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By Staff News & Analysis - June 24, 2013

Ellen Brown has written what will become one of THE most important books of our time. She eloquently educates us on how the democratization of money is the very foundation of a free society. Ellen brilliantly shows how money can be the current or currency that facilitates the spiritual experience of manifesting our collective intentions for a better world. Her book is an absolute game-changer and a must read for all those interested in having a world that works for everyone. Buy it, read it, and tell everyone you know to do. – The Public Bank Solution

Dominant Social Theme: If the people control monopoly central banking instead of the bankers, then everything will be okay.

Free-Market Analysis: Ellen Brown has written another statist hagiography called The Public Bank Solution. As a libertarian-oriented website promoting free-market economic approaches, we obviously disagree with her premise.

We don't mind disagreeing with her because she is a nice person and she doesn't do what some allied "neo-Nazi" websites do when confronted with their faulty analyses, which is to immediately launch vicious animadversions in place of logical rebuttals (because they have none).

We call such sites "neo-Nazi," because public banking, LETS and other such alternative solutions have at their heart certain authoritarian premises, either overtly or covertly. A deep fascist impulse seems to run through the conversation.

Do they seek the lash? They may repudiate Hitler, but don't believe it. They are likely in favor of the entire socialist paraphernalia, from private bank confiscation, to top-down monopoly money printing by the state and even the rule of one "superhuman" individual with a self-proclaimed "iron will" of the sort mentioned by Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini.

They admire people like Margrit Kennedy and her husband, both of whom had extensive careers with UNESCO. In fact, as we have extensively shown, the United Nations is the foremost backer of certain kinds of alternative LETS systems.

The reason to encourage these "public" systems, in our view, is because most of them mandate online exposure of transactions and tracing them is likely a fairly simple matter. Even bitcoin may have been created with this in mind, as we have speculated in the past. (See today's other article on this topic.)

Here are some of the many articles we've written debunking the "public banking" and alternative currency movement. Please understand: We are not against competitive currencies alongside what would surely be a free market in gold and silver. What we are certainly against is the damnable promotions of monetary propaganda to facilitate further globalist money control.

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The idea is always that the state should be in control. And so it is here, with Ms. Brown's latest book. The real trouble here is that she is advancing a case that is most helpful to Leviathan.

As the Internet has made clear the extent of directed history, those defending the status quo close their circle around the most important dominant social theme of all, which is central banking. Such will present all sorts of arguments to defend monopoly central banking.

If the current private/public model is to fall thoroughly out of favor, then a genuinely public version will be advanced. The idea is to keep control of the money and its fiat printing any way you can. We are asked to believe, absurdly, that "the people" can control central banking and that the globalists that have built the system can thus be disenfranchised.

It may begin with "the people" in charge but the end result will be to provide top central bankers with a fallback position. To the best of our knowledge, Brazil, India and China all have "public" monopoly central banks, and the results are just as abysmal, autocratic and inflationary as the West's private/public model.

Beware this constant whipping up of the idea that "the people" should run Leviathan's central bank instead of the globalists that built the system.

After Thoughts

The erudite Ms. Brown aside, those supporting such ideas do so with intentions much different than they claim, and some of them are, from what we can tell, maliciously opportunistic and plain evil.

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