Finally Rand Paul Unloads
By Daily Dailly Bell Staff - December 25, 2016

RAND PAUL IS UNHAPPY ABOUT TRUMP’S ‘BILDERBERG’ CABINET. “Haven’t seen this many billionaires since I staked out Bilderbergs w/ Alex Jones” … Senator Rand Paul is not happy with some of the cabinet picks by president-elect Donald Trump. So much so that he took to Twitter today to deliver an ‘airing of grievances’. – Rand Paul tweets

Rand Paul has finally taken to tweeting out some opinions regarding Donald Trump and is weighing in on certain choices of his.

But he is doing it as part of his Festivus perspective, which is Seinfeld’s approach to passing judgment. “The airing of grievances in the episode is an opportunity for the characters to lash out at each other and everything around them that has annoyed or frustrated them for the past year.”

He made numerous points about Trumps choices, though by lumping them all together, he diminished their effectiveness.

Good morning Seinfeld fans and Happy Festivus everywhere! Today I’ll have my annual #AiringofGrievances. Join me here throughout the day…

And then …

“Hello again, I hope everyone is having a Happy Festivus! It’s once again time for my annual #AiringofGrievances…

“New administration is lookin good. Haven’t seen this many billionaires in 1 place since I staked out Bilderbergs w/ Alex Jones. Good times.”

Paul mentioned billionaire Paypal owner Peter Thiel, who is currently on the Trump team.

He also referenced neocon, John Bolton.

“I know I’ve said a lot about @AmbJohnBolton so you’re probably expecting me 2 say something nice for the holidays. Nope. #AiringofGrievances”

Then was this about Rick Perry. “My favorite Cabinet pick is what’s his name, umm it’s that guy who wanted to eliminate the Dept. of @ENERGY. Hang on I’ll think of it…”

The problem with these comments for the most part is that by being lumped together none of them really stand out. Additionally, when they are after the fact, they are not especially timely.

By lumping them all-together, he deprives them of a larger impact. He makes them into a commentary rather than an objection.

Conclusion. A missed opportunity. Too bad,





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