Warning: The Media is Trying to Kill You
By Joe Jarvis - March 18, 2017

Clearly, the media manipulates the population’s worldview. But less obvious is that this altered perception manifests itself into reality.

It is the old, which came first, the chicken or the egg? To what extent does the media encourage the negative events they love to report on?

Suicide is the perfect example of this phenomenon: suicides increase when reported in the media. According to Robert C. Cialdini in his book Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion, there is a psychological condition know as the “Werther Effect”, named after the protagonist in a famous German book who kills himself. When the book came out two centuries ago, an epidemic of young suicides hit Europe everywhere the book was read.

The same thing happens today:

…immediately following a front page suicide story, the suicide rate increases dramatically in those geographical areas where the story has been highly publicized.

…within two months after every front page suicide story, an average of 58 more people than usual kill themselves.

This is a form of social proof, and social proof is one of the main tactics the media uses to sell their stories. People decide suicide is an appropriate response to their troubles when they see others taking the same route.

The suicides encouraged by the Werther effect even match the demographics of the original person who committed suicide; a story of a young man killing himself means more young men will end it all, older women copy older women’s publicized suicides, etc. Even increases in single suicides versus murder suicides match the headlines.

Suicide rates are now the highest they have been in decades. And unfortunately this effect does not only apply to suicide, reports of murder also increase murders in the areas they are publicized.

So the media is not simply reporting on the world around us, they are influencing the world around us to match their gloomy worldview.

The Human Mind Simulates

Basically, the human brain is designed to run simulations. We simulate possible future situations based on past experiences, and other external stimuli.

In a world without the internet, tv, or radio, those stimuli would be severely limited focusing lives on immediate surroundings and local social interactions.

We judge the world based on our surroundings. But the media inserts itself into our lives, and clearly has too much control over the actions people take with the propaganda they are treated to.

So if all the inputs from the media are crazy negative, what is the simulation our brain comes up with going to be? And will we not then move forward with actions that accommodate that possibility?

The media is creating a terrible world by inducing mass imaginings of horror which humans translate into reality.

This is the truth behind the idea that we create the reality around us.

A physical action is always first taken in the mind. Without the simulation, it won’t happen. The media has far too much control over what ideas are inserted into our minds, leading to the proliferation of those actions.

So where has decades of reporting on war and violence gotten us? What effect does the rampant corruption from the politicians, reported daily, have on our world?

Psychological principles would suggest that the more these events enter our psyche, the more they will enter our reality.

Why Does the Media Promote Such a Negative Worldview?

We are creating the world the media portrays, just by having the idea seeded in our brains in the first place. But why would the media want us to be scared, sad, and ready to give up? Perhaps because it makes people easier to control. And then they can use the same principles to induce behavior which works for governments and elites to control the population.

It is the self fulfilling prophecy. Social proof in action.

It is like how Muslim extremists who control media circulated among Muslim countries are using Trump’s rhetoric against Islam to prove that America is hell bent on destroying all Muslims.

“No! They started it!” Americans shout. Or did our own leaders do the exact same thing to us? How can we even tell if the picture we have of Muslims is really an accurate picture, or one created to manipulate us?

Many of them may be thinking right now, why does America hate us so much?

It is obvious to “our side” why many Americans harbor distrust of Muslims; those damn terrorists keep attacking us!

But on the other hand, we see nothing wrong with our troops in the middle east. Can’t they see we are promoting freedom and fighting terrorism? 

But many of the views of Muslims are more based on first hand evidence than our own. They don’t have to listen to the media if their family members were blown up; they have first hand experience of America’s actions.

How many of us, on the other hand, have first, or even second hand direct knowledge or a terrorist attack?

In fact, how many things reported in the media can we actually verify are even real?

The media manipulators on both Muslim and American platforms are both selling this idea that we should hate each other and fight, while very little first hand knowledge about the world around us would support that dichotomy.

Do we really know that what has been reported is the truth, or how much falsity is mixed with the facts?

