350 Legend vs. 30-30

350 Legend vs. 30-30: Which Hunting Legend Prevails?
By Wes Littlefield - May 25, 2022

Many deer have been harvested using a 30-30. It was marketed as a sporting cartridge, and it’s held that reputation for over 100 years. A new cartridge on the market is ready to challenge the legendary 30-30. The 350 legend is eerily similar, with a few slight modifications to meet hunting regulations.

Which will win the 350 Legend vs. 30-30 legendary showdown? Keep reading to find out! Here’s a hint, a new legend is in the making.

What’s The Difference Between 350 Legend vs. 30-30?

Despite these rounds being developed over 100 years apart, they are surprisingly similar, with only slight differences. The primary difference is the 350 Legend fires a 0.357″ diameter bullet from a straight-walled cartridge, whereas the 30-30 Win fires a 0.308″ diameter bullet from a bottleneck cartridge.

Cartridge Specs

The 350 Legend is a straight-walled cartridge designed to meet several states hunting regulations that ban bottleneck cartridges because they are more efficient due to the higher case capacity.

The 30-30 is a bottleneck cartridge similar to the 223 Remington. That’s the primary reason for the difference in bullet diameter and weight of these two calibers.

The overall length of the 30-30 ammo is 2.55,” and the case capacity is 45 grains. 350 Legend cartridge is 2.25″ in overall length, which is very similar to the size of 300 blackout ammo and has a case capacity of 36.5gr.

Because the rim diameter of the 350 Legend is the same as the 223 Remington, 0.378″, you only have to change the barrel on your 223 AR-15 platform to shoot 350 Legend rounds.

The 350 Legend will fire larger, heavier bullets than the 30-30 because of the bigger diameter. This gives the 350 Legend an advantage at close ranges, but it becomes a disadvantage at longer ranges.

How do the different size cartridges affect the felt recoil of each round?


Several factors go into felt recoil. The weight of the gun and the specific load you’re firing are two of the most important. Instead of listing every gun and load for each caliber, we will keep it simple and speak in generalities.

The 350 Legend recoil averages 8.5 foot-pounds. That’s very comfortable for the average hunter to shoot. You won’t have to worry about it bruising your shoulder while sighting it in for deer season.

The average recoil energy for the 30-30 Winchester is 14 ft-lbs. This is a lot more than the 350 Legend. However, there are plenty of rounds with much more! I used a 30-30 to shoot my first deer around age 12 when I weighed less than 100lbs, so 14 ft-lbs isn’t unbearable even for small shooters.

If you’re basing your decision on recoil alone, the 350 Legend has the least amount of recoil, but the 30-30 is still very manageable.


I think of trajectory as the path the bullet takes. It’s measured in inches of bullet drop.

Flatter trajectory bullets are best for longer ranges. However, in this case, these calibers have similar trajectories.

The 30-30 Win is a flatter shooting round with a drop of 2.6″ at 200yds. It can effectively reach out to 300 yards, but it takes a skilled sharpshooter with a dialed-in rifle to consistently shoot 300 yards accurately, so it’s best to stay around 250yds or less.

The 350 Legend trajectory has a 7.6″ drop at 200 yards, so it’s also not recommended to shoot over 250yds because as you increase the distance, the bullet begins to fall more quickly.

Neither of these rounds is intended for long-range shooting, so their trajectories are similar. 30-30 rounds have a slight advantage, though, so based on trajectory alone, the 30-30 wins this round.

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