A Leftist Shall Save Them … Not
By Staff News & Analysis - May 17, 2012

Greece appears set to elect an untested hard-Left political newcomer as its next prime minister after rival leaders set an election date of June 17 and installed a caretaker government with few powers … Popular support has swung to anti-bailout parties in the days since the country delivered an inconclusive election result on May 6. Deadlocked politicians forced a new election yesterday as polls showed that Alexis Tsipras of the Syriza party was likely to emerge as the leading force. – UK Telegraph

Dominant Social Theme: It's right or left, boys, and nothing in between. Good ol' Karl has the answer to the Greek dilemma.

Free-Market Analysis: Karl Marx had a simple answer for life's problems: Give it to the government, and once the government "owned all" it would whither away and the "people" would come into power via perfection of (his) punditry.

What's most funny about this Marxian nonsense is that in the end it prescribes that most dangerous of all systems … anarchy. Marx would seem to be an anarchist.

Of course, he is known by some other kind of "ism." His is communism. Then there is socialism. And fascism. And capitalism.

All nonsense. There is only one "ism." And it is not an "ism" but an "om." As in … Freedom.

There is freedom and then there are (de)gredations of freedom. Free people gather together in voluntary communities of various sizes and shapes. They usually recognize small groups at best into their internal lives and live with numerous voluntary linkages that come and go.

Free people are, as a rule, generous with others and not very motivated, for the most part, by amassing great amounts of wealth – because there is nothing much to do with it.

Free people are caring, often spiritual and usually religious, at least outwardly so. Religion provides the cultural glue that the state would otherwise offer.

Free people are not especially bureaucratic or officious as there is nothing to be officious about (though religion would provide plenty of fodder for those who wished to be; the sin of being human is never to be eradicated).

The idea that has been tossed about of late that freedom equates with some kind of insane hyper-Randian individualism is just one more attack on free markets and free thinking.

It is an elite dominant social theme, specially prepared and now triggered. Beware those who endorse, proclaim or otherwise advertise it. Chances are they may have some other sort of agenda.

Another dominant social theme of the old men who want to run the world is that if one does not want the state involved in economic affairs then one must want them involved in social/welfare ones.

The state you will always have with you. And now this is happening in Greece.

It is not enough that the previous Greek government, with its boot-licking and kowtowing, attempted to subjugate Greece to a kind of full-on slavery; now, next up, is a "hard left" government that is no less enthusiastic about the EU, only on different term.

The idea now is that austerity is off the boards. Growth is to be a hallmark. This simply means that money will be printed. Here's more from the article:

After meeting President Karolos Papoulias, whose powers are limited, heads of the seven parties which won seats in parliament named the new interim leader as Panagiotis Pikrammenos, who runs the supreme administrative court.

A new poll confirmed what others have shown: that radical left-wingers who reject the terms of a bail-out agreed with the EU and IMF are now poised for victory, and the establishment parties that agreed the rescue are sinking further.

The Leftists argue they can tear up the bail-out and keep the euro, but European leaders say if Greece fails to meet promises, lenders will pull the plug on financing, driving Athens to bankruptcy and a swift exit from the euro. While most Greeks remain adamant the country should not jump out of the single currency, there is a growing feeling that the demise of the old two party system of New Democracy and its socialist rival Pasok is positive.

"It had to come, most of us think that the old parties had to die," said Militos Charalampidis, a music student who is emigrating to Finland in August in search of a career. "It's a shock for us but we are optimistic there can be a fresh start."

Aleka Papariya, the head of the Communist Party, said that the interim government could not make any binding international commitments. Mr Tsipras further bound the hands of the stand-in leadership saying it should adopt no measures that would involve cuts in state salaries or public expenditure. He also demanded a freeze on the sale of state property, a key source of bail-out revenue.

One man on the Athens metro said he would welcome any respite: "I would say that we have lived for too long in historically interesting times. It is a curse for us."

The curse is not interesting times but a group of dynastic, elite families that want to run the world and have created a matrix for doing so.

Part of that matrix includes the EU, which is evidently and obviously a steppingstone toward one-world government.

Now that the EU is collapsing, the elites unveil their shiny new idea: Another "ism." The idea shall be, perhaps, that leftist governments shall provide the pressure to keep the EU together that cannot be brought to bear by rightist austerity.

After Thoughts

This is the way it's supposed to work. From right to … left. But the goal remains the same; unified governance, the bigger the better. In the era of the Internet, however, we have argued this paradigm may be losing force. Time will tell.

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