Britain Slows in Slump
By Staff News & Analysis - May 01, 2012

Growth fears as UK manufacturing slows sharply … Export orders for Britain's manufacturers have collapsed at their fastest rate in almost three years, a key survey has found, raising fresh fears about the state of the economy. Manufacturing output expanded for the fifth consecutive month in April, but at the weakest pace since December. Poor export orders pulled activity in the UK's key manufacturing industry down to its slowest rate of growth in four months in April, according to the closely- watched purchasing managers' index (PMI), as companies reported fewer orders across the board – from Europe, the US and Asia. Foreign demand for British goods has now deteriorated for two of the past three months as export orders dropped at their fastest pace since May 2009. The sharp decline in exports caused total new order books to shrink for the first time in five months. – UK Telegraph

Dominant Social Theme: We cannot do anything. This is a terrible slump. And it will continue because it is a force of nature.

Free-Market Analysis: Only 100 years ago there were very few central banks in the world. Today there are perhaps 150 of them, many reporting to the main Bank for International Settlements in Switzerland.

Why is this so? What has made monopoly-fiat central banking such a successful creation? And is it really so. We will try to provide a modest answer to these questions, below. But, first, let us back up to do so, and take a wide, cultural perspective.

We have often pointed out that we know a lot more about Britney Spears and her background and music than we know about, say, the BIS or who runs it, who set it up, who controls and most importantly what it … really does.

"Oops! … I think I did it again

I made you believe we're more than just friends …

Oh baby … I'm dreaming away

Wishing that heroes, they truly exist

I cry, watching the days

Can't you see I'm a fool in so many ways?

But to lose all my senses

That is just so typically me

Baby, oh, I did it again …"

In these lyrics from Britney Spears ("Oops, I Did It Again") we can see the pathos of a young woman yearning "for a hero that truly, truly exists." Ms. Spears, surely an icon for a generation, has the all-too-human yearning for someone to "save her."

This is the sentiment on which central bankers play. Set up by a power elite that apparently wants to run the world, central banks have incessantly pumped paper money into the world's arteries the way a drug dealer dispenses his own brand of poison.

Austrian business cycle economics shows us quite clearly that modern monopoly-fiat central banks simply don't know how much money to print and almost always overprint, setting up numerous booms and busts that get worse over time until finally there is a full-scale depressionary blowoff.

That is where we may be now. But the powers-that-be won't acknowledge any such thing. Using dominant social themes, fear-based promotions, they keep attempting to explain to people (see article above) that what is going on is simply a fact of life.

People are not supposed to recognize that the entire system is an artificial one that contains in its endless money printing the seeds of its own destruction.

The power elite plays on our very natural urge for father figures and heroes to save us from a complex worldwide economy (made purposefully so) that we just cannot, most of us, really understand.

It is the elites, the powers-that-be, that have emplaced the current system of monopoly central banking on the world and have pursued it for their own purposes.

Again, we are supposed to accept that the system is what it is because it must be. But this is not so. It seems to us that the system has been created to drive the world toward global governance via constant monetary collapses.

If we in aggregate understood as much about the world's monetary system as we do about Britney Spears and her fascinating life and times – or any pop star's, really – we would be better off as a culture and species. Understanding money is a fundamental part of living well, or at least living better.

After Thoughts

It really is up to every one of us to spread the world about how money really works and how we can take back control of our own lives and survival. Britney Spears yearns for a hero, but we should strive for knowledge, and to spread that knowledge.

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