A Spectre is Haunting the Alternative 'Net News Media – the Spectre of the 'Zionist' Label
By Staff News & Analysis - November 04, 2011

Patricia McAllister, LAUSD Teacher, Fired After Airing Anti-Zionist Views … In an interview given last Wednesday to Reason TV during an Occupy LA protest, Patricia McAllister identified herself as a teacher with the LAUSD. She then said, "The Zionist Jews who are running these big banks and our federal reserve – which is not run by the federal government – they need to be run out of this country." – Reason.TV

Dominant Social Theme: Another American heroine is born.

Free-Market Analysis: A spectre is haunting the alternative news media offered via the Internet — the spectre of Zionism. Too many otherwise interesting and seemingly truthful news websites have entered into an unholy alliance promoting this elite dominant social theme – playing into the hands of the very elites who they propose to combat, and whose propaganda they maintain they want to debunk. (Apologies to Marx …)

This article is a continuation of discussion we here at DB have been having over Jewishness and "Zionism." We've recently written several articles on it and doubtless will write more. That's because we believe that blaming Jews and Zioinsts for what's going wrong in the world is a nascent and burgeoning dominant social theme of the REAL elites who run the world.

The central banking elites and their enablers and associates (not all of them Jewish by any means, or even "crypto Jews" for all you Aryan supremacists) are under attack as never before. The Internet Reformation is in the process of exposing an entire century (the 20th) of "directed history."

The great banking families (mostly Jewish in our view) will do anything they can to distract attention from where it should lie (to begin with anyway). And that's with central banking and the ability to print trillions in money from nothing on a whim. That's where it all starts. That's the fount of what's gone wrong: The wars, the genocides, the out-of-control corporate malfeasance, the fear-based promotions such as global warming, Peak Oil and the phony war on terror.

When you can print as much money as you want, you can buy just about anything. And in this case a handful of people are doing so methodically and brutally. They aim for world government and will stop at nothing less. (Of course, there have indeed been different problems in this weary world and different causative agents, but we are speaking for purposes of this article in the here and now.)

And that brings us back to the Jews and Zionism. To denounce Zionism these days, seems to be a badge of courage among some within the alternative blogosphere. Is it? In times past, when the dialogue was perhaps less degraded, courageous people spoke out on behalf of freedom. Now in some quarters, courage seems to be defined as speaking bluntly about "evil Jews," their "evil ideology" and even their "evil book," the Babylonian Talmud.

Here's a thought: We offer up the idea that there are plenty of bad ideologies in the world today. Even the Bible and the Koran have their moments of "badness" and violence, especially in the Old Testament that is common to both of these great religions.

The Talmud (gasp) and the ideology of Zionism, such as it is, are NO DIFFERENT. There are surely offensive parts of the Talmud, Babylonian or not. The point is that what actuates evil in this world is the mechanism of power itself. And that power LIES WITH THE STATE.

In other words, it is the ability to link a bad ideology to the awesome power of the state that actuates the bad ideology. Nazism would be merely a footnote if Hitler (and then Mussolini and others) hadn't managed to win state power. Same with communism, which has been around for one way or another for thousands of years.

Ms. McAllister certainly has every right to say what she did, but here at DB we have a right to disagree (as our elves run a modest blog). And perhaps we do disagree, depending on what she meant. Was it necessary, if she meant to do so, to characterize all those running the nation's banks as "Zionist Jews?" Are all of them both Zionists and Jews? Every one? Not a single Catholic? Not even a crypto Jew?

It would have been nearer the mark in our view to speak of a "mafia" or even a Jewish "cartel." And a mercantilist one. The Anglosphere power elite, in aggregate, is indeed mercantilistic. Its power is derived from the state. Central banking as we now know it would not exist without the state. And it is central banking and those behind it who have now TAKEN OVER numerous states. They seem to run Europe, Britain, America and Israel, maybe China, too. Certainly Japan. Heck, throw in the BRICs as well.

In any case we do not believe that Jews in aggregate are at fault with what has gone wrong. We do not even think Zionists are, at least not within the ambit of mainstream definitions. A Zionist is someone who believes that Jews ought to have a "homeland."

Why is this term "Zionism," then, a spectre? To be more specific, for three reasons. First, it is being used, increasingly, in a pejorative fashion to mean a chauvinistic or racist Jew, and to tar all Jews who believe in the existence of Israel as such. We have noticed the use growing exponentially on the Web and people now use it unabashedly in public conversation.

Second, we would offer up the possibility that Zionism was MEANT to be controversial and that people who use the term pejoratively are falling into a kind of elite trap. It is an unfortunate fact that the Jewish elite has spent the past century frightening Jews into believing they must have their own state or they will be killed off. This is not up for argument. There is plenty of evidence that Jewish "elites" have manipulated their brethren, and thus what some people consider chauvinism among Jewish people is just pure fear.

Third, those who blame Zionism are by implication blaming Israel for various failures in the world or in certain countries, including America. in fact, it is not the ideology nor the geographical region that makes the difference. The culprits are THOSE WHO CONTROL THE POWER OF THE STATE BEHIND THE SCENES. And in this case MADE a state: Israel. Today, this "state" is held by some to be the source of all the world's ills. Yet some 70 years ago it didn't even exist.

Not all Zionist Jews are responsible for the state of the world today. Not all Zionist Jews are racist and chauvinist. And doubtless, not all Zionist Jews endorse every activity of the state of Israel.

It is the world's CONTROLLERS who we ought to focus on. It is the SYSTEM we need to undo. To drag Zionism into the issue complicates things unduly, in our view. It may even play into "their" hands. And we know well who they are. We know how they work. We understand how they employ Tavistock to create directed history. We comprehend the way they use Money Power to build their one-world order piece by piece and step by step.

So go ahead, all you intrepid and brave Internet warriors! Tell it like it is – as you understand it! Blame Zionism. Blame the Jews. Blame Israel (which in our view should be a secular state by the way). Discount the possibility that such "sleuthing" is nothing more than an elite promotion – strategically placed breadcrumbs designed to lead you into denunciations that "normal" people will find repugnant. Spend all your time and energy in this way and the REAL culprits go unscathed. And the real reasons for the violence and (planned?) chaos remain unexplained.

Israel is again threatening to start a war with Iran. We are told, in fact, it may be imminent. But, good Lord … knowing what we know now, thanks to the truth-telling of the Internet, how can anyone truly believe that it is Israel's "leaders" who are provoking this war? Aren't they just gofers, the same as other Western politicians?

Edited on date of publication.

After Thoughts

The true power is Money Power. And that is the power of the City of London and the broader Anglosphere located also in Washington DC, the Vatican and Tel Aviv. Believe it.

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