This is pretty much the theme of a novella I wrote called “Flight Grounded.” The government and media create the entire narrative of the world to the point where the people inhabiting the most oppressive country with the lowest standard of living on earth, actually think they have the highest quality of life, and most freedom.


The media can increase murder and suicide by reporting more of them. They could even target certain demographics for the rash of violence, since social proof is the mechanism which creates this phenomenon.

So the big question is, just how far does this go? When the media uses camera angles to make a protesting crowd seem bigger, this likely makes more people follow suit, due to the social proof. But it is a manipulation; they are basing their actions off fake news, or at least news that is severely edited.

The media inputs all sorts of negatives into the public psyche, which causes people to simulate a dark and dreary future, and then act on those simulations. They offer social proof on how we should all act, which creates the sick sad world they envision.

The solution is to not let them get inside our heads. Turn off the tv, slap a smile on your face, and let that spring in your step infect others, instead of playing into a contagion of negativity.

Tackle the local issues you can affect, and don’t let whatever sketchy things the CIA is doing throughout the world bring you down. Yes, we should do what we can to end the horrible things that do happen in the worldbut for the things that are out of our control, we should just let go.

I have always found that grassroots approaches to happiness and good will are exponential. Make your own community the epicenter of positivity and progress, and you will have done your part to make the world match your worldview of peace and prosperity.

You don’t have to play by the rules of the corrupt politicians, manipulative media, and brainwashed peers.

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  • Ronald F. Avery

    Yeah and what happens when the media just outright tells a lie to create a FAKE TERRORIST? Well, the FAKE LAW protects them from libel lawsuits when that happens. The weaponized mainstream media creates and supports reality in the minds of the public, the entire Western world. They will not report on the discoveries that prove Muslims did not bring down the World Trade Center because super nanothermite was found in all the dust samples and the 47 Story WTC Building 7 collapsed at free fall acceleration on 9/11 for 2.25 seconds over eight floors requiring explosive charges igniting on all supports simultaneously to accomplish. Learn all about how FAKE LAW protects FAKE NEWS when it creates FAKE TERRORISTS to justify THE POLICE STATE at and see the power point show that summarizes the whole thing at

  • Great article and great solution!


    The chicken, of course. The world has every conceivable type of Human sheeple, dingbats, movers, shakers, media junkies. etc etc etc. And thank God some serious thinkers, who refuse to be drawn into the medium they call news, local, national, or global. Be an observer, and never forget base zero. There are supposedly more crime, murder, suicide, per capita, than in the past. However, we hfilthy, sluttyave thousands of times more reporting today than we had 20 years ago. Every person on Earth is bombarded 24/7 with fake news, music, a cacophony of weird sounds, hums, groans, rap, crappy depictions of filthy, slutty, de-sexy, nudity, just downright satanic demonstrations by the beautiful people, the role models of the world’s youth, you know, the entertainment celebrities. The youth today are rebelling at ages of ten years up, yes even involved and pressured into the sexual and drug cultures. Unless the youth quickly find new mentors of a sane lifestyle of 19th and 20th century family values, the global community are forever lost to the DRUG CULTURE, which the government is promoting in quickly sponsoring open sells of marijuana, and of course the youth are exhilarated with it, to be quickly followed with meth and heroin, and ????? O’ GOD, provide the leadership to turn this crazy world back to equilibrium, we are upside down.

  • We should put the people who really did 9-11 in jail. Young people don’t deserve these lies. See/share the information on my page all you can. Here is the link:

    • WA1

      George H.W. Bush, Dick Cheney, George Dubya, and a host of others all helped plan and implement 9/11… there’s a great video on You-Tube that explains it all – “From JFK to 9/11 – Everything’s a Rich Man’s Trick.”

