Corporate State Media Celebrates Xmas With Black Santa Spaz-Fest
By Ben Bartee - December 21, 2023

Originally published via Armageddon Prose:

Nothing titillates the Social Justice™ left quite like the subversion of Western civilization and its iconography in the name of Equity™.

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Here is MSNBC Ultra-Nerd of Color (UNoC), alongside a fellow professional racial agitator somewhere on the LGBTQ4GF150+++™/autism spectrum and his white cuckold bottom bitch, singing the praises of a new agitprop production called “American Santa,” lauding the bravery and stunnery of black Santas making bank in shopping malls, in true Christmas spirit, off of indoctrinated Persons of Color™ trained to hate white Santa (in other words, Santa) as a White Supremacy™ relic or whatever.


Here’s the rule of thumbs, bigots, which you’re going to learn or else end up on a TSA no-fly list: evil white supremacists don’t get to dress as Pocahontas or a geisha gypsy or anything fun for Halloween, which would be a hatecrime.

Sacred Persons of Color™, on the other hand — who occupy a privileged stratum of the Social Justice™ totem pole but are simultaneously horrifically oppressed in the great tradition of Orwellian doublethink — get to culturally appropriate European icons and turn them whatever goddamn shade they fancy, because Diversity™, and because Equity™, and because Inclusion™.

Let the diverse racists MTV hired for its Two Minute Hate explain.


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