Who Is Really Behind the EU?
By Daily Bell Staff - November 30, 2015

Migrant crisis laid bare: 1.5 MILLION people have entered EU countries illegally this year … The staggering figure was revealed by European Council President Donald Tusk, as leaders from across the continent desperately tried to thrash out a way of stemming the flow of refugees into Europe. Hundreds of thousands of migrants – many fleeing war and persecution from North Africa and the Middle East – have poured into the continent this year, creating the worst refugee crisis since World War II. – UK Express

Dominant Social Theme: What a surprise!

Free-Market Analysis: You would think from the mainstream media analysis of what's going on in the European Union that nobody had foreseen this sort of migration.

But as we and other alternative media outlets have pointed out, it's entirely predictable given the amount of violence and killing in the Middle East along with covert and overt assistance to the refugees.

The EU's leaders pretend they are dismayed. Angela Merkel deplores the situation even as she is trying to throw Germany's metaphorical doors open to 1.5 million immigrants, illegal or not. Sweden has taken numerous refugees but now is pulling back.

Meanwhile, at an EU-Turkey summit, Donald Tusk (see above excerpt) negotiated a treaty that the EU signed with Turkey. The treaty provided funds, visas and "closer ties" in return for Turkey's help in stemming the tide.

Some 280,000 migrants entered the EU in 2014. But already some 1.5 million people have illegally entered the EU in 2015, according to Tusk.


Speaking of the meeting, French President Francois Hollande said reaching an agreement "is in everyone's interest" as Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu called it "a historic day in our accession process to the EU".

… Prime Minister David Cameron said Turkey must be involved in helping to find a "comprehensive solution to the migrant crisis". He added: "Britain will continue to play our role, which is about supporting Syrian refugees in the refugee camps and in Turkey."

You know … Hollande wants NATO to bomb Syria but is trying to sound moderate. Davutoglu's Turkey has been slyly supporting ISIS and shoving as many immigrants as possible toward Europe. Cameron is trying to sound severe, though he is as fervent a Europhile as any politician in the UK.

This is all part of a continuum of lies, betrayals and deceit that has been ongoing since the founding of the EU, and even before. It was never represented as what it is – a revival of Charlemagne's empire – nor has its ultimate goal ever been voiced. Today, of course, it's clearer. The objective of the EU is to destroy Europe.

Europe, the tribes of Europe, must be destroyed if Europe is to survive as a cohesive entity. Already, polls show that many in the EU, especially in the South, would like to secede.

But this is not tolerable. EU leaders instead choose to import huge amounts of Muslims and others into EU countries in order to dilute the extant cultures. This they must do, as we have long pointed out, because otherwise the ancient tribal entities that make up Europe would finally break away.

They don't admit it, of course. Every EU leader is surprised. Each one is gamely attempting to stem the tide. But these postures are only for public consumption.

The reality is that every EU leader is pledged to destroy the fabric of his or her own country. This goal is so important that leaders like Merkel are willing to risk political defeat in order to achieve it.

In the past decade, we were more likely to read that the German Reich had planned the EU than we were to see a realistic article on its secretive antecedents. But times have changed. The shadowy elites running the US and Europe seem more relaxed now – or perhaps they simply don't care anymore – and thus the world is being exposed to more realistic narratives.

One such comes to us courtesy of the UK Telegraph, just published, and entitled, "How a secretive elite created the EU to build a world government."

There is a subtitle as well, "Voters in Britain's referendum need to understand that the European Union was about building a federal superstate from day one."

Of course it was all about building a "federal superstate" and yet it is still shocking to read this in a British newspaper. Here's an excerpt:

As the debate over the forthcoming EU referendum gears up, it would be wise perhaps to remember how Britain was led into membership in the first place … Answering that question is key to understanding why the EU has gone so wrong.

The answer is that [former Prime Minister] Harold Macmillan and his closest advisers were part of an intellectual tradition that saw the salvation of the world in some form of world government based on regional federations.

He was also a close acquaintance of Jean Monnet, who believed the same. It was therefore Macmillan who became the representative of the European federalist movement in the British cabinet.

