A State of Amusement
By Catherine Austin Fitts - April 11, 2013

This week's Solari Story from Catherine Austin Fitts is titled "A State of Amusement." Here's a bit of the transcript:

We're in a situation where we've been operating for 500 years in a financial model. I call it the Central Banking Warfare model. So imagine if an entire global society is doing the waltz and we think we need to change to the tango. Well, you know if everybody's doing one dance it's not so easy for one person to change. So we're in a situation where real change is something not in any one of our control and so I think to participate in a process of change where it's kind of an out-of-control swarming situation, it helps to stay in a state of amusement because this is going to be a chaotic process to get from here to there.

One of the things that most helps me stay in a state of amusement was in the '90s I spent a lot of time trying to understand the economy in the United States and what I discovered was, in fact, if you look at the total wealth that we have in this economy right now, to me it's less than 1% of what's possible because so much of how we've engineered the federal finances shrinks the pie. It centralizes control but it shrinks the pie. When you have an entire society running around pretending in an official story that's not true and engineering and rigging all sorts of things and behaving as a criminal enterprise – a criminal enterprise does not optimize total wealth in an economy. So if we're managing the country like it's a scene from "Animal House" we're not going to end up happy and wealthy. …

So I did a series of simulations – I had a private investment bank in Washington and we built a database operation where we could look at the US economy by place and re-engineer optimizations by saying, "Okay, let's just pretend for a second we're going to take the Federal budget and we're going to change it so that we can make the pie as big as possible." And this is before I knew about all the technology that's hidden and been suppressed. What we discovered was if you just re-optimize the economy to make wealth as much as possible there's plenty of money for everybody. We have absolutely no economic problem on planet Earth. We have a political problem. Now, it's a political problem that's way outside of my control or your control or any one of our control but there's no reason other than stinking behavior to cause us to be wanting for anything. We live on a beautiful planet, we have a wealth of resources, we have a wealth of technology and intelligence. …

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