An Enlightened Internet Chat With TNT Radio Host Hrvoje Morić
By Ben Bartee - December 16, 2023

Originally published via Armageddon Prose:

Hrvoje is a solid Renaissance man and a global (but not globalist, if I may presume to speak for his ideology) citizen: a Croatian national who grew up in Chicago and now lives in Mexico doing dissident radio in his Guadalajara home studio.

I joined him via the interwebs on his TNT Radio show on December 14, at which time we discussed:

·       My Taliban-inspired facial hair. My passport looks like it belongs to a Chechnyan terrorist, which is one of many reasons I am surely on multiple DHS lists.

·       The restoration of Alex Jones’ speech rights (for now) to Twitter/X and the moral bankruptcy of the ACLU

·       Liz Cheney and Rachel Maddow doing softcore cable news porn together and the breakdown of the left-right paradigm

·       Benjamin Netanyahu and the Israeli government’s on-the-record, years-long funding of Hamas through Qatar intermediaries. Even MSNBC is getting in on the action now (why the corporate state media, which has historically run limitless cover for Israel, is turning on Netanyahu is an interesting story in and of itself that I might delve into at some point).

·       Bikini yoga whores, the saturation of social media with sex entrepreneurs, and its cultural implications

·       Budding regional war in the Middle East

·       The legacy of Bill Hicks and George Carlin

… And much more.

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