… The French statesman Jean Monnet, (1888 – 1979), who in 1956 was appointed president of the Action Committee for the United States of Europe … met secretly with … Macmillan on innumerable occasions to facilitate British entry.

All of this is true so far as it goes – and admirable from the standpoint of presenting a more truthful public narrative. But does it go far enough? No, not quite. There is other history (and hidden trends) that shows us quite clearly that the founding and expansion of the EU was far more than an "intellectual tradition."

There is, you see, an Anglosphere rump that seeks not just "unions" but a single or tripartite world – and the EU is merely a steppingstone. Macmillan and his fellow politicians were order-takers in this campaign, not the originators.

This larger cabal continues to drive the great European experiment forward. Please note: US generals were not behind the EU union, nor were defeated and dying Nazis. The EU has always been a bankers' union and it was global commerce and financial control and consolidation of currency that have driven the EU from inception. The EU is a project of committed globalists that derive their power from the BIS and the central banking community.

Here is another point: We can't imagine that those behind the EU will let the British opt out. Or if by some miracle Brexit does take place, there will be immediate mechanisms put in place to ensure that the leave-taking, eventually, is nothing more than a kind of nomenclature. One way or another Britain will be sucked back in.

There is a reason that Europe is wracked by radical politics, terrorism and illegal immigration. The powers that created the EU and increasingly other regional unions as well are intent on undermining the cohesiveness of Europe's tribes. The job will be dirty, long and violent. Those who wish to stay out of its way might consider avoiding Europe from a business and even recreational standpoint.

After Thoughts

Perhaps this is hard to do. But when it comes to living and working – and even establishing a second home or residency – there are plenty of areas that likely offer more security and tranquility than Europe at this moment. Asia and Latin America come to mind as possible destinations. There are others. Investigate carefully before you decide.

You don’t have to play by the rules of the corrupt politicians, manipulative media, and brainwashed peers.

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  • Danny B

    The PTB seem to operate under the illusion that people are interchangeable like pegs in a peg board. Germany needs 400,000 engineers. Importing 400,000 Syrian migrants just isn’t the same. These aren’t just war refugees. The ratio of men to women & children is far too skewed for them to be just refugees. The PTB may eventually break up tribal continuity in Europe but, they will end up with a morass like Marseilles. They may have a one-world currency but, the economy will be flat-lined. Individuals MUST believe in a society if they are going to invest in that society. The alternative is a “society” full of criminals and corruption.

    • Me_Again

      “These aren’t just war refugees.” they are not refugees at all Danny -certainly by the definitions in the Geneva convention of ’51 which is what European policy is supposed to be based on. They become opportunists when they leave the safety of a refugee camp and embark on a journey across 5 countries.
      Like everything with the EU, when the current rules do not allow what they want [i.e. giving bailouts to member states] they simply re-write them or ignore them.

  • TG Molitor

    Speaking of the Euro, today the IMF is expected to grant China’s yuan reserve currency status at an executive board meeting, in a decision that will elevate the renminbi and China’s influence in the global economy, joining the dollar, euro, British pound, and Yen. Any chance of DB doing an article on the implications of this announcement?

    • We’ve commented on it, but yes we can do more, thanks.

  • perger

    Great to see The Bell sending a clear point of view again.

    • Well … we’d like to think the Bell always rings clearly. Thanks.

  • lulu

    This article makes the comings and goings of the world today appear pre planned at any cost by a secret society of aliens who know something we mere mortal humans do not. I suppose. These are strange times indeed.

    • Perhaps you hit the nail on the head there…
      I cam across the term ‘lulu’ as something very similar to the term ‘golem’ (that may be connected to the term goyem). (This was in ‘Enki’s Book’ – which recounts a scenario in which an ET race (Annunaki) modified creatures to serve in mining gold and other tasks. (Humankind). If we share genetic material then they are related – rather than ‘alien’ however the Idea I discern is that a civilising imprint of hierarchy was ‘gifted’ humankind. But beneath this is the implicit quality and capacity of self-transcendence or Awakening that is self-aware within and beneath all identifications and ‘mind’ reaction.

