Bernanke Plots Further Stimulus
By Staff News & Analysis - July 15, 2011

Says Fed Would Consider New Stimulus … The Federal Reserve chairman, Ben S. Bernanke, gave a subdued account of the economy's health Wednesday and said that the Fed was prepared to expand its economic aid campaign once again, if necessary, though such a step was not imminent. Less than a month has passed since Mr. Bernanke said at a press conference that the central bank intended to stand back and take the measure of the nation's sluggish recovery. Wednesday's remarks amounted to acknowledgment that so far, the news has been almost uniformly bad. "I think we have to keep all the options on the table," Mr. Bernanke said in testimony before the House Financial Services Committee. "We don't know where the economy is going to go." – The New York Times

Dominant Social Theme: The Federal Reserve will come up with another plan and it will be useful.

Free-Market Analysis: Ben Bernanke stumbles from one public relations disaster to another. Fresh off his ludicrous statement to Congressman Ron Paul (left) that gold is not money, he has indicated that he's ready to buy more of America's junk bonds using currency printed from nothing.

Will it help restore America's "greatness?" Nope. Essentially this is just another tax on the American people achieved by the roundabout method of price inflation. It may push prices of gold and silver through the roof, but it's not going to change anything about America's failing economy. In fact, it will make things worse. And perhaps that's just the point.

It's seems to us that it's Bernanke's job to make things worse. The Anglosphere power elites that apparently run much of the world want to run the rest of it and they are making an aggressive push early in the 21st century. Take a step back and the patterns seem increasingly apparent. A lot of it has to do with austerity.

In Europe, austerity is a big issue. People are very upset about losing pensions and benefits, not to mention that they are facing higher taxes and the prospect of having many resources "privatized." In America, the push for austerity is being provided via the Tea Party movement – and thus, to some degree, is being inflicted by the electorate itself.

Austerity – which will reduce the resources that people have available to them in the short run – is being accompanied in other parts of the world by food and water scarcity. Large parts of Africa face drought and starvation currently. In China – and throughout the BRICS – price inflation threatens economic stability. China itself is already suffering social insurrection, though few incidents are reported.

There is an overlay of other complicating factors. The Anglosphere power elites through national policies and the UN are pushing various Draconian environmental "solutions" to the non-existent problem of global warming. These solutions are costly and will reduce prosperity around the world'

In a recent Telegraph article, James Delingpole deconstructed a recent environmental report from the United Nations arguing that "over the next 40 years our governments must spend an annual minimum of $1.9 trillion" to prevent global warming. "That's an eye-watering $76 trillion – steering the global economy onto the path of 'green growth.'"

Such costs, Delingpole predicts, will inevitably result in rationing and a lower living standard for the West. Dean Henderson at his blog Left Hook is even more emphatic in a "Depopulation Agenda" article. For Henderson, the elite's plan to rule the world doesn't merely involve lower living standards, it involves active depopulation. Here's how it begins:

While the global elite construct underground bunkers, eat organic and hoard seeds in Arctic vaults; the global poor are being slowly starved thanks to high commodity prices and poisoned with genetically modified (GMO) food. Austerity measures aimed largely at the poor are being imposed on all the nations of the world. Weather events grow more deadly and brushfire wars more frequent. An AK-47 can be obtained for $49 in the markets of West Africa. The depopulation campaign of the inbred Illuminati bankers is accelerating.

Most would no doubt consider Henderson's perspective extreme. But in fact billions of people around the world live on tiny amounts of money, as little as a dollar or two a day. Travel the world and it becomes evident that Western elites have organized an international community that deprives people of hope and resources.

Most of the income disparities afflict people in the "developing" parts of the world. The solutions offered by the elites inevitably involve central bank stimulation and corporatism – the rapid creation of a consumer society that will buy the goods and services of Western corporations.

What the Anglosphere elites are offering is actually price fixing. It is presented as progress, but nothing built on the shifting sands of money printing can ever be considered solid. These elites seem to be able to produce an economy-in-a-box, one that offers prosperity in the short term … but it is disastrous in the long term.

The Japanese – suffering through decades of stagnation – know all about Western prosperity. The Chinese and the rest of the BRICS facing their own stagflation are learning. Africa, perhaps, is to be targeted next. Inevitably we will hear about great strides being made in Africa; how Western banking and industrial aid is making a difference.

