By JON RAPPOPORT - March 17, 2018

Well, there is the money, of course.

When millions of people forego expensive and toxic medical drugs; when they rarely see conventional doctors; when they don’t receive vaccinations and don’t have their children vaccinated; when they opt for natural remedies; when, worst of all, THEY STAY HEALTHY, this is a hammer blow to drug-based medicine.

These “natural health” people are also going against The Plan, which is a cradle-to-grave system, whereby humans are diagnosed with 30 or 40 diseases and disorders during their lifetime—requiring large amounts of toxic and debilitating drugs—and then they die. Note: The effects of the drugs are labeled “diseases,” which in turn are treated with more harmful drugs, resulting in new diagnoses of “diseases,” and so on. It’s a self-feeding, self-replicating parade of destruction.

You can see the final stages in nursing homes, where the elderly are warehoused. On their night tables are a dozen or so drugs. The tragic end-game.

This pathetic, vicious, pseudoscientific medical assault is praised to the skies, as “the best” in human care. On television, hired hands parade through show after show, insisting that modern medicine is the most brilliant program ever devised for the human race.

At the same time, untold millions of people who opt for natural health expose, by their choices, this titanic lie.

Here is how medical propaganda works, in the big picture. When delivered by competent caring personnel, acute crisis emergency care can produce remarkable results. People who have been damaged in accidents, who develop sudden life-threatening situations (unconnected to medical drugs) can be put back together. However…

Propagandists then parlay this specific success by pretending it applies over the whole field of medical practice, in every aspect. This assertion is absurd, false, and highly dangerous.

The case of a person who is lying in the road after a car crash, and a person who is suffering from chronic immune-system weakness, are as far apart from each other as an ant in Idaho and a rocket on the moon.

The propagandists’ job is to make these two people “the same.” They both need medical care, and medical care is wonderful. The big lie.

More and more people are waking up to this deception, and they are pursuing non-medical means to arrive at a better state of health and maintain it.

The scale is tipping in the direction of natural health–herbs, nutritional supplements, proper food, exercise, clean water, “alternative” practitioners.

Medical propaganda is on a long decline of failure.

That problem is very worrying to the medical cartel.

When you’ve had populations under your control for a long time, with the simplest kind of public relations; when you’ve been very sure your tactics were working; when you’ve blasted the same messages with the same rewarding results; you suffer from overconfidence.

When your tactics don’t work anymore, you don’t know what to do.

Your only option is trying to MANDATE medical treatment. You put populations in a box. You demand they obey.

Now you’re heading toward a showdown. At what point will your prisoners decide they’ve had enough?

Here is a statement to shake up the princes of modern medicine:

“The combined death rate from scarlet fever, diphtheria, whooping cough and measles among children up to fifteen shows that nearly 90 percent of the total decline in mortality between 1860 and 1965 had occurred before the introduction of antibiotics and widespread immunization. In part, this recession may be attributed to improved housing and to a decrease in the virulence of micro-organisms, but by far the most important factor was a higher host-resistance due to better nutrition.” Ivan Illich, Medical Nemesis, Bantam Books, 1977

For decades, authors have been punching holes in medical myths. Their efforts have not gone in vain. Educated readers have been taking their findings to heart.

The truth has been trickling up, down, and sideways in the culture. Remember, we are talking about people’s view of, and concern for, their own bodies. There is nothing abstract about this. The desire for knowledge is intimate. The empty word from on high, spouted by experts, can easily take a back seat. When the issue is pain and suffering vs. well-being, people will shrug off what they’re supposed to think and they will dig for answers.

Here are several statements from a widely beloved American physician, Robert Mendelsohn. During his life, his views served to awaken readers all over the world:

“Modern Medicine would rather you die using its remedies than live by using what physicians call quackery.”

“Almost half of the 100,000 or so surgeons we actually do have right now are superfluous. Those 50,000 or so extra unsheathed scalpels do a lot of damage.”