      I have no idea if anything in the Enki story is historically true – but I also read on symbolic and intuitive appreciation. For the ‘Meanings’ that insinuate themselves into a willing mind are of a different order to those that are coerced.

      Our world reveals a clearly observable pattern in which a very few operate the many – and the very many are manipulated by means of which they are hardly aware or completely oblivious as ‘those who know not what they do’. Jesus is an Awakener not a political activist. But that is not to give a negative charge to political acts that align and express the true presence of your being.

      The very many are essentially willing to be manipulated whilst asserting surface persona that appear to exercise a will but only within pre programmed parameters. It is the price of choosing to be unconscious of the hated, feared or unwanted to give power to that which then rises to do your will for you. It is a kind of denial and operates a kind of deceit. A short term denial of feelings may be naturally helpful if then cleared after the urgency has passed – but when aeons of denial pile up layer upon layer – one has such a lack of Consciousness as is apparent as our world today. Of course it has redefined ‘Conscious’ to reflect the meaning of a belief in separate self will – (rather than guided and supported true desire).
      In this way humanity has been supporting a war on Consciousness and upon Nature – and upon the Feminine Principle of receptivity and feeling and is very near to its victory in death. It may not be apparent that death is the agenda of such ‘victory’ – but that movement – or rather that which works to undermine, control and deny the movement of Life is underneath all of the search for self-specialness or power over reality. And it works through ‘trojans’ such as the ideas that most give that sense of superiority specialness in power or protection both – for they are our blind spot.

      I saw a movie yesterday called Virtual Reality which illustrated levels or layers of illusion in which the ones who had the experience of being behind the scenes and ‘controlling’ the many, were no less entranced in illusion – but one of privilege and specialness. It was a low budget TV movie but it illustrated something in Consciousness that our minds have a hard time coping with – because what we call ‘our minds’ are in fact the program of ‘hierarchy’ and obstruct the Free Will of the Wholeness and Innocence of Being.

      In becoming alienated from our true Self a process of fragmentation occurs and each fragment operates as if it were autonomous.
      When the light of Self returns it is perceived as ‘alien’ within a perception of alienated Consciousness – that the drive or urge to rise above or master Life (from a fragmented and dissonant off-centre) has denied within itself.

      Trying to understand the world without understanding the inner conscious definition that literally makes it our shared perceptual reality is to persist in the crab-barrel mind where everyone pulls everyone else into supporting the a paradigm of exclusion.
      However, one can grow an understanding of one’s own relationship within it and become aware of the core beliefs and definitions that set such a patterning – and choose with new eyes what is actually true of you and what is not. For in our imprinting or conditioning we were HAVING to deny our true feeling to find whatever way we could to survive this life-focus and participate in this world.

      If truth is all conceptually substituted for with externally derived definitions = then we are looking in reflection as if it was the Thing Itself. I believe that unless it is your part in the play to appear so, any attempt to control Life results in reflections of being thus controlled. Try it out with another and see if control does not substitute for intimacy. This is closer than our nose.

      The reversal of everything we thought true in terms of foundation – not concept – gives a twist to everything that can be very helpful.
      ‘Normality’ de-constructs to ‘strange times’ – whereas in truth a strangeness that had been normalised is becoming unveiled as what it is – rather than as it presented itself. Normal does not mean natural – and when one truly releases the investment in defending normal against true nature – then an intimacy of being rises as a self awareness that was always there but hidden from a fixated attention that seemed to be you.
      I suggest that we are not mere mortal humans – but that such belief and experience serves purpose at a very deep level or it would not be actively invested with such a huge amount of anger, guilt and fear.

      When all is said and done, one meets the ‘reality’ that one is coming from. Therefore to meet a reality that is out of true must be illuminating something in one’s consciousness that is active – but unrecognised.
      If waking from mere mortality exposed you in ways that you currently would find overwhelming then You – will simply not allow it. Your surface conscious mind may have any kind of story as to how or why that is.
      I offer these things for reflection – in receptivity – in an intimate sense of Life – in which the ‘mind’ can be homed or re-aligned.
      Those who worship thinking and self-concept are war-minded and will not look within, open to or recognize Life. These are ‘aliens’ relative to this Living Planet – whatever their dna.
      Of course to them, the world I speak of seems a fearful chaotic anarchy that must be denied for ‘order’ to be asserted and imposed. I suggest that such a stage is a temporary limitation and that re-awakening our Nature allows the discovery of new kinds of ‘control’ that are not coercive but synchronous and co-operative – because they are within the Movement of Being and not imposed upon it from the assertion of separate power over it.

