Ron Paul Wins the Debate But Will the Federal Reserve Put Him in the White House?
By Ron Holland - May 07, 2011

The Drudge Report recently announced that according to a CNN Poll, Ron Paul has the best chance to beat Obama of all the potential GOP candidates.

The Ron Paul Campaign has certainly been making progress over the past four years but the difference between future electoral success and failure might well depend on the economic and monetary consequences of Federal Reserve actions, which could propel Ron Paul to the GOP presidential nomination in 2012. How ironic and satisfying would it be if the Federal Reserve mistakes and policies do end up giving the GOP nomination if not the presidency to Ron Paul?

Thursday May 5th, Ron Paul won the first of many debates to come in the runup to the 2012 US Presidential campaign. This time around, unlike the last, Dr. Paul's supporters are too numerous and important for mainstream media outlets like Fox News – and the individual state GOP party leadership – to try and simply ignore him and try to ban Dr. Paul from the debates.

Sure they would like to marginalize him, but in the Internet era the spread of truth and knowledge is propelling Dr. Paul's message into the living rooms of millions of Americans who are awakening to the fundamental weaknesses that exist in the US financial and political system. The power of that growing audience cannot simply be muffled by manistream media sources – much to their chagrin.

An example of how the establishment is losing the battle to control the candidates visibility, is the simple fact that Ron Paul was even allowed to debate at all – at this early stage. Ron Paul and his message of real financial and political reform has truly come a long way from back in January 2008 when Fox News and the New Hampshire GOP establishment unilaterally excluded him from participating in the New Hampshire debate forum.

I remember this well because I took five minutes before work that day and posted a very quick article to my webpage titled, Protest Fox News Exclusion of Ron Paul From New Hampshire Forum. The article went viral, practically the minute I posted it, and it crashed my website and the server for days due to the outrage across America.

It was the Internet that enabled the public to share in the disgust I and many others had with the underhanded and highly visible expulsion of Ron Paul from the political process – and my article was just another spark of truth that was tossed into the already burning hot cauldron of knowledge that refuses to submit to such anti-American tactics designed to supress civil liberties.

In adition to Ron Paul's vociferous call to reform the monetary system, there are growing numbers of GOP voters who favor a real American non-interventionist foreign policy. Americans can all see quite clearly, if they choose to do so, that Ron Paul was right in 2008 about the economy, the dollar, the national debt and the Federal Reserve.

But just being right on these issues probably will not win him the GOP presidential nomination against the entire GOP establishment that is willing to do anything to stop Ron Paul.

Perhaps Dr. Paul's defensive position with respect to America's military role is one that may also generate a greater level of support this time around from a citizenry that deep down understands the negative impact of maintaining an interventionist foreign policy. One not only measured in the massive debt created to support it, but one that actually lowers the level of security for all Americans. And one that cannot continue without destroying the freedoms enjoyed by previous generations of Americans.

Will the Consequences of Disastrous Federal Reserve Policies Elect Ron Paul?

Ron Paul has two campaign assets, which could at least win him the GOP nomination if not the US Presidency in 2012. One is Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke and the other is US Treasury Secretary, Tim Geithner. Both men have pursued and advocated disastrous Keynesian economic policies that have prolonged the recession, increased the debt and deficit with bailouts and fiat money

This may be the last opportunity for America to reverse this track of destruction we are on – and a chance to rebuild a system of governance that understands its true role, to protect our freedoms and support the right to private property and the accumulation of wealth. Liberties well understood by those who architected American's Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

Today, thanks to what DB calls the Internet Reformation, more people are now aware that these monetary elites and their patsy central bankers, like Tim Geithner and Ben Bernanke, have been robbing American citizens and sucking out the productive working capacity of the American industrial landscape ever since the Federal Reserve was first established back in 1913.

Look at the value of a 1913 dollar – it is now worth less than 5 cents when adjusted for inflation. And this, in spite of the fact that the Federal Reserve says their role is to PROTECT the dollar for inflation (destruction of its purchasing power). Nothing could be further from the truth. The Fed exists to counterfeit money and – with the willing assistance of an elite controlled mainstream media who in the 20th century did an excellent job of confusing the public into a state of obliviousness – to redistrubute the wealth and productivity of American's to the very elite who erected the Fed in the first place.

But this monetary fraud is just the beginning of the theft. The real theft is the loss of freedoms American's have realized as a result of a media-induced slumber that causes people to blindly turn to bigger governement solutions to the fear-based promotions that eminate from elite think tanks like the CRF, Trilateral Comminion, et al.

The debate on Thursday included Ron Paul and four other establishment GOP candidates who did not have a real supporter base. The rest of the flock of potential GOP candidates decided not to participate, as they likely did not wanting to debate Paul and face the truth.

Those brave or desperate enough to appear in addition to Dr. Paul included Pawlenty, Santorium, Cain and Johnson. Their practiced sound bites were carefully crafted to appeal to the mass of GOP voters but still the television coverage embarrassingly showed there was very little substance behind their positions.

Their views came off somewhat like a Koch-lite version of Ron Paul's platform with the message sounding good but one that leaves a bitter aftertaste when you realize there is no substance, depth or commitment behind their talking points. The establishment candidates reminded me of previous elections where many of the GOP candidates had a great "sounding" message but nothing really changed when they were elected.

On the other hand, listening to Ron Paul was like sipping a smooth, oak barrel aged Kentucky bourbon with integrity and depth that tastes like the real thing compared to the cheap, watered down alternatives that were bleated out by the others. I hope Americans will not continue to drink the deadly Kool-Aid of the GOP or the Koch-lite cheap whiskey offered by the rest of the GOP presidential candidates. Therefore tonight I'll be toasting the recent victory of Ron Paul with good Kentucky Bourbon from the home state of Senator Rand Paul while I'm surfing the 'Net.

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