“The greatest threat of childhood diseases lies in the dangerous and ineffectual efforts made to prevent them through mass immunization…..There is no convincing scientific evidence that mass inoculations can be credited with eliminating any childhood disease.”

“When I was Senior Pediatric Consultant to the Department of Mental Health in Illinois, I cut out a certain kind of operation that was being performed on mongoloid children with heart defects. The stated purpose of the operation was to improve oxygen supply to the brain. The real purpose, of course, was to improve the state’s residency programs in cardiovascular surgery [by training new surgeons], because nothing beneficial happened to the brains of mongoloid children—and the surgeons knew that. The whole idea was absurd. And deadly, since the operation had a fairly high mortality rate. Naturally, the university people were very upset when I cut out the operation. They couldn’t figure out a better use for the mongoloid children, and, besides, it was important to train people. In prepaid group practices where surgeons are paid a steady salary not tied to how many operations they perform, hysterectomies and tonsillectomies occur only about one-third as often as in fee-for-service situations.”

“I can remember when if a hospital’s incidence of Caesarean deliveries went above four or five percent, there was a full scale investigation. The present level is around twenty-five percent. There are no investigations at all. And in some hospitals the rate is pushing fifty percent.”

“Today your child has about as much chance of contracting diphtheria as he does of being bitten by a cobra.” [In the DPT vaccine, the “D” stands for diphtheria.]

Mendelsohn, Ivan Illich, and many other rebel authors have cut across the full range of medical propaganda. They’ve raised red flags on every front. You can’t overestimate the effect they’ve had.

In private meetings, medical cartel front men complain, “The people aren’t listening to us!” They’re right. That’s what happens when gross lies and deceptions are spread out across the planet.

You can diagnose and damage some of the people some of the time, but you can’t damage all the people all the time.

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    • Wags71

      I read Rappoport daily. He always makes sense.

  • Praetor

    Its an industry, that uses factory methods of delivering products and serves. The consumer walks in one end of the factory and rolls out the other end of the factory, “Dead”. ‘MONEY’, for the death industry is the benefactor of the medical industry. Sad is it not.!!!

    • Kernel01

      Need to stay away from horsepitals as much as you can. Too many staph infections circulating inside those horsepitals that keep taking their toll on innocents who just want to get healed and get out. Plus you can also get infected by the workers themselves which is like a staff infection.

  • The Tuna Fairy

    I think one of the worst parts is the insurance nonsense. I have zero problem having insurance for the things they are good at: acute injuries, sudden horrifying illnesses. If something like that happens, yes, I want to get their help. But I resent paying for insurance that covers all the rest of it, which I don’t use. I am a long term chronic fatigue type person, and their meds tried to kill me. They also want me to go to a doctor to get basic bloodwork ordered (like vit D levels) or the insurance won’t pay for it. I know where to pay out of pocket for it, but I paid the insurance bill, it ought to be useful for SOMETHING I actually need/want!! I pay twice, once for insurance, once for the treatments/supplements I actually use. I don’t have that kind of money. I hate rationing going to the chiropractor etc for financial reasons, when the pain keeps me up all night, and I know it will help. Saying “let’s see, pain all night or gas in the car?” is not a good thing.

    I’d love a useful insurance company. There’s a market for this, where are the wise people making a business to fill the need?

    • Don Duncan

      All unfulfilled needs can be traced to a business/govt. conspiracy against entry. This is the logical result when society puts up with an elite who have a monopoly on the initiation of violence with a moral exemption. Or, as Nixon confessed, “When the POTUS (govt.) commits a crime, it’s not a crime.”

  • Don Duncan

    I discovered nutrition for general health the summer of ’56 at 14. I was growing organically and I subscribed to “Organic Gardening & Farming” which had an ad for “Prevention” magazine. As a person with a poor immune system I was looking for some advice and I didn’t trust the medical profession or nutrition “experts” for two reasons. First, my father had warned me that he and my grandfather didn’t trust them, second, I read that refined (white) sugar was exactly the same as all sugars. I knew from experience that was not true. I cut out all refined flour, rice, and sugar. I found a unique little shop that sold flour mills & unrefined grain and talked the owner/clerk into selling and grinding grain into flour. My mother used it plus honey to bake bread and make pancakes because I couldn’t buy healthy bread/flour in Sacramento. In 1959 that changed with the first natural food store. I shopped there almost exclusively, despite the high cost. When shopping elsewhere, I read every label and learned most packaged foods were suspect or obviously unhealthy.