      • Marten

        Perhaps Zecharia Sitchin was right ?????

        • From a multi-dimensional or vertical sense of time – that framework simply does not have currency.

          If one reads into the framework of ‘right and wrong’ one is already being used by a defence of righteousness. This is inherent to the framing of self-concept and its accompanying fear and guilt.

          Loss of self concept is believed to be loss of Face and of Life and so the ‘chaos’ of that humiliation (humbling) is suppressed and denied by… power founded in deceit.

          When I read anything it is given meaning by the resonance of Meaning that I personally do not manufacture, spin or contrive. I can recognize that which moves or stirs true feeling in me.

          When I used to read in the mind rather than in the heart, I would scan (censor) all incoming for threat and nullify it, and seek out anything that would support or reinforce or extend the ‘power’ of my ‘understanding’.

          I see nothing going on in the world that I have not in some sense uncovered or been exposed to in the archetype of the negatively defined Human consciousness – aka The Human Condition. I regard it as the Human conditioning – and neuroplasticity of the brain and epigenetic switching of genes both reflect a growing awareness that we are stuck only by our definitions – but those core beliefs and definitions may be heavily defended against exposure. The principle device for not having free attention by which to notice the obvious is drama and conflict and dire consequence – and so there is a rising clamour of terror and horror and compulsion to shut down a rising or Awareness that must seem like rising chaos to the perspective of the control mentality. But there are limits to tolerance of pain and rage is part of the survival kit for consciousness that moves to throw off guilt and fear. However, when rages is given the trigger finger, it perpetuates and propagates the very conditions it professes to oppose and becomes the thing it hates and draws the outcome it secretly feared all along.

          The potential to move our feelings in safe ways so as to regain perspective rather than enact primitive archetypal hate and terror is most unappealing to mentally polarised ‘thinking’ – which is predicated on controlling and suppressing feeling rather than letting it Move and reveal information about us that we Need.

          So what is the ‘right’ key to unlock a door that has been locked in hate upon hate? ANY key that works.

          Perfect ‘understanding’ heals nothing and simply rebrands righteousness in new set of clothes.

          There is a kind of war on Terror… but it is the attempt of a compartmentalised consciousness to keep it hidden… excepting as it is required to re-trigger populations (our consciousness) into the guilt, blame and fear mode that is conducive to being used as a ‘netbot’ for power over Life.

          One could say was Tolkien right??? – well some of his fantasy veiled prophecy is manifestly unfolding in our face.

      • lulu

        Thank you for the comprehensive reply which I will surely read thoughtfully and give clear consideration hoping to be open and receptive.

    • robertsgt40

      Correct. “Order out of chaos” sound familiar?

      • lulu

        Truthfully it sounds familiar but does not make sense to my experiences. Seems more the reverse these days. Chaos out of order.

  • Me_Again

    “… there are plenty of areas that likely offer more security and tranquillity than Europe at this moment. Asia and Latin America come to
    mind as possible destinations.”
    This is all very well for those who have the money to escape. The rest of us are tied by pensions and relatives and so cannot jump.
    Although I do agree with your narrative to a large extent.
    I quite favour Chile, a hardy people who will not tolerate the invasion that is happening in europe.

    • disqussted999

      “people who will not tolerate the invasion that is happening”–

      The problem is that the “invasion(s)” in modern times has come not from without but from within. They have been mainly stealth invasions, especially with the MSM under their control, distracting the sheeple people with reality TV and whatever else will turn their heads and hearts away from the truth while obediently avoiding investigating and reporting on enemy activity within their very own borders. And, as has been said, they always have some “external” enemy or threat for WeThePeople of the many nation states to focus on, eg., refugees and/or terrorist groups that they themselves created, while they go about their internal destruction and subjugation of the working class and their rights and abilities to live free and act in their own benefit.