      Well worth the 3hrs it takes to take it all in

      • molly

        BUSH helped plan out 9-11 ? Please- detail , …

  • Ronald F. Avery

    As far as a solution I think you should first get into the kingdom of heaven by the death, resurrection and ascension of Christ Jesus and then fight tyranny in the air, on the ground and on the sea and everywhere with the peace of Christ Jesus in your heart. And we should ask God who can intervene in the world he created because he can and will if we praise him and acknowledge his existence and loving kindness. Let us forgive our enemies but let us resist the actions and resist becoming part of Satan’s agenda on earth. Amen.
    And thank you Michael for pointing out that we should expose who really did 9/11 and bring about a lawful government that will protect our property and prosecute the guilty and stop killing those who did not harm us.

    • James Clander

      You must be pleased to have got your “God” message out & published.
      Personally I think Religion IS the Root of ALL evil. It’s up to you to believe in whatever you want – – just don’t preach about it. To me it’s all BS .

      • AmethystNancy

        I agree with both James Clander’s statement that “religion is the root of all evil” & Ronald Avery’s statement to “resist becoming part of Satan’s agenda on earth” but I disagree that the religion is “Christianity”, catholicism , Biblical Torah Judaism, Islam, Buddhist, etc. It’s demonic Babylonian Luciferian satanism that is practiced by the Vatican, Talmudic Judaism & high degree Masons. It’s this group, (the “elite”) that controls global MSM, banking & via ritual pedophilia/sexual blackmail much of the world’s governments. Google ‘demonic symbols in the Vatican’ & you’ll get 97,500 results like this one, “The Vatican Worships Lucifer/Satan”.

        On September 11, 2001, President GW Bush was reading (upside down) “My Pet Goat” to a classroom of kindergarten children.

        “The goat symbolism and the words recited by the students used
        are very interesting and some would argue that this is possibly a form of Occult Ritual.”

  • Samarami

    “…Consider our ruling class’s very latest demand: Americans must agree that someone with a penis can be a woman, while someone else with a vagina can be a man. Complying with such arbitrariness is beyond human capacity. In Orwell’s 1984, as noted, Big Brother’s agent demanded that Winston acknowledge seeing five fingers while he was holding up four. But that is small stuff next to what the U.S. ruling class is demanding of a free people. Because courts and agencies just impose their diktats, without bothering to try to persuade, millions of precisely the kind of citizens who prize stability have become willing to take a wrecking ball to what little remains of the American republic, not caring so much what happens next…”


    Who’da thunk it??? Sam

    • WA1

      What about those who have both? Or neither sexual organs?
      Sexuality begins with the chemicals in the brain, at about 12 weeks gestation, and is complete only when the fully sexually developed adult is complete…. Circa age 16 for her, 18 for him… Unless she has too much fat (this appears to trigger puberty in girls) so those girls in western societies with access to plenty of carbohydrates reach puberty sooner.

  • Praetor

    Articles like these should make one think. They are trying to effect my behavior, well how can affect them and how many ways can I effect them. Turn about is fair play. To watch the melt down of MSNews, is a good example and fair to say, We the People can effect the behavior of the Masters of Doom. These should give one hope, they are no different than we are.!!!

    • molly

      I like that! WELL said!

  • notwithabang

    Excellent article. I appreciate the chicken and egg scenario as applied to the Middle East, it’s an important question to ask.

    The “sick men of the Middle East” (impoverished Arabian Peninsula) invited America’s Standard Oil for a visit only for Aramco to discover an ocean of oil in the ME in the 1930s. This led to an oil boom, and consequent wars that “mysteriously” centre on the region of that boom. Wars for resources disguised as something else: “be like us”, freedom, votes, democracy for all except theocratic Saudi Arabia – ?). The wars & resultant acts of terrorism are the effects; only closer to home can we find the real causes – not in our countries and counties and politicians, but in ourselves.

    The legacy media has believers concentrating on effects rather than causes: and only by successfully treating a cause is the patient healed. Effects like 9/11, the Gulf Wars or anything commonly regurgitated by the MSM did not *cause* the existential problems: resultant mass war killing, displacement, regime replacement, terrorism, ISIS, ideological clashes, invasion of Europe by refugees, etc.

