Choose Life
By Nicholas Creed - March 19, 2024

Originally published via Creed Speech Substack.

This Substack has deconstructed many agendas and narratives that are aimed at the demoralisation, maiming, sterilisation, polarisation, and depopulation of humanity. The tone of these articles has ranged from idealistic, to hopium, to practicality and controlling what is controllable.

Joost A.M. Meerloo, [The Rape of the Mind: The Psychology of Thought Control, Menticide, and Brainwashing] – wrote:

“We believe that it has been demonstrated that the Government can search its own soul and the soul of an individual whose relationship to his government is in question with full protection of the rights and interests of both. We believe that loyalty and security can be examined within the framework of the traditional and inviolable principles of American justice.

In these beautiful phrases lie hidden all the ominous beginnings of totalitarian thought control. The government that searches the soul of any thinking individual can always find a case against him, because doubt, ambivalence, and groping are traits common to all men. We cannot measure anybody’s dependability on the basis of his thoughts and feelings as they appear to us. In the first place, we can never know what lies behind a seemingly loyal facade. In the second place, the man whose search for truth leads him to explore many heretical points of view can be the most loyal in his actions. His very exploration may well lead him to the considered judgment that underlies true loyalty. What counts in any man is the consistency and integrity of his behaviour, and his courage in taking a stand, not his conformity to official dogma..”

It is critical that we remind ourselves of why we resist. Why we persist. What we value. Who we love. Where we focus our energy. When we are able to catch ourselves before the downward spiral. How we manage to manage and enjoy life.

This is a message for those of us that continue to choose life, speaking out and acting out against the globalist death cult – in all of its insidious forms.

We will not be made to feel ashamed of procreating and having strong family bonds, held together with unconditional love and support.

We reject measuring our lives in carbon output.

We will preserve history, in spite of relentless memory holing.

We shall teach untold new generations how to think critically, and how to see through propaganda.

The resistance art of our time may be censored, suppressed, and criminalised – yet it shall never be entirely erased.

We will always do what is right, even when it is more popular to do what is wrong.

We will reject state interventionism to experiment on and sterilise our children, despite legal battles and prison sentences.

We cherish our connection to nature. We will spend time in the planet’s forests, mountains, drylands, freshwater resources, and oceans, whenever and wherever we please. We reject Agenda 2030’s sustainable development goals for the United Nations to centrally manage all of earth’s resources. Everything is for everyone.

We will not be propagandised into believing that farming and fishing is ‘ecocide’. We support farmers protesting against EU tyranny.

We will not be herded into 15 minute cities like tagged cattle.

Agenda 2030 is not real. It is conceptual. It is the vision of a minority. Our families are real. Our friends are real. Our lives are sacred. We are the majority.

Our pain and suffering is temporary. Our will is unbreakable. Our love for life and humanity is incorruptible.

We choose to resist all forms of dystopia and totalitarian societies. We will persist in curating the future we want and the future we deserve. A future that is free from serfdom, unshackled from censorship, liberated from fear, and expunged of eugenics.

In spite of the years we have already lost, knowing of the years yet to be fought ahead, expecting countless false flags, faked pandemics, engineered wars, manufactured crises and chaos – we choose life.

Nicholas Creed is a Bangkok-based writer. Follow Creed Speech on Substack. All content is free for all readers, with nothing locked in archive that requires a paid subscription. Any support is greatly appreciated.

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