      The politicos (including those who were never supposed to be political, eg, Supreme Courtesans, but of course are to the max) of each nation state, prepped and put into place (think Clinton or Obama in the US, for examples, or Bush, idiot sociopathic puppet son of a powerful “elite” crime family, or Rubin or Rahm et al ad nauseam), or simply bribed, threatened, or otherwise coerced into obedience, are and have been the CORE of the invasion. They have been bought and paid for and have sold out there own (most IMO don’t give a Merkel scheisse about their own). Had the people of the country actually known or been given even just the Cliff’s Notes on what was happening and why by someone in the know, eg, in the MSM, or the ultimate goal, the majority, IMO, or at least a significant minority, would have arisen and at least caused much grief and a bumpier road for the elites to travel in their conquest of nation states and tribal groups. Chile will be and probably is already no different. No doubt the Manchurian candidates are already in place there actively fomenting and biding their time. It is and will be planned out and effected in backrooms and internally. The Chilean people won’t react until it’s a fait accompli, if that fait isn’t already accompli.

  • Goldcoaster

    Divide and conquer. A divided population is a quiescent population, and is far too distracted to pay attention to the bigger picture.

    Oh, and yes TPTB are now more comfortable. They used the IRS to crush the Tea Party and got away with it. The only hope now rests with Le Pen and Brexit.

    • Hope rests with individuals who maintain it.

      • Steven Hotho

        Yes, the freedom of the determined and strong individual actor maintains hope for the group and it isn’t necessary for him/her to move anywhere.

  • Samarami

    One can run, but she cannot hide.

    I’m old. Hoping to live long enough to participate in the day when the plurality of folks will see this.

    Psychopaths ( ) will come, and psychopaths will go. Currently many of them appear to be scurrying like scared rats across many locations on this pale blue dot ( ) upon which we are privileged by some astounding miracle to reside.

    But human kind will survive. I hope.

    Liberty and freedom will in time prevail. I hope.

    And I’ll live to see it. I hope.

    However, “hope” is not the correct expression — or the right attitude. I’m planning for it. Here. Where I’m “at”. 90% of that preparation is between my ears (and those of my 7 children, all in their 50’s and 60’s; and my 25 grandchildren, and my great grandchildren — and, soon, great-great-grandchildren). The other 10% is putting aside “digs”.

    Call me a “prepper”? You bet. Sam

  • jim

    Per the article, “The powers that created the EU and increasingly other regional unions as well are intent on undermining the cohesiveness of Europe’s tribes”, don’t the words “undermining the cohesiveness” seem a bit soft?
    Isn’t DB really talking about “destroying nation-states’ cultures, independence, sovereignty and ultimately their very identity”? Given this stark brutality, isn’t that harsher reality why “the job will be dirty, long and violent”?
    Also, is it really possible to “stay out of the way … [by avoiding] Europe from a business and even recreational standpoint”? This is a centuries-old global battle. In that regard, it might have been helpful to include in the article a reference to the 20th century’s first “regional union”, the USSR. As with DB’s observations about the EU being a banker orchestrated and financed union, so too was the Bolshevik Revolution and subsequent Soviet Union. Both banker initiatives had and have similarities worth discussing.

    But what’s perhaps most interesting is that the 1980’s the Soviet Union was orchestrated to collapse and be plundered by banker-backed oligarchs. But something happened to upset that plan when Yeltsin designated Vlad Putin to succeed him. Now, of all the crazy twists, post-Soviet Russia is the global defender of nations’ rights to hold on to their sovereignty.
    All this begs the question of whether a possible path to “stay out of the way” of all this chaos (which seems to be the article’s primary discussion topic) might be to emigrate to a post-collapse sovereign survivor of a banker take-down … maybe even modern-day Russia?