    No, it was something else that released this virus and the DB is correct: we need to turn off the legacy propaganda and start reaching in to ourselves and history in order to discover the root of the problem. Understanding the difference between the words need and want might be a healthy start for we don’t need much but seem to want everything.

    • lois

      The Bible Scripture says that Ismael…the Arabic nations, will always be against each other, and other outside nations. They will be as a wild ass.

  • Mstrjack

    Frank Zappa Exposing the Illuminati

  • lois

    After my study of Eastern medicine, I learned that behind all disease, is stress. Stress kills. If you feel fear, anxiety/anger, worry, sadness, it damages the internal body. You can’t separate the mind/body/spirit.

    All good, real Americans, keep the faith, it is strengthening. My faith sustains me.

    • molly

      Hello Lois: I work in health care, I am a private caregiver, and have a Vet that I take care of- his wife, is so far gone with stress, she has suffered much loss, and, fear has such a grip on her . She cries – constantly. I am glad that I found this site, and, your words are, exact . She emails and could I give to her your email addy. She really could use your biblical knowledge, and she loves God, she is simply, in such need of – help . I, too, appreciate what you have said .
      I know that Eastern Medicine -works!
      You are one smart cookie, to have such wisdom, of it !
      You live in Calif?

      • lois

        I’m sorry Molly, I don’t give out my private email, but I do live in CA. Through the airwaves, anyone across the world can pick it up. My son recently had his identity stolen, he’s going through hell trying to straighten things out!

        I. many years ago, took a Chinese Herbal course, called “East-West Herbology”. You can take a class for yourself, or to become an herbalist serving others.

        There is also a good health guide book called “Healthy Healing” by Linda Rector-Page. You can get it at the book stores, or on Amazon. I’ve turned to it many times. I healed my husband’s gout from information given in the book.

        Your friend needs some meditation practice to help calm. Going to an acupuncturist would be good. I wish your friend good health, and to keep the faith. I know my faith sustains me.

        Remember you can’t separate the mind/body/spirit.

        God bless you!

        • molly

          Hey Lois! Good to hear from you!
          I am still in the learning mode, as to, how- this,- communication -works! I just found your message! SO- SUCCESS! IS MINE!
          I will look into the points that you have shared with me, as I really want to help Veterans get the best that can, have, coming back to them for ALL that they have given to us Americans, and, our America .
          It is a shame what your son has had to deal with; Identify theft is awful- and we all, do need to be extra careful. Even the VA hospitals are taking precautions, to keep medicines from being- illegally. stolen , by Vets, preying on each other, across/over the shoulder , and using another’s SS # .
          Things can get so crazy .

          • lois

            Molly, the world isn’t the world it was 50, 60 years ago.

            I think anyone that hijacks, steal identity of others, need to be put on alcatraz island for 20 years.

            I care, appreciate our veterans, our menwomen in uniform, but I WANT THEM HOME ON OUR SOIL, not in some cesspool foreign country. I want them to protect OUR borders.

  • georgesilver

    Happiness is a frame of mind that can be enhanced by good health and a sufficient amount of disposable wealth. So look after the last two and the first will be easy to obtain with a little bit of self encouragement.

    ps. Just a thought. If the ‘media’ promotes a story about suicide shouldn’t there be more suicides amongst the ‘media’?

  • You’re a tad behind a leading curve with that unfolding news, JJ, but it is encouraging to see it becoming more mainstream. One can only imagine the sorts of new news problems that responsible, and apparently non-accountable status quo systems will be having to deal with in order to try and retain any legitimacy and credibility in the light of burgeoning emerging developments off piste and underground out there in the proprietary intellectual property space which knows of no borders or masters, but it is easy to know of them, for they are not a kept secret …… Chase Words, Create, Command and Control and Destroy Worlds

    IT’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World and you aint really seen nothing yet, for the Greater IntelAIgent Games Show is just at the Beginning of the Times and Spaces Ending Eras of Ignorant Derivatived Darkness and Arrogant Futured Follies. And all are most welcome to Play. And IT’s Virtually Free to/in/on all SCADA and Browser Operated Security Systems. And that methinks makes IT priceless and worth more than just billions. And worth practically just as much to remain moth balled and unlaced too, given the death and destruction and disruption Advanced IntelAIgents can so easily cause.

