COVID Propaganda Roundup: Study Shows mRNA Shots May Trigger Psychosis
By Ben Bartee - December 04, 2023

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Moderna CEO predicted pandemic in 2019, preemptively ordered one billion mRNA shots

In the clip below, Moderna CEO Stéphane Bancel appears to cop to his complicity in the widest-ranging criminal enterprise in world history at a Davos summit in January 2023:

“Moderna had made 100,000 [vaccine] doses in 2019, for the whole year. And I remember walking, after Davos, into the office of my head of manufacturing and I said “how will we make a billion doses next year?”, and he looked at me a bit funny and said “what?”. I said “yeah, we need to make a billion doses next year, there’s going to be a pandemic.”

If that’s not an admission of foreknowledge of, if not active participation in, a criminal conspiracy, I’ll be dipped and rolled in cracker crumbs!

Ultra-cringe Moderna spot: ‘Vaxx that body’

“The line separating good and evil passes not through states, nor between classes, nor between political parties either — but right through every human heart.”
-Alexander Solzhenitsyn

Let’s have an empathy exercise: picture yourself so hopelessly propagandized, on your 30th booster, masked alone in your house, retweeting fervently updated CDC guidelines, your immune system totally shot to hell, terrified out of your mind that something somewhere is allowed to breathe air unmolested, as to be sufficiently impressed by this total shitshow of a Moderna commercial that you decide to hit CVS that very day.

Here’s the horrible truth Solzhenitsyn was driving at: minus a bit of critical thinking skills imparted by some competent authority figure in our youth and perhaps some psychedelic-assisted enlightenment on the nature of things, sprinkling in some public-school indoctrination and a postgraduate liberal arts degree, it could be any of us.

Shot psychosis

Continuing with the theme here of Branch COVIDian neurosis and their pathological inability to rationally process information, here we have a fascinating pair of case studies suggesting that the shots themselves — accompanying fear porn propaganda notwithstanding — might, in fact, induce psychosis.

Via Elsevier

“The aim of the study is to investigate whether there is a causal relationship between the administration of the COVID-19 vaccine and the onset of psychotic symptoms in patients without a previous mental health history…

A case series of two patients with first psychotic episode after administration of this vaccine is presented. Both patients were attended by the psychiatric unit of the Regional University Hospital in Malaga…

Two male patients, 23 and 30 years old, with no previous history of mental illness or substance use presented with auditory and cenesthetic hallucinations, disorganized behavior and speech, and a feeling of derealization 24-72 hours after COVID-19 vaccine administration. On the first day they had presented febrile fever and fatigue as somatic symptoms. One of them also had insomnia and delusions, with significant psychotic distress, which required hospitalization in the psychiatric ward. Physical examination and complementary tests were normal. In both patients, with the introduction of low antipsychotic doses, the symptomatology resolved almost completely within a week, with good insight.”

Certainly, to establish a definitive causal link between the injections and psychosis, we would need more robust research than two case studies. But, mechanistically, this passes the smell test.

These shots artificially induce the cells to produce synthetic mRNA, which then wreaks havoc on the immune system and generates autoimmunity in ways that even the sadomasochistic scientists who designed the shots barely understand.

The injections also circumvent the blood-brain barrier — an evolutionary feature designed to protect the delicate brain from dangerous bits of foreign pathogenic material such as artificial mRNA.

Via New Medical Life Sciences:

The harmful effects of mRNA vaccine-produced high levels of S protein are not yet completely understood. Researchers have cautioned that they induce complex reprogramming of innate immune responses; moreover, the vaccine-produced S protein remains near the vaccination site and even circulates in the bloodstream to directly affect the host cells with long-term consequences. Therefore, it is crucial to monitor the biodistribution and location of S protein from mRNA vaccines.

Studies have recovered COVID-19 mRNA from the cerebrospinal fluid of vaccinees, suggesting it can cross the blood-brain barrier (BBB). In addition, even without crossing the BBB, several cytokines induced by COVID-19 infection cross the BBB to affect central nervous system (CNS) function.

In this way, COVID-19 mRNA reaches the brain, infects astrocytes, and triggers neuropathological changes that contribute to the structural and functional alterations in the brain of COVID-19 patients. The researchers have also raised concerns that the lipid nanoparticles (LNPs) can diffuse quickly to the CNS through the olfactory bulb or blood. However, these phenomenons, including the role of innate memory responses to LNPs, need to be further explored in future research.” 

Once again, these totally megalomaniacal Public Health™ and pharmaceutical technocrats have no idea what they are doing to their test subjects, which is the population at large. The world is Pfizer’s petri dish, and it has not given informed consent.

For this malfeasance and total abdication of the “first do no harm” principle in medicine, justice and common decency demand that we have Nuremberg II.

N-95 study exposes the mask scam (again)

Here we have the twelfth or so totally damning study on the mask scam from scientific outlets/institutions otherwise considered legitimate by the ruling class — except when they disseminate unapproved information.

Contained below are the results of an analysis of the toxic concentration of volatile organic compounds found in the “safe and effective” N95 masks from the well-documented domestic terrorists at the Journal of Ecotoxicology and Environmental Safety:

“In this study, VOCs [volatile organic compounds] generated from various types of masks, including commonly used KF94 disposable masks, were assessed. The types and concentrations of VOCs that humans are likely to be exposed to from these masks under various conditions (i.e., emission time, temperature, and mask types) were calculated and compared. This study demonstrated that disposable masks (KF94) released higher concentrations of TVOCs in comparison to cotton masks, with values of 3730 ± 1331 µg m–3 for KF94 and 268 ± 51.6 µg m–3 for cotton masks. The concentrations of TVOCs in KF94 masks are high enough to pose a concern based on indoor air quality guidelines established by the German Federal Environment Agency…

It is clear that particular attention must be paid to the VOCs associated with the use of KF94 masks their effects on human health.”

Of course, we can’t expect this study to stop public school teachers from taping these devices to children’s faces for Public Health™. Those kids are going to learn good and hard how to respect their masters.

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