    • WinChll

      “…undermining the cohesiveness of Europe’s tribes”
      And yet others think without “multiculturalism” , Europe cannot survive:

      “A 2010 interview with Israeli IBA News has gained wide attention on the internet, especially in far right circles. The interview has been widely dispersed through YouTube and other social media, in which Spectre says:
      Europe has not yet learned how to be multicultural. And I think we are going to be part of the throes of that transformation, which must take place. Europe is not going to be the monolithic societies that they once were in the last century. Jews are going to be at the center of that. It’s a huge transformation for Europe to make. They are now going into a multicultural mode, and Jews will be resented because of our leading role. But without that leading role, and without that transformation, Europe will not survive.
      — Barbara Lerner Spectre, IBA-News, 2010.”
      from wiki, but freely seen on video.

      It would appear the utter chaos in the M.E. at present is just the “climate” needed to spur on the multi-culturalization of Europe.

    • Fear is a self-fulfilling agenda (prophecy), it is also a vibrational attracter to the very thing it seeks to avoid. Insofar as fear agenda runs like a shadow power or black ops in our sub or unconscious mind, I say bring it into the light of day and resolve through to unified purpose. Timing is part of whether one aligns with or becomes entangled with negative agendas – or whether positive outcomes rise from those that do. Honest feelings – not mental substitutes – are a good gut, heart and mind guide as to how to be and where to be or not be. I personally feel that there is no escaping the wave of transformation – and exactly how we each and all respond to that wave is a matter of our attempt to dictate and control or our willingness to yield and surf the currents. Embracing Life is not a siege mentality.
      I’ve come across indications that the Bolsheviks were displaced and came West where they inserted and displaced some of the top US players.
      I could wonder if there is an ancient Khazarian legacy of hatred that falls jointly on Europe and Russia – for the hatred behind the intention to destroy, guilt and then manipulate Germany is extreme and longstanding.
      The tribe that excepts itself from multiculturalism is the on that has persistently nurtured and furthered it in EU and US.
      That self-special destiny of exceptionalism is also found in US – though how much of the American Dream has in fact been a scam?

      There are those who take a multigenerational perspective on power and dominion and work though many generations with persistence and consistency. Whether that is in fact ‘power’ is debatable – but it is held so with the world at large.

      Sovereignty of will is truly our individuality – but under divide and rule an adulterated and distorted version substitutes that is actually a conformity of reactive patterning rather than a free willingness. If people act as mechanism, they invite being managed as such and perhaps replaced by such.

      The core definition of self is reflected in our view of ‘others’. But the split mind that seeks to deny its ‘negative’ aspect ‘sees’ that negative in ‘others’ and feels justified in rejecting, judging and dehumanising them – or of believing oneself above a subhuman mess that one owes nothing to and is there to be exploited or used whilst seeming to demand to be ordered from ‘above’

      While this is politically incorrect – who among us has not had feelings of superiority and self righteousness? But most of us here also have willingness for honest introspection and re-evaluation as a result of experience. To certain types this would be considered weakness and indeed they would exploit that ‘flaw by sowing doubt and dissension.

  • Bruce C.

    I think the EU leaders are some of the vilest people in the world because their vision is so depressing.

    The unfortunate irony – which causes me to go back and forth as to how much I blame the European citizenry themselves – is that I remember when the euro and the EU concepts were being floated around and it was well known that the purpose of them was to amalgamate the various countries to create something like a “United States of Europe.” At the time most Europeans thought that was a good thing, that their National differences were an unnecessary burden. There were also those who thought this would ruin Europe and was meant to weaken the nationalities and create a unified government and ultimately a global government. Those warnings were considered a paranoid conspiracy theory. Instead people thought that everything would remain the same except commerce would be easier and there would be more trade and prosperity. I also remember a lot of Americans (people I knew) who opposed the EU/euro precisely because they thought it would compete with and threaten the US, and also saw the possibility of a global government because of Europe’s socialist sympathies.

    It’s a tangled tale and I just hope that Europeans recognize that liking national boundaries and cultural characteristics are a “good” thing but is also necessarily “racist”/discriminatory. They can’t have it both ways. I suspect anti-immigration is going to become the trend all over the world for that reason, including here in the US as well. I don’t see that as going backwards.