Soon enough, perhaps, we shall read articles about the African Miracle. Four or five countries, whose economies have been hyped to the sky via central bank money stimulation, shall be identified as "Elephants" – countries whose growth has proven phenomenal because of Western industrialization.

But it is all for show. The reality is that the elites intend to make the world poorer, so far as we can tell, in order to introduce increased world governance. People must be distracted by inflation, joblessness, growing poverty and food and water insecurity to ensure that the program to implement a new world order goes smoothly.

At the heart of this campaign are central banks printing money from nothing. Every part of central banking is perfect for the job. Central banks generate massive amounts of faux capital that stimulate economies excessively, allowing for the creation of consumer societies. These societies are not built around real jobs. Many of the jobs created are nothing more than fiat-money effluvia. They arrive and depart within a generation.

As the growing middle class assembles this false wealth, the larger economy expands and contracts, creating opportunities for the Anglosphere elite to reshape society while consolidating it. Gradually, industries are ruined, the middle class is reduced and whole countries are clumped together via currency and trading regions. Already in Africa and South America there are a plethora of such amalgamated facilities. (This is also why the break up of the EU is such a threat to the elites, as the EU's dysfunctional structure has been replicated around the world.)

These are building blocks of the new world order, along with various "free" goods and services. Banking elites that will fight to give up a single basis point of interest, have ensured that many goods and services in modern life are "free." (At least that is the terminology.) Public schools, entertainment and sports programming, vaccines, etc … one need only identify what is "free" to avoid it.

People are not left wealthier after they experience the full business cycle of the "fiat money" treatment. Their societies are badly disfigured; the very mechanisms of survival that have been prevalent for thousands of years have been destroyed. Where millions were dependent on subsistence farming, now millions are dependent on the state itself. This is not "civilization." It is a slow form of genocide.

It all begins with central banking and the Keynesian nostrums that justify it. In the West, the ruinous efficacy of central banking has been slowed by the inherent resilience of culture and commerce. But there is no doubt that it has been largely effective over time. Vast swaths of Europe have been ruined by this strategy. America's "red" interior is a virtual rustbelt of decaying factories and abandoned businesses.

Ben Bernanke claims he is confident that once the Fed prints more money and buys more US paper on the open market, prosperity is around the corner. This is truly the power elite's basic dominant social theme. Economies run by central banks and managed by wise men can produce prosperity. It is in fact, nothing but a form of price fixing, and price fixing doesn't work – ever.

With so much going wrong in the world – especially in the West – the powers-that-be are increasingly turning to war as a distraction. The elites have planned these wars, for they basically did away with the 400-year-old Peace of Westphalia some six years ago and substituted something it calls R2P, which virtually mandates Western interference in foreign affairs. As a result, there are now up to seven major conflicts in which America and NATO are participating.

Ben Bernanke is ready to further "stimulate" the American economy by printing more money. He is merely driving the economy further down. Americans are not alone in their misery. The same thing has happened in Europe and Japan. China and South America will doubtless be next.

A worldwide depression may be in the offing (much worse than what has gone before). It will be leavened – if the elites have their way – by carbon taxes, energy rationing and food and water shortages. Where the Anglosphere elites have not yet conquered, war is needful, not just for the sake of conquest but also as a distraction.

While we have tried to take a look at the "big picture" in this article, there is no doubt there are hopeful trends as well. The Internet Reformation itself has come along at the right time and has provided quite a blockage to the consolidation of elite power worldwide. Instead of a smooth assumption of power, the elites have found themselves facing a kind of existential challenge. They are doing their best to fight it but we suggest regularly they may not win outright.

Ben Bernanke comes to Congress to make a smooth presentation and ends up telling the world that gold is not money. Historically speaking, he is incorrect. In another era, his comments would have gone unnoticed because they would not have been reported. The great newspapers would have buried them. TV News would not have covered them. But we have it right here. Congressman Ron Paul and Ben Bernanke: Ron Paul Takes Ben Bernanke to Task: Is Gold Money?

After Thoughts

The Bernanke gaffe is all over the Internet today. This is the Internet era, and his intellectual stance (once concealed) is available for the viewing of millions. Global warming itself – another core elite promotion – has suffered the same fate. It has lost credibility after the "climategate" incident. Even elite wars are not going well. This was to be the century of global consolidation. That seems obvious. But it is perhaps proving more difficult than planned. These are momentous times, but the outcome in our view, thankfully, remains uncertain.

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