Elite Orgasms in Rome: The Phoniness of Modern Leadership
By Staff News & Analysis - June 22, 2012

Euro's big four seek way out of crisis in Rome … The leaders of Germany, France, Italy and Spain will try to find common ground in Rome on Friday to restore confidence in the euro zone ahead of a full EU summit next week, with German Chancellor Angela Merkel likely to be outnumbered. Dangerously high borrowing costs for Spain and Italy have eased a little on market hopes for policy initiatives at the Brussels summit on June 28/29. If it falls short, both countries may be pushed closer to eventually needing sovereign bailouts. Friday's meeting will search for ways to achieve fiscal and banking union in the euro zone and, more urgently, it may also be the occasion for Spain to formally request assistance of up to 100 billion euros for its struggling banks … Merkel is expected to resist any pressure from Monti, French President Francois Hollande and Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy for less stringent euro zone fiscal policies or the issuance of common euro zone bonds. – Reuters

Dominant Social Theme: If these four did not meet in Italy the world would collapse.

Free-Market Analysis: So … the "big four" – Merkel, Monti, Rajoy and Hollande – are meeting in Rome today. Reuters, a bought-and-paid-for media facility of the power elite, will be present to report on the scene and to remind us that our world depends on these four individuals.

Three of the four are relative newcomers to politics; two were recently elected and one (Hollande) can count his rise to power in weeks rather than months.

Nonetheless, we will be treated to "orgasms" of coverage. The powers-that-be are made joyful by such meetings. The Reuters article excerpted above reminds us that the fate of the world hangs in the balance and that somehow these four political hacks are integral to the safety, wellbeing and prosperous prospects of six billion people.

Oh, the drama! Oh, the tension! Oh, the problems! What would we do without these important people? Here's more from the article:

The two hour meeting will start at 1200 GMT. It will be followed by a joint news conference by the four leaders. No joint statement is expected. Monti, who presents himself as a mediator between France and Germany, has insisted for months that the euro zone must temper the German-led austerity drive with measures to foster growth.

That position is shared by Hollande and Rajoy, but when the Italian leader has tried to transform his pro-growth rhetoric into policy prescriptions for the euro zone his ideas have generally met a cool response from Merkel.

He proposed on the sidelines of this week's G20 summit using the euro zone's rescue funds to buy the bonds of Spain and Italy in the secondary market to bring down their borrowing costs.

Monti will raise it again in Rome. Spain's Foreign Minister José Manuel Garcia-Margallo called the idea "intelligent", but Merkel played down the plan, which investors said might be counter-productive unless the European Central Bank stepped in decisively in support.

Other proposals from Monti, such as stripping some forms of public investment from budget deficit calculations, or commonly issued euro zone bonds, are also broadly supported by France and Spain but opposed by Germany, at least for now.

This is such a pleasurable meme for the power elite that wants to run the world. It is kind of analogous to the meetings between Winston Churchill, Franklin Delano Roosevelt and Joseph Stalin at Yalta. Even the language is similar.

Then, the meetings were characterized by the nomenclature "Big Three." Now, Reuters labels today's politicos the "Big Four." Once again, we are advised to watch passively as the fate of the world descends on the shoulders of four duly elected representatives.

Ain't democracy wonderful?

Such meetings as these only reinforce one of the elite's biggest dominant social themes – that the system pushes up the "best and brightest" that are then empowered to make decisions for all the rest of us.

This meme is so ingrained in people at this point (certainly in the West) that it is hard to remember the way life REALLY works. That is, your life is YOURS and human action is the key to individual success.

Every day we are bombarded by the bought-and-paid-for mainstream media with images and text re-emphasizing our powerlessness and the impact of decision-making by a handful of people.

In finance, there are names such as Ben Bernanke and Melvyn King. In politics, there are David Cameron, Barack Obama and Angela Merkel. Even in business, it seems clear that certain individuals are designated to speak for all – people like Donald Trump and Warren Buffet.

The idea that top men and women speak for all of us is not only palpably false, it is also a manipulation, a carefully scripted serial presentation that we have come to call directed history.

In truth, history is not so neat. Individuals at the level on which the Big Four function have far less power than is apparent. They are, in fact, likely employees of what appears to be a handful of dynastic families that run the world's 150 central banks and thus control the world's wealth.

In aggregate, this .0000001 percent want to create global governance and use all sorts of phony crises to frighten people into accepting carefully prepared globalist solutions.

We are well past the point where we believe the "crisis" is anything other than a kind of directed history, a manufactured economic bust. Nonetheless, every part of the crisis has been elongated. It's a kind endless orgy of breathless crises that inevitably end with another press conference, another solution, another international monetary facility.

The European Union itself in its current incarnation is an entirely manufactured entity. Its incompetent evolution was aggravated by the imposition of the euro and further complicated by the determination of Europe's largest banks to lend to the EU's staggering south.

None of what today passes for a "crisis" was necessary. With the benefit of hindsight, none of it was remotely useful. But in aggregate, every piece of this phony crisis was assembled for maximum impact.

And now we are where we are. The real solution is simply to let the euro slip into the sordid backwaters of history. Let countries reclaim their sovereign currencies and natural economies. This would be a big step forward toward solving the current "crisis."

But instead, the world's top men and women march onward, grimly and determinedly, in a kind of predestined lockstep. In truth, they have no choice. Their masters – those who control the world's purse strings – seem determined to present the current spectacle and to prolong as much as possible.

It means nothing, all this palaver. The problem – the euro itself and subsequent bank lending – is as phony as the solutions that shall eventually be offered up.

It is obviously the spectacle that is important, the endless orgasmic summiteering with its expensive food, glamorous hotel suites, endless media catering …

The crisis actually doesn't matter. What is important is the show itself, mercilessly informing us that history is out of our hands, that we are powerless creatures at the mercy of more important forces.

Heaven help us, the Big Four are meeting! You see …

After Thoughts

The world is a "leadership" society and we can only watch and wait and hope, in their wisdom, that they shall be kind to us. They are the actors. We are the spectators.

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