    I take only Pauling’s vitamin C formula. The rest I get by eating healthy, where it is not prohibited, e.g., raw milk is illegal in Nevada and I can’t find a black market source. I grew up drinking illegal raw milk and know it is not dangerous. The law to criminalize it was passed by a conspiracy of the dairy/govt. The AMA/govt. conspiracy has likewise created the deadly medical industry.

  • retired22

    There are a few things I would like to mention that are indirectly pertinent to this article.
    1) Never mentioned by the Medical Business is the work of Dr. Otto Warburg & his associate Hans Krebs.
    Their work would go a long way in punching a financial hole in the Oncology business
    2)Read about the work done by the late Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez who was an alternate practitioner of cancer treatment.
    Doctor Gonzalez,a licensed MD, bucked the medical establishment & successfully helped many cancer patients who couldn’t be helped by conventional medicine
    3) Read the paper put out by the Mises Institute called.
    ”100 years of U.S. Medical Fascism”

    4) I have been a diabetic for the last 8 years & I have not visited the Endocrinologist for the last 7 1/2 years & don’t miss them one bit!
    I do very well with herbs,supplements,& essential oils.

  • r2bzjudge

    Everything is about the money. There are a few hundred million adults in the country and everyone has to work at something.

    Stores are filled with thousands of products, SKU’s. They have to sell all that stuff, if they want to stay in business, if they want to keep their jobs.

    “Press one now to receive your…” I can’t answer my own phone any more. But those people need a job. My job has become not to answer their calls. Unfortunately, i don’t get paid for that.

    In a grocery store, most of the food is processed and prepackaged, aisle after aisle. The side effect of a modern society. Pop it in the microwave, eat and go. These days, largely, both parents work.

    Cigarettes are harmful to health, but they provide jobs, from farming to manufacturing, transportation and stores, not to mention health care. The people involved with making or selling cigarettes know they cause cancer, but they will make or sell you one, as it puts food on their table.

    “Ask your doctor if “_” is right for you?” Do the workers at he advertising companies care that one of the multitude of side effects might kill you? No. They care about getting their weekly pay check. Broadcasters plaster the airwaves with the ads. It is the money that is important.

    Most people have competing interests. A lot of Hollywood actors hype environmentalism, but Ed Begley Jr. is the only actor i know of who lives what he preaches.

    • dauden

      r2, its not all about the money but the love of it sure is the root of all evil. There is a diabolical scheme to deceive mankind from the knowledge of the truth that God, our Creator and provider of grace without merit, has preserved in His Word, the un-copyrighted King James Bible. There you will find the ultimate source of truth……IF you rightly divide it. Most churches have no clue what that means and most pastors don’t preach it even if they knew it. It is disclosed in 2 Tim 2:15 which is the key to understanding the Bible. Most ideas people have about the Book is a lie. This is because Satan, who is the god of this world, has a sole purpose in casting doubt on whatever God says. But the Bible still stands with the wisdom, power and peace that every man needs who is still standing. Its our sole weapon against the perpetual lies we are daily fed. More here:

  • jacob

    An unnerving article in a sea of unnerving articles, a monumental journalistic effort to further expose the “swamp.” I hope it’s dawning on the general public that freedom never was and never will be free from the plunder of organized sociopaths today posing as government benefactors. Health freedom is one aspect. The public is struggling to discover the nature of and means to defeat their craftily devised enslavement, which relies primarily on theft of their minds. Beginning stages of a hopefully peaceful revolution.

  • dauden

    I LOVE this article! Thank you for publishing this truth. I have shared and forwarded it abroad. Could not agree more!