    Interesting times and strange zerodays ahead, of that can you be reliably assured.

  • Brabantian

    “We become what we behold. We shape our tools and then our tools shape us.”
    – Marshall McLuhan (1911-1980)

    McLuhan the Canadian pioneer media theorist who understood what modern media is doing to us, McLuhan’s key books ‘Understanding Media’ 1964, & ‘The Medium is the Message – Medium is the Massage’ 1967 (typo in title Message to Massage; was enshrined in publication)

    McLuhan even foresaw the internet as the on-demand television that would arrive & is now overwhelming us

    If ‘we become what we behold’ …. what are the implications of the ultra-dominant free internet p-rn … TechCrunch reports that the most popular free web p-rnography site, xvideos, at moments spikes to being itself, that one site, 2% of all the internet bandwidth traffic IN THE ENTIRE WORLD, ha!

    • Brabantian

      Maybe the ultimate example of what is described in this Daily Bell piece, is imperial Christianity’s adoption of the torture-death images of the death of Jesus … which likely inspired torture & conquest & enslavement by Christians over the centuries, & continuing today in the West’s various forms of brutal imperialism

      Early Christians used the fish as a symbol, much more cheerful … but when the torturing, conquering Roman Empire made Christianity the official religion in the early 300s CE, the symbol used was the torture instrument of the cross, often completed with horrific bloody images of Jesus’ mangled tormented body, the ‘crucifix’ … soon complemented by torture-death images & statues of many saints etc

      On the Marshall McLuhan axiom that “We become what we behold”, the 30% Buddhist, 70% Jewish mix that became Christianity, was effectively selling & normalising the torture idea with its imagery … and indeed the ‘Christian West’ became torturing, conquering, enslaving peoples … just as the genocidal ‘ancient Israelites’ were according to the Bible, whose ‘God’ gave ‘orders’ to ‘ancient Jews’ to sometimes kill all women & children as well as men, & actually genocide some ancient peoples blocking ‘God’s chosen people … for Xianity & Islam; complemented by the terrorism of ‘eternal hell’, God’s forever torture-chamber, that has frightened & twisted the minds of millions of people, especially children, over the centuries

      Hence the claim of some, that the ‘god’ of the Jewish-Christian and Islamic ‘holy books’ was really a demon, the devil himself, creating fake religions feeding off of torture, pain & fear … South & East Asian religions, Daoism-Buddhism-Hinduism, have a much nicer core ideology, & we Asian reglion types tend to see the Abrahamic religions of the Mid-East as hopelessly barbaric, a curse on humanity … all with origins in the harsh, aggressive, extremist mid-East desert culture in the same neighbourhood, their extremism haunting the entire world thanks to these religions

