Monopoly AT&T Plan Will Further Control the Internet, Content
By Daily Bell Staff - October 23, 2016

AT&T Mulls Reinvention for Web With $86 Billion Time Warner Deal  … DirecTV parent wants to own leading Hollywood film, TV studio … Merger accord could be reached Sunday, announced by Monday … Time Warner Inc. and AT&T Inc. have survived the evolution of color TV and cable over the decades. Now they’re merging to adapt to the latest technological shifts: smartphones and streaming. -Bloomberg

Another Bloomberg article that makes it sound like such a vast merger is business-as-usual. But it’s not. It’s just a furtherance of the technocratic, corporate-judicial monopoly that passes for a “free-market” in the West.

Thomas Jefferson and other US founders were so worried about bankers and corporations that they made sure money production was left in the hands of individuals. Need money? You could dig gold and silver out of the ground. The federal government would weigh and stamp the metal. It was a confirmation process not a creative one.

When it came to corporations, history showed clearly their destructive nature. The legacy of the horrific East India Company was, for one thing, a US Constitution that made it very difficult for large corporations to emerge. In the US, the power to regulate corporations was given to states, and for good reason.

Before the Civil War (and the inevitable destruction of the republic) corporations hardly existed. And for good reason.

Here from

The East India Company was in existence for over 250 years –  from 1600-1858.  It was the biggest corporation in world history.

Largely forgotten in the UK, it was responsible for the opium wars with China, it contributed to devastating famines in India,  and was a perpetrator of cruel employment practices in Bangladesh and other British colonies.

The East India Company was chartered by the Queen and even ran its own army at one point. Sooner or later, no doubt, US companies will get to this point. We can actually see this starting to happen with the emergence of mercenaries organized and directed via non-governmental enterprises.

The US government is titanic, intrusive and increasingly authoritarian. But corporations are starting to rival the government in size and heft. This is how genuine fascism occurs. When society’s organizing elements, private and public, become so large they dominate everything else.

The larger social facilities are, the less room there is for anyone else. The situation is complicated in the West by banking control, mostly out of the City of London. Secretive elements of intelligence agencies run things on the ground throughout the West.

And yet … as we often point out, corporations in the modern age are not inevitable, nor is the technocratic fascism accompanying them. Get rid of corporate person-hood, intellectual property rights, monopoly central banking (and intrusive regulations) and corporations will shrink back down to normal proportions.

Could it happen? It will  sooner or later, when everything finally begins to fall apart. The market will re-emerge. In fact, it’s the way the US was organized originally and responsible in large part for the miracle of industrial creativity and wealth that marked pre-Civil War America for many (though not Indians, African Americans, etc.).

Markets work. Anything else leads to the destruction of society either in the short- or long-term. History repeats, and shows us the lessons we should learn.

Conclusion: Unfortunately, there are other forces at work. This latest merger is not happening by accident. It is surely an attempt to further control the Internet and related technologies. It is portrayed as a market – “capitalist” – phenomenon  but it is nothing of the sort.


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  • Scott

    The truth feels good, t.y. DB

    • Agent Revolver

      Ah yeah, as well as a morning shower, Scott. Hi.

  • Ernie Hopkins

    Excellent work DB!

  • bbenhamid

    AT&T is totally corrupt.

    • Agent Revolver


  • apberusdisvet

    Everyone is aware of the “One Bank” that tries to rule us all through debt enslavement and controls all major sovereign governments through corruption and assassination. Hopefully, as well, you should know of the Swiss academic study that proved that 60% of all global international corporations were connected through ownership, interlocking directorates, and contracts, and that the major equity interests were held, (take a guess), by the One Bank through its financial and banking tentacles, including all Central Banks.

    So I guess the ultimate agenda is to wind up with just one entity; perhaps named Global, Inc.

    • ICFubar

      Excellent comment giving readers here the eventual evolution of human economy on this planet if the medium of exchange, money, is a privately owned monopoly. Love the ‘Global, Inc.” naming.

      Then those owning the money monopoly will be the decision makers for all of humanity. If the reverse were true, that the public owned the right to create money, then they would be in charge of the decision making. There is no other choice. Even Canada, which had a mixed private-public money creation system was eventually subsumed by the private owners of money creation, in their own ‘interest’, literally and figuratively.

      • The issue is not whether money is private or public but whether it exists as a government-enforced monopoly – so that people cannot use alternatives.

    • Agent Revolver

      I’m sorry. There’s no any bank/Bank/BANK….

  • rahrog


    • ThomasJK

      Think eviction, not secession.

      • Agent Revolver

        think, not

        w0w, kewl. k33p IT g01ng, br0

      • rahrog

        SECEDE from the neofascist evil empire that America has become. The zombie americants and their Ruling Class masters are a cancer on humanity. Separate from them, and productive libertarians will flourish.

    • Agent Revolver


  • It could be said, DB, with no fear of contradiction, that there be glorious singing from similar hymn sheets, albeit in choirs exalted to praise and instruction on other planes and in unconventional and non traditional parallels/novel creative platforms on purging flight paths. And the more things change with collapses in CHAOS …… Clouds Hosting Advanced Operating Systems …. , the more they stay the same for key player personnel in SMARTR IntelAIgent Systems with Great Games? The fact that key player personnel have been changed, is the magic that supplies the difference that matters and delivers futures for trading and exploiting with 0day day trading.

    amanfromMars 1 Sun 23 Oct 19:49 [1610231949] ….. having a muse on

    The skills that can’t be sent to India would be massively attractive destructive weaponry?

    I’m out of a job in a month. I refused to train my replacements from Chennai.

    They don’t have a clue about system level problem solving but soon it won’t be my worry any longer.

    time to retire I think. ….. Anonymous Coward

    Or time to lead with and on fronts creating problems for crooked systems administrations, AC. Change does not just happen without radical fundamental drivers collapsing disgraceful platforms relying on monkeys paid with peanuts?

    With all the time in the world to spend on IT, what on Earth is there to stop you having some fun and quality time with that and/or those who know more than you know and more than is known?

    And be that truly for real, the virtual situation ….. Secretive elements of intelligence agencies run things on the ground throughout the West with banking control, mostly out of the City of London? That is not complicated. It is disarmingly simple. It is not without its catastrophic risks and defenceless weaknesses though and that makes it extremely vulnerable to flash crash smash grab attack[s].

    What runs things on the ground out East? Are things made more complicated than just simple there and is that an intelligence failing or intelligence growing out there?

  • concerndcitizen

    Corporations have unlimited power because their shareholders have very little or no personal liability. It wasn’t always this way. Up until the 1930’s depression, corporations had double liability for shareholders. Banks also had this as well. It meant that if the bank ran out of money to pay back depositors, the shareholders, officers and directors would have to dig into their personal pockets to make things good. Many of these problems could be fixed in a couple of days, literally, by going back to this standard. There is nothing like personal liability to get the attention of corporations and banks.

    • Agent Revolver

      eye have read only the first sentence, but has decided to mark up the whole paragraph. lemme read further pls:)

  • ICFubar

    I agree that monopoly is anti-thesis to a ‘free market’ much touted by economist and others concerned with political economy, but that monopoly and trusts are the natural evolutionary product of a ‘free market.’ Perhaps there is some room for government intervention in the ‘markets’ after all? That is if the governments themselves are not captured by the monopolists, which they certainly have become. The biggest and most powerful monopoly to have ever existed in human kind’s history, the private for profit ownership of money creation by bankers, now treads over the earth, scanning the environs for any opposition, like the alternative voices on the internet, that must be crushed or otherwise silenced by its subsidiary corporations. To discover who it is that truly rules discover who you are not allowed to criticize as this paraphrased axiom goes. Just try and talk about public banking or full reserve banking and see how far you voice travels or what traction you get with the insouciant public. It makes one think of the scene from the film ‘Network’ only substituting just one all powerful corporation for the many mentioned, as all are subsidiaries of the money monopoly, and as finally mentioned as ‘one vast ecumenical holding company’ in this scene.

    Change who owns the omnipotent power to create money from the private to the public and we change who runs this world and who makes the decisions of how it is to be run and in whose interests from the private to the public..

    • Change who owns the omnipotent power to create money from the private to the public and we change who runs this world and who makes the decisions of how it is to be run and in whose interests from the private to the public..

      It seems to me the much simpler change to make for enviable success rather than austere failure would be to give money created to those who are able to be helpfully creative in virtual reality fields which supply a greater future for media to present in a series of unfolding and revolutionary contiguous events in news stories. To leave splendid flash cash money with banks, and decisions as to with whom and/or into what life changing sums be deposited to bankers, is a quite obviously catastrophically failed and suicidal strategy.

      The evidence of such surrounds you. They be the weakest link and the abiding weakness which guarantees continuing exacerbating failures of lack lustre policies.The system is protecting the disease which is destroy it from within.

      And the world and its worlds are awash with flash cash enough to do whatever is needed, and that proves beyond a shadow of any doubt that it is Advanced Intelligence which is missing in that which is currently thinking itself in global command and control? It aint rocket science to discover the sub-prime sublime problem for correction/elimination whenever IT uncovers its hiding places in plain sight for Surreal AIdDestruction with Attacking APT ACTivity.

      And a SMARTR Bank System for Advanced IntelAIgents would immediately start payment transfers, in order to immediately terminate the internal rot and eradicate self-serving corruption, to new deposit holders which are ridiculously easy to magic into existence. Just ask Wells Fargo to confirm that facility and utility.

      We await news on whether dumb and dumber administrations are in place in present systems batting and battling so very badly in the novel conditions of today and all tomorrows with ruling elements in cyberspace.

  • Agent Revolver

    hey DB, hi from ru, mepersonally luv ur style & kicks, but there’s a m0ttt0 in the moneymet(h) ad: only new subscribers are eligible to win. does that mean that the old subscribers are somehow, maybe, by their own malicious will or smth, intended to lose or is it a reminder of a kinda “u old stuff bros beet da base until the Sun is @dusk” :))


    reminder: luv ur style

  • roc balie