Climate: The Movie (The Cold Truth) is Excellent
By Nicholas Creed - March 30, 2024

Originally published via Creed Speech Substack.

Deconstructing the climate cult, the scientific dogma, the funding, and the attacks against those speaking out who become “persona-non-grata”.

This documentary is very well made.

Whenever revelatory or self-evident truths about prevailing official narratives begin to make the lies collapse in on themselves, we always see the cultists-du-jour cornered like dangerous animals, ready to lash out for one last stand…Climate lockdowns could be right around the corner – perhaps the final fusing of so called “climate emergency” with “health crisis” – cementing in the minds of the masses that these are one and the same.

This film is packed with useful information, historical data, and sane, brave, talking heads who have been demonised for standing firm in their outspokenness against the climate cult.

These two parts are absolutely spot-on:

It’s clear – it’s now a cult completely divorced from science

But the apparently unstoppable climate scare does not just represent an attack on science. It is starting to shape for us a new kind of society. Environmentalists like to pose as anti-establishment. But their demands are well-received and piously echoed by King Charles, the archbishop of Canterbury, the BBC, the UN, the EU, by heads of government…The World Bank, and World Economic Forum. In fact, by the entire state-funded ruling establishment.

What normally happens in an emergency, is that all normal forms of openness and democracy have to be suppressed. Because, how else to deal with an emergency? So, we are facing a situation, not unlike lockdowns, where basically, all normal forms of behavior, normal forms of social communication, and normal forms of democracy are essentially ruled out.

Activists are even calling, for any skepticism to be criminalized. In certain jobs and professions, it is now dangerous to express dissent on climate. It’s no surprise that people, who are more skeptical, will think twice, before voicing their concerns because they might risk their careers. They might risk their business. They might risk being sacked. If you’re a professional of any kind, in science, or law, or medicine. If you belong to a professional association, or you are in a university, you can be fired, for saying what you believe.

The consequence is a censorious authoritarian regime, that has to control every move, every word, everything you want to do. Because, everything you do, is a potential risk to the survival of mankind.


I also encourage readers to peruse the work of the CO2 Coalition, and their superb paper – Challenging “Net Zero” with Science – which is summarised here.

Here is the film – Climate: The Movie (The Cold Truth).

Odysee link.

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