As Predicted, CIA-Sponsored Muslim Bros. Becomes Enemy
By - February 15, 2012

Egypt's cold shoulder … A sudden new wave of anti-Americanism is thriving in Cairo … As 16 U.S. citizens await trial in Egypt for accepting foreign financing to promote democracy, for the first time in more than 30 years there is a serious debate in Washington about whether to end the $1.3-billion annual military assistance to Cairo. There's no debate in Egypt, however. More than 70% of Egyptians, according to a recent Gallup poll, no longer want U.S. funding. Facing extreme challenges at home and in need of distractions, anti-Americanism has become Cairo's preferred populist recourse. Although a solution might be found for this particular controversy — with or without U.S. foreign assistance — this bilateral dynamic assures that the next crisis is not far off. – Los Angeles Times

Dominant Social Theme: The Muslim Brotherhood is a bad and radical organization. Now they've emerged from nowhere to challenge the United States and the larger West. Bad luck, eh? Who could have known?

Free-Market Analysis: In a series of groundbreaking articles (beep, beep, alert: self-promotion ahead!) we have tried to establish (with some success in our view) that the Anglosphere power elite has been using the State Department and the US military to overthrow secular Middle Eastern and African regimes.

We have also pointed out that the logical successors were Islamic fundamentalist regimes. We have explained in the past year, in probably half a dozen articles or more, that radical groups like the Muslim Brotherhood were positioned to take over in numerous countries. Just search the 'Net for the terms "Muslim Brotherhood" and "Arab Spring" and "Daily Bell."

Surprise, surprise … that's exactly what's happening. Like clockwork, the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood is being cast as the latest Islamic bogeyman. It's forming a government in Egypt and providing the Anglosphere's bought-and-paid-for US columnists plenty of content for frothing-at-the-mouth anti-Islamist op-eds.

No doubt about it. Who would have thunk it? Well, we did because we realized that the war on terror was running out of energy. A new enemy was necessary, or at least an elaboration of what had come before. And now it's occurring. Here's more from the article excerpted above:

By deciding to prosecute Americans, post-Mubarak Egypt has intentionally provoked a bilateral crisis. But the legal assault on U.S.-funded nongovernmental organizations and personnel is merely a symptom of a larger, more serious problem. In Egypt today, all major political forces — the ruling Supreme Council of the Armed Forces, or SCAF, the Muslim Brotherhood and the government — are embracing anti-American populism.

The new atmosphere in Egypt leaves the Obama administration — and Congress — with some stark choices. Washington can employ the nuclear option — cut the assistance and test the durability of the U.S.-underwritten 1979 Egyptian-Israeli peace treaty — or continue to fund an increasingly hostile and unstable state in hopes that democracy will take root.

In this environment, prospects for democracy in Egypt appear slim. Worse, with reportedly as little as $11 billion remaining in foreign reserves depleting at a rate of $2 billion a month, Egypt is on the precipice of an economic crisis. At the same time, a spate of kidnappings in Cairo and mob violence at a Port Said soccer match this month, which killed more than 70 people, point to a deteriorating security situation.

This is really disgusting stuff. It treats what is going on as if it merely the unrolling of an inevitable "clash of civilizations." It's nothing of the sort. Like the war on terror itself, these mounting tensions in our view are likely being stage-managed.

Yes, this stuff is evidently and obviously premeditated. It's being planned and executed, apparently, by some of the most powerful people in the world. The Anglosphere power elite is trying to create world government and is using tried-and-true methods to do so.

These methods are actually relatively basic ones and involve fomenting wars and economic depression in order to push middle classes into desperate situations where they will positively welcome increased government – in this case, full-out global governance. That seems to be the plan anyway.

The elites are now apparently aiming at a war with Iran. Yet there is significant evidence that the Anglosphere elites helped engineer the initial Iranian Revolution back in 1979. We have written about this numerous times. Our most recent article is here: Western Elites Caught 'Red-Handed' in Iran?

It is also well known that the CIA has various strategic relationships with the Muslim Brotherhood, which is not a young organization. If the Muslim Brotherhood begins to take over Egypt and other Middle Eastern countries, you can bet that at the very top there is some form of communication and cooperation between the Brotherhood and Western Intel. Don't believe us? Just Google "Mulsim Brotherhood" and "CIA."

Information undercutting this latest elite dominant social theme (a clash of civilizations is unavoidable) is available all over the Internet. The elites simply haven't figured out how to cope with the 'Net, which is a process not an episode. The old methods of damage control just don't apply.

By pursuing warlike manipulations when there is substantive information showing quite clearly the stage-management that is taking place, the elites are not doing themselves any service. They are actively undercutting the memes they are trying to establsh. How does one go about creating a war when the facts themselves are in question along with the "enemy?"

Until the power elite solves the Internet – renders it harmless as a debunking mechanism – the very strategies that the elites used to such great effect in the 20th century will become continually less effective in the 21st. When anyone can see for himself just how extensive the web of untruths has become, then the credibility of the larger conversation is signficantly eroded. People cease to believe. Globalism itself becomes less convincing.

In fact, this undercutting of the faux-cultural fabric that the elites wove with such energy in the 20th century is becoming a crisis for them in the 21st. The more they turn to their "tried and true" formulas to continue to maintain control, the more questions they themselves are raising.

And yet they continue. They seemingly do not have new ideas, even though the old ones are less and less convincing in this era of the Internet Reformation. It is a big problem for them. If we can analyze it, anyone can.

After Thoughts

It is always this way with the Anglosphere elites. Wars, "Cold Wars," tensions between competing political systems and religions – they are always configured in the modern era so that the City of London and its enablers and associates are in control of BOTH sides. We told you so.

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