COVID Propaganda Roundup: Another Vaxx Totalitarian Bites the Dust!
By Ben Bartee - January 05, 2024

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Vaxx totalitarian journalist dead at 33: Another one bites the dust!

COVID did something to me — not the virus, but all the bullshit that went along with it. You might say it stole a part of my humanity. Granted.

But every time one of these pharma-cuck totalitarian sons of bitches “dies suddenly” in their 30s, and no one can seemingly figure out why, glee erupts in my charcoal heart as the infamous melody starts in my head: “dun… dun… dun…”

Alternatively, for the zoomers, sometimes the tune is DJ Khaled’s catchphrase. It just depends on my mood and how dated I’m feeling.


Here we have an exquisite and classic case of “the chickens coming home to roost,” as Barak’s homeboy Jeremiah Wright put it colorfully back in the day, albeit in a separate context, which gave Fox News a collective aneurysm.


The ancient Eastern mystics called it “karma.”

Via Toronto 99:

Canadian journalist Ian Vandaelle has died at the age of 33 after an unexplained illness, according to a social media post by his partner and fellow journalist Stephanie Hughes.

Vandaelle drew the ire of unvaccinated Canadians after he advocated for vaccine mandates during the Covid-19 pandemic, advocating for both the “carrot” and the “stick” approach.

‘Incentivize getting the vaccine however we like … and require vaccination to do … non-essential things. Wanna go to a bar to watch the game? Passport,’ Vandaelle wrote on X (Twitter) in 2021.

While employed by BNN Bloomberg, Vandaelle wrote articles with headlines such as Vaccines, not stimulus will ease Canada’s COVID hit.”

Jesus died at 33 too. Maybe this was an altruistic, sacrificial kind of thing for the benefit of his pharma Gods.

Look at it through whatever spiritual or pop-cultural lens you like, but these creatures dispatched to their creator is nothing but great news to those of us on the right side of history — except that he slipped true terrestrial justice before the blade could quench its thirst. Here’s hoping there’s divine justice on the other side of the veil waiting to receive him and his wickedness.

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COVID Bingo: Moderna’s child mRNA child vaxx trial halted due to…

Surprise, surprise, right in your eyes!

Via Alex Berenson Substack:

“Investigators for Moderna today halted an early-stage clinical trial for its mRNA Epstein-Barr virus vaccine in adolescents after a participant in the trial developed a suspected case of myocarditis.

The case “necessitates an immediate suspension of all dosing for ALL adolescents,” an investigator at the company that is supervising the trial for Moderna wrote, adding, “Please confirm understanding and receipt of this urgent communication.”

The trial subjects should continue to be monitored for safety, the investigator wrote. About 150 adolescents are in the trial, along with 272 people aged 18-30.

A person not employed by Moderna, which makes the Spikevax Covid vaccine, provided the email to Unreported Truths.

Moderna did not disclose the trial halt, which occurred before stock markets opened for trading Thursday, to investors. Moderna stock is down about 85 percent from its highs in 2021, as sales of Spikevax lag, but it remains among the most valuable biotechnology companies, with a $30 billion market value.”

Moderna, it should not be allowed to serve as a footnote, was not forthcoming with the fact that it had to stop its trial due to myocarditis induced by its so-called “safe and effective” products.

Instead, for the truth to see the light of day, it took a whistleblower to leak an email — an act of decency and morality that has surely not gone unpunished by the company or its government sponsors. Whoever this individual of conscience is — who, in a sane society, would be lauded as a hero — he/she has almost certainly been identified and dispensed with in one way or another.

No Moderna executive or Public Health™ official is going to spend a day behind bars for reckless child endangerment in the pursuit of profit, but the guy who told the world about it just might, or else he may get suicided Epstein-style.

That’s called Democracy™.

COVID Bingo Round II: Shots induce…

Pattern recognition enthusiasts will have noticed a curiosity: breakthrough studies never demonstrate that the COVID shots induce euphoria, or transcendental epiphanies, or spontaneous cancer remission (and best believe, if any such evidence of miracles could be produced, it would be splattered on the front pages and chyrons of every Pfizer-funded mainstream rag in the land).

It’s all death and destruction. Which is weird for a “safe and effective” product, no?

Like child myocarditis, strokes induced by the experimental mRNA shots — marketed to the public as “vaccines” via literal semantical reengineering of the definition of “vaccine” — were once “conspiracy theory.” (The espousal of which, by the way, was enough to get you kicked off of social media, as I was from multiple platforms back in 2021.)

Members of my own family wrote me off for pointing out obvious truths.

Vindication is saccharine, but it isn’t anything like enough. We need military tribunals and summary judgments.

Via ABC News:

Older adults who received last year’s COVID booster and a high-dose version of the flu vaccine in the same visit may have a potential increased risk of stroke, according to a new FDA-funded study.

Experts urged that the results were preliminary and may be explained by other factors* such as the fact that older adults are already at a higher risk for stroke due to their age.

“There is no need for panic, and emphatically no need to stop giving COVID and flu shots at the same time to older adults,” said Dr. Peter Chin-Hong, an infectious diseases specialist at the University of California, San Francisco, while he reiterated that more research is needed.”

*That there might be “other causes” for the strokes is a brazen lie explicitly exposed by the fine print of the study itself, which ABC News hopes you won’t read but which I did.

Via the study:

“The stroke outcomes were non-hemorrhagic stroke (NHS), transient ischemic attack (TIA), a combined outcome of non-hemorrhagic stroke and/or TIA (NHS/TIA), and hemorrhagic stroke (HS). Persons who had both NHS and TIA contributed only their first event to the combined NHS/TIA outcome. Incident stroke outcomes were defined as the first recorded stroke for an individual during the observation period following the exposure, with no previous outcome identified during a predefined 365-day clean window. Additionally, outcome-specific exclusion criteria, such as trauma codes were applied to eliminate stroke cases determined to have causes other than COVID-19 vaccination. For the primary analysis of the COVID-19 bivalent vaccine, patients diagnosed with COVID-19 within 30 days prior to the outcome were excluded. Stroke outcomes were identified using International Classification of Diseases, Tenth Revision, Clinical Modification (ICD-10-CM) codes. All outcomes were captured in inpatient (IP) care settings, and TIA cases were additionally captured in the outpatient emergency department setting (OP-ED).”

… And this is why the Public Health™ authorities would rather you not “do your own research” and instead rely on pop-star “doctors” on the pharmaceutical dole repeating talking points they likely don’t even understand themselves, citing research they’ve never read.

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