and devoid of engaging lead with sublime programming.

  • rmp

    Yeah, I don’t see the point of this piece either other than to warn us of what is about to happen there and to pretty much stay away until it’s over. But, hasn’t it always been corrupt? And what difference is it between us? In the US one pays for permits and fees, and constant taxes to supposedly give us a “great society”. But really, what’s the difference between doing it their way or ours? Both spread the money the around, and both are now totally corrupt. I would argue ours is even worse because it’s sold to us based on an ideal that no longer exists, one that’s being tossed away. And yet right now we’re potentially facing the dawn of a new synthesis that most can’t even recognize.

  • alaska3636
  • MetaCynic

    I have no reason to doubt that Brazil’s political class is so corrupt from top to bottom that palms must be greased to do business in that country. If that’s so, then why are the global elites laboring for regime change? As it will most everywhere else, a bit of money will go a long way toward securing the services of Brazilian officials eager to do the bidding of the global elites. Why go thru the turmoil and uncertainty of installing new devils when the existing ones are already standing in line to sell their souls and their country to the highest bidders?

    Speaking of devils, Hillary, the likely Democratic Party presidential succubus, is also under investigation by the FBI for her State Department doing favors for foreign entities who donated large sums of money to the Clinton Foundation and retained Bill for speaking engagements. The Benghazi fiasco could have been just such a favor underway interrupted by local warlords. Under Hillary’s authorization American arms were being funneled thru the US embassy there to ISIS in return for a donation to Hillary’s favorite charity! Can Brazil’s politicians top that one for shameless corruption?

    • Bruce C.

      I agree. Why seek regime change if the entrenched one is already corrupt and corruptible?

      • Because the current one is anti-DC. See below for further response.

  • ED.F

    Posted a comment a few articles ago (west vs. Brics,Cold War)on this subject of the U.S. playing world hedgemon and going to crash the Brazilian economy,especially regarding the Olympics.seems that is exactly what Bell is describing in this article…U.S. To the world..if your not with us your against US..GWB.. 9/11..No surprise here with this article.this type of power control will continue until the world does not accept monopoly fiat money.hence BRICS new SWIFT some precious metals,because if the U.S. dollar crashes look out ,it will be FUBAR.Hope it doesn’t happen but every fiat currency in the history of the world has failed ,so will the dollar.$200 TRILLION in DEBT with unfunded liabilities.pathetic.SCARY. 1 trillion seconds was 32000 years ago ,Neanderthal man…200 Trillion LOL!! Good luck paying that back!!

    • John

      Not to Mention the PNAC Think Tank Minutes – Need for a New Pearl Harbor (911) – To Keep America As King Of The Mountain – At All Costs.

  • Frank McDuff

    I also reached this conclusion a few months back regarding the Olympics and World Cup Football. Living in a BRICS country I often would comment about this on our local “news outlets” only to be shot down as a conspiracy theorist by most….frustrating to say the least.

  • Brosky

    I think you’re wrong about Brazil. The regime there is allied with Obummer.

    • The administration is temporary. The CIA reports to London’s City and, so far, is not.

      • Brosky

        Very true. But: The brazilian regime is controlled by the workers’ party, which is part of the Sao Paulo Forum, which is a Marxist-Leninist front for the NWO aiming to impose a regional socialist/communist government on South America. Lots of good reports out there on this.

        • But … those involved in building globalism are now embarked on some sort of destabilization of major governments and countries around the world, including those in Europe, the US, Russia and, of course, Brazil. Out of chaos, order. This is apparently the largest imperative and trumps others.

          • Brosky

            OK, I see where you’re going. You’re right. I guess it’s just important to point out that these globalists are destabilizing the very governments they run, as we are seeing in the US right now.

          • No permanent alliances, only permanent objectives.