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Dragnet Closing in on US Citizens and Their Assets
By Staff News & Analysis - February 09, 2015

TSA to Arrest Anyone Charged with any Crime trying to Come or Leave – including taxes … The border is closing rapidly. First it was FATCA hunting Americans with any assets overseas whatsoever. Now just two days after taking charge of the committee chairing the House Homeland Security subcommittee hearing, U.S. Rep. John Katko introduced two bills. He is looking to effectively close the borders using terrorism as the excuse as always to hunt down Americans. Katko is a former federal prosecutor. So he knows precisely what he is doing writing a law that is so broad, that anyone suspected of a crime cannot leave the country. This is any crime. Keeping gold in a safe deposit box is money laundering carrying up to 25 years in prison. – Martin Armstrong

Dominant Social Theme: Terrorism has to be fought. Broad laws are better.

Free-Market Analysis: This article from Martin Armstrong is a timely reminder that cross-border protections are getting stronger not weaker.

We've estimated in the past that within two years time it will be significantly more difficult to get funds in and out of the US. Armstrong has come to the same conclusion. Most of the terrorism legislation and military and civilian terrorism measures are not aimed so much at terrorists, from our point of view, as they are at citizens.

The idea is to reduce US constitutional freedoms to make the US more integrated into the larger Americas, especially North America. The US Constitution poses significant hurdles to such amalgamation.

Nonetheless, this trend toward more constrictions on freedoms continues. It is not especially gentle but it is never couched in terms of restricting liberty and always in the context of providing safety and security.

This is how John Katco is positioning his bills, according to a recent press release:

Katko Introduces Legislation to Enhance Airport Security … Days after chairing his first Transportation Security subcommittee hearing, Rep. John Katko (NY-24) has introduced two bipartisan bills to enhance security measures at domestic airports and to ensure funding is used wisely by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA).

Katko's inaugural Transportation Security subcommittee hearing, entitled "A Review of Access Control Measures at Our Nation's Airports," was held this past Tuesday, February 3. The hearing followed reports of several high profile security breaches at domestic airports. Specifically, the hearing examined security programs designed to mitigate potential insider threats from airport employees, TSA personnel, and others who have access to sterile areas of domestic airports.

The bipartisan bills introduced by Katko are designed to enhance airport security measures in a cost-effective manner. H.R. 720, the Gerardo Hernandez Airport Security Act, directs the Department of Homeland Security to undertake a variety of activities to enhance security and communication at domestic airports, specifically requiring TSA to verify that all airports have appropriate security response plans.

H.R. 719, the TSA Office of Inspection Accountability Act, ensures that funding is used wisely by TSA. It would require that TSA Criminal Investigators spend at least 50 percent of their time investigating, apprehending, or detaining individuals suspected of committing a crime. Currently, TSA does not necessitate that its Criminal Investigators meet this requirement, despite being considered law enforcement officers and receiving premium pay.

We can see from the last graf of this release that Katko's bill would shove the TSA in the direction of investigating ANYONE suspected of committing a crime. The TSA was set up to keep US skies safe from terrorism. Now it is morphing into a full-fledged criminal investigation agency.

The broad powers that Katko is seeking provoked Armstrong's column, as we can see above. But here's more:

Katko's bill will … now result in the arrest of anyone for any alleged crime whatsoever and that will apply to taxes. Katko is constructing a highly dangerous version of the Berlin Wall around all American citizens. He is converting the TSA into a police force less concerned about air safety and focused more on catching anyone the government can argue violates some law federal or state. It is so broad, this would apply to domestic disputes as well.

Armstrong labels Katko a "former prosecutor" and claims such individuals are too dangerous to be elected to public office. Their impetus is to create actionable legislation that can result in increased arrests. In this case, what seems obvious is that a large part of the "criminality" that Katko wants investigated and stopped will inevitably have to do with the transfer of funds and property out of the US and offshore.

Here at The Daily Bell we have introduced solutions that assist people in protecting themselves from increasing aggressive federal governments (for instance, asset protection, security of gold, a second home here or here and more). As the US government becomes more desperate to fund its vast programmatic and military apparatus, the search for revenue is becoming ever more invasive.

After Thoughts

Those who understand the course of history when it comes to empires such as that which the US has constructed will surely plan ahead for worse to come.

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