Bernie Sanders: The Saddest Sellout Cuck in All of Human History
By Ben Bartee - September 01, 2023

Originally published via Armageddon Prose:

This is just really sad to watch.

At this point, the Senator from Vermont might as well just release an image of himself in the corner of a dingy hotel room with a dildo lodged in his anus, a dunce cap over his head, and a ball gag over his filthy mouth while diverse House Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries power-drills his wife prison-style with a mammoth cock.

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Let Glenn Greenwald take it away.

Now, any non-castrated man with any self-respect, having had the election of a lifetime stolen from him by weasely Democrat Party apparatchiks in 2016, would have gone on the warpath.

Sanders, of course, demonstrably has none.

Not only did he immediately endorse the she-demon Hillary Clinton after she rigged the primary against him in 2016; not only did he bend the knee in 2020 when it was effectively stolen from him by behind-the-scenes maneuvering by Barack Obama; now he is pre-emptively attacking his own longtime ally, Cornel West, who stood by him through thick and thin and caught hell for it, on behalf of some entity called Joseph Brandon – the entity that infamously promised bankers in a closed-door meeting prior to allegedly being elected in 2020 that “nothing would fundamentally change” in his regime.

Compare the above sad, crumpled 2023 hack – indistinguishable in rhetoric from Nancy Pelosi or Chuck Schumer – to 2016 Bernie Sanders, who promised a “revolution” against a corrupt political establishment.

What a hell of a defeated legacy to leave behind.

“There’s hope in the words and emotion in the eyes
It’s so easy to be misled by the savvy gentle guise
And like fools we trust the delivery
But it’s all just drunk sincerity”
-Bad Religion, ‘Drunk Sincerity’

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