Fear Mongering Planet Nibiru Collision in 2017
By Daily Bell Staff - December 04, 2016
SHOCK CLAIM: Elite preparing for Nibiru apocalypse NEXT YEAR but the rest of us are DOOMED … -Express UK

There’s been a considerable expansion of stories in the media forecasting a collision between earth and the Planet Nibiru. This is of interest to those of us who track elite memes in order to track levels of concern in the general population.

Generally speaking the more fear there is, the more that sudden sociopolitical, economic and military events can rip apart the social fabric. A happy society – certainly a calm culture – is not apt to slide into sudden hysteria. But today’s societies are far from calm.

Partially because of the Internet and also because of elite provocations taking advantage of electronic communications, the world and the West are in a highly suggestible and jittery state. This certainly adds to the prospect of a sudden economic or military collapse.

Will one happen? Well, Russian and Western forces are increasingly facing off in and around Ukraine and Syria. And stock and bond markets are at levels that are hard to justify using any normal yardstick.

The addition of the “fake news” meme we’ve written about regularly now plus the meme put into play this summer, “populism versus globalism” are further adding to overall jumpiness – and serious distrust of normal, social institutions, especially the mainstream media.

Nibiru propaganda – for that is certainly what it is in some sense – buttresses and expands the current paranoia. It’s perfect disinformation in this regard.


WORLD leaders are planning to hide out in bunkers next year to escape the doom a gigantic planet will cause as it passes the Earth, according to a crackpot conspiracy theory.A secret plan to carve out huge underground complexes connected by high-speed trains for the ruling classes is already underway, a survival firm boss conspiracy theory supporter has claimed.One base is being developed beneath the Rocky Mountains in the US, according to Robert Vicino, head of the survival firm Vivos.

But he said no members of public will be allowed in and will have to fend for themselves. Mr Vicino made the shock claims as he warned of an impending apocalypse.

He told Daily Star Online: “They do not have a plan for you and me, but they have a plan for themselves.””You have to ask yourself, why did Russia just have a drill for 40 million people?” He claims the US government have been working on fully kitted out survival shelters since 1983.

The planet Nibiru “meme” has all the essentials to make it immediately believable to certain groups. It has a long history (as a narrative) and has also been regularly debunked or ignored by the mainstream media. It is concept, as well, that cannot simply be dismissed out-of-hand.

Just because it seems far-fetched that a very large planet can zoom in and out of the solar system wreaking havoc, doesn’t actually mean that it can’t. And at this point, we’ve read figures that there are up to a million or more videos and articles circulating on the Internet regarding Nibiru.

These stories are in addition to, or in contradiction to, other videos, articles and books regarding popular Flat Earth theories. Some of these theories state forthrightly that the universe doesn’t exist in the manner it has been portrayed and presumably these theories would preclude Nibiru as well.

No matter what you choose to believe – or not – it seems to us that there is a considerable uptick in these sorts of fear-based (paranoia-based?) memes and this is may be the most important point of all.

As we’ve pointed out in the recent past, even the political battle between Hillary and Trump, and the disastrously pro-Hillary coverage was likely part of a larger effort to discredit people’s faith in their own institutions.

This is our reality today: Almost every major belief structure is under attack and when economic and military crises explode, as they certainly will, some sort of societal chaos will surely set in.

Perhaps Niribu does exist and is coming closer – as various videos suggest (some quite convincingly) – but the larger danger (absent an impact!) remains the same and has to do in our view with the ongoing manipulation of society by a handful of elite controllers who use the tremendous wealth of central banking to sow chaos and reap additional internationalism and authoritarianism.

Conclusion: Observing this phenomenon would lead one to believe, more firmly than ever, that taking steps to protect oneself and one’s family via precious metals, food, potable water and self defense – is the prudent thing to do today – not tomorrow.

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