    Let’s see how the people react to not being able to protest at the climate change convention. People may be beginning to see that all of these big government agendas are lies and boondoggles.

  • Praetor

    All True! The oligarch elites (TPTB) are nothing more than the lazy slugs who would and will not work for a living. While everyone else worked to live, they were the ones who took a nap and when they got hungry went out and took everyone’s labor to survive. This is their mentality and why fiat is their god, if printing money to infinity could create wealth, ‘real wealth’, there would be no poverty anywhere, the impossible dreams of the laziest people on earth, everything is free. Of course its all free, if your life is based on lying, cheating and stealing to gain your wealth and privilege on this planet. The PTB are the most useless of all human beings and their character has been the problem since time began. There is no future till they are eliminated from this planet!!!

    Ignore the fluctuations of the PMs. The PMs will do more than just insure you eat or have a roof over your head. They will keep you free and independent, and you will gain respect because you had the foresight to see what was coming, respect and trust will be a commodity in the future. Develop an independent life style, learn to relax and you will think more clearly, for there is nothing you can do to stop what is coming, so why worry. If you do move insure the location is the least likely to be struck by any form of natural disaster!!!

  • Steve Phillips

    The Elites in both the EU and US are severely underestimating the underlying strength of Islam. They believe that, as Marx taught, that Man is supremely perfectible, and that the final incarnation of Man will be a socialistic creature with an altruistic bent, who lives and breathes for the overall good of society. They believe that Nietzsche’s “Last Man” culture will ultimately blend all social differences into a social mass amenable to their own direction and overall control. Unfortunately, history can point to no example of such a person, but instead, can give example after example of the growth and persistence of Islamic society. What our misguided, suicidal Elites are actually bringing about is the ultimate conquest of the West and the remaining vestiges of its Age of Enlightenment by the followers of Muhammad. The coming return of the Patriarchy will be quite a shock for today’s Liberal/Progressives, whose mushy intentions will prove to be little match for the stark reality of power politics, as practiced by dedicated individuals with a singularity of purpose who are not afraid to die in the promulgation of their beliefs.

    • Praetor

      The new Nazi Party, Islam. Suicidal Elites, are actually bringing about the ultimate conquest of the WORLD. They already have the EU/US in their pocket. (They need the people to want to go kill the new Nazi Party). Most have a villain to take down, and that be Islam. The Elites are the barbarians, and they stop at nothing to get what they want. Islam is a tool, nothing more nothing less!!!

      • Chuck

        I predict the “Clash of Civilizations” will end with the fall of the House of Saud; just as the Cold War ended with the collapse of the Soviet Union. For years the Empire has been positioning Saudi Arabia as the wellspring of Islamic terror. So when Saudi Arabia collapses, they can declare victory.

    • Wrusssr

      Marx taught nothing of value for humanity.

      Lenin, Trotsky, and the other Bolshevik hydra heads looted millions, lived like kings the remainder of their lives, and stuffed hundreds of millions into Europe’s Zionist’s vaults who’d bankrolled them to oust the Tsar and takeover of the Russian revolution. The killing of an estimated 140 + million men, women, and children circa 1917-1944 followed. Ever read about that in your history books? Know that Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn wrote two volumes about these killers more than a decade ago that has been blocked from English translation? Reason: Descendants of the Bolshevik financiers still run the puppet show. They don’t want countries they’re in the process of taking down to put a face on a true enemy. (America’s Constitution was a toughie for them. Hence their use of Administrative law that was written into the Environmental Protection Act to begin seizure of private property with EPA “rules and regulations”which carried fines and imprisonment for “violaters” in federal courts.)

      The lie and façade (why Castro, who had a billion tucked away offshore, always wore fatigues) is an important part of their strategy. Doable when you control the world’s MSM (all propaganda outlets), money (estimated two-thirds of the planet’s worth), bullets, guns, armies.

      This tribe does not look at other humans as human or have allegiance with any nation. Their juice is money, control, power and the perpetuation of them. Their DNA and spiritual source are different. They are without heart, soul, conscience, and worship a different god.

      “. . . our misguided and suicidal elites are bringing about . . . the downfall of the West. . .”

      No, the elites are neither misguided nor suicidal. They’re funding (the sudden cross-water transportation) for the fighting-age hoards entering Europe and the U.S as we speak. (We’re witnessing the attempted take-down of both.) Clandestine weapons will find their way into an unarmed Europe. Mexico, where citizens are (“lawfully”) unarmed, is the poster child. No problem in the U.S.

      The Paris “attack” was martial law run up a flag pole to see if the population would sit still for it long enough to keep protesters away from the “Climate Conference Summit”.

      So far it’s working.

      And the summit has nothing to do with climate change or the environment. It’s about the establishment, funding, and control for a world government base and structure at the UN.

      Written into the treaty.

      Funding is the key.

      A CO2 tax on all nations is the source.

      A UN Carbon Tax Police will be “authorized” to by-pass national laws and collect from scofflaws who don’t pay up for this non-issue. “Estimated” CO2 emissions from all nations have been determined. China gets a bye because they told them they wouldn’t sign a treaty that would impoverish their people who’ve made a little walking around money with capitalism.

      What are the odds of the Senate approving the CO2 treaty?

      Money being their ‘mare’s milk’, wouldn’t bet against it.

      This documentary is two hours long. Believe, reject all or parts if you have time. Regardless, you’re looking into the heart of the enemy. Think 21st century technology in similar hands.

      • pennydicker

        Beautifully summed up!

  • Or we say no! We can stay in our homes, we can embrace our land, can embrace our people, can demand our good ways of living and we can hold firm. We can tell our brothers and sisters what we can see and they too will already be feeling it, smelling it. They will know that what they taste in their mouths today, that bad taste, is a coming death, the death of their freedom, the death of the wealth they have built themselves and that great gift given to us, TO US, by our parents and our grandparents and all our people before. And then they will start to hear, from muffled to clear and bright. They will hear because everyone knows, in the hearts, that this is coming but all just hope it cannot be, hope it will not be, wish they can pretend pretend and wish it all away. But now before long they will see for themselves too, it is coming.

    What will you do my friends. Will you run and hide or will you work to spread the word we must all learn to say, to cry out, to roar. We must learn to all say NO NO NO!

    Those who know what I always have to say will have to rock back whilst I make my most important point again: we cannot beg our rulers to stop, we cannot force our rulers out only to replace them with more of the same. That will change nothing but only perhaps just delay this inevitable decay, this decay that will only result from allowing the power of human society to be pathetically given-up to ‘the state’. No matter what limitations are imagined, if the power to rule is held in any form greater than the individual to rule himself it will always be stolen by those who would take it for their own. We not only will be slaves but, without complete liberty, we already are.

    Belief in ‘the state’ is indoctrinated, by every means, into human society by ‘the state’ in order to preserve itself but only for the advantage of whosoever always wins control. Belief in ‘the state’ is a belief in a power that is illusionary, that is false. Belief in ‘the state’ is not like a religion, is is a religion. And those who are indoctrinated into following a religion are simply cult followers. ‘The state’ is a cult religion. We must end the cult of the belief in the religion of ‘the state’ or we will not pass to our children, our grandchildren and all the right people the future of our nations.

    This fine gift is a gift we were given and have been entrusted to preserve and enjoy only whilst we have our moment of time here on Earth, not to let it all be squandered. Our one simple duty is to make it better where we can and then pass it on. Not to strive, in every imaginable way, to do so is a failure most diabolic.

  • cosmos110

    There’s only “1” politician ever recorded telling the truth and he was drunk at the time and it was the only recorded truth he ever uttered: “Show me an honest politician and I’ll show you a broke S.O.B.” Lyndon B. Johnson

  • Who Is Really Behind the EU?

    A: Who set the pattern for Europe since WW1 but particularly after WW2?

  • Pilgrim

    Those in power realize that with a increase in problems comes an increase in people clamoring for government to solve the problems and a willingness to pay them to do so. Bottom line is that problems = power.

  • Pilgrim

    “And I looked, and behold a muslim horse: and his name that sat on him was Death, and Hell followed with him.”

    Rev 6:8 – the O. Ryan Faust translation of the Bible