    • molly

      IF ONLY, there would be ample who could slightly, comprehend, as to what some of us, have no problem with. Sad, it is , and, THIS, is of multitudes of mountains OF HUMANS- that must be dealt with, in finding solutions to dealing with – what is necessary, for survival . America, is in a turmoil, of catastrophic levels of ignorance . We need to cut the leadership, that has not the means to get us to where it is, that we must be, that we can, progress.
      THIS, is what President Trump, is facing, and many of us, realize, those , who are -not- of leadership worth, are, however, in positions, and eliminating them, that we can, survive, is a must … Of course, these – NOT. capable air heads, will scream and rant, but they must be- eliminated ; they, cause – DELAY- in our ability to progress.
      THESE, unable airheads, ARE, of what has brought forth – no health care plan.
      It is all so simple- to solve, but the way to get the money to exist, to be within their, reach, to tap, into, is, the problem for SO MANY who have gotten used to feeding out of the MANY pots, that they have kept, as, readily available to them.
      Massive hospitals are not solutions- they are not cost effective, as are many other choices that are brought up, and presented to- ‘US’ – THE PEOPLE .
      Such as mentioned, are, feeding troughs, for the investors, and they become, more wealthy, feeding off of the ways that they have, created, to be on going -throughs for them.
      We have been TO LONG- used, as FOOLS, and the ‘feeders’ – want us to remain as such, but, that we, have finally, stood our ground,=
      THIS is what we are- up against .
      There are those of us who can solve ALL of the problems, but not without the feeders and others that they, have put into place, to keep them, in place- are- dealt with.
      STILL, it is all -easy .
      Simply need to – get it done, and this is what Trump is dealing with , SCREAMERS BY THE THOUSANDS, lead by – FEEDERS who- FEED THEM! and we taxpayers, FOOT THE COSTS.
      TIME to get the job done .
      Drain the swamps, take out the trash, pull up the weeds, dig out the muck, and replace, everything, that must be- dealt with, for ‘bad parts, must be replaced, so that we have a smooth running, country .
      Americans- AND- America, first, and then we will see what we can do, after this.

  • Kostja from Austria

    a very important article. I hope many people read and understand it.

    • molly

      AND- NO- MASSES can not digest it, at all . We see this, sadly . When we look back through the centuries, intellect gave so much, and so much, is not ,near, understood, for what it meant, or- what today, has presented . Mankind finds a way to – ruin – and not to make use of, what has been realized, by the intellect of , today. Moving FAST- is a pace, sought, and fast pacing, does not always allow for knowledge, to be digested, and realized for the actual. worth. of it, totally . When looking at ALL who are elected to represent this country, the masses, are, unable to serve, as they have -not- what it takes to comprehend, and those electing them, are- to ; daft ‘ , and of course, there re those who -vote, and have not any clue at all. It is as dangling a tasty dog biscuit and saying, ‘HERE’ – IF- you do -this, you can have this, and, much more.
      ZAP! DONE!
      and we, thus, all,- get the CRAP end of the stick !

  • Bruce C.

    If it’s any consolation, those who promote the sick worldviews themselves become a victim of them.

    • The dark art and ESPecial magic, Bruce C., lies in and with those able to enable a speedy delivery system. You can take it as read that it is a current work in steady progress, albeit not widely know because of the sensitivities which would revolve around the maintenance of security for immunity and impunity of proaction.

      • Bruce C.

        Well, “speedy” is not what I would call the pace of the evil doers – fortunately – but also unfortunately because the gradual degradation is not recognized. Nevertheless, one cannot escape the basic physics which is that one’s beliefs, desires, intents and expectations form one’s own personal experience. An analogy is the statistical fact that doctors succumb to illness sooner and to a greater extent than the general population.

        All of these alleged evil doers, nihilists, narcissists, etc. – and even just “dumb asses” – succumb in perverse ways but either are never publicized or considered “normal.”

  • PJC

    The ordinary actions of everyday people tell a far different story than the false narrative we see displayed every night and day on the network and cable news channels. We may adhere to different social customs, tradtions, and norms, but we all share the same compassion and empathy for one another that transcends the nationality of our differences.

    We all laugh, we all smile in the same language. News reports to the contrary, we have a lot more going for us, than we have going against us.

  • CrusaderImperial

    Your last three paragraphs say it all. Live like you’re Amish. They wake up every day and work. If the sun is shining they can plow the field. Most things I read in the news don’t affect me one iota – I still need to wake up, eat, work, etc. Don’t watch national news, and rarely watch local news beyond the weather.

  • WolfEmperor

    I think just the opposite. The media can paint a rosy picture of something when what is actually happening is more bleak. E.g. multiculturalism in Sweden. American culture places too much pressure on people to be happy as it is.