Warning: Don’t Take The Drugs Your Doctor Gave You Until You Read This
By The Daily Bell Staff - September 12, 2017

Your waitress wants you to get another round of drinks. We get it. She wants to sell more and boost her tip.

But what if your doctor is doing the same thing when it comes to drugs? Unfortunately, they also want to sell more, and boost their tip… from the pharmaceutical companies.

But unlike the waitress, the doctor relies on a system of lies and manipulations.

Some doctors don’t even know what they are caught up in. They perform the tests. They read the journals. The tests say you have a disease. The journals say what treatments work.

But too often the tests are designed by the drug industry. And the journals are written and reviewed by frauds.

The Tests

All the sudden, everyone has a disease! What could have caused such a vast increase in hypertension, obesity, and osteoporosis?

The answer is an expanded definition of who is considered afflicted.

You walk into your doctor’s office for a physical exam and step on the scale. Last year, the doctor said you were overweight. Now he says you are obese — at the same weight.

A nurse takes your blood pressure. You have hypertension — with the same previously healthy reading you’ve had for years.

The doctor scans your wrist bone. You have a condition called “osteopenia” — with the same bone density that was fine last time you were measured…

You are suddenly sick, simply because the definitions of disease have changed. And behind those changes, a Seattle Times examination has found, are the companies that make all those newly prescribed pills.

This is nothing new. Unfortunately, the above quotation is from the introduction to a 2005 series of articles. They were sounding the alarm early, but things have only gotten worse.

Back then, the pharmaceutical industry had a hand in designing the testing tools for osteoporosis. They helped change the definition of obesity. They redefined diseases without any strong evidence. And they did this by giving money to doctors in order to promote their agenda. Some of the doctors who received kickbacks were policy setters in the World Health Organization, the U.S. National Institute for Health, and other medical associations.

Every time the boundary of a disease is expanded — the hypertension threshold is lowered by 10 blood-pressure points, the guideline for obesity is lowered by 5 pounds — the market for drugs expands by millions of consumers and billions of dollars.

The result? Skyrocketing sales of prescription drugs. Soaring health-care costs. Escalating patient anxiety. Worst of all, millions of people taking drugs that may carry a greater risk than the underlying condition. The treatment, in fact, may make them sick or even kill them.

One woman was taking a medication to lower her blood pressure. When it was ineffective, the dose was doubled. This caused an allergic reaction which sent her to the hospital and could have been deadly. Her doctor switched her to other medications.

Her doctor, Saunders, doesn’t sound like some evil stooge taking back room bribes. He sounds like a man caught up in an industry in crisis.

But Saunders isn’t sure whom to trust. He questions the stream of studies leading to new guidelines urging broader use of new medications.

“In my heart of hearts,” he said, “I am concerned that these studies that are telling people that it’s best to get down to 120 over 80 are all paid for by drug companies who are trying to sell pills. It makes me uncomfortable. I think the days of getting unbiased information are gone.”

But this is all old news. Most people have gotten a glimpse of such conflicts of interest. But still, doctors rely on the experts. Even if your local doctor is not corrupt and money hungry, he may be listening to people who are. And worse yet, he may be reading medical journals that are a complete fraud.

Hundreds of “Scholarly Articles” Retracted

The medical journal publisher Springer has retracted almost 200 papers in the last two years because “the peer review process was compromised.”

Sadly, many of the retracted articles have to do with tumor biology. For years, people have been labeled conspiracy theorists for believing in the massive amount of corruption surrounding the cancer industry. This retraction is just the tip of the iceberg.

The most affected journals are Tumor Biology (25 papers) and Diagnostic Pathology (23 papers). The other journals are Comparative Clinical Pathology (one paper), Journal of Parasitic Diseases (four papers), Cancer Cell International (two papers), Journal of Ovarian Research (two papers), and World Journal of Surgical Oncology (one paper).

To submit a fake review, doctors often provided false emails which came back to them or someone else they could trust to provide a great review and vouch for the accuracy of the paper. Many journals accept paid entries without doing the homework to find out anything about the person submitting the paper, or who allegedly peer reviewed the piece.

But even when the medical papers are not outright lies, they can be quite misleading. According to a JAMA review:

Of the 45 eligible highly cited studies with efficacy claims (Table 2), 7 (16%) were contradicted by subsequent research, and another 7 (16%) were found to have initially stronger effects. In all these 14 cases (Box 1), subsequent studies were either larger or better controlled (randomized vs a nonrandomized original study). The findings of 20 highly cited articles (44%) were replicated (also with a larger sample size in subsequent research compared with the original highly cited study) and 11 (24%) had remained largely unchallenged.

Basically, 66% of the highly cited studies could not really be trusted. There just was not enough evidence of their findings to take them as solid truth. 32% of the studies should have been ruled out altogether, since later better studies found the results incorrect or highly exaggerated.

Reaching a Crescendo

The evidence is mounting against the pharmaceutical industry’s influence on the medical community.

It seems like a good thing to focus on preventative care. What’s so bad about expanding the base of people considered at risk for certain diseases? The issue is that the drugs themselves can cause serious harm and side effects. Many have not been studied over the course of enough years to be accurately labeled as safe. Doctors are prescribing the drugs to younger and younger patients since the threshold for each illness, and who is at risk, has been lowered, with the influence of the drug companies.

And on top of all that, the studies and journals that are relied on for information about diseases and cures have been compromised. From false reviews to failure to replicate, the data is simply not as concrete as many doctors would have us believe.

The bottom line is that individuals need to take their health into their own hands. Sometimes, yes, it is right to take a prescription the doctor suggests. But your own thorough research should be done on the necessity, risks, and benefits of such medications.

When it comes to preventative health, many pharmaceutical drugs are derived from common herbs. Yet Great Britain’s National Health Institute has begun discouraging doctors from treating patients with inexpensive homeopathic and natural medicines. Go figure many of the doctors who made that decision do “consulting” work for the pharmaceutical industry.

The best thing to do is make every effort to avoid ever having to use mainstream medicine. Excercise and eating right is a good start.

And for herbal remedies to some common, and some serious, conditions, check out The Green Pharmacy by James Duke. You might find that ginger and pineapple are a better anti-inflammatory option than the stomach churning over the counter pills.

You don’t have to play by the rules of the corrupt politicians, manipulative media, and brainwashed peers.

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  • georgesilver

    A good article. I was beginning to worry the Bell was losing its touch.

    Everyone I seem to meet these days are on stains and they haven’t a clue why.

    If you have cancer you will only be allowed the following from the ‘official’ medical profession:- (1939 Health Act)

    Cutting (surgery).
    Burning (radiation)
    Poisoning (chemo-therapy)

    All other therapies are forbidden.

    • Agree on the last three outcomes. But the real problem is most people are not healthy in the first place and have seriously weakened immune systems because of their life styles and plain old laziness and a dose of ignorance !

      The vast majority of what we call diseases here in USA are caused by people being over weight or simply obese. Nearly all diabetes, respiratory maladies, heart related maladies are caused from this one source of bad habits and bad thinking ! As well when people are seriously unhealthy they open the door to all of the cancers we see too often, because of their weak immune systems. Some how many Americans now think being over weight or obese is a disease and all the maladies mentioned above are a disease and none of that is true at all. It is all simply caused from the way people think or don’t think depending on your own perspective of such events.

      Between the pharmaceutical industry and the many tests and procedures that accomplish nothing except generate income for somebody other than the supposed patient, most people are being fleeced and will never accomplish anything even close to good overall health as long as they stay in the current system we call health care and let that system dominate their own thinking and common sense. We are in fact all responsible for our own health, not any doctor or false system on the planet ! What we have now is based purely on the profit motive and nothing else. So keeping people fat, dumb and lazy is very profitable indeed ! So many motives are not at all about healing anyone and far more about generating income.

      We all have the ability and powers to heal ourselves and be very healthy, fit and enjoy our own overall well being. The problem is that most folks have given away all their own capacity to think to the so-called professionals and there in lies the crux of this issue and many others as well here in USA today ! This is far too common in every aspect of our lives, certainly not just health matters . Look at political matters today and our governance and it will be crystal clear we all live in many illusions created for us to control us in a myriad of ways. It is the same with what we call health care here in USA today.

      • In the coming years the biggest threat to our health are the positive ion blanket we are being bathed in from cell towers, smart meters, microwave ovens, laptops and all the rest. It’ll sicken and kill more people than GMO’s and prescription drugs combined – and that is saying something!

        The problem will accelerate as 5G is introduced and expanded upon. As people get sicker, many will be given more drugs that will only make the situation worse for those people.

        Look for increased glaucoma, skin diseases, and dementia. But the real problem is that anyone reading this could be the next person to feel the negative effects. No one is exempt, not even the rich and powerful.

        • Actually we can all easily avoid a lot of it by simply not participating in most of it, especially the smart phones and limiting all cell phone use and other supposed technology trinkets. A lot of it also depends on where you live and nearly all of it can be avoided rather easily. I live where I live for this very reason. The larger population areas are far worse for reasons of saturation. And I am moving even further out where none of it even exists ! Mostly just to get away from the insane people and have some real privacy and solitude. I now live in a very small rural town in a very low density population county for a reason.

          It is all about choices and priorities. The matrix is very real !

          • You are to be applauded for avoiding electronic technology. I am with you. I do not use a cell phone, microwave oven or a laptop. There is NO wireless phone in my place.

            But you will not be able to escape. 5G technology is being designed to work in remote driveways so that driverless cars can operate ‘safely’ (LOL.)

            Also, crops will be negatively affected, bees will disappear, and the people living in town are going to go blind and become demented. IOW, society will collapse.

            This means that even if you personally live an electronic free life, society around you still suffer grievously and that will affect your life tremendously.

            We can’t hide from this one. We must stop it instead.

          • Are Americans whacked on what we call technology and trinkets or what ? I am not as sure the self driving cars will ever make it to market in a any big way and many other supposed technology method ideas being talked about today. I believe we may be at a turning point in all of it for many reasons. Electric cars have failed as well and that was huge hype also.

          • I agree. 5G is massive hype and won’t happen like everyone is talking about now. The fly in the ointment is the need for massive amounts of fiber optics to make it work. In the end it will just cost too much to carry out to be able to offer it at a price point that works for the average person.

            There is something else we can probably agree on, namely that electronic technology is already having a hidden but harmful effect o the population.

            That’s what makes even a failed 5G roll out so dangerous. 4G uses 2.4 GHz where as 5G starts at 5GHz, so even at that low level, 5G will pollute the air twice as badly, creating at least twice as many positive ions.

            Considering the sorry state of health in the US, that doubling could be catastrophic. I believe we will see an acceleration of Alzheimer’s with diseases progressing in a few years rather than 15 to 20 years. I also believe Alzheimer’s could become widespread for all ages as a result of the increased ions produced by the units.

            Bee populations are already suffering. 5G could make them extinct.

            So it’s not just a matter of individuals quitting or opting out. The 5G units will still be firing off their positive ions at a minimum of 10 million positive ions per second at each of their one million locations five feet off the ground.

            There are plans to take 5G much higher than 5GHz. I’m not sure they will make it because 5 GHz is already extremely harmful.

          • Agree we really do not know the full damage being done to us from EM sources we are inundated with today. Good point. I suppose we can simply consider it another form of toxicity these days, hey ?

          • Marten

            The plan is to make humanity sub-humans and mind-slaves to external stimuli…….

          • This isn’t part of that plan because they are being equally affected by it as we are. This is something that they are indeed clueless about. It’s a fatal flaw of their plan.

        • georgesilver

          In our house we have several machines producing negative ions.

    • Ha! Thanks

  • Brabantian

    Another health-related fraud worthy of notice by the Daily Bell’s life-loving readership … is the fraud & deception regarding some forms of tobacco, particularly cigars

    With good cigars – all natural, plus you don’t inhale into the lungs in normal cigar smoking, you just taste the smoke in your mouth – there is actually close to ZERO health risk from 1 or 2 cigars per day. This was shown in a massive collation of cigar-smoking health studies back in 1998, by the National Cancer Institute (Monograph 9, ‘Cigars – Health Effects & Trends’).

    This is in contrast to cigarettes, where indeed 25% of heavy cigarette smokers will develop related health problems, given the lung inhaling & the chemicals & impurities in cigarettes, cigars in fact being much milder than cigarettes when smoked properly. It’s also a scam to portray them as ‘male’ items when their mildness makes them much more suited to women as well. Yet it was cigarettes that were peddled to both sexes for decades.

    And it seems there is something particularly devious in the USA Cuban cigar embargo, still mostly in effect, enacted on 7 February 1962 by John F Kennedy, but only after JFK had his aide Pierre Salinger run around the region buying up 1,200 of JFK’s favourite cigar, the Herman Upmann short panetela (115mm x 14.29mm – 36 ‘ring gauge’ – still available outside the USA as the Herman Upmann Coronas Junior Cadetes).

    There are many other good cigars – and arguably more flavourful & better made ones – but there is something special about Cuban cigars in the way that, when at their best, they give a uniquely dreamy, contemplative, meditative, even spiritual state of mind. It seems a very ugly human rights crime to have deprived Yank USAnians of this inexpensive, wonderful experience. Cigars are like enjoying the 2nd glass of wine but sustained over a longer period of time, and on a higher level.

    1920-34 – USA bans all alcoholic beverages in a fit of mass Christian Taliban mania
    1934-75 – USA bans all non-numismatic gold coins & bullion holdings, in totalitarian financial repression
    1962-present – USA bans Cuban cigars, one of the most spiritual products that can be store-bought by human beings, along with the very tasty Havana Club rum that goes so well along with them

    USA – Land o’ Freedom? Rubbish!

  • A friend from the past went to 4-year residency training at a Manhattan hospital, Mount Sinai IIRC. She told me the residents were required to meet with drug reps every Friday. The reps fed the tired and harried residents for four years with buffets of food.

    If someone feeds you weekly for four years – especially when the hours are unconscionably long with 36 hour shifts – they become your friends. The drug reps become their life savers – a weekly respite. Once the docs get into their own practice, is it any surprise the reps get in to see the docs right away? Wouldn’t the four years cement an undeserved trust in the reps’ information?

    • Totally right, and many people might underestimate these small things which get docs on their side. It doesn’t always have to be huge backdoor cash payouts

  • autonomous

    The examples given are symptoms; the disease is centralization. The same holds true of much of liberty- and libertarian-writing: much writing about symptoms, little about the disease. If we are to attack what ails government, economics, education, religion, medicine and any other systemic faults, we have to understand underlying causes. Centralization concentrates power and power corrupts. Therein lies the evil of monopolies, whether in banking, energy, railroads or anywhere. It was not until tobacco companies consolidated into a few hands that they had the power to manipulate their products uniformly into concentrated super-addictive nicotine delivery systems. It was not until pharmaceutical firms, with sponsored legislation, were able to operate virtual monopolies, centralizing their power to control medical delivery from start to finish. Merely addressing symptoms will not do.

  • Anon.

    More to worry about now that GMOs are being designed to kill. Modern eugenics is extremely easy to implement.

  • Praetor

    True story. Some 30 plus years ago. While at work, a co-worker pasted right out, out on the floor, he came too a few minutes later, we called an ambulance. They said he seemed fine, but need to see a doctor. The co-worker back then, 27 years old 6ft4 black-belt, healthy as an ox. He goes and see his doctor, he comes back to work and says, the doctor says he has narcolepsy and prescribes him Ritalin. This guy is one of the healthiest people I know, then and now. Go forward about 17 years, his doctor dies and he has to get a new doctor. The new doctor asks him is he taking any drugs, of course yes Ritalin. The doctor ask why, he tells him the story. The doctor does all the test and tells him, you don’t need Ritalin, you don’t have narcolepsy.

    I can tell you, I have known this guy for almost 40 years. Before Ritalin he was fine, on Ritalin he was quick to anger and for him that was not good, remember 6/4 black-belt. After being taken off Ritalin, he has returned to the way he was, even tempered. I joked about it and told him, when we were young and worked the night shift midnight to 8am. Never got much sleep. He just fell asleep.

    That is why I don’t have a doctor.!!!

    • It is scary that doctors are just automatically trusted!

    • My only question is why would he blindly do what a doctor said and take Ritalin to begin with ? He may have been a big guy, but not too smart ?

  • georgesilver

    OK. As this is about the corrupt medical profession. Here is my experience about the one thing you can do to improve your health. If you only have one ‘alternative’ pick this is the most important one (in my opinion and experience).
    I’m 76 in November and have no medical problems what so ever (as far as I know LOL)
    For some years I have been drinking distilled water (also in tea, coffee etc.).
    Forget what the ‘medical’ profession tells you. They only want to push synthetic drugs.
    Drinking water is full of chemical, hormones, heavy metals, bacteria, parasites and nano particles of plastic.
    When you are young your system can cope with most of the crap in drinking water (and bottled water). You will also see on bottled water the proud fact that it is ‘full of minerals’. Well these minerals are no good and of no use to your body because they are inorganic. The filter systems in your body gets rid of all of these minerals and heavy metals. Eventually as you get older and less efficient your system cannot cope and starts to deposit the ‘minerals’ into your joints, vascular system, eyes etc.
    Friends of my age and younger have all sorts of problems from cataracts to arthritis to circulatory problems and more. They all have or are going to get hip and knee replacements. Most of the men are on statins.
    The ‘medical’ profession will tell you it flushes minerals from your body, which is true. These minerals are the inorganic ones. The only ones your body can store in the cells and use are organic minerals from vegetables and meat. Distilled water doesn’t flush these.
    Get a table top distiller and start drinking distilled water. You’ll be amazed at the foul smelling crud left in these things after each cycle.
    It will not be instant health. It will take time depending on how many years you’ve been drinking ‘ normal’ water.

    ps. I didn’t get paid by the Daily Bell for this article and it is first hand experience.

    • I simply use coconut charcoal to make all my water, fast, easy and very cost effective and very clean water.

      • Douteux55

        How do you do this? Sounds efficient.

        • There are some videos at the bottom of the page that explain it all in detail. Very simple and very cost effective way to create your own water from any source !

          also see this, lots of medicinal and health uses as well almost magical stuff !

          • Douteux55

            I went to the page but you aren’t selling the charcoal anymore it seems. I’m not sure what “small quantities” means since there were no prices for “large quantities”. It says there are only a few kits left, so I’m not guaranteed to get one and no links for reliable coconut charcoal anywhere else. ???

          • simply contact me at the site and I can sell you some. we simply do not have the quantity we had any longer

          • Douteux55

            What’s your take on the water filtered at Whole Foods, they have de-ionized, reverse osmosis and now, ultra high PH? Are they any good? I’ve been drinking RO for a year now.

          • Not sure why anybody would want high PH water ? but other than that I imagine it is fine. Could just be the source they get their water from in that municipality.

            I just drink local water filtered daily with my CC. I do try to eat a PH balanced diet and sometimes go a bit alkali. I also have access to some excellent well water that is as about as good as we can get here in USA .

          • Douteux55

            Also I watched Video #1 where you talk about the charcoal filters, but we’re told that municipal systems already use them. It’s about half way through, so why do it twice? Should I have finished the video?

          • Not all municipal systems use it, just the ones that it is necessary in their process. Realize the sources of all water are different. Some far more contaminated and some less at every location, so the processes are all a bit different at various locations in USA. There is no magic bullet now as all of our water is contaminated one way or another. The main problem and residue now is various forms of chlorine and fluoride and the charcoal is the best answer to those compounds available on the planet.

    • Thanks for the insight!

  • Samarami

    Always amuses me to see the personal possessive pronoun “your” when connected with medical and/or government (is there a real difference) psychopaths. “…ask your doctor…”, “…get your flu shot now…”, “…have you submitted a confession (excuse the language error — ‘filed your tax return’???)…” Sam

  • Bruce C.

    I’m always curious to know what the alleged “people in the know” do.

    For example, I’ve heard that “executives” of tobacco companies and soft-drink companies disallow their own children from consuming the crap they help produce, and one could assume the same applies to innumerable other products.

    Similarly, are the executives and the offspring of the pharmaceutical companies actually into homeopathy or something other than allopathy?

    One way to find out would be to require every pharmaceutical executive and all of his or her children to be administered the vaccines produced by their company. The excuses that would “forthcome” could be telling.

  • bailintheboat

    I remember an article Dead Doctors Don’t Lie. All about doctors taking advice from other doctors.

  • Bombaste Von Hohenheim

    Believe it or not, people are happy to talk about their newly found diseases. and enjoy feeling sorry for themselves. In the area of France I live for the moment, there are 3 thriving pharmacies for a about 4500 people… doesn’t that tell you anything? Sheeple want to be sick so let them be… Darwin anyone?

  • gardeauxandrew

    These tactics work in lobbyist towards politicians, intergovernmental operations, for politicians profits that these abuse in the system that help them get rich and set for life while the dumbed down blind masses with blind patriotism pays for it through taxes and laws! The medias are bought to be biased with propaganda LIES, that distract. promote certain agendas like race, and gay bait articles to cause civil unrest as in creating and causing riots that help terrorist to divide this nation to be destroyed from within! Corruption and greed run rampant in America all over America inside and outside!