COVID Propaganda Roundup: Nikki Haley Goes Full-Service on Bill Gates
By Ben Bartee - January 23, 2024

Originally published via Armageddon Prose:

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Chinese engineer COVID terror strain with 100% kill rate in humanized mice

Via New York Post:

“In a Wuhan-esque study, Chinese scientists are experimenting with a mutant COVID-19 strain that is 100% lethal to ‘humanized’ mice.

The deadly virus — known as GX_P2V — attacked the brains of mice that were engineered to reflect genetic makeup similar to people, according to a study shared last week out of Beijing.

‘This underscores a spillover risk of GX_P2V into humans and provides a unique model for understanding the pathogenic mechanisms of SARS-CoV-2-related viruses,’ the authors wrote.

The deadly virus is a mutated version of GX/2017, a coronavirus cousin that was reportedly discovered in Malaysian pangolins in 2017 — three years before the pandemic. Pangolins, also called scaly anteaters, are mammals found in warm areas of the planet.

All the mice that were infected with the virus died within just eight days, which researchers noted was a “’surprisingly’ rapid death rate.”

This is casus belli, as far as I’m concerned — the Latin term used in international law meaning “just cause for war.”

If we had any kind of representative government, it would be up in arms at this imminent, existential threat to national security. Alas, in all likelihood, the U.S. government is in on the crime, so why would it act to counter it?

What else could I possibly add to this account of absolute dystopian evil?

Nuremberg II now.

Flashback: When Nikki Haley went full-service on Bill Gates on Twitter

Back in April 2020, when Twitter was still Twitter, Nikki Haley had exceedingly kind words for Bill Gates and his COVID injections in the pipeline.

“Thank you


 for donating billions of dollars to construct factories that will manufacture the seven most promising vaccines. This will keep us from losing any time as potential vaccines move through the clinical trial process. 🇺🇸


Alas, who would be naïve enough to expect anything else from the corporate whore who openly admired Hillary Clinton — the Swamp Slay Queen inspired her to run for office — before deciding to put on GOP-face and become a full-time Boeing shill?


Fortunately, barring unprecedented election interference by the corporate state, all signs point to a primary trouncing for Nimarata Randhawa, aka the entity known as “Nikki Haley,” at which point she’s free to go to work for Boeing or Pfizer or whichever corporation will pay her the most to prostitute her influence.

Top WHO goon demolished at Davos: ‘What is Disease X and when is China going to release it?’


The value of these ambush interviews, in my view, is not what the interviewer actually gets out of the interviewee in terms of any answers (which is none; most of them are well-trained enough not to interact at all with unapproved media).

Rather, they are instructive of just how frail and frightened these creatures are of the disinfecting light of day when they are caught outside of the comfort of the ivory towers they usually ensconce themselves in.

Their hangdog silence, surrounded by bodyguards and handlers jostling journalists out of his way, tells the tale. The simple, polite, and legitimate questions asked and unanswered of these Public Health™ criminals hang in the air, illustrating for anyone with an open mind their criminality without the criminals ever uttering a self